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I am Looking Forward to Tonite's 100th Episode, aren't you?

For a little something new and different, I hear Emeril Lagasse will be on ... I know first hand that he's a wonderful chef!

Great idea, TLC!

And of course, I will also be trying to guess what all the GWoPpers will rag about this time ... after they tune into the show (accidentally, snicker) and then find that they're unable to turn the channel again.

"Jebus, what the hell are you bitching about now?" is a little GWoPper game that my husband and I like to play when we watch the show.

Last week, I thought for sure the GWoPpers would harp endlessly about the bit lip. But nope. Of the 4,344 things that Jon & Kate did wrong in that half hour, here are the ones I remember reading about most often:

1) Jon took too damn long to swing set up.
2) Jon & Kate don't call each other enough when Kate travels.
3) none of the kids' coats were zipped and it was cold out
4) Kate-the-Witch made Maddy get a pedicure even though Mady once said she didn't like them.
5) They let the kids slide down the slide even after the dogs go down it on their butts.
6) Jon walks in front of his house too much
7) Kate would be able to remember whether the toilet lid was broken if she was home more often


Ishatziedmyself said...

Mady will not be able to enjoy watching the 100th episode, because she is dehydrated.

Terra said...

I posted the clip from Access Hollywood of her denying Mady water. I taped it from my it's not the best.

It is processing right if it isn't immediately available...just wait a coupld of minutes.

Looking at her other videos, we see terra forcing her spawn to play guitar and sing for his christmas presents.
Terra is most likely standing behind the camera in high heels and a bikini.

Ishatziedmyself said...

Just Wondering needs to be just medicated.

just wondering said...


Article about the Humane Society investigating allegations of cruelty to the dogs.

I told them to be careful!!

FYI, FYI stalks much:
fyi regards to writing to kevin & jodi, I would like to but i do not have the money for stamps, is it possible to email them? BTW to the mods, their address is listed in the phonebook and on various directy sites, just an fyi

iwhyawli said...

Both of ishatziedmyself's comments today made me chuckle.

Good stuff.

But of course, Jon & Kate would be exploiting the dogs, too!

Loveit said...

I love this site. LOVE it.

Troll Hunter said...

I’m guessing that Scary Skier never read the parable of the Prodigal Son. I thought charity was suppose to start at home. Oh well, if she ends up in a seedy retirement home in Camden, NJ she'll now why.

6/08/2009 12:40 PM
"Free Discussion 6/6 - 6/12"

Scary Skier New Jersey said...

(Mommy You're Mean..)

I saw this on a tabloid this morning while shopping at Wegmans! Gotta admit, I have kids in their 20's and when my 25 year old son wanted to come home after losing his job, I told him to get two jobs and find a cheaper apartment. I believe he told me I was mean as well......oh yeah and heartless! Truth is, he is single and can afford to downsize and learn he doesn't need the latest DVD's, Play Station 3 games etc etc. He should have been SAVING for awhile now.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite line today from lindahoyt:

I have to tell you I babysat my 2 year old niece today, she is two.

I just want to scream at her YOU'RE STUPID.

Linduh Hoyt said...

I have to tell you that me read your blog. I no like what me read, read today. I hope you no write more of this writing. My feelings very hurt from you hurting them. I boycott you now.

IShatziedMyself said...

I'm just wondering how fast I can get to a bottle of wine.

"..." is the official sign of the Frau Nation. Where ever "..." is found, Frau have gathered to graze.

Just Wondering:
Poor Aaden doesn't even know what macaroni is. Is he the child who didn't know what corn on the cob was, too?
My God.. That just breaks my heart..

just wondering said...
I just want to know one thing:

Did the kids get to drink milk with their dinner? When was the last time anyone saw these kids drink any milk at all?

This disturbs me...

IShatziedMyself said...

Scary Skier New Jersey used "......" Has she been annointed Frau Goddess?

Where the he## does one ski in NJ? What does she lauched what must be a massive a@@ off various exits of the Garden State Parkway?

Troll Hunter said...

Snark from the Princess Boards:
Note: just wondering says she is a therapist.

just wondering said...
5. Poor Aaden doesn't even know what macaroni is. Is he the child who didn't know what corn on the cob was, too?


My God.. That just breaks my heart..

I know we haven't seen Kate feed them any real food, but I guess this really brings the point home, doesn't it?


What is the point that has been brought home? That Aaden will never be able to make a proper casserole?