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House Envy

Any clues as to why the GWoPpers are back to bitching about the house today?

It sure is a beauty. Congratulations, Jon and Kate. 'Tis no wonder to me why the GWoPpers are seething with jealousy. I'm just wondering why they are seething with jealousy about it, yet again. Has "the hiatus from child exploitation" left them nothing else to bitch about? Did the house catch fire? Was there a pedophile sneaking about on the grounds? Is Kate making the kids playing in the driveway again?

My favorite house envy posts are the ones left by GWoP's ne'er-do-well, communist faction. You know, those are the comments which convey that no one should live in a house like Jon and Kate's since not every one can afford to live in a house like that.


"It's a recession! That house is a slap in every American's face! "

"Wah! I would kill just to have their old house if I could only afford it. But they let it sit empty."

"And to think there are so many are homeless....."

"I'd give anything just to live in one of those crooked houses."

"Our 3 kids are perfectly happy in our 1,000 sf, 2 bedroom, 1 bath bungalow which we can barely afford. "


Don't take this the wrong way, GWoPpers, but if I wait for your ships to come in before I buy myself anything nice (whatever nice is), I'll never have anything nice.

I haven't completely given up on your ability to support yourselves without third-party assistance, but let's just say I'm about as close to concluding this as I can possibly get. Fidel is half-dead and you can expect Nancy Pelosi to fall into line right behind me as soon as her livelihood no longer depends upon your vote. If by now, having less hasn't been a motivator for you, perhaps you should learn to grow more comfortable with the idea of always having less.

With the possible exception of Penn Mommy who only required our monetary assistance after hitting that string of bad luck with the untimely illness and death of her imaginary son, it's most likely no one's fault 'cept your own if you're having trouble keeping pace with the Gosselins.

Even your heros Kevin and Jodi managed to figure out a clever way to pay off their mortgage. You can too.


Concerned and Did My Part said...

I contacted all of the speaking engagements they listed, sent in the GWOP website and forewarned them that the bloggers there were going to filling their inboxes with hate riddled emails to intentionally sabotage Kate's business engagements. I also sent them links to Moon's page, her intent also to use her page to inflict harm upon the Gosselins in the way they too contact promoters of the show, Preesi (concerned about the stalking when some one drives by and takes photos and then posts them), and asked that it be forwarded on to the Gosselins, their manager and bodyguard or security. Perhaps they are already aware and is reason why they have bodyguards, but I shared what sites of hate against them I had and especially the sites engaging in criminal behavior in contacting book deals, clothing line contact, speaking engagements. Etc.

I'll continue to lurk and also forewarned GWOP that they have been turned in. I will continue to contact anyone they list on their site and also provide the link of their site or thread in which they encourage such vindictiveness. Child advocacy is one thing, not when it crosses lines of intention to inflict financial and emotional damage on to a family and borders on stalking and harassment.

So I hope my emails sent in today alerted all of those she has speaking engagements with, as to what to expect and the site information to back up my accusation.

Lets see how much time it takes for their blogs to be shut down!!!

Their raging jealousy is criminal!

I am so happy for Jon and Kate and their family that they have better opportunities for their kids, that they have a large home, big yard to play in and make lasting memories together playing as a family. I also think that they are two very devoted parents. I won't gossip or judge what little is shown in episodes, I am HAPPY for their kids and their family and think this is so bizarre to see this kind of rage, attacking, stalking, harassment, and hatred. It is consuming people, they are obsessed and no longer see that their actions have ramifications! Thanks to Jodi, Julie and Kevin, they helped increase and ramp up such venom at GWOP, Musings, LisaK's, (also turned in to be forwarded to the Gosselins) and Preesis.

I'm concerned for the safety and well being of this family now! It is getting out of control!

I've never spoke out much before in my life but do feel good about speaking out today and alerting others of these blogs intentions and illegal behavior.

Anonymous said...

What about this GWOP gripe: "Sure hope Jon & Kate are enjoying the McMansion that their KIDS bought!" That one never gets old...
House envy is right. Those women are envious, plain and simple.
That is a beautiful house and property, and the Gosselins have every right to live in it. Without scrutiny, without fear, and without invasion of privacy.

Anonymous said...

the true colors of GWOP are displayed in their posts, I've always been fascinated with human behavior and their interactions, but GWOP is a caseload study for many a psychologist to assess. Which I am sure if you ask some GWOPpers they are psychologists and more.

Laurie said...

Concerned and Did My Part--THANK YOU!!

I wish I had the time to brush my teeth (well, I do, but you know what I mean). You have been very thorough in all that I wish I could do.

Thank you!

Soldier 4 Iwhyawli said...

Concerned and Did My Part said...

Mad props and and I'm putting my hand on my monitor for a virtual highfive to YOU!

I think when someone says "bring it" you say "Ok!" and show up with a mothah f'in Mack dump truck.

Be strong in this fight against evil!

We need more soldiers like you!

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Do any of you think that Julie and Jodi saw an opportunity (being the opportunists they are and Jodi feeling pelted and jealous), that perhaps they feed GWOP intentionally in hopes of stirring it up there so that the stay at home moms do the damage and harassment from their computers. Sort of like use them for their agenda to bring the show and the parents down through the use of the people at GWOP? While they sit back smiling and proud of their work? That way they won't be the ones being sued if they themselves contacted all business opportunities the Gosselins have. This way using the stay at home mom's vengeance, they get them to do it for them.

Anyone have feedback on that?

Anonymous said...

July 6, 2009 1:34 PM

Hell, yes with gwop mods in on it. that's why they did not come clean about pennmommy.

iwhyawli said...

Oh I absolutely believe Julie and Aunt Jodi stir the pot at GWoP in jealously and revenge and that the GWoP moderators were only to happy to accept their contribution.

Time and time again, it's been shown (here) that the GWoP moderators couldn't care less about child advocacy. Shara has even posted as much. They blog as a hobby, for blog hits and for the 15 minutes of fame that a reference in Philadelphia Magazine gets them. The GWoP blog was never as popular as during the PENNMOMMY saga, a drama they created without the intention of getting caught.

Someone else here called Julie and Jodi "useful idiots" --- the perfect description I thought.

With Jon & Kate now divorcing, Julie and Aunt Jodi now find themselves cast as the biggest (and dumbest) home-wrecking assholes in the universe.

People (myself included) are now mocking them, googling them and posting absolutely everything there is to post about them and their families.
Call it a strong hunch but something tells me that they don't like that very much.

Meanwhile, all their good friends at GWoP -- those "perfect strangers" so "willing to help" --- remain comfortably anonymous while continuing their quest for blog hits disguised as child advocacy.

Gee, with good friends like that, I'd hate to meet Jodi and Julie's "real" friends, assuming they have any.

It's all too delicious.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Concerned! Thanks for setting a good example. I intend to follow... The fact these haters are trying to sabotage the livelihood of the Gosselins speaks volumes about their advocacy... They are NOT child advocates. They are jealous shrews who resent the fact that Kate has succeeded while they haven't....

Anonymous said...

Two gripes I have heard from haters about the G's beautiful house...
1. They don't HAVE to play in the front yard where the cameras can see them. They are playing there so the paps can photograph them...

Listen... It's THEIR house and they can play wherever they like. They can't ride their bikes on the grass and why should they when they have such a great driveway area to ride on... In addition, I'm sure Kate doesn't want them out back around the pool without adult supervision... AT any rate, is NO ONEs business where they play. It's THEIR house and they are set way back from. If anyone is photographing them from a distance, THEY are the ones who are wrong... They are stalking them, IMHO...

2. Another almost laughable complaint I have heard is...

"I live in a house that is nicer than the Gosselins. They don't need a house that big!" Give it up, haters... They DO deserve this house and it's obvious they bought it with the kids in mind. Some of the haters can't stand the fact that the G's might be living BETTER than they are!

goji berry said...

What strikes me silly is how they say, don't watch the show, yet they are the first to run to every possible gossip site online imaginable hoping that photos of the Gosselins are posted. It bothers them when they are not photographed, and then when they are. Like how many people are ragging that they purposely shot off fireworks in the front for the paparazzi. Umm it's better to set them off and MORE SAFE on asphalt or cement then grass. Then they were upset they were setting them off in daylight hours. Hmm, maybe the children go to bed early and are on a schedule, and just maybe they were shooting them off to annoy or direct to the paparazzi.

Anyway, they bitch if their Ben and Jerrys is cold. They'd bitch if taxpayers had to support them if they were penniless and be hating on them then, then they grip if they are supporting themselves.

What I think, I think besides Aunt Jodi's little agenda, that these stay at home moms related to how the Gosselin's once lived, and instead of being happy that they have gone above the normal standard, they no longer can associate or relate to their story and feel betrayed. So they shout scam, child exploitation, poor Aunt Jodi, and then take on the jealous rage.

Jane said...

One of the multitude of things that the GWOPers just don't get is that all of those pictures are taken by a bunch of assholes with zoom lenses that are capable of taking pictures from a long long way away. I don't know how long the driveway is (I'm sure the GWOPers have it mapped to an nth of an inch), but from what I've seen on the show, it's quite long and not that straight, plus there are some pretty large trees smattered about. So, if someone is just driving along the road, past the house, on their way to do something legitimate, the Gosselins wouldn't be noticed. Only the sickos who feed the greedlust of the GWOPers hang out on the road and take pictures.

Good job Concerned and Did My Part. Always good to hear from a reasonable person! I am (sadly) familiar with Moon's & Fiona's blogs, but not LisaK's & Preesi's. Do I dare ask for links? Good Google directions will do. Also, what is the 'pig blog' that has been referenced? I've tried to find the answers on my own, but my Google-fu is weak.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th and continues to enjoy their summer!

iwhyawli, thank you for this blog and your intelligent humor (I like it when it goes into the gutter too!).

Marissa said...

Of course Julie and Jodi stirred the pot with Gwop. Those two are the biggest exploiters in this thing and are just plain mean girls.

Concerned and Did My Part, I too am high fiving you!

Anonymous said...

iwhy, each day I am excited to see what is new here. Thank you for this blog to harp on the mightiest of the harpies.

I am not sure what site GIDDY is, if anyone can share.

Jane, here are the sites of lisak, preesi, and who are called the pig troughers.

Pig Trough

LisaK's Middle Aged Mean Girls
(she also had two others with her sister and I forget the urls)

Preesi's Stalking The Gosselin Page

Anonymous said...

hehe LisaK's panties are riding up.

Guess we have her a little stirred up that she now needs to cry to her group to reassure her that her little blog is not behind in their attempts to, to contact the speaking engagements. Love watching people rationalize their irrational actions, all the while they sit online and ignore their own children and gossip about the Gosselins.

Concerned, you were just honest where the hate was coming from, good job in alerting the speaking engagements. Nothing wrong with what you sent in, just awareness to people trying to victimize people they do not even know.

Anonymous said...

strange how LisaK left out Concerned's reason and only copy and pasted the lower portion of the post and then did not tell her gal pals where it came from. I'd say Concerned, you have LisaK a little stirred up.

WoOt said...

WOOT WOOT, love the new poll iwhy!

Anonymous said...

I posted in PennMommy Codex 4thread about any possible donations sent to the po box for pennmommy.
I know it is an older thread but any opinion?

Jordyn said...

Anyway, they bitch if their Ben and Jerrys is cold.

They'd bitch about it and they'd STILL would eat it. LOL.

Yeah, I like the one about not playing in their front yard so paps won't take their pics. Well, it's Gosselin's private property, the paps shouldn't even be there.

Anonymous said...

Corcerned... Lisak is pissed! Of course, she won't admit it. I guess she hasn't seen the comments from the old threads. Especially the nice picture of her and 10doll. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I am not sure, some where in that thread or another some one posted the url to a blog who was or had been collecting and keeping track of the donations sent in, it was a few thousand dollars worth, benzelblob or ask some one else, the atheist blogs wig me out so I don't stick around long. Maybe it was benezelburb, I dunno.

I am not aware, but then I've not read all of the GWOP blog, but have not yet seen where anyone requested money be sent into that po box, other then they were taking donations for their idol, Aunt Jodi.

LisaKreadsthisblog said...

Lisak and friends are practically foaming at the mouth over all your comments. They pulled the monsters from that horrific KON site to come over there to complain to. MCCarey should be thrown to the pigs for her usual foul mouth behavior....

On July 6, 2009 at 10:44 pm MCarey65 Said:

This would be a good place for me to reiterate the fact that those LOONS are seeking to “take down” people’s blogs….has NOTHING to do with the end of konfanscanbiteme blog!
These people would never think that their behavior is wrong, no, only the rest of us are wrong?! Idiots!

[[The right to freedom of speech is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The ICCPR recognizes the right to freedom of speech as "the right to hold opinions without interference. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression".[1][2] Furthermore freedom of speech is recognized in European, inter-American and African regional human rights law.]]

Get it through your crazy loon heads FANS, having and stating an opinion is not ILLEGAL!!
WTF is wrong with Leona or BM? Because that is who this bitch sounds like. I hope she knows that the people she is contacting, they are putting her damned name on a list!! They are watching out for her and her obsession with Kate Gosselin! The security team has her crazy ass on their “watch list!”
Fuck her and the 3 legged horse she rode in on!

Anonymous said...

anon at 7:20 PM,

I don't think gwop solicited donations on behalf of pennmommy, but I definitely think people sent letters and money donations to the po box, so it to be passed along to pennmommy.

SweetPeaIBe said...

iwhy, the bitches over at lisaky jelly's, spent all night talking about us grannies LOL. ALL night they spent their energy on us, I feel so flattered. LisaK thinks all the posts are from you iwhy. I guess she cannot fathom that she just doesn't have a fan base here and perhaps a lot of people see them for what they are in their detachment from reality.

Well I better go take out my dentures, and go rub my arthritis cream and check to see if I have a spare hearing aid battery for tomorrow. Beings that we are old grannies over here. Ha, I'm probably younger then any of them! Their all complaining of their aches and pains one day, knee injuries, weight gain. If anyone sounds like old ladies, they did that day!! Their poor children, their mothers spent their evening hating on us, when they could have spent precious moments loving on them. Priorities, tsk. If I had a child, I'd not give a minute of my time away from being with my kid, much less obsessing about the Gosselins and their photos all day, every day, as they keep searching if any new ones came out.

Well lights out for this OLDIE, I have an early AM appointment for my glaucoma and must get my beauty rest. LOL

I love this! Watching people come out of the wood work when you mirror back what they do to others, they don't seem to take it as well.

Concerned, you should feel flattered, they put together an entire thread, just FOR YOU! hehe

Julie and Jodi are Useful Idiots said...

Giddy is the old Gosselins Do Not Need our Pity site, although I have also seen it used to refer to the pig trough.

Thanks to the ladies who sent emails. I know unlike the GWoPPers YOU have lives and it takes time to hunt down the information, compose an email and try and alert these organizations to the crazy. Your actions are appreciated by all of us sane bystanders.

Anonymous said...


I think it is great that Blogger closed down the Konfanscanbitemeblog. I am all for snark and freedom of speech but apparently they crossed the line.

That has always been the issue. Everyone enjoys snark but these people are just full of a bitterness that you don't see very often.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. This is class as only
10doll can pull off:

On July 7, 2009 at 3:07 am 10doll Said:
need to add one more thing…The twat farts on the gwopwop turd blog GWOPWOP- You canyon crotch bitches from the deepths of hell are pissed because we comment on a show that the family has chosen to be on? Alrighty then. Are you mad that we hunted down the families address? Oh right the family let that out themselves. Is it because we pieced together a fake story about them divorcing? Once again they did that. You all really need to get laid! That might help rid your vagina of the cobwebs & in turn lighten your dispositions a little. Nookie is the answer to your lame personalities & you might get a little pep in your step. Give it a shot grannys you might be surprised! Throw some powder on yourself & look for the wet spot,then go after it!

Hey 10doll! There are meds for that rage issue you have. And, my God, anyone who talks the way she does about sex is obviously not getting any. There are meds for that, too. Go see a doctor.

Quiltart said...

The haters on LisaK's blog seem to think that I have something to do with this blog. This message is to them: While I thoroughly enjoy reading GWOP WOP, but I am NOT iwhyawli and I am NOT Concerned and Did My Part (although I happen to think both of them are right on target!) If I were to post here, it would be under my OWN name. As usual, you are blaming the wrong person and you do not know what you are talking about so get over yourselves.

iwhyawli said...

Hope someone won't be too angry but I just couldn't bring myself to publish most of the LisaK-related comments that I received this morning. I felt like re-posts of their comments would only infuriate them further.

That's NOT to say that I didn't enjoy reading them because oh yes, I surely did. Those chicks sure seem ... um... interesting?

"Interesting" is the adjective I always use when I can't quite think of the right word and\or the right word isn't too flattering.

Apparently lisak's blog is no longer available or maybe it was another blog that lisak also like to visit. I can't keep them all straight. Up until last night, I thought Fiona's blog and the Pig blog were the same blog.

To my knowledge, I don't believe I've yet had the good fortune to visit LisaK's blog or the blog that is no longer (konfanscanbiteme?). All of the cut-and-paste comments that someone kindly sent to me last night were ... um... definitely interesting?

Maybe I should have an RIP thread for the deceased blog? Crap. Suddently, in retrospect I shouldn't have rejected all those lisak comments. I'm an idiot. I could have moved them into a new "RIP thread"

Most of the rejected comments were cut and pastes from furious posters of the felled blog. A little repetitious but entertaining. I fing it hard to believe that lisak's crowd isn't one big schtick. Maybe I just hope it's a schtick.

As far as I know, this blog had nothing to do with the demise of the other blog. But, one less dumb blog is always a good thing so I shall certainly be happy to take credit for it.

If any of you readers had anything to do with the demise of that other blog, excellent work.

Anonymous said...

oh, poor poor 10doll, admittance to losing her mind, is one step to recovery!

10doll said...

10:20- I'm so fucking confused right now.I saw the 10:20 post as saying that we(the people on DD's) are going to pretend to be her & possibly make mean & stupid comments using her name. I may need to take a nap,because lately I've been interpretating comments WAY WRONG! I'M CONFUSED!!! Whoever I insulted,I'm sorry.
July 5, 2009 11:18:00 PM GST
10doll said...

Be gentle with your comments towards me,remember I'm obviously having some "focus & getting the meaning of a comment" issue going on. Be kind,it's not nice to make fun of the mentally challenged.LOL If a mind is a terrible thing to waste,then you can consider me a walking landfill.
July 5, 2009 11:24:00 PM GST

Concerned said...

pssst...McCarey, hi, I am Concerned, and well....sorry, names not BabyMama or Leona, just another individual who thinks you and your type should be held responsible when you contact business related minds, to intentionally sabotage Kate Gosselin's speaking engagements. Whether I like Kate or not, just based on espisodes of a show, don't care, but when the sites like LisaK's, GWOP, Moon's are making contacts via calls and emails and passing along contact information to intentionally swarm with the agenda to hurt a business deal, well, I feel obligated to contact them as well with the link where to expect the BS to start dribbling in from.

You rationalize it how you will, they at least are in the know now, and won't be canceling anything when contacts come from sites like all of yours, sort of umm, well, takes away the integrity and credibility of being a child advocate and instead exhibits a spiteful agenda to cause harm to a family you don't truly even know of or about, except what you have seen on TV.

Anonymous said...

I think it is great KonFans shut down too. So now we have TWOP who was forced to shut down, LisaK's at Retro Dan's who shut her group down.

And more to shut down soon.

Concerned said...


Well I did hear back from one of the contacts I contacted to give them the heads up on these sites trying to sabotage Kate's speaking engagements.

I copied and pasted part of the email below...

You are right; there are lot of mean spirited people in this world. You would think that they would have something better to do than wage such a venomous campaign.

(one less engagement canceled, yay!)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lisak and company- I know you've been lurking all day... Have you gone to the "Paying Proper Respect" thread ( any of the other older ones? You should, you might learn something...

Anonymous said...

I love how they all are talking about their fears today at LisaK's, it really bothered them, and I am so amused watching them spend an evening and into their next day, just obsessed over what goes on here at this blog and that they were turned in for sending in emails to try to get speaking engagements to drop Kate. I don't like Kate, and I don't like the behavior of the girls at LisaK's or other sites or what they say they stand for or have rights to do. They'd not do half of what they say or do face to face to Kate or anyone else.

One day, their blog too will be shut down.

They chat like 14 year olds over there who need their mouth washed out with soap, LAVA soap. Nice parenting over there and that 10doll, holy mad cow crap is she a crazie.


*L* iwhy, 10dolls on her rampage over here, wow, we really got to them, they are spending so much energy and time on us. Are we celebrities yet iwhy? I feel like one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous, glad you stopped by. Cannot speak for anyone else, but hubs and I own two businesses, and I get my summers to do whatever I want, oh and we don't have any children, by choice, love them, just love our life as it is. So I neglect no one, but I sure enjoy ruffling your little feathers up and agree with what this blog stands for, giving it back to the people who are dishing and see how they like it.

Guess you don't like it too much. But I am loving the way you gals are freaking out.

Excuse me while I go sunbathe awhile now and stop back in later for additional amusement before BIG BROTHER debuts!

Watching all of you is similar to watching Big Brother's live feed! Watching you all chat about your aches and pains, inheritance issues over brothers taking over a house, a fake grandmother being ill and to have surgery on the 22nd but you cannot afford to go see her because you cannot stop blogging long enough to maybe take up a waitress shift to pay for an airline ticket to pay your respects, or whining about their kids, or their weight or too much sun, being too fat to be pulled behind a boat for too long, knee injuries swap stories, std issues, sex problems with the spouses, bullying people around, taking gossip sites and magazines at face value and spending an entire evening chatting over a hair do or pair of cole haan shoes, LOLOLOLOLing like an immature idiot. IT IS ALL SO FUN TO WATCH you interact. Thanks for the many laughs while passing time in between enjoying my summer's delights.

Oh sorry, maybe I should be like a GWOPper, and add all of my education, degrees, etc. I'll save that for another day though.

sunshine makes me smile said...

hehe screw house envy, LisaK and 10doll and the clan have PENIS ENVY of the new successful blog iwhy has created!

honeyhush said...

FTW said...
It's always bothered me that "Julie Gosselin: is quoted in reports :

12:42 PM Tabitha Says:


You are not a Kreider or a Gosselin. You are a Kamauf Brown, etc. with only the slightest of connnections to the family. Instead of wasting energy on hating people who will never allow you to be in their life, take care of your own family in VA.

Your third and fourth hand information is getting old. "12:42 PM Tabitha Says:


You are not a Kreider or a Gosselin. You are a Kamauf Brown, etc. with only the slightest of connnections to the family. Instead of wasting energy on hating people who will never allow you to be in their life, take care of your own family in VA.

Your third and fourth hand information is getting old.

June 21, 2009 5:38 PM

Anonymous said...
I have some good information for you. Julie (Kamauf)Daugherty and Jodi (Kamauf)Kreider are sisters but Julie is married to a man named Matthew Daughtery and they live in Columbia, MD not Ohio. Julie is 37 years old.

June 21, 2009 5:53 PM

Jane said...

Thank you for the links to the other blogs. Now I wish I had never asked.

They throw the word 'paranoia' around like they actually know what it means.

just a suggestion said...

we need open threads here, so we can keep the threads on topic, it's hard to check in on every thread all the time for new comments. Just IMO, would make this blog a little easier to have random open thread discussions and then the topic like threads you have. So people know where to put a particular comment at? Not trying to run your blog, I like it otherwise.

Stephanie said...

Anonymous said...

July 7, 2009 11:00 AM
Must be Sammy or NC. Idiot typing.