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Catching GWOP's Lies

I love all the posts... was thinking of starting a list type thing with you guys... catching GWOP's lies.

Yes, folks, sometimes these threads just write themselves.

I'll start:



Anonymous said...

Midwest Mom said...
Kate lies about what her children eat: "The sextuplets have never had fast food".

fact: in the episode where they went skiing, Jon is clearly shown carrying a bunch of McDonald's Happy Meals

The ones about the fast food are my favs. Do these people not know english? It's like when I say "I never excercise." Yes, I do have a gym membership. Yes, I have been to the gym and have taken a couple of classes. But I have been known to say "I never excersise." Because it is a RARE occurance for me to actually do it. Just like with the Gosselins. It's so rare that the tups eat fast food, they say "we never do it". That's the english languare, people.

We can tell by the GWOP posts that they are not the best spellers, didn't realize they couldn't speak the language, either.

Anonymous said...

We are child advocates! What we do is for the children!

Peri said...

I don't lurk at gwopwop

Hustler said...

1)Serena says that at least one of the mods knows the Gosselins. Sharla says none of the mods know them.

2)Serena starts the site claiming it is solely to advocate for the Gosselin children.
Sharla says that it was never intended to be an "advocate" site, that fans had "pigeonholed" them into it(though Sharla wasn't a founding member, so how the hell would she know?).

I'm starting to think Serena(not her real name) and Sharla need to get together and get their stories straight.

3)Gwop swears that J&K are having a house built in NC(going as far as to say the land had already been purchased)to be "closer to TLC production offices" or some bs and that they hated living in PA, blah blah blah--all info courtesy of sister in law Fairy dust(who admittedly hadn't spoken to them in months, yet still knows all).

4)That Aunt Jodi had never been paid for her appearances on the show.

I'm sure there are more. So much of what is floating around as "fact" is crap that I know came for Pennmommy, so there is no telling what else they made up.

corky said...

The Gosselins will be moving to North Carolina.

I think that lie was courtesy of uber-child advocate Julie.

corky said...

Kate was in a hit and run car accident.

"This lie was brought to you courtesy of uber child advocate Julie."

Dee said...

Their intent on tryingto catch Kate in a lie is fanatic and stupid.

As Anonymous said, it's not only the English language, but it's more of a way of a description of the way of life than anything for the Gosselins. There is only black and white with the gwoppers and they don't understand life because of their fixed segregation of life.

Midwest Mom might also want look up from her Big Mac & fries and realize that McDonald's sells fruit, yogurt, grapes, etc. Not everything is a quarterpounder or Big Mac and fries. See...that's that black and white mentality again. If they're at McDonald's, that HAS to be fast food in it. Uh, no, dumb Midwest Mom and her hateful friends.

I think it's terrible how they have such a vengeance to prove the Gosselins wrong. Nc is in this group, too. That's his whole m.o.

Anonymous said...

Not only do we have jobs, we are highly paid professionals.

Anonymous said...

Here's a Jodi and Kevin lie: We love Jon and Kate.

GWOPtard said...

oh, I'm not jellus of their house.

Look in the Mirror GWoP said...

Anonymous said...
Here's a Jodi and Kevin lie: We love Jon and Kate.

July 9, 2009 9:30 AM

And...."we want to be here for our nieces and nephews."

Look in the Mirror GWoP said...

"We aren't jealous." Always followed by page upon page of griping about the material possessions of J&K.

Haters are so stupid said...

Babs said in CafeMom:

"Kate broke her leg".

This idiot went on to say that she not only broke her leg, she held up the ambulance crew so that they could film it. And when asked for verfification, she said she called the ER and the hospital and a nurse confirmed ALL of her information as being true. (I guess Babs never heard of Every hater blabbed on and on about how lucky they are in the hater group Where's Aunt Jodi, to have such a "reliable inside source like Babs who KNOWS THE TRUTH AND REPORTS IT". (puke)


Uh, Kate's leg appeared to be just fine at a book signing in Houston shortly after that. She was wearing heels and as to date, there has been no show, or even a mention that Kate BROKE HER LEG, which we all know would be quite evident. Babs in the meantime continues to make non factual comments and the haters continue to eat it up. I can't imagine being that stupid but the haters do a lot of things I can't imagine doing so this is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

LIE: No, we at GWoP are NOT a flesh eating virus with a venomous agenda. We, the GWoP mods are not using all of these bitter jealous housewives for our own agenda either, oh no, not at all. This is for the kids! We do this under the name of child advocacy and child e.x.p.l.o.i.t.a.t.i.o.n.

Just A GWOP Mom of 3 said...

we don't raise our children with an unhealthy attitude. We're great parents, we don't neglect our children. Mommy's working at GWoP, my focus is on Kate's kids but I don't ignore my own to do this.

Look in the Mirror GWoP said...

May not fall strictly under the umbrella of "lies", but how about the endless speculation and repeating as gospel truth that Kate:

1) Had an affair with Steve, the bodyguard.

2) Has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

3) Conceived ahead of time to give birth to sextuplets.

Zero, zilch, nada factual or clinical evidence is EVER presented to back-up these claims. Instead, these lies are conjured up in their dirty minds and then become facts.

Oh, and they are experts on everything. "Mom of Blah Blah" has a relative/co-worker/neighbor who was a narcissist so she is capable of diagnosing Kate through the TV screen.


Twitter Twitter said...

Go to twitter and follow Serena Leigh Bell:

One of her followers is none other than:

Jessica Remo
me discussing Jon&KatePlus8 on Good Day Philadelphia today 7:25 AM Jun 2nd

Who still thinks that the Philly Article was unbiased?

GWoPers are Sheeple said...

GWoP Lies...

1. Lisa K is a MILF
2. Lisa K doesn't have a hairy back
3. Serena Leigh Bell is educated
4. Serena Leigh Bell has a job
5. Serena Leigh Bell has a birth certificate (i.e. she is real)
6. Sharla Smith has friends
7. Sharla Smith knows what love is
8. Sharla Smith is an expert on children
9. Sharla Smith lives in San Diego
10. Sharla Smith doesn't own an Asian dildo

Anonymous said...

Well how about when the AP came out with a story about Jon and Kate living apart for 2 years. Moon jumped all over that story like white on rice but when it was proven inaccurate, there was no retraction on Moon's part.

How about the dogs. Moon reported that the dogs were give back sometime in January or February. I believe she took this information off of a comment that someone had posted as if it was fact.

Quiltart said...

My favorite one was that poor Aunt Sparkle Fairy Dust drove to Kate's old house and second house to help her with the kids EVERY SINGLE DAY from the time the TWINS were born... whoever wrote this must be blind or Aunt Sparkle Fairy Dust must be stupid, because if anyone noticed, she had 2-3 kids of her own during that time period..

Dee said...

Look in the Mirror GWoP said...
Anonymous said...
Here's a Jodi and Kevin lie: We love Jon and Kate.

July 9, 2009 9:30 AM

And...."we want to be here for our nieces and nephews."

July 9, 2009 10:48 AM
And, "we didn't receive money for our interviews"

Anonymous said...

Uh, Kate's leg appeared to be just fine at a book signing in Houston shortly after that. She was wearing heels and as to date, there has been no show, or even a mention that Kate BROKE HER LEG, which we all know would be quite evident. Babs in the meantime continues to make non factual comments and the haters continue to eat it up. I can't imagine being that stupid but the haters do a lot of things I can't imagine doing so this is nothing new.

July 9, 2009 10:52 AM

If Kate broke her leg, it would be front page news with Baby Mama.

September 29, 2008 said...

Lie: GWoP went down due to a malware glitch in a widget.

Class Act Nut Jodi said...

Look in the Mirror GWoP said...
Anonymous said...
Here's a Jodi and Kevin lie: We love Jon and Kate.

July 9, 2009 9:30 AM

And...."we want to be here for our nieces and nephews."

July 9, 2009 10:48 AM
And, "we didn't receive money for our interviews"

AND...Jodi whispered to the camera on the morning TV show that Jon told them Kate was cheating with the bodyguard. Now today Radar Online reports a source contacted them that Jon lied about that to take the focus off of him.

But thanks to Jodi's lack of 411 and love for the kids, Kate, blah blah, she helped spread a vicious lie that probably hurt the bodyguard and his family.

No Jodi doesn't LIE or spread LIES! Nope, not at all, she's so full of class, fits in with the GWoP group!

Yes, we LOVE Kate, but *whisper whisper* she's cheating with the bodyguard *slander slander* (who cares that going on TV to state this will hurt the bodyguard's family with my lies)

Anonymous said...

One of the best is that J&K used IVF and had 6 eggs implanted. Idiots forget that J&K were originally expected 7 children. Also, I am not sure J&K have EVER said if they used IUI or IVF. They probably used the later of the two but that is PURE SPECULATION..

I love how all these woman know EVERYTHING about fertility treatments but never even went through it. Cracks me up

Where's Serena??? said...

Jessica Remo and Serena Leigh Bell (not her real name) are perfect for Twitter because they are both TWITS!

Sharla is a Liar Liar Pants on Fire said...

LIE: We don't delete comments.

iwhyawli said...

Oh man, how could I forget one of my most favorite GWOP lies.

LIE: I don't watch the show.

GWoP Dingleberries said...

GWOP bloggers LIES:
I am a banker, a psychiatrist, a social worker, a brick layer, a electronic engineer, a NASA scientist (I use the Hubble telescope to spy on the Gosselin's), oh AND I have multiple degrees.......
(yeah B.S. degrees, you have BS nailed to a Science over in GWoPville!)

MORE LIES: I am a close source to the Gosselin family, I am related to their neighbor's housekeeper's step son's twice removed cousin's banker's wife's manicurist's dog's owner's breeder. Yeah, so I am in the KNOW! I KNOW THINGS, I AM CREDIBLE!

FACT: you all are jealous lonely housewives with no friends who fill your days gossiping online and obsessing over another family, their success and their lives, all while you sit on your ever growing butts living off of your husbands, alimony, child support and welfare checks, while you exploit every one who is a tax payer to pay for your online GWOPaholic addictions, in fact, if you are in PA, you are exploiting the Gosselin's out of their tax money to promote your online GWOP addiction, you are taking money from the Gosselin children for your FIX. *sigh* BUT...A GWOPper must get their daily fix in of consistent hate, and cult mentality mixed with Cracker Jack Box CSI speculation and gossip they consider EVIDENCE, all the while neglecting their own marriages, their own children while they obsessively micro-manage J&K's parenting, and rack up a huge food bill. Because their dedicated key stroking every day sure spins up a hefty appetite.

Anonymous said...

LIES: we don't stalk the Gosselin's. We don't spy on them. We are not voyeurs into their homes analyzing every move, every behavior, every product that maybe a promoter, so we can report back to GWOP with a list and email them all hate mails the next day. (We'll deprive our own children of Juicy Juice, Toys, Clothing just to prove our points and boycott anything related to Jon and Kate).

this is a day in the life of a GWOPper...creepy little fanatics!!!!


"I am reporting live from a neighboring house, er, a NEARBY house to the Gosselin family, compliments of GosselinsWithoutPity. I have to whisper because I'm hiding in the bushes. Shhhh..."

"I have been watching the family ALL day and can report that Jon left this morning and was gone for three hours. His destination was unknown. But, he still has a tan from Hawaii and the workouts seem to be paying off."

"Kate had several packages delivered around noon. No confirmation on whether the contents were free."

"The chef has just arrived and I'm going in for a closer look....I'll report back soon."

This report was brought to you by Gosselins Without Pity, always reporting from "nearby" the Gosselin's home.


LIE: I am a writer, I write for an infamous source.

GosselinsWithoutPity brings you this special Gosselin update from a neighboring, er, no, NEARBY house, er, no, today we are actually coming from inside the Gosselin van. This is a special report.

"I am coming to you live from the back of Jon and Kate Gosselin's van. Sorry to whisper, but I'm hiding in their luggage."

"The children are all dressed in matching outfits from the GAP, we believe they were free, but that has yet to be confirmed."

"I can confirm that the potties have spilled many times in the van because I am laying right on that spot. The stench is horrible."

"Kate has again replaced the sitter with a blond college student. No report on whether Jon has made a pass at her."

"As everyone saw last night on the show, this family CAN sing. So, Jon and Kate are touring the country with their kids as a singing group. They are now on their way to their first performance at Oral Roberts University. No word yet on whether Kate will allow the boys to participate, or if this is just a girl thing, like baking a flag cake."

This report was brought to you by Gosselins Without Pity, always reporting from "nearby" the Gosselin's home and now in their van, too!

Blah blah blah...

Ima PhD Specializing in GWOP said...

Kate's voice just grates. I get an eye twitch whenever she speaks.

The doctor gave you medication for that rocking back and forth, the eye twitching and hitting yourself at the keyboard issue you have. It is called, GWOPping 24/7 Will Eff You Up!! TAKE THE MEDICATION and resist going to blog at GWOP, just as prescribed and you'll be better in a week! The eye twitching is a side effect of staring at your monitor all day long!

Anonymous said...

yay iwhyali, now when a person googles GWOP lies, up comes your blog!

Quiltart said...


Kate BEGS for freebies...

Sorry folks, but no matter how many times it is stated, it's ADVERTISING, just as product placement is ADVERTISING. It's business Haters, the only reason you say that Kate begs is because you are JEALOUS that you're not lucky enough to have the same things Kate has!

I Need a Gubberment Bailout said...

Oh man, how could I forget one of my most favorite GWOP lies.

LIE: I don't watch the show.
As an ex watcher I don't take offense to that mister! Hey I had to quit watching because my husband had been unemployed for over a year and we were about to lose our 1000 sqft home that me and my family of four happily lived in. And as PennMommy had already ran her scam on the GWoPers I realized telling them my youngest [who happens to be a little brat] had cancer Anyway now that we have relocated to the in-laws and set up the innernet I am now good to go.

By the way did I mention I had a sick kid?! And I didn't leave out the part about the 1000 sqft house did I?! Oh yeah and I was only doing it because I was so worried about the chillrun ... It was just breaking my heart show after show watching them be abused like that.


Hey you guys want my paypal account, or what?! Your wasting my time here sheeples....I need cash!

erin said...

Lie: Kate had her affair first!

Radar online is now reporting that Jon planted the rumors of Kate's affair to take the heat off him.

JulieSucksBalls said...

The Truth Will Set You Free said...
Lynn--"There is no other church in all of Central PA that could handle the kids better than ours. J&K know of it because at least 2 people they know attend."

This is absolutely correct. I have been to this church and the children's program is amazing. And yes, J&K do know many people who attend this church...more excuses!!


Anonymous said...

If GWOP were not filled with liars, this article would be front and center:

Anonymous said...

Who still thinks that the Philly Article was unbiased?

Sadly, our own Gomer Pyle, search for truth/nc res will not connect those dots.

nc res,
If Jessica is a "fan" of serena leigh bell, she can not be "unbiased". Get it? No? I didn't think you would.

Confirmed on the pig blahg said...

A month or so ago at the pig blahg, some poster (who claimed to have talked to Julie) said that Jodi and Kevin were not visited by Jon 6 months ago, but only 5 weeks before that. Jon told them he suspected Kate of cheating with the bodyguard and about the "secret marriage contract" in May, not December.

I think he wanted them to go to The Star or The Nat'l Enquirer as inside, yet anonymous, sources with the rumors. I do not think he expected them to cash in so publicly.

LisaK is my buhdhee! said...

Lies concerning the infamous GWoPer LisaK:

LisaK knows snark.
LisaK doesn't have a mustache.
LisaK went to college.
LisaK doesn't live in a trailer park.
LisaK's husband likes having sex with her.
LisaK's husband likes having sex with her with the lights on.
LisaK's mouth smells better than her butt.
LisaK has real friends.
LisaK doesn't fantasize about Laura Linger.
LisaK has never had cybersex.

The Spy Who Shagged Serena said...

My favorite GWoP lie of all time came courtesy of the poster claiming to be a "therapist" who wrote that if the Gosselin family came into his/her office, he/she would "basically steer them away from their entire lifestyle."


Anonymous said...

IVF has less of a chance of HOM because a doctor has to intentionally implant embryos. It's more likely that Kate did IUI because the medication stimulates the ovaries, causing them to ovulate a lot of eggs at once.

It's a personal irritation of mine when people confuse the two. Octomom got a hold of a shady Dr. Most doctors refuse to implant more than 2 with IVF.

And btw, you can be pregnant, hospitalized and have overstimulated ovaries.

Learn to read, GWOP said...

Anonymous 6:35, that is exactly what Kate said happened in her book. She was already pregnant when she was hospitalized with overstimulated ovaries. It has driven me crazy how people claim that Kate went home and coerced her husband into having sex with her, knowing her ovaries were overstimulated, just to have multiples.


Quiltart said...

More Lies:
Right before the Philly magazine article came out..(The one that Jessica researched by begging for dirt from GWOP, Moon's site, Topix, and a few other hate sites...) GWOP suddenly cleaned house... I mean REALLY cleaned house... Pruned messages... Made that list of kinder, but gentler, rules that they usually ignore...
Some of us thought they'd been hit with a lawsuit, but since they were working with Jessica, and she was going to cite them as her primary source... and the go-to place for everything (negative) G... they cleaned up for the company. That was one of the biggest lies they ever pulled over on the public, IMHO...

Twitter Dee said...

I just can not get past that Jessica Reporter Girl is following the one and only Serena Leigh Bell on Twitter.

Something is just not right there.

Anonymous said...

LIE: Julie tells the truth.

Fact: Julie lies and Julie would help Jodi say anything for money. Julie's so called truth breed the hatred at GWOP and she stirred a lot of mom's up participating in untruthful things during interviews and in her blog. She and her sister are to blame for a lot of the media attention and the way they stirred it up. Jodi if she was worried about children on the show, could have stepped up and done some thing while on it, only when she got kicked off, did she scream exploitation then. Only when they could not make their house payments or get paid for their participation in the show, did she scream, exploitation, affairs, gossip. Only when Jodi and Kevin saw that kids get a bigger yard to play in, bigger house to have privacy in, did they scream, EXPLOITATION, only when they could no longer monitor what was going on in the GOSSELIN house up the street and also stir up the anger in the neighborhood talking Kate down, did they scream, EXPLOITATION.

Jodi and Juli are BIG lies and so is Kate's brother Kevin. That is NOT love Kevin, you do not LOVE your sister.

Tainted and twisted!

LisaK said...

LIE: I'm a good parent. I don't raise my child in a hate filled environment. I teach him empathy of all beings. I teach him to give people the benefit of the doubt. I teach him to be honest and kind and full of compassion. I would never ignore him so I could go gossip with a bunch of catty women. I never rely on my husband and expect him to fix everything computer related, to take care of my son when I neglect him. No, I am a perfect good parent who does no wrong. I would never point out the faults of other parents or criticize them when I have not stood in their shoes. I am perfect in all ways and I never have to brag about my looks, how my husband provides for me, because I am perfect. I am admired by everyone because I think I do no wrong.

Anonymous said...

LIES: Kate is a terrible mother. She hates kids and has as little to do with them as she can. She has a full time organic chef and a staff of nannies to take care of the kids. She is only with them when she is on camera.