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Click here for iwhyawli's tongue-in-check version of GWOP's 954,012 posting rules. If you're wondering why GWOP has so many posting rules, you're not alone.

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GWOPWOP News Update

In bullet points.

  1. I have yet to receive a single application to the gwopwop Parenting Study. The non-participation baffles me, y'all. Why aren't the gwoppers jumping at this opportunity to showcase their excellent parenting skills?
  2. Serena is still missing since June 16. I'd alert the authorities, but I do not yet know Serena's real name. Hopefully Julie or Aunt Jodi has called the police. They've met her, you know. We can only hope that they've all snuck back to Washington DC for another video session.
  3. I found another movie hiding in the comments of the "Yay! Another Movie" thread which is sent to us by 'Not A Bully'. Watch it y'all. It's good! Julie tells the truth!
  4. iwhyawli finally made a movie too. I call it "A Love Story" and once again bow before the other movie makers who are so much better at movie-making.


Anonymous said...

I just posted this in the open discussion thread but here's another movie for your viewing pleasure.

Anonymous said...

*LOL* iwhyawli, I love how you are helping the kids to one day in their net savvy years, see the truth of the truth and the tainted love in that family. Cute first attempt!

A diary series for the kids of animation vids would be great!

Movie Watcher said...

To both vid creators, great chuckles! Their fun to work on too, I just am not brave enough to bring mine forward.

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff for sure.

Curious said...

Movie Watcher - oh please bring your forward - I've had great fun watching everyone's creativity.

Curious said...

Movie Watcher
Please publish your movie - I've had great fun and many good laughs watching these videos.

Sharla Smith is Evil said...

I believe that Serena Leigh Bell and Sharla Smith are in fact...

the same person!

I think Sharla Smith is real and Serena Leigh Bell is a sockpuppet.

iwhyawli said...

Oh, I absolutely concur that Sharla and Serena are most likely one in the same. This is one of the tips I've been studying. Hopefully, any allies with supporting or conflicting IP evidence will weigh in. iwhyawli fiercely protects all moles.

My mystery tip giving also sent a cryptic clue regarding the person who wrote for the Philadelphia Magazine (Jessica Remo?). I'm sort stumped with this clue ... haven't yet figured out the angle to pursue. I've contemplated writing to Jessica but also don't wish to give up my own identity just yet. Sign, it sure would be nice if Jessica wrote to me. I will ask nothing that would require her to compromise her journalistic integrity (ie., reveal her sources)or safety.

Anonymous said...

To find out the real owner of the St Louis, Missouri ( GWOP aka DWOP aka TTWOP) PO Box, if a person wanted to spend their hard earned money, you can always do a reverse PO Box Search. They would have had to fill out a 1093 form providing their real legal name as the box owner and provide proof of their address and license.

But ima not paying for it. I'm all about curious as to who is behind it all, especially when they were taking donations for Jodi. However I'm not paying 80 plus bucks to get the information or going to stoop to the snoopy level of GWOPbots. It would show the real name of one of the 4 moderators. Sharla Smith comes up in MO, but then again Smith is a common name, then switch it around and a Serena Leigh Smith shows up in MO too.

Keep digging private gumshoe. Let us know what you come up with.

I've used a reverse phone lookup site before to get the name of a hang up caller calling here. That's as deep as my CSI skills go.

Anonymous said...

Sharla could me sssstttttretching the truth but she has said in the past that she lives on the West Coast. I believe in the San Diego area.

ISchatziedMyself said...

Can we stop giving publicity to the other blogs?
They have nothing to do with the Gosselins. It's boring, distracting and why give them more hits.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this...

iwhyawli said...

Yes, I second the motion from the senator named "ISchatziedMyself".

I think this will be my new "Comment Moderation" rule. If I have to lip-read a comment and\or draw myself a graph in order to figure out its context and\or who the heck someone is talking about, I'm (hopefully) going to hit reject. Some of the troll stuff is just so very trite, vulgar or poorly written. Is that a qualification for troll-dom? The willingness to write such completely contrived stuff? It that considered a talent?

Hi Guys said...

I think this article below, the comments is interesting. One person said they know that the GWOP mods had lived near the Gosselin's and were and are behind that blog. (neighbors?) Maybe Serena was the tire slasher and paid a jail visit and is why she is on hiatus?

Nice neighbors if so, would be interesting to see that email the commentors said she had as proof they lived near the Gosselin's.

Great job GWOP mods, now they were able to move into a BIG nice house with a BIG private backyard, with no nosy neighbors creating a blog about them to hate on them with.

Way to go GWOPtards! Now you are jealous because you caused them to move and not feel safe in a neighborhood so you could keep spying and writing about them?

To read the comments from the NY Post article that proves that GWOP are nothing but bitter, (ugly on the inside), people telling lies and jealous Click here

Their site is trash now, a person goes there, even those they are writing into, to try to disrupt speaking engagements are replying with how spiteful the group is with a venomous agenda. Any sane reader can see this on all of these hate sites. Note, I said SANE reader!!!

READ said...


Here is the posting from another NYP PopWrap blogger proving GWOP managers live nearby the Gosselins, using their own web site as proof:

Serena said...
QUESTION: Do any of the staff contributors for GWoP personally know the Gosselins or live nearby?
8/06/2008 8:50 PM
The above quote is from the Question and Answer section of GWoP.
About half way up this board, many people come after a poster named EllE for saying the managers of GWoP personally know or are neighbors with the Gosselins.
I knew I had also seen it on GWoP before, but couldn't remember where. I remembered reading it and thinking GWoP had a personal agenda against the Gosselins.
Above is that information. Like I said, it is on the Question and Answer section of GWoP. Unless they quickly take it down, you can read it yourselves. Start on the front page of that section and scroll down.
The managers don't need to bother saying that managers aren't staff contributers. They are called staff contributers on the front page of GWoP. I have copied it below.
I have also read posts on GWoP calling the kids developmentally delayed.

We are a group of people who started chatting offline when the thread at Television Without Pity would be closed. We have the shared desire that information should be centralized. Each post reflects the author's opinion, not necessarily that of the group.

Here is one of many attacks posted on this board to Elle claiming she was wrong about people running GWoP and knowing the Gosselins or living near them.

"And to deny that you personally know the Gosselins is laughable."
Well, bless your heart, elle, we're still waiting for that link you were going to provide to "prove" that GWoP managers personally know the Gosselins. You know, to prove that you're telling facts instead of lies?
Posted by: Suzie on August 20, 2008 05:43 PM

GWOP has since taken down the question discussed in the posting above on their Question and Answer section. They have "clarified" their answer to the question and reposted the amended answer after they received so much backlash. Here is their new amended answer.

Quote from the GWOP web site, Questions and Answers section:

8/26/2008 3:04 PM
Sharla said...
QUESTION: Do any of the staff contributors for GWoP personally know the Gosselins or live nearby?


Clarification: One of our moderators lives not too far away.

Anonymous said...

Sharla = West Coast
Serena = St. Louis

Period Gal said...

All the talk about east coast, west coast. I don't think anyone at Gwop is smart enough to ping. But, sometimes there's a Rainman in the crowd.