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Ut-oh! Now Julie is Missing TOO!

We can't very well expect Julie to alert the authorities regarding Serena's recent absence when Julie has now gone missing too! Ut - oh!

Did the truth regarding Aunt Jodi's recent large lump sum mortgage payment accidentally set Julie free?

Julie Kamauf Brown Daugherty! Come out come out from wherever you are! If you're gone for much longer, folks may forget what you look like. Folk may forget your prominent role in breaking the hearts of 8 innocent, little kids.

Fortunately, we have this relatively recent picture of Julie although it wouldn't surprise me if she's now walking about in hats, dark sunglasses and maybe even a veil of some sort. Julie could be harder to spot these days. Be vigilant.

I'm currently in hiding, y'all!

Such a beautiful smile. Has iwhyawli thanked Julie yet? You are a true credit to our gender, Jules. Keep up the good work and perhaps we can all go another 10 billion years before shaking our stereotype as high-drama, high-strung, catty nutcases.

What's next on your agenda, Jules ? All warnings welcome.


Anonymous said...

Ahhahahahahahahaah ahoohoohoo heeheeheeheehee....ahhh. ahem.

That pic is hilarious.

Kris said...

She and Jodi were seen partying with Jon the other night. Sources say that at first it was difficult to make a postitive ID as she has changed her hair- color and style- and is now sporting a "Kate" do. Hard to tell which so called "lady" Jon was more into (since they are both over 30, each had to try extra hard for his attention) but Julie won out in the end as she was the first to light up. Julie was heard to say that since she is now hooking up with Jon, she can quit her day job (mod. of a blog) to be with her new honey. She feels ready to tackle the job of co-raising Jon's 8 kids and looks forward to patching things up with Kate as soon as possible so they can trade clothing as they are the same size.

Anonymous said...

We can be certain she is not hiding from shame.

Anonymous said...

iwhy, you know she's lurking around on your site LOL. Hi Julie, how's it feel to NOT have a fan base? To be hated and talked about? How do you think it makes those you have talked about feel? Doesn't feel so good, does it. Well, see, Jealousy and anger does that to people, you otherwise would be pretty but what you, Jodi and Kevin displayed, PURE UGLINESS! With motive and agenda to make money and use others for hurting a family and children. Stirring up additional gossip and animosity in GWOP land with your involvement. It is just sad that family would hurt family when there are healthier ways to reach out to family privately if concerned and to help, rather then further hurt them.

No one likes horrible things said about them, gossip, lies, in magazines, online blogs, etc. Way to go Julie! You're famous for being ugly inside and for causing pain to innocent children.

How Do You Like It (the attention you once sought that made you feel so important and good), how do you like it now? You may insult the intelligence of GWOP (although intelligence there is non-existent), thanks to you, you helped that place rage with additional resentment, jealousy, anger, in fact your little GWOP interviews, encouraged the housewives to take it to an entire over the top mentality of time away from their family to obsess and try to damage the careers of the Gosselin family, all for your own deviant satisfaction.

Don't go away mad Julie, just go away! You too Jodi, leave them alone now, it's damage neither of you can turn back around or take back. But one day you will meet your maker and what you did unto others, you too did unto Him.

How does that truth feel now? Truth breeds hatred you know and hatred breeds GWOP, and you could give another interview to GWOP to encourage better, but that would mean you'd have to admit that you and Jodi took this too far and all out of your own greed for money and a house to be paid for Aunt Jodi. Sad, really sad. Sad you also helped dupe GWOP members out of their hard earned money on the Pennmommy scam, you, moon, you all kept it going.

Who scammed who? You scammed many and continue to do so.

iwhyawli said...

True dat. She's most likely in hiding because one of her husbands begged her to knock it off. For the sake of *their* children. Not sure about you all but my kids wouldn't be permitted with play with Julie's kids for fear I'd suddenly find myself engaged in some sort of custody battle because I didn't cut the crust off their PB&J sammies. I try to surround my kids with positive role models. I also think my kids might be more mature than Julie.

Anonymous said...

How many times has Julie been married? Divorced? How many children does she have? I am wondering how she would like people to rip her a new one. She chose the spotlight just like Jon and Kate so she is fair game.

Anonymous said...

iwhyawli, your hit counter is sure being visited a lot today! ;)

Anonymous said...

that shirt Julie is wearing is like that nurses wear. Is she a nurse? If so I feel sorry for those in her care!

Anonymous said...

We could look up Julie's name on the database for the state of Maryland and see if she is really a nurse. Just like they did to Kate.

The legend goes said...

The best way to summon Julie is to stare in your bathroom mirror and chant “the truth will set you free” three times. Julie will appear and give a vague prediction of apocalyptic doom for the children while moaning about cows and gum.

Anonymous said...

iwhy, how many hits do you average in a day? Your counter is really going up! So are the poll votes!

Jules is Not A Jewel said...

so Julie R Kamauf, Julie R Brown, and now Julie R Daughtery went from SC, to MD to VA?

She looks like her top is that of what dental assistants wear or nurses. Or just an ugly fricken top period. Like her personality.

analogy said...

you know, nobody knows me, so they are not going to really care. We had a tornado roll through and totally destroy homes two days ago, it made me think just how fast life can change.

That did violent physical damage, I cannot imagine the turbulence that Jodi and Julie caused in the Gosselin family. It cannot be rebuilt, or replaced. What was lost here can be.

I'd hate to have family like them! They are like their own little tornado that rolls through and destructs or attempts to destruct the life of the Gosselin family, parents, kids and toss it around so destructively with no remorse for the permanent damage they caused for those involved.

Anonymous said...

Moonie PIe and her blind followers love Julie so you better get ready for some pissed off people to blow a gasket.