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Don't Forget Everyone! Don't Delay!

You have only a very few days left to send your notes of gratitude or words of support and encouragement to Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin vis-a-vis the GWop moderators.

For those of you who may have been in coma this past month, Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin went to great lengths on the Internet and national TV to tell everyone (including the little Gosselin kids) that they're pretty sure Kate sleeps around. The GWoPpers wish to applaud this behavior by sending the Kreigers words of gratitude and support from around the world.

Why post your thank yous on the stinky GWoP blog for free when you can spend 44 cents and mail it off to unknown intermediaries who live in St Louis? It's a fantastic idea.

It's so much more personal and meaningful when you send a handwritten note. Just be certain to sign your note with your full legal name (not your blogging name) and to also include your home address and social security number. Having been lied to so many times by Jon & Kate, the GWoP moderators want to make certain that Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin (who are so very fragile right now) feel as though they are communicating with real people, real friends.

If you're also feeling compelled to send monetary support to Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin, great! But no cash please! Bank checks only. Bank checks from national chains are best. Or, you could make the check payable to GWoP and then the GWoP mods will write one big check.

Include a picture of yourself too! Certainly Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin will want to know what everyone looks like.

And last but not least, nothing will cheer them up more quickly than reading all about your life. Be sure to tell them about your kids, your hobbies, any upcoming vacation plans, where you keep the extra key to your house, etc. etc.

On behalf of the GWoP moderators, thank you in advance for coming together like this in what surely must be Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin's darkest, darkest hour.

You truly are everything that is right with the world.

You truly are the wind beneath Serena Leigh Bell's (not her real name) wings.

You truly are a bunch of dumb-ass Americans.


My screen name has no 8's in it said...

Gwoppers know every. single. thing. about the Gosselins. Does Serena think that no one knows the Kreider's real address?

Their house is around the corner from the Gosselin's old house where their tires were slashed. In that wonderful neighborhood where everyone helps each other. Unless you get a lot richer than they are. Then they will blog about what an ungrateful b**** you are. And gossip about how you sleep with your bodyguard. After obsessing over why you didn't put them on your hit TV show. Not even for a second.

Shouldn't be too hard for those detectives at gwop to find the Kreider's address. Who needs Serena's approval?

iwhyawli said...

ut oh looks like I got the Kreider's last name wrong. I'm such a bad sheeple.

I didn't know that anyone (presumably the Gosselins) had their tires slashed by anyone. Yikes.

AnheiserBuschGal said...

I don't know where Aunt Jodi lives but this is Serena's telephone number:

1(877) I81-U812

Momof1didn'twantnone said...

You truly have made my night finding this site.

I think I love you.

Here's my note.

Dear Kevin and Jodi:

Radar Online, seroiusly?!

Kevin, I know it's hard to get over, but it's been more than 25 years since Kate made you do her chores. Time to move on.

Jodi, I see so much more of Julie in you now!

Oh, and it's just a thought, but I think the "problem sister" might not be Kate!

Out of Toilet Paper said...

We made Aunt Jodi a home-made scratch-and-sniff thank you card!

Have fun guessing the scent, Aunt Jodi!

mkb77 said...

This has got to be one of the best sites regarding the Gosselin's I have ever seen. For the record, I enjoy this family, their antics and their show.

Your site is HILARIOUS! Love it!!

mkb77 said...

Dear Aunt Joki and Uncle Kreeper,

You two are upstanding citizens not to mention parents of the year. My question to you is this: how do you manage to stay up on those high horses all day while taking care of your responsibilities? Keep up the good work!

Sincerely -


Anonymous said...

OMG... this is by far the absolutely funniest blog I've ever come across!!! I LOVE it!!!

Loveit said...

Here's my favorite for the day:

Patty said...

Haha. JON and KATE can't count...

Their 100th episode is actually only their 96th!!!!

6/10/2009 6:45 AM

Great job counting, Patty. Hopefully one day you can join the workforce with those awesome number skills!!!

GwopWop Rocks said...

Is this a Princess board spin-off?

It's high time someone started this website.

Where did you get the gwopper of the month picture from. She looks so gwoppy!

IShatziedMyself said...

IShatziedMyself said...
From Crazy Days and Crazy Nights:...Kate's brother Kevin and his wife Jodi need to make sure they get paid also. , In addition to selling their story to Star, Kevin & Jodi also sat down for a video interview with Radar Online which is basically Star and the National Enquirer with a fancy name. No, seriously. Same company. Anyway, Kevin says that he was told about six months ago that the marriage was over. Funny enough that is about the time my blind item was first posted. That sure is a coincidence. , So, if you miss seeing the couple on the show, you can click here and watch them spill their guts for a paycheck.

The Blind Item from SIX MONTHS BEFORE:
Reality Couple Not Really a Couple
10/20/08 - Well, well, well what do we have here? This reality show couple who basically makes a living being a couple is not really the couple they pretend to be. It seems that not only do the couple not sleep together, most of the time they do not even sleep in under the same roof. Can’t stand each other, but suffer through pretending for the sake of the money. Not who you are thinking. Think bigger.

iwhyawli said...

What's the Princess board? I'll be certain pay my respects.

Baby Mama said...

Thank you for letting me come and applaud your site!

Troll Hunter said...

Here is the link to the "Princess Boards"

Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece - Gosselins Without Pity -

Tina said...

And may I add Mkb77, how does Jodi bake so much when she's on that high horse all the time?

Anonymous said...

love your site and it's about time people did it. your letter to julie is the best.

PMC's Gwop Snark said...

363 pages of gwop mocking. You may be reading awhile.

iwhyawli said...

5 stars for the Princess boards. Great reading.