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Amazed said...

I think you need to do another little piece on Fiona. She posted this on her sorry little blog today.

Hello Carla,

I am so flattered you stopped by. So you read the blogs too, do you? How very un-Christian like for you to be perusing the gossip blogs of the family your daughter works for!

Are you wanting me to post a picture of you? Or maybe Ashley minding the money makers...AKA, the Gosselin children.

Shame on both of you for your employment by TLC/Jon and Kate Gosselin.

Wouldn't it be better for Ashley to surround herself with like minded people at this age in her life? I would worry about her being around Jon, without a doubt.

And tending the G kids and doing Kate's laundry the best way to be using your time? Simply a paycheck, right?

Carla, I think you and Ashley are both hypocrites.
Posted by FIONA at 12:58 PM 0 comments

iwhyawli said...

If you read this blog, Carla, do you think you could talk Jon, Kate, yourself and\or any of the kids into wearing an "iwhyawli" t-shirt on one of their next new episodes?

That would be most triumphant. It's sorta be like when Carol Burnette used to tug on her ear at the end of her show. Or when Butch Cassidy would do that nose-signal thing to Sundance in The Sting.

But if you're not actually Carla, nevermind.

Anonymous said...

*LOL* If I come in as Brad Pitt on her blog, will she post a thread that Brad paid her a visit too?

Thanks iwhy for the discussion thread :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, how come? Ashamed to let your REAL OFFLINE family know you blog or participate at GWOP? Afraid of legal ramifications? I don't understand (perplexed).

Some one help me to understand why Sue in PA would be embarrassed to have family see links to GWOP on Facebook?

Sue in PA said...

just wondering said...
Sue in PA said...

That's the reason I haven't joined the facebook group. My facebook account is under my full real name.

Sue, I'm listed in Facebook only using my first and middle name. That's how private I am.


I'm that way on Myspace and all my other accounts. But facebook is the one place I do use to keep in contact with friends and family so I do go my my full name. But then, I don't want to use it for things like GWOP. Maybe I need a second account for things like that!

rain said...

oh yes, you are so very private, that your posts are being critiqued along the blogosphere. At least they stopped gossiping at GWOP long enough to engage in another conversation, I'll give them credit for that.

just wondering said...

Sue in PA said...

That's the reason I haven't joined the facebook group. My facebook account is under my full real name.

Sue, I'm listed in Facebook only using my first and middle name. That's how private I am.

There's More! said...

Poor Sue, she really is going to have a heart attack soon. "Knowing what you are posting." Hmm, is that feeling inside going off that says, I have participated in some thing not very nice? Some thing my friends and family would look at me differently for with my double life I lead?

I could help you Sue, just stop your GWOP addiction now, get out now, so you can sleep more peacefully at night and not be scurrying around GWOP to hide your identity.

Sue in PA said...

But they will see what you post to the group, and will have your name. So the question is, do you know who everyone is in the group and do you want them to have your name, knowing what you are posting.
7/07/2009 8:53 AM

I_want_a_t-shirt said...

There is no way Carla "visited" Fiona's blog. None. Fiona is pathetic.

The Iwhyawli t-shirt. It's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Some of the gwoppers have two FB accounts, for their screen name and for their real name.

They did it to try to drive up the numbers on FB at the beginning.

They still haven't come close to the Gosselin fan pages.

jogs and blogs alot said...

that would be great iwhy, all of them sporting the new spring iwhyali line!

Anonymous said...

Just Wandering on gwop saying she wants to know how to delete herself... Maybe her clients read Facebook. I wish I could delete all those nuts! It just sounded so funny when I read it.

Anonymous said...

What did you guys do to Moon? It looks like she is going to start a bible study over there. LOL!!! She is starting a book club for the hater followers. Good Grief!!!

Anonymous said...

whos Fiona and wheres her blog? Id like a blog address if you have it.

Anonymous said...

If you liked Fiona's latest entry you will love Pressi's. Oh my.....

Anonymous said...

Just Wondering,
GWOP has all of your personal information.
Be afraid.

Anonymous said...

Kon better watch their backs. I can see Jodie and Kevin needing to pay off one of their other housing loans by knocking off John and Kate and holding a three-hour infommercial for an upcoming tour and memrobilia, just like the Jacksons did today.

Fangs You said...

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Please don't feel pressure to click any of those items. My children have no food and somehow I still have not sold my computer, but don't feel sorry for me.

Anonymous said...

Fangs, maybe see if Pennmommy has any GWOP donations left, she may be able to help you out of your recession issue. Or go over to GWOP, they are suckers for falling for sob stories, just make it good! Like how your husband's aunts twice removed cousin's nanny has abducted your child and holding him at ransom, so you need to come up with 1 million by the end of the month or they will be shipping him across seas. Then create a blog about it to further play on their sympathies.

LisaK said...

Moon's thinking she is the Oprah of the celestial world of bed knobs and broomsticks? She probably is suggesting many erotica titles, Hobnobbing Your Broomstick, How to Entertain Your House Spirits, Tantra Sex With an Old Saggy Empath, Bohemian Moon Blows Like The Winds, How to Scream BoHo YoMama Give Me More Big Daddy David.....sure others can come up with titles better then I, wait that is LisaK's area, their the ones with the dirty minds.

Public Service Notice 2 ALL Blogs said...

iwhy, please post as a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL BLOGS in this war of blogs. I hope that you will post it, it is not directed at any blog specifically, it is directed at all blogs related to for, against, neutral in the Gosselin realm of blogs.

I went to Carla's site and sent her a comment to warn her of Fiona's thread. I also let Fiona know I did this. I think it just is reckless the stuff that is going on amongst blogs. If people went into the flag link on blogger and read the different sections and then also took the time to read the following, I send this out because I think bloggers need to be more educated of what responsible blogging is and what a responsible moderator is. I direct this at all blogs, GWOP, LisaK's, Moon's, Fiona's, GDDNOP, and even here.

After reading this, I will be more cautious how I comment, I know that, and if it helps bring awareness to some one else, great, if it goes upon deaf ears, not so great for the blogs treading on some shifty sand.

I got this from a link after looking in word press how to report a blog, and it linked me into this site, so all the people lurking, stop reading posts and read this awhile, then ask yourself if you are engaging in anything that you could be held responsible for, freedom of speech is one thing, obtaining public info another, but intentionally harassing, causing fear, causing damage (financial, emotional, or otherwise.) Only YOU know. And Preesi and others, pay additional attention to the posting of any copyrighted materials!

(for blogger, click on flag this blog on any blog and it will take you to the sections of blogger's rules, but basically you are responsible for yourself, they don't handle arbitration)

(blog moderators, if you are in any violation of the above, do the right thing and remove posts, and readers and those leaving comments on all blogs, do yourself a favor and educate yourself, it will pay off)

the below I did copy and paste Fiona, from Carla's blog, and I post this also because I think it is important! GWOP, I won't say what she meant trailing off on the below comment, but I think it is seriously time that you stop trying to intentionally cause harm. Read the above link too, anyone visiting from GWOP, or a GWOP moderator, or any blog moderator.

And Fiona, GWOP, any other hater group blog against the Gosselins, I'd take her trailer on her comment to heart, if you only knew exactly what? Knew them? Knew the legalities in the works? Knew what you could be held responsible if you continue to intentionally hurt their business affairs out of malice rather then child advocacy debating and responsible blogging? I don't know, but take it with some food for thought!!!

From Carla's blog in her June 2 entry thread.

I 've had a few people inquire,and a few comments from the "wild post" , that lead me to think some of you think the uncalled for comments were from homeschool blogger people. They were not. They are from a Jand K hate group that comment regularly on another site. If they only knew...........

honeyhush said...

I was reading the thread about house envy and noticed that I had made a comment. That's strange because hmmm, I never left that comment. This isn't the first time that's happened. My screenname has been used to post some rather hateful posts @ GWoP before. W/ the haters from the bite me site being on the war path, this may happen again so I wanted to let you know if my username is used to post anything hateful against Kate or the fans, it is probably one of the "biteme" haters. I've been a frequent target of theirs. Even though I've been too busy to spend much time online lately they can't seem to leave me alone. Of course, we all know how obsessive they all can be.

iwhyawli said...

No sweat, honeyhush.

iwhyawli said...

Posted as requested. To the best of my knowledge I'm not engaged in war of blogs. I'm guessing that a 'war of blogs' is the opposite of a 'blogging vacation'.

Public Service Poster said...

thank you for posting my post iwhy.

Of all the blogs I sent that to, you were the only one who would. Fiona would not, GWOP would not, nor would GDNNOP, and I was not going to give an email to send it to LisaK, Moon, or Preesi.

I guess "war of blogs" was my lack to have a better term, sorry.

Anonymous said...


Are you referring to the Pig Blog?

iwhyawli said...

No apologies needed. I get a kick out of the internet lingo.

Anonymous said...

Here's another movie for your viewing pleasure

Anonymous said...

not sure what it is called, gdnnop I think, the garbage detonates one (shrug), if that is called the pig one, then yes, sent it there too.

I like iwhy's blog, I've had several laughs here and think mirroring back a person's behavior is a creative way to sort of "wake" a person up. The cliques, the robots, the lack of parenting in their own homes while they go online to tell people from a reality tv show how to parent. I just sit shaking my head.

Anyway, I should probably go do some of my little domestic duties here. Have a great day bloggers, smiles lots, laugh lots, and enjoy a beautiful summer day. To storm here though :( with possible tornado, baseball hail. That will make my flowers and garden not so happy.

Let's Clarify Once and For All said...

I think we should stop using GDNNOP to refer to the pig sty. It gets confusing. Let's remember the pig sty stole the acronym GDNNOP from the original Gosselins Do Not Need our Pity site.

*Gosselins Do Not Need our Pity - has a new name and focus - Discusses the Gosselins among many other issues. I suggest using the full Gosselins Do Need our Pity handle for discussing past issues (i.e. uncovering Penn Mommy) or their new name - if there are current issues you want to discuss about their site.

*GDNNOP - aka Pig Sty -- let's call them that because that is why they are.

Just my 2 cents.

Inside Sharla Smith said...

Sharla Smith's Neighbor speaks out on Celebrity Scales:

Sharla Smith's Neighbor

I have finally come forward. I am a neighbor of Sharla Smith. Let me tell you that Sharla Smith doesn't post on this website. Sharla Smith is too busy fighting for children that are being abused by fame and fortune and cute little houses and celebrity. Abused I say!

Sharla Smith was once my lover and we had a falling out over Jenny Craig vs Slim Fast. I am a Slim Fast man but Sharla was so into Jenny Craig that she told the store where I bought my Slim Fast that she was going to boycott them unless they pulled Slim Fast off the shelves. Since Sharla has a way with words and pretty hefty forearms the strore manager relented.

Let me tell you I am so glad Sharla is out of my life. She was and probably still is a selfish lover. All she liked to do was have sex doggystyle. I think she did this so she didn't have to see my face and then she could fantasize that I was David Hasselhoff.

Sharla is a stay at home mom but really she doesn't stay home that much. I think she is banging one of the bums downtown. The guy is filthy but he looks kind of like David Hasselhoff.

iwhyawli said...

works for me! I'm in.

Anonymous said...

I think you might be right about the nina on lisa ks site. She pretends to be a regular person and she is a mcmansion person. I think she is the same artist person that lives by me and they got more money that evry person on that site put together. If them women knew how rich she was theyd be making fun of her instesd of kate. She wants people to think shes just regular but her and her man got houses all over the world and got a house by me that looks like a hotel it has to be worth 4 mil, at least. whole family is loaded. she is a fake person pretending to be regular. I wont say nothing more cause she never done wrong by me and they do a lot of stuff to help out the community but I still dont like people that rich making fun of other people. She needs to go polish up them forgin cars her and her man drives around in.they got there girl who just graduated a BMW. Thats how regular they are.Her and her twin arent no 50 either they dont look more than 30 or so. good surgons I think. Nina go mind the busness of that fancy art place you charge 10,000 for a stupid picture you painted. dont pretend to be like regular people cause you are NOT!

needs sunshine said...

they sure do not post much at GDNNOP since the Fiona and nc resident threads. Did some one go on vacay over there?

Yeah, I know I am bored today, it's rainy out, cannot be out in my gardens picking weeds, so find some GWOP to pick online.

iwhyawli said...

Dear anon at 12:18pm:

Did you post your comment on the right blog? Who the heck is Nina? Wait. Don't answer that.

I published your comment so you could copy and paste in on the right blog.

You're welcome.

Smells Sumptin Funnee said...

who keeps posting that anonymous post about this nina person?

They post it all the time at JustJared too.

Why the obsession with Nina?

iwhy, I think a troll popped in here and left a doodie.

iwhyawli said...

Hmmmm ... re-reading these comments. I think one of the reasons I keep forgetting to make an "Open Discussions" thread is because the comments in here make even less sense to me than when they're sprinkled helter skelter all over the place.

I also don't think this stupid Comments feature sorts comments correctly. Adding this to my list of beefs with blogger.

iwhyawli said...

Dear "Smells Sumptin Funnee":

You may be right. Oh well.

I dunno perhaps the troll stuff would be more irritating to me if I ever went to all these other blogs. Half the stuff that comes in here is about people and blogs I never heard of. But. I figure it must mean something to someone so I post it. That's probably not the best blog management strategy, but what the heck. It's quick.

Anonymous said...

Iwhyawli, It sounds like Nina wants people to think she has money. WHO CARES? What would that have to do with anything? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I just read that kate gosselin has been invited by Maria Shriver to speak at the california women's forum in October. This is a big deal ladies. Congradulations to Kate! Check it out at;

Don't Let it Get Confused said...

GDNNOP is Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity
Nina aka Ninabell was the head mod of Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity. It is closed and they have moved to

GDNNOP – is the pig sty and stands for Garbage Detonates Nasty Networks of Pigs – it was set up to mock Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity. That's where Peri, NC search and the fionas all post.

There is a Nina who is a poster at LisaK's twisted blog who people are talking about here.

It's going to get confusing if you don't make it clear.

Anonymous said...

Hello again, Boy I'm just full of news today. Fiona has removed her post about Carla. Thanks Fiona!

Anonymous said...

who the bleep is Nina?

honeyhush said...

Maria's staff had better be prepared for a huge influx of mail. I'm sure the haters are stocking up on cheetos & oreos and are getting all set to mount the newest letter writing campaign.

Anonymous said...

whomever planted and posted that post about this Nina person, is just trying to set up this blog. If you think it originated from this blog, not so, go back to Just Jared, in the gosselin comments under a few of their threads, some one also planted that identical post there. So the little trickster is just trying to get us into trouble with another blog. I think it's silly and then they sit back to watch people from both blogs go at it. Some thing that FIONA would do!!! A pot stirrer!

THAT copied and pasted post did NOT originate from this blog lurkers, some one is game playing with people on BOTH blogs right now. Twice now I have seen it in two different threads posted multiple times at

So before the gals at that other nameless blog come over here to accuse, go check it out yourself, and if you know of some one who has been after your blog awhile, go after them. It was planted at this blog after it was posted elsewhere!

Iluvobox said...

I will attempt to explain the CafeMom people. The first group consists of the good guys who post J&K stuff in their own group entitled Jon and Kate plus 8 Balanced Debate. It includes CuriousMom who is the group owner, HoneyHush, KathyGriffith, JewelDiva/QuiltArt, Coug, HW, and a very long list of others too numerous to name. I just listed those who were the primary targets of that KonFansCanBiteMe blog.

Then there are the Haters who are your typical nasty, rude and vile haters who think that the KFCBM blog was a wonderful place full of goodness and light. (If you blurred out the curse words there really wasnt much left to read) Please note that these members have a long list of names as they stake out the Balanced Debate all day long. These people hang in CafeMom groups like Where's Aunt Jodi and Anti-Kate. Whats funny is that the Group Owner of WAJ, Ma2JennaB is this horrid woman who the haters used to make terrible fun of and were downright mean to behind her back of course, but since she was the moderator for the previous group owner, she was given the group. So, now suddenly she is the Moon of Where's Aunt Jodi. And this Ma2JennaB is buying into it hook, line and sinker.

So, these haters consist of the various names that follow. Most of them have multiple names but these are the major names that I can think of at the moment, MCarey, Iluvobx, Bailey, Sassy, SisterAct, Isles, PiperCub, Svenskama, RowansMom, 22Mommy, FireAngel, CoolBeans, Doll, LibraryLady, Magna, Martina, Svviking and that's all I can think of right now. Half of them are probably the same person as I said and all of them are absolutely nuts.

Smarter than Lisa k said...

Anon - July 8, 2009 3:22 PM

Someone is really trying to tell Lisak that she is being played... You would think by now, she would have done some IP tracking and would have figured out that there is someone within her group that is not who she/he says she is. This person is indeed very smart (in a pathetic kind of way)... She pretends to be Lisa k's friend and then goes on other sites and makes fun of her.

Lisak says that she could care less,which I find interesting, since she spends hours on end justifing her hatred for the Gosselins based on the fact that their lies and deceits, just like her "friend(s)".

To the "friend(s)": "ROCK ON"...

Anonymous said...

LisaK and ditz, Inc. Should maybe check out Sammy's spelling issue, is she drinking? The doodie dropper who left a recycled post from Just Jared back in late May and June regarding some Nina, great spelling too, hmmmmm. 10doll and Sammy need some help and need to stay out of JustJared and all their Gosselin obsession to hate on Kate.

Sammy needs a spell check intervention.

Anonymous said...

iwhy, you have a life with your kids in the evenings right? LisaK's little gossiping group is still going on and on about us, calling us the "Granny's" because posts stop here in the evenings.

Perhaps SOME Mom's go spend family time with their spouses and children and don't blog and gossip and spew hate all night, robbing their families and children of special times, enjoying the summer evenings, rather then on some blog all night long ignoring their children and spouses. SOME have a life offline.

Those girls remind me of the high school mentality, one of those little cliques where they just make up stuff and pick on people to make themselves feel better and more powerful.

Her blog was decent to read when she was gone on vacation, when she comes back, the entire blog mentality goes back to mean spirited things, when she was away at least they chatted like normal people and did not have to make fun of anyone, they even were able to laugh at themselves a little.

It is strange how people follow people and conform, it is very high school like for some grown women, IMO.

Bullies in their 30's, 40's and 50's, who probably offline would never say half what they say on that blog to some one's face, much less a family member. Leading double lives with no boundaries of morals or lady like behavior, no class. Again IMO.

Silly high-schoolers.