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The Results for Poll #1 are In!

With a shocking 160 persons voting, the winner of GWoP's cattiest moderator is Serena!

Congratulations, Serena, wherever you are! You seem to be enjoying another blogging vacation, eh? (snicker).

So sorry and better luck next time to a very dissappointed Sharla. It could be worse, Sharla. You could be virtually unknown like Breanna.

The officical results:

Sharla: 33 (20%)

Maggie: 11 (6%)

Serena: 113 (70%)

Breanna: 3 (1%)

Stay tuned for Poll #2 !


Computer Geek said...

Hi iwhy. I was not sure where to post this or if you wanted to post this.

I wanted to alert you or others who may once in awhile go to Musings to lurk or troll around. Moon and her husband on his site that her forum and Musings is on, has software called chartbeat, if you go there and look at the bottom of your screen as it loads it will show it hangs up your page a little bit as it pings

I so hope those who are going on to her site or any of her hubs sites have webroot spy sweeper, ad aware or spybot on their computers to do a sweep after you have been there.

My spybot picked up a very low risk cookie called....

Atlas dmt cookie.

It is a cookie that may track the unique visitors to a website, as well as their personal preferences. Not maliscious, lots of sites use Google analytics or charbeat, to monitor the activity to their site. So not sure if it is this program that pings on her page or if she has other code in her page to attach a tracking cookie, but it does, to be certain after I quarantined it, I went back to only her page, then re-ran my spyware program and it found it again.

I have quarantined it, but again anytime you go back to her site, it will attach back to your computer. Charbeat shows her on a global map where you are from, lists her visitors, where they came from prior to visiting her page, etc. Way more in depth then sitemeter, etc.

I think her paranoia is in full swing as to who comes to her page. If she was a true empath, she'd be able to tell. LMAO!

So, just a friendly FYI for anyone that goes there, run a spyware or malware program after to sweep your computer. The best is webroot spy sweeper, if you subscribe to MSN it is free, but if you are not a subscriber, you have to pay, like you do with firewall and anti virus programs. WORTH IT THOUGH!!!

More info on the atla dmt cookie from her site.

Cookies may contain information about you, such as a password, usernames, how many times you visit a website, how you shop on a website and other surfing habits. Generally there might not be any reason to worry about certain cookies in your computer. Yet the fact remains that a cookie's main purpose is to reveal what websites you've visited and it's up to you whether you want that information to be in the hands of a third-party.

PS...the poll, Serena winning, does NOT surprise me at all, I'm anxious to see what poll you may have next.

Have a great day everyone! Be net savvy ;)

Don't play into the witch's hands.

Anonymous said...

3 votes for Breanna? You know who cast them?

Anonymous said...

I'm would like to know if you have contact information other than leaving you a comment under one of the topics? I have another hysterical little movie to share with you that a friend of mine has done.

iwhyawli said...

iwhyawli is available for ex parte communication at Looking forward to it.

I will never ever get tired of these damn movies!!!! Thank you. I signed up at xtranormal ... but my first attempt stinks... gotta keep working on it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Moon tracks people I've seen it. Not just Fiona and her fame whore posts but others who disagree with her. Even if the only ones using foul language are Moon and her friends she tells her friends the information on the blogger who disagrees with her.

Anonymous said...

I think Moon gave me some cookies, too. And they weren't thin mints.

Anonymous said...

Computer Geek, Is it safe to have posts and comments downloaded from a RSS feed? I read several blogs this way. Are you still tracked the same as actually going to the site? Thank you.

Computer Geek said...

Hi anon, I would imagine you could still be tracked (if that site that you add to your RSS feed has tracking software) because an RSS feed is written like html, but in xml, a text code. (If you have ever used css or html to set up a myspace page, a website, or to post a link, etc, similar where you have to provide a link in the xml code for your RSS feed list) So to write up a code to set up an RSS feed on let's say your website or blog, you have to provide the links in that code of the sites you want to receive updated blogs from. So it still is liking to those websites from wherever you display this code. If you don't want to be tracked, adjust your cookie settings or disable it (makes surfing in lots of sites or shopping online difficult).

I hope I answered your question, don't really want to use iwhy's page to give out tech support, and won't charge ya this time! ;)

If I did not answer it, maybe go to Microsoft's forum on RSS feeds and ask the geeks in not so hot glasses as the ones I sport. hehe!

GWoP Mods Sock said...

Sharla and Maggie claim they rarely post on GWoP. That is complete crap. They post all of the time but use a variety of aliases. As does the rest of the mods over there.

They also are all over the pig blog. What make them think they are better?

Samantha said...

Iwhy, what's your email? I want to foward you my correspondence with Sharla and Joye Rene.


iwhyawli said...

That's the spirit!

iwhyawli welcomes all email correspondence at