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To compensate for the 2 or 3 GWoPpers who didn't watch last night's episode, I made certain we tuned every TV in the house to TLC. And then to be extra certain that our viewership wouldn't somehow be discounted, I made each one of us watch the show on a different TV. Even the dog and cat watched on the basement TV ( or at least they said they did.)

Here's my recap of the episode in bullet points:

1. Kids (all 8) still cuter than buttons and funnier than heck. Try as I might, I still can't find a hint of anything that compels me to move for legal guardianship.

2. I especially loved the shots of the kids with their lunchmeat masks and then the two older girls jumping out of the way to reveal one of the littler ones shouting "BAM!" Very ka-ewt!

3. Jon clearly adores those kids and they adore him. The show never fails to show at least one moment where he and at least one of the kids are connecting in a simple, sweet way. I've always felt that Jon is the perfect balance and calm to Kate's high energy. There is a quiet wisdom in Jon that is very powerful. I'm sure they'll remain a good mommy and daddy team --married, separated or divorced.

4. The kitchen is to die for! So nice and big. Totally good kitchen pick, Jon & Kate.

5. Emeril is every bit as easy-going, personable and genuine as you saw him on the show. I enjoyed watching him interact with the family. I'm certain that dinner was yummy.

6. Kate completely fails to irritate me once again. Yeah, I get where some folks thinks she's brash. I get where some people may think she's a bit of a drama/comedy queen. Yadda yadda yadda. Yeah, I know the personality type. It's Type A.

There's not a darn thing wrong with Type A personalities, especially in business. They're a lively bunch who keep things moving.

Plus, I know how to deal with all the different personality types because unlike the GWoPpers my parents TAUGHT ME HOW TO GET ALONG WITH PEOPLE and more importantly, how to leverage different personality types (and people) to my advantage!!

So put that in your pipe and smoke it ... all you stupid, no-high heel wearing GWoPpers!

And by "stupid", of course, I mean dumb, banal and insipid.


Gwop screen names are stupid said...

Plus, I know how to deal with all the different personality types because unlike the GWoPpers my parents TAUGHT ME HOW TO GET ALONG WITH PEOPLE

Yep, me too. I bookmarked your site.

Troll Hunter said...

My favorite post of the day:

Accidentally Watched said...

Well I wasn't planning on watching last night but I forgot to cancel Jon and Kate from my DVR recording list. I was just sitting there in bed minding my own business when a saw the reminder pop up. I scrambled to get to the remote and cancel the recording but in doing so I knocked the remote on the ground. While trying to retrieve the remote from the ground I slipped off the bed, did a somersault, and found myself temporarily paralyzed in a sitting position right in front of the TV! So I was forced to watch the show. Thankfully about 3 minutes into Cake Boss I regained control of my body and changed the channel. Next week I for sure am not going to watch!

That sure was a boring episode though. The best thing about it was seeing Alexis try and say "Bam!", it sounded more the "Bee-am!". I liked seeing that the twins seemed to like helping out in the kitchen.

I couldn't believe it when Kate hit Emeril with that spatula. Twice! Then on the interview couch she claims that she said she was sorry. Was that edited out? I don't think so. I think Kate has a very selective memory and she is just oblivious to how she behaves. Maybe in her mind she thinks she is being sooo cute and funny. I seriously think that she lives in her own little world. I can only imagine what people who have to interact with her say about her behind her back.

"Bam! 100th Episode - Monday, June 8"
6/09/2009 2:43 PM

RichTanThin+Beautiful said...

Troll Hunter,
Don't make me go over there to find out if that post is really there. What's the point of moderating comments if the stupid moderators can't tell a troll from a true-blue gwop? Everyone knows that when a gwopper falls off the bed and can't get up, it's a bellyflop, not a somersault!

LesterBurnam said...

Finally, the mothership has called me home! Between this site and the princess boards, the snark can flow freely. Unlike sanity at GWoP.

Loveit said...

Several things that I've noticed today, whilst reading through the "Book o' Horrors" aka GWOP -

First off:

Melody said...
I don't think we'll see the Gosselin's visit the Roloffs ever since word on the street is Amy HATES Kate after meeting her at a TLC event.

I'd really love to know which street Melody was walking on. And, seriously serious - how wonderful that Mel here feels that she can speak directly for Amy. Awesomely awesome.

And last - I can't tell if this is a snarky comment, or if it seriously is someone who seriously needs help. Either way, it's funny:

FormerBallerina said...

This is embarassing for me to write, but here goes. I have debilitating OCD that manifests itself in odd ways. Growing up, I was a ballerina, and most of my current behavior has resulted from anxiety over the strict training program and drill-sargent-like instructors. While I am undergoing CBT, some of my behavior is still active. One of my compulsions is to do counter-clockwise turns at random times, particularly walking up stairs; additionally, when I'm feeling particularly stressed, I do a lot of plies. Anyhow, I wasn't planning on watching J&K Monday night, but TLC was on and I was stuck in a plie stance and couldn't physically turn the channel. During the commercial, I did 75 counter-clockwise turns and was finally able to turn the channel.

J&K clearly brings out some sort of anxiety in me. So no more for me!

Serena the Ballerina said...

I think I love that ballerina troll.

Oh Maaaaggieeee, I think someone is laughing at youuu!

GWOP Gals With OUT Purpose said...

*LMAO* @ OCD Ballerina Lady, I cracked up!