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Dear Brianna

Some twit named Brianna sent me a comment that I'll not only publish (vs. print, tsk tsk) but I'll publish it on the main page. Along with my rebuttal, natch.

Brianna says ...
I realize you won't print this but I'll write it anyways.

Why is what Jodi, Kevin and Julie did so reprehensible but a mother selling naked pictures of her kids is fine??

I sort of understand your problem with GWOP but to trash everybody who has a website you don't like is very immature.

Kate has chosen a public life. It is not illegal to criticize her. You are trashing people because you don't like their opinion. Do you know what country this is??

Please have a brain and shut-down this site.

Your hatred is contagious and it will destroy you.

If you actually allow this to be posted, I'll stop thinking Kate is a lousy mother.

Dear Dear Brianna,

Thanks for writing today. Other than your being a complete idiot, how are you? Everything okay? You feeling a little stress today? I am happy to publish your comment and respond to it. Perhaps my response will end the tide of similar comments from your other GWOPPER friends.

Presumably the woman who you claim sells naked pictures of her children is Kate. First, I'll just say quickly that you need to seek professional help.

I haven't seen whatever pictures you're referring to, but I suspect they're cute, innocent pics of the babies in a bathtub or some such thing. The very same cute pics that proud parents everywhere take of their beautiful babies and eventually include in a birth announcement, holiday card, email message, etc. etc.. I bet they're the very same, cute baby pics that have been included in the video montages of every bride and groom during every wedding reception that I've attended in the last 15 years, including my own.

If you think there is something perverted or inappropriate about a picture of a naked baby, you're sick in the head. You have a problem. Get help.

And while you're getting help, ask for a lobotomy. If a mother's decision to include innocent pictures of her naked or clothed babies in her book or on TV is "exploitation", wouldn't Julie's and Aunt Jodi's exploitation of the exploited be even worse? ARE YOU FUCKING MENTALLY RETARDED?

As to "trashing everyone who has a website I don't like", I've zero clue what you're talking about, drama mama. It's not what we do here. Since you're simple-minded, I'll keep this simple. Iwhyawli mocks people (like you) who feel it's your duty to pass judgment on other parents (or anyone). I'll check my e-mail again, Brianna, but I don't believe I've received your GWOPWOP Parenting Application. I'd like to sit in public judgment of your parenting. What's the delay?

Absolutely, it's not illegal to criticize Kate. Is it kind? It is fair? Is it something you'd like done to you? Is there a point to it? No.

We live in America, Brianna. The very same country which allows Kate the freedoms to live, work and raise a family however she chooses. The same country that allows Jon and Kate to produce a TV show and write a book about their children if they want.

Hard to believe, Brianna, but even a dope like you must realize that you asserted your First Amendment right to free speech *and* told me to shut down my blog down in the very same comment.

It's not hatred you're reading here, Brianna, it's humour. We're laughing at you, Brianna. We're laughing at GWOP. We're laughing at Jodi and Aunt Jodi. It's the laughter that is contagious at this site. Hatred is GWOP.

Anyhoo, glad to hear you'll now stop thinking Kate is a lousy mother. You should probably stop sharing all of your thoughts with other people.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Excellent response! You've said exactly what I would like to say but unfortunatly I am too inarticulate to do so.

WYSIWYG said...

Why obsess just on Jon and Kate and them sharing their children's photos as proud parents. Why not go on a mission to shut MySpace down with every parent who shares videos online of their kids, photo albums, etc. I find those obsessed with the Gosselin's creepy at GWOP and other blogs. Voyeurs who hate on them but hate to see them disappear because they keep looking and want to keep tearing them apart, it's become their life, they are loving hating on 8 children's parents and trying to do what they can to change their financial success to where they feel the Gosselin's should be. Who really does that? Envy thy neighbor? It is wrong! No matter who it is, it is wrong to be jealous of anyone.

Brianne (not your real name of course), if you don't like this blog pointing out the ridiculous things people are doing on other blogs and the hate and cult like mentality we point out in this blog, then unbookmark it and stop visiting!

iwhyalwi's name stands for I WONDER HOW YOU ALL WILL LIKE IT!!

How would you feel Brianna if your parenting was scrutinized down to everything you fed your children, did with them, to how you wore your hair, what clothes you bought, to where you go, who your friends are? How would you feel if some one judged your every word, every facial expression, and trashed on you all the way from criticizing your parenting choices (in FREE AMERICA) to where in your large yard you played with your kids (FREE TO PLAY WHEREVER IN YOUR YARD IN AMERICA), to what you feed your children (FREE TO FEED YOUR KIDS WHAT YOU CHOOSE IN AMERICA), to your chosen discipline. I don't agree with spankings, but I don't look at spankings as beatings to call CPA. I don't like certain things I've seen on their show, but it's their show, their family, their life. I don't like others who criticize other's parenting, so while you do so Brianna, how do you like it, if you get picked on for everything you do, say, and how you interact with your kids?

THAT IS WHY I BLOG HERE, GWOP disgusts me in what they are doing to a parent, be it Jon and Kate or any other parent, reality show, etc. Dissecting one's life apart, making up things, over exaggerating, feeding off of one another and their jealousy, anger, hate, mom's who do all of this while they plop their child in a bathtub or in front of a Disney movie so they can behave like this? Mom's raising their own children in a hateful judgmental environment?

Please do send in your parental application Brianna.

I don't have children, I despise these blogs who think they are the perfect parent, all the while judging and hating on a family who already has enough crisis going on, and not realizing that they too impact the lives of these kids in what they say, in the gossip they engage in, in the lies they purposely spread, in the business affairs they intentionally try to help derail. All in their rationalizing of child advocacy and child exploitation. When it is just mean spirited, vindictive, reckless malice, jealousy, rage, anger. It is people at home unhappy in their own lives, envious of what others may have and opportunities they may never experience. It is people at home who rob their own families of their time with mom to go online and spread lies, try to bring a family down and who I honestly feel, find pleasure in causing pain to this family.

So, how do you like it when it is done to you? How would you feel? Step in their shoes. These parents doing this I fear are not even teaching their own child, compassion of others or empathy. They are teaching them to hate, be jealous, seek revenge on anyone you don't agree with or don't like.

UGLY. It's all so ugly what you guys do at GWOP and other hate blogs.

So if it makes just one person stop and evaluate what they are engaging in, and makes them step away and think how they would feel, it's worth stating on here!

(What You See Is What You Get)

Anonymous said...

hehe I think you found Jodi and Julie! "why don't you shut your blog down"

Sorry, intimidation at this blog doesn't work, it may work with a GWOP mentality, to bully Jon and Kate.

Brianna, when GWOP and the other hate sites close down, I bet iwhy would be more then happy to close her blog then. When they stop, she'll stop mirroring back the bad parent's who are sitting in judgment of a successful family and all they have. GWOP's lies and jealousy and hatred is just ridiculous. So are the other hate spirited mothers chatting on other blogs. They are all such perfect parents after all, raising their children in hateful environments and leading double lives, many of them are too ashamed to have their real name on facebook and be associated to the GWOP forum, for fear their colleagues and family members will know, that to me, says VOLUMES.

It is a dumping ground for women who are jealous and spiteful to go, to spread lies and gossip and engage in trying to destroy a family, their career, their success and who deviantly seek pleasure in what they are doing, THAT IS LEADING A DOUBLE LIFE!

iwhy, I think once they have been brainwashed by such hate and GWOP spite, they are too far gone to reach them, I'd toss out their letters. People get upset when their voice cannot be heard, people like that, should not even get a thread, they will never get it, they don't see that what they are doing is messed up.

Just like Jodi and Julie won't see that they helped create a huge mess in feeding the world lies, hate for their own financial agenda, not truly caring about those kids or how damning their parents publically would effect those children's lives.

I think some one wants to shut you down iwhy before you discover Serena and Sharla and the PO BOX owner!!

Anonymous said...

She actually had the nerve to say "your hatred is contagious and it will destroy you"? That's GWOP dear Brianna, you bumpling idiot.

Excellent response Iwhy. Same with WYSIYG and the Anonymouses, here too. Great responses to the twit Brianna.

Julie Needs Help said...

Did Jon and Kate sell naked pictures of their kids? Or is this just another exageration that gets spun into some how being the GWOP or Moon truth?

iwhyawli said...

dunno. I doubt Brianna knows what she talking about either. I doubt Brianna even remembers she sent me a comment. Brianna is currently off somewhere staring at a shiny object.

LisaK Can Bite Me said...

Brianna and LisaK are sooo ugly...

You ask how ugly?

They are sooo ugly that when they are making love, lindahoyt says "lust", their husbands fantasize about Kate Gosselin's "butt up front"

Take it LisaK take it all said...

I bet you Breanna would buy pictures of the children's first poopies.

Personally I think that Breanna is LisaK on acount of how stupid her arguement is.

LisaK's Proctologist said...

Brianna says ...

If you actually allow this to be posted, I'll stop thinking Kate is a lousy mother.


Breanna should have said...

If you actually allow this to be posted, I'll stop being a lousy mother and human being.

Quiltart said...

WYSIWYG... You are my HERO! Thanks to stating what has been obvious to me since GWOP started its tyrannical reign of hate! I'm so glad to know that they are others who agree that GWOP and all the other hate blogs have gone over the line of what is acceptable behavior...

Anonymous said...

I find it fascinating how similar a doodie dropper here spells like Sammy. LisaK's site, ignore them all, the things they chat about is disgusting, it's not even classy and you are right whomever said, she is ugly. Beauty is not just on the oustide, it is what one has to share from the inside, and that site over there, nothing beautiful about any of them, I think Nina there is the only one I've seen say some more positive things and not have to curse or use the word whore or slut or talking about Steve and making fun of Kate's cooter and it may all be funny to them. It is more of what teenagers would text or twitter one another. It's mid life mom's in crisis over on her blog wishing they were still teens and in their 20's having trouble dealing with their fading beauty, their slowing metabolisms, and facing their 40's and 50's. Prepare for menopause soon ladies, because you are already showing signs of pre-menopausal sniping. How are those night sweats? I doubt it is from any hot passionate love making sessions, because you spend your nights blogging rather then spend them with your spouses.

It's either lisak's nutcases who dropped that or some GWOPper upset that we point out their stupidity. Sounds more condescending like the group from LisaK's though. They spend their days lately worried what we may say or are saying about them, who does that? Seriously? The blog there is just retarded and full of mindless rhetoric and made up gossiping while they laugh at one another. They think this is a Kate fan sight! Dumb, dumb and dumber who are aging and they hate facing their age, so they still try to act young and silly. I'm younger then any of them there and act more mature. Who laughs over gossip on Kate and a bodyguard and uses the word cooter and talks about Kate having sex. WEIRD!

Anonymous said...

ooo, good one LisaK's parasitologist! Too true!

iwhy, you should put up a wackadoodle thread and post their silly comments you get, we'll dissect them for you.

Deranged Mindless Nobodies said...

iwhy, hope they don't poke an eye out with that shiney object.

Ooo, nice, purdeee sparkly pointy thing. Knowing LisaK she'd use it as a dildo. Maybe that is why they act so wacky over there, they are over doing it with the dildo swapping, time to remove some batteries, but I'd be afraid of catching a serious disease. They are like herpes, they just spread in more ways then one.

Anonymous said...

they never sold naked photos of the kids!

It is typical of the lisak bloggers to over-exaggerate EVERYTHING they read in gossip sites and on these hate infested gossip blogs.

If a child is swatted on the behind with an open hand, they say she BEAT her child to a pulp.

If Kate is seen with Steve, they talk about Steve screwing her.

If photos of the kids are given out with autographs they are then NUDE photos of the kids.

See how their minds work? It's like the bitch in town, who sees a parked vehicle at her neighbors, and because she does not recognize it, she is phoning up the neighbors to tell everyone who will listen that her next door neighbor is having an affair.

THAT is the type of gals at LisaK's blog. They assume things, over exaggerate things and then when called out, they back it up with child advocacy, child exploitation, chid abuse, and point fingers. never admitting they may possibly be inflating the truth of a photo. Just like TMZ showed today how that photo that made it appear like the president was looking at some woman's butt and albeit that the French prez was, then when they played it in video format, showing the sequence, he was looking around watching his footing before helping or assisting another lady down a step.

So, go over there, try to pull a wedgie out in front of them, they'll slander you saying you have crabs. The trouble making, pot stirring type of personalities with nothing better to do.

Sad thing is, they believe what they say. I had a father in law with alcohol induced dementia who did too! He believed anything he said, if he had no money and was writing bad checks, he believed he had thousands in the bank and wrote more checks (until the court stepped in). But know what I am saying?

It is hard to understand people like that or why they intentionally spread gossip and lies. For people with mental illnesses or like my father in law, dementia, he had a medical reason for doing so. They don't.

Well, they might. LOLOLOLOLOLOL (isn't that how she types out HUGE belly laughter)

Battle Fo' Middle Girth said...


Great response. You be sending them GWoP bitches to Mordor. You be squashing them like you was a motherhumpin Ent.

LisaK's OBGYN said...

Deranged Mindless Nobodies said...
iwhy, hope they don't poke an eye out with that shiney object.

Ooo, nice, purdeee sparkly pointy thing. Knowing LisaK she'd use it as a dildo.


Deranged! Are you forgetting that LisaK is sooo fat that she can't use a dildo! Her arms aren't long enough!

LisaK is sooo fat that she has to use one of those Gopher grabber tools to whipe her ass!

Marissa said...

She actually had the nerve to say "Your hatred is contagious and it will destroy you.".??? Wtf?

Brianna you moron, that's Gwop all the way. The hatred of your gwop group and other sites that bash these two parents, and Kate more than Jon, is filled with nothing but hatre, venom, and jealousy. Oh, that's guys aren't jealous. Not one iota of jealousy over Kate's body, her lifestyle, her house, her cute're not jealous of any of that, right?

NoNyMuS said...

iwhy, you have them going on and on about this blog. They must really be worked up over there to devote so much time to us. I feel flattered, how about you? They keep hitting on your blog, wanting to know what we post over here. Their obsessive personalities are strange, they obsess on one topic, then back to us, I love it!

And we know it bugs them, mission accomplished. *smirks*

How do you like it? You cannot wait to log on to run over here to see what is being said about your self, you just cannot help yourselves.

*waves to the lurkers from LisaK's*

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys! Wazzzzzup!

In The Making said...

oooo GWOPWoppers, I feel a movie creation in the mix, LisaK's blog is inspiring me to star her and 10doll. When it is completed, it's going to be a box office GWOWopper hit!

Set the TRUTH free already said...

I am waiting for you to put up that paypal button so we can contribute a dollar to the $80 fee to get that reverse P.O. Box search done. You'll probably make enough to hire a lawyer to use his own name and address on the application to avoid using your own.


Jordyn said...

Quiltart said...
WYSIWYG... You are my HERO! Thanks to stating what has been obvious to me since GWOP started its tyrannical reign of hate! I'm so glad to know that they are others who agree that GWOP and all the other hate blogs have gone over the line of what is acceptable behavior...

July 10, 2009 3:23 PM

BINGO! That is it Quiltart. They should all be shut down becaue of this.

Anonymous said...

Preesi needs to be arrested, she's taking requests of where people want her to go to take photos of anything related to the Gosselin's. One person wants her to go stake out her parents house and get a photo of their new home, the fertility clinic, the UPS store where they get packages, etc.

WTF! An entire thread where people can suggest places she goes to take photos and report back to them on her site. Is this a validation thing for her? She need friends that bad? Or is she just seriously mentally a stalker that the Gosselin's should be afraid of?

How would she like some one watching her every move, following her, stalking down her extended family members homes? Where she shops, where she goes to get a hair cut, etc.?

This lady is beyond obsessed, she's scarey!

LisaK is my Biotch said...

Anonymous said...
Preesi needs to be arrested, she's taking requests of where people want her to go to take photos of anything related to the Gosselin's. One person wants her to go stake out her parents house and get a photo of their new home, the fertility clinic, the UPS store where they get packages, etc.


I would gladly pay Preesi to take a picture of Hell.

WHY? said...

Pressi has posted pictures of both Jon and Kate's lawyer offices. She said she was bored. Ya Think??? I just don't know what to say...

Pat said...

Two really minor things, Brianna:

1.Kate's brother and his wife seemed to be fine with the "exploitation" of the kids as long as they were a part of it. When they weren't, they SUDDENLY got a conscience!! THEN they exploited their connection with the kids to tell about their change of heart, THUS earning enought money to pay off their bills!!! Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black, huh?

2. You wrote "Your hatred is contagious and it will destroy you."
I wrote to the GWOP site about this very thing. I said over and over that the people there (like you) weren't helping the children but developing a deep hatred, especially for Kate. You fed on each other's hate comments until the site is so full of hate, I can't imagine you can see any good at all.
GWOP is a place filled with hate. This is a place filled with people picking on you haters. We don't hate YOU, we hate what you are doing.
I hope you see the light soon before it's too late to turn from your dark side.

Anonymous said...

Re Preesi: In addition to being arrested for stalking, I'm surprised none of the magazines she scans and posts every week haven't gone after her for copyright infringement... Posting those magazine articles without permission is against the law.

KathyG-Boo! said...

Anonymous said...
Excellent response! You've said exactly what I would like to say but unfortunatly I am too inarticulate to do so.

July 10, 2009 1:57 PM

I agree! I thought your response was excellent. And you are my hero too!

Nessa said...

Pat, I agree. Nicely put. I don't hate anyone specifically either. I too just hate what they are doing, their reactions and actions and why I point it out. It's not to bully or hate back, it's making fun of what they are doing. Perhaps my attempt has come across misunderstood. I dislike it when they pick on the superficial things or feed on the gossip and add to it, even if they are doing it in fun, I think it does feed the hatred from GWOP and the other blogs hating that family (specifically making fun of their parents.) It is not that I am a Kate fan or love Kate or idolize her, no, not at all, I don't have a judgment either way on that because I do not personally know the woman. I don't believe the gossip sites, the photos or scripted episodes.

I hate the people's behavior being displayed who rationalize their hatred and the venomous campaign they have going on against Jon and Kate. The little mean comments, all of it just feeds into it.

So I came across this site after seeing similar hate at sites where articles where on the family, even positive articles, yet the comment section would just be filled with the same types of post of that at GWOP, then some one mentioned GWOP's site in one, so I went there, read a few pages and was just shocked anyone could do that all day long or even want to. To then read how they were trying to hurt speaking engagements and stuff, I believe takes it too far. If it were true child advocacy and they just voiced subtle concern about the kids, but the driving by taking photos, the stalking behavior, the criticism of their looks, all the cynical comments, speculation, made up stories, the people who claim they know a source who knows them and just this blown out of proportion hooey.

So, I be here. I like what iwhyawli is doing, mirroring it back, mirroring back the behavior of the people posting these things. It's apparent too that many of them don't like it with their reactions, and others who just simply don't have a conscience to care.

Pat, great comment! I hear you, it bothers me too, the way the hatred has spread and I don't understand why some one would want a blog like GWOP to do that daily at. It makes me wondered just how troubled their lives must be that they want to obsess and be so mean toward anyone else. Are they that upset that their lives became successful and got a big house, that they no longer feel they can relate to this couple? I feel like many took it personal and feel betrayed that they no longer live in a typical house like many of the viewers, the minute nicer clothes came into the mix, upgraded vehicles, a nicer and much larger home and yard and PRIVACY (if you had people on your porch peaking in to try to take photos or tires being slashed, I too would move out of the city limits to a gated large yard to protect my family). They cannot help the photographers have these cameras that can zoom in on a pimple from the highway near their home.


LisaK's Pizza Delivery Man said...

I have known LisaK for a few years now. She is I think about 38 years old and she lives at home with her parents Bob and Martha. I knew her husband Steve too. A few years ago Steve fell in love with a Hot Dog on a Stick girl at the fair. He filed for divorce got custody of their child Bob II and their dog Bob III. Lisa then had a nervous breakdown and that is when I think she started blogging.

Hope this helps.

Jrodyn said...

In all seriousness, Preesi needs reported. That's stalking.

Anonymous said...

Daaamn, LisaK's delivery man knows her pretty well! THAT cracked me up, not some one else's misfortune, but the comic relief of trying to understand some one like her and her madness, makes sense though!

Nessa said...

Jordyn, I agree, Preesi is a stalker and the evidence is right on her blog! I'm sure they are aware and watch it. Then they sit and wonder why they have bodyguards. DUH! People just like Preesi.

Ana said...

Brianna went crying to LisaK's site, and was welcomed with open arms. Poor baby got her feelings hurt. ROFLMAO.

Good job to those who've managed to get LisaK and company's feathers ruffled . But, they still don't get that this site is not about loving Jon and Kate, but about making fun of their obsession with them, and their ridicuoulousness.

And to 10doll, I truly feel bad about what people are saying about your grandmother. However, I do remember that you made some very mean and hurtful remarks about the dead husband of a blogger on Retro... I sincerely wish the best to your grandmother.

10doll's Grandma's Lover Gus said...

Despite what Birtha says, there aint nothing wrong with her grammy Elsie. I call 10doll birtha because that's what some of the fellas and I named our tank in WW2.

Elsie, Birtha's grammy, is as fit as a filly. Many of the gents in the retirement home say that she's got the best cans and gams (that's T&A for you youngins).

I can't go into detail about what Elsie and I can now do after she got her hip replacement. Whoo wee!

Anonymous said...

How can you leave the comments about an old woman on her death bed? It's not something I would think you'd want on your site--you've been better than that.

iwhyawli said...

Dear anon at 12:48:

It's easy. I click the "Publish" button. If the grandma story is true, I hope whatever grandma has is contagious and that you, 10doll and all her buddies will catch it. I don't believe I've ever had the pleasure of visiting lisak's blog but I certainly know that I've deleted plenty of crap from and about that blog over here. Whatever blows your hair back, y'all. It certainly not difficult to hit the reject button.

Anonymous said...

Okay, it's your blog, your call. Just to set the record straight, however, I am definitely NOT a fan of LK's site--couldn't be more the opposite. I abhor the hatred on both sides, but have enjoyed the humor (aside from these two posts) on yours. Peace.

Iwhyawli Brings the Hurt! said...

Whoo hoo iwhyawli!

When someone asks you for a hammer you say "ok" and bring back a mother humpin jackhammer!

There is a song called "wu tang clan aint nuthin to f#ck wit".

From now on I'm subsituting "wu tang" with "iwhyawli"