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American Chopper Tonite! And 90 minutes too!

There's lots to worry about on tonite's episode of American Chopper. I'll rest easier when the show is finally over.

They say that Paul Sr and Sharla are frequently mistaken for each other so perhaps this is the one J&K episode that the GWoPpers can't help but love. We'll see.

The promos also show the kids howling, howling, howling (and I mean howing!) in laughter at some guy's ventriloquist act.

Surely all that laughing can't be healthy for such tiny little diaphragm muscles. Ut oh. I sure hope this isn't the episode that finally compels Child Protective Services to put the kids in foster homes.

:: biting my nails ::


AlexisFan said...

I forgot to watch last night and I am the sheeple? Ha.

GWOP - Girls With Obsessive(Compulsive) Personalities

iwhyawli said...

hee hee that acronym is so darn perfect!