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RIP: konfanscanbiteme

I regret to report that the blog known as 'konfanscanbiteme' is no longer with us. Not sure why. Heck, I am not even sure I'm memorializing the right blog. Is 'konfanscanbiteme" that same as lisak's blog? Isn't there also a blog named "katesfanscanbiteme"?

This is embarrassing. I feel like the minister who gets stuck eulogizing the dead guy that he's never met before. " I'm so sorry for your loss, Mrs. so-and-so. Was it a loss? "

Last night, someone was kind enough to send me a bunch of comments by the lost blog's bereaved family members. I enjoyed reading them but they were so long, repetitious and retarded that I foolishly rejected them before realizing that I could have published them and moved them to a new RIP thread (although that would have taken some time). I am a heartless fool.

Let it never be said that this blog is not compassionate. Please feel welcome to use this thread to pay your last respects to whatever blog is suddenly no longer available.

RIP konfanscanbiteme. I hardly knew ye.

In your honor, I spellchecked this thread but I did not proofread it.


KathyG- BOO! Yes, haters it's me. said...

First, let me start by saying the world is a better place because these dumb shits got shut down. OH, and here’s the funniest part…they claim they were shut down because my friends and I own a new, horrible, evil blog named GWOPwoP, and are publishing their personal information, and they had no choice but to shut down because of us mean ol hateful Konfans, who are picking on those wonderful respectful (choke) women. NOW, if that isn’t a big LMAO, I don’t know what is. (And I’m sure if you read any of the crap they blogged about you can see the quality of these women)

And yeah, I did feel kinda bad at times reading their blog. I felt sorrow, that blogspot allowed the mentally ill to congregate in one place. They are so embarrassing to themselves and their conversations were so revealing of their paranoia, character, jealousy, and insecurities. Those women blamed me for everything from global warming to the death of Christ. And what’s funny is that I haven’t had a conversation with a single one of them since they kicked me out of their hater group (thank you lord) LAST OCTOBER…unless of course they are in MY group under fake names. (could that be?...naaaa…lmao) But they are so paranoid and stupid, every single person that enters their group, or posts on Moons blog, or goodness knows where else, is believed to be me. Their paranoia and mental illness has turned me into the boogie man behind the curtain. I had no idea I had that kind of power…LMAO!!! Hail Kathy! (as taken from that movie thing....LOL)

Boohoooooooooo….someone hand me a Kleenex. I have the perfect hole to throw it in when I’m done.

Anonymous said...

As a primary reason konfanscanbiteme was formed to begin, I must say, I am saddened by this loss. Many good strong belly laughs were had from reading how very wrong the haters seem to get everything. They actually thought their words could hurt my friends and I. Silly women. They greatly amused us and I admit to feeling the loss of the demise of this blog.

iwhyawli said...

Thank you all -- both of you -- for stopping by to pay your respects to the deceased. After you pass the coffin, would be so kind to pause a moment off to the right and vote in iwhyawli's new poll? One of the things that really seemed to irk LisaK's crowd is that fact that Poll #1 received 160 votes. Let's not disappoint them in Poll #2.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was because some one in the WAJ Where's Aunt Jodi forum at cafemom had posted private information and well, at lisak's (different blog from konfanscanbiteme, but where lisak and their group of ding dongs went to chat also, as now they go to dirty disher (she is one wackadoodle, holy craziesRus!, poor little grand daughter!)

Once you've seen one of their blogs, you've basically seen them all, they chat the same, different then GWOP because these grown adult females can curse, use the c-word, and truly show off their intelligence levels.

Sorry if I don't mourn the loss of a bunch of nobodies, but 3 of the mods at kons had some issues after their personal information was posted. LisaK's site explains the whole story and one of the mods went there to explain why they shut it down.

"Another one bites the dust"...they'll just move on into another site, if they didn't already move into DirtyDishers, aka GardenHo, aka Pat (who chats at LisaK's). She's from Iowa, another witch (but she hates that word) like Mooney Tunes, she reads Tarrot cards and is teaching her grand daughter all about energies and magic, and addicted to gardening.

LisaK's got so bad that retro shut them down, like how GWOP was shut down at TWOP.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!

*pisses on the grave of KonFansCanBiteMe* RIP, one down, the Gosselin children are just that much closer to be a little safer now.

bereavement said...

I thought the fatties from all of those crazy blogs were the reason for Global Warming and a Ben and Jerry's shortage!

R.I.P. KFCBM Too Bad So Sad said...

hehe I'm a plant at one of their blogs, and they don't know it yet! Not at the dead blog though, sorry for their loss.

It is sort of funny to watch in the blogs, you can sort of see who is a plant or spy. DirtyDisher has one too. Mwuaaahhhh

Yes, their paranoia, they are always accusing everyone of being just one person, or one particular person, I love watching Sami at LisaK's, taunting them with information about them to go read, but doesn't really join in on the hate and their stupid aches and pains convos or my grandma is dying but I'm still chatting convos, or my hemorrhoids are acting up so I have to stand to keystroke now convos, or I plopped my kid in front of yet another Disney program so I could neglect him/her to blog.

Dumb parents. Maybe with one blog down, just one child out there may get their parent's time back and have a chance growing up knowing their Mommy existed!

iluvobx said...

Okay dumb ass, you are so misinformed that it is pathetic! Just like you. You are NOT the reason as you claim. We just got tired of you and your shit!!!!!!!!
I do realize that the only one to read this will be kg or what ever the hell new name she has taken for this.

corky said...

You are funny iwhy!

Anonymous said...

Oh now dlister please stop spreading your dirty lies around. None of them ever said you or you pathetic so called friends had anything to do with the blog being shut down. As a matter of fact, if you would take 2 seconds out of sitting around making up lies you would know that they decided to shut the site down themselves. They were never told to or made to do it. They did it on their own since they pretty much got the message out that they had set out to do. Do yourself a favor and go back to day dreaming about being married to some rich doctor and playing Barbie in Malibu. Oh and one more word of advice. You really should watch what you are putting out there. People are seeing how nuts you are. You sit back in one post spewing your filth about the non fans but in the next post you go on and on preaching that you don't judge. Pretty contradictory of yourself don't you think? dlisterisnuts

Anon said...

Oh my God *wails*

I cannot believe they were gone. I was just there lurking one afternoon not too too long ago.

*sniffles* (for extra drama because I know how much they loved their drama) *chokes on fake sniffling*

This will change my life forever. *sniffles* (again, and snickers slightly)

*tries to remain straight faced*

Oh the blogosphere is going to hell in a hand bag now, one less blog to make fun of and feed my comic relief.

*blows nose in Kathy's tissue* (sorry Kathy, forgot to bring my own, did not realize this would effect me so much) *lets out a huge wail with an added dramatic drop to her knees*

I'd like to dedicate this song to the loyal moms who spent so many afternoons and evenings away from their own children so they could give so much of their mommy time to nonsense and hate. They were always so willing to give up making special precious memories with their husbands and children and extended families, faking injuries on holidays so they could stay at home and be one another's BFF's sharing in hatred together, all in the name of child advocacy of course. They were so great at telling the Gosselin's how to parent, because after all they, themselves were such great role models teaching their children how to hate and swear like a sailor and bully, because we all know those are such important virtues to raise a child. They would spend endless hours on Kate's hair while they sat, themselves in all day long bed head, and moo moo's, slurping down between posts, puddings, ice cream, little debbies and laugh at each other's eloquence. Oh the time they lost, now put to rest. The forever lost posts to never be read again. All that hard labor while telling their kids to go play, Mommy's working. So devoted, so dedicated.

I pay tribute to the neglectful mommies of the world from KonsFansCanBiteMe, it saddens me to know that they may have a little more time now to tuck their own child into bed, or read them a story, because one less blog they will have to check in at. The poor victims, they must be going through DT's. I know the grieving process is different for every one, but I have faith they will resurface in other existing blogs, their loyalty and dire need to fit in, surges in their veins while their marriages fall apart, their homes become that of a hoarder as they order everything online just so the UPS man stops for some real interaction and a break away from blogging to exercise the fingers.

*cries uncontrollably under her veil* (sort of)

*lights a candle and waves it around while playing the song, "Another One Bites The Dust*

I bid you a dieu, and you, and you, and you. RIP

Curious said...

iwhyawli, when I try to cast my vote, it takes me to a page cannot be displayed page.

LisaK needs help said...

I just went over to the Celebrity Scales article and I saw the following post from LisaK. She's a bit odd:

Lisa K.
My exhusband used to call my vagina Satan! LOL. To be more precise he said that my little man in the boat, aka the clitoris, was Satan because he said my vagina smelled like the lake of fire. I'm not sure what that meant. I think he was trying to say that I was hot. I dunno. La la la. It's fun to blog.
Lisa K.
My exhusband used to call my vagina Satan! LOL. To be more precise he said that my little man in the boat, aka the clitoris, was Satan because he said my vagina smelled like the lake of fire. I'm not sure what that meant. I think he was trying to say that I was hot. I dunno. La la la. It's fun to blog.

Quiltart said...

I am happy to pay my respects to the demise of konfanscanbite me, since I was one of their principal targets.

I was unceremoniously kicked out of both of their CM hate blogs months ago because I dared to NOT be a hater. (Of course, they make up rules after the suit their purposes.)

For some reason they think that I infiltrated their hate filled secret blog. (I didn't.) They then continued to blame me for other acts I didn't commit and didn't even know about. When that was not enough, they continued to remind me how old I am and how bad I look...(They should only look as good as I do when they reach 62!) I have no doubt that that is the reason they continue to talk about us as a bunch of old ladies...

These foul-mouthed losers are the perfect depiction of what a Gosselin hater is... Narrow minded and bristling with jealousy and hate filled comments... not as much about the Gosselins, but about anyone who dares to not agree with their angry, hate-filled words.

To call them lovely and respectful is a joke. They spew garbage not just about the Gosselins, but about anyone who dares to not agree withthem.
I don't know who shut them down... I promise it wasn't me... but I'm glad that they finally got what they deserved.

What sad little people to go through life with so much hate in their hearts against people you don't even know.

Farewell and good riddance!

Anonymous said...

ROFL @ LisaK Needs Help! Oh my gosh iwhy, this blog is soooooooooo fun to visit! You guys are a riot!

Keep up the quests my friends, you're getting under skin, getting into their heads, and it's obvious!

iwhy, as your acronym to your name, I Wonder How You All Will Like It! ROCKS!

They're NOT liking it!

buh bye said...

They did it on their own since they pretty much got the message out that they had set out to do.

Um, was the message "We are batshit crazy!"? Guess they noticed how we picked up on that and decided they'd made their point?

It is nice to reach a goal, but I think everyone knew they were nuts a long time ago. Good thing we clued them in.

You're welcome nutbars!

Anonymous said...


May you R.I.P


Anonymous said...

LOL LisaK needs help, yep, you got their way of chatting down to a T! The more cursing you can include and the more sexual content, that be the way they roll with such class.

Anonymous said...

Quiltart, their paranoid, they have called me Baby Mama. Don't even know Baby Mama. PARANOID

iwhyawli said...

Quiltart, you are most welcome and safe here at gwopwop. iwhyawli tries best best to watch her language but sometimes I slip.

Gwopwop is not so much a Jon and Kate fan blog as it is a gwop-mocking site. I have no beef with Jon or Kate. I don't know them. But to be clear, in the small chance anyone wants to film my family for cash, I have already installed the camera mounts.

I like the show because my kids like to walk over and watch it with their grandparents and their great grandparents. iwhyawli likes it when the grandkids voluntarily seek out opportunities to hang with their elders, all of whom are 1,000 times smarter than iwhyawli.

: honks in a tissue :

Bohemian Moon's PR Man said...

Bohemian Moon released the following statement:

Who shut konfanscanbiteme down? You ask. Get ready to be bewildered with awe. It was I, the great Bohemian Moon that called down from the celestial orbs the spirits of vengeance. I was the laxative that helped shit forth konfanscanbiteme from the bowels and anus of the World Wide Web.

Hear me and fear me!

Anonymous said...

I totally didn't get KON FANS site. The posts were about Kate but the comments were about people I had never heard of, on sites I never went to. I am fairly new to the Gosselin blogging world. But they were so vicious.

LisaKs site is hysterical! They call this blog some old women. Everyone of them are limping, or bed ridden, or on pain meds for something. Talk about old ladies! And they are UP ALL NIGHT talkig about a show on TV. OMG. Go to bed and maybe, possibly, you could get a job. Get out of the house.

And if you hate how Kate is raising her kids, don't emulate her, don't watch her, don't look all over the web trying to find her pics. It's really easy to avoid the Gosselins. But only if you want to. And we know LisaK is in love with her.

PezDispenser said...

I love it when people's actions catch up to them, how they like to blame some one else for the reasons they need to quit. I think the Gosselin children act older then most of those gals, and can problem solve too!

There there ya-all, I know this is so hard and puts a damper on the day ((cough)) but their responsible for their own demise, as adults we LEARN this. Actions =consequences.

Go celebrate what once was the LIFE of KONFANSCANBITEME, what was once, is no longer.

(hangs head down to laugh)

Anonymous said...

aw, I mourn them more then I mourn MJ right now on TV, at least, that we know of, they were not pedophiles, just voyeurists

worldsAbetterPlace said...

my heart feels so heavy right now, they wanted nothing more then to provide hate to the world and could not stand that they were the ones who were hated.

PARTY AT THE GOSSELIN'S, to celebrate in their death!!!!! BYOB and boxed wines, we'll hang out at the Gosselin's pool and celebrate with Jon and Kate and the kids!

Taking Memorial Collections Here said...

(collecting memorials at the door)....for future GWOPturds or the like, faking an illness or a death in the family and being dumb enough to believe it.

LisaK is a closet Kate fan said...

Anonymous, we all are mourning here, how inappropriate to make fun of one of the dearly departed. LOL LisaK, well she is a closet Kate fan, shhhh, our secret. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so beside myself here. Lesson learned fellow GWOPWOPPERS, an insane blog can be taken so fast in this world, their font life-span was short, the insane just don't last forever. If only they would have taken their meds. It's such a shame.

Anonymous said...

How are Aunt Jodi and Julie holding up, knowing that they've lost more losers to do their dirty work? They must be devastated? Anyone hear from them?

Well RIP KonFansCanBiteMe, you now will be joining pennmommy's fake dead son.

Give my regards to your family, I am sure they will be happy to see their Mom's back in the kitchen tonight cooking them a wonderful loving healthy family meal, spent together for the first time.

Quiltart said...

iwhyawli... I've been lurking here, and occasionally posting, since you opened! As far as where I stand, I don't always agree with everything the G's do, but I do respect their right to raise their children as THEY see fit without assistance from some jealous and viscious bloggers!!

Profanity doesn't bother me at all... I've worked at a newspaper for years and there is nothing I have not heard... But I don't think that filth has to be incorporated into every sentence someone writes. IMO, There is a thing line between profanity and vulgarity... if you get my drift!

Thanks for this blog! I do feel at home here... You're great!

Anonymous said...

Im so upset there talking about our site on just There trying to get us shut down for giveing private info out I hope we dont get shut down.

Anonymous said...

They might not be pedophiles, it remains to be seen really, because the fixation is quite intense, but I digress. But GWoPpers sure do throw the word around quite liberally. When it was pointed out that calling the cameraman on the show a "pedophile" might be construed as libel or slander ::poof:: the delete gods descended on GWoP.

This site is fabulous. I too am not wrapped up too heavily in the shenanigans of the blogging world, but I did take a lookie poo at LisaK's blog (no idea who she is) and man. I have learned in all my years on the interwebz, the more one "LOLOLOLOLOL" and such, the more upset they truly are. It's funny to watch them try to come up with come-back's. Maybe they are posting at 2:36 a.m. because they can't sleep, sit upright on thier mattress on the floor and say "ooh, I got a good one!" and run and post. Nah.

Keep on posting iwhyawli. You obviously got under someone's skin. It must be for a good reason.
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!1111!!! (just kidding)

Anonymous said...

haha I think anonymous is a plant that you let by iwhy, from the 10doll's art project at justjared, it's her attention seeking way, then to boogie over here like a 10 year old, to tattle. Can you imagine what their kids will be like? Lets just bow our heads now for the little lives lost because of their hateful mommies blogging and missing out on their own children's development. Let her do her psycho sock puppeting at just jared, bring more comical people over to this site, great advertising 10doll! Thanks, oh and gosh, sure looks like you are grieving over your grandmother and coping well!

honeyhush said...

Oh no! It's just too sad. Now I will have to find another site to read lies about myself and to read what a bunch of demented, evil women think about me.According to these women, I am the puppet master. I can make women I have never met IRL do things and post comments that they would never post, if not for my powers of persuasion. They give Kathy & I so much credit, all the while hating us and saying we are stupid. Which is it? Are we stupid or all knowing and powerful? LMBO! They never could get it straight. Now they believe we are responsible for this blog. We never even read GWoP! They crack me up!
BTW obox, Kathy isn't the liar. Either Connie45 is the liar or the person who told her we created a blog & were posting your personal information & caused you to shut down your hate blog is the liar. We don't have another blog. We have never posted any personal information. We are better than that. Too bad we can't say the same for the crowd you run w/.
I'm rejoicing the loss of this blog. I'm dancing on the grave.

Anonymous said...

whomever got it shut down, I want your autograph! Mind if I dance with you honeyhush? Let's bust a move together in celebration!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Fiona is saying that Carla has paid a visit to her blog. And of course she rips her a new one. Why would Carla ( Kate's fiend on the show ) go to Fiona's blog of all places? I want to know what Carla said to her. LOL!!!

My Case Against Hate and Insanity said...

*pisses on the grave of KonFansCanBiteMe* RIP, one down, the Gosselin children are just that much closer to be a little safer now.

Amen to that!!!

Fionas A Joke said...

oh good grief, Fiona has gone mad. Carla would not go to her blog or anyone else's blog, even on her own blog her and her husband shut down the GWOP haters. Fiona, just because she will not acknowledge you and your unsteady ways, don't rage at a lovely Christian woman. She is just smart enough to not engage in your unGodly manners. You that desperate to get people to leave comments? Your blog is a joke and no one leaves you comments.

Fiona must have been one of those wretched hate mongooses who left unkind comments on Carla's blog, but she stalks those who won't acknowledge her, do you haunt Carla and her husband's emails like you did Moons (allegedly)?

Anonymous said...

is the memorial service thread cleared out yet? Can we bury them? Time for a new thread.

KathyG, co-puppet master...LOL said...

To that idiot Box and that other person who is too scared to post their name ….

The ONLY reason you nuts are so obsessed with me is because you park your sorry asses in our group, obsessing over my every utterance. You could be talking about me all over the internet and wouldnt know it or see it! I do not seek you out. I do not have the same obsessive issues as you do. You freaks are the ones that work yourselves up into a frenzy believing that dlister is hiding in your closet. If you were in my closet, I’d set it on fire. Think about that.

Now, I realize that you are also envious of my life and I'm sorry that you are miserable and will never be happy with what you have or don't have. But you really need to get a grip and realize how embarrassing you are when you post things dripping with envy in an attempt to slam me. (And btw nuts, I have moved across country, not that it's any of your business, but I thought I'd point out yet another one of your discrepancies.)

Get a grip on your life. Realize that your obsession with me (and Kate btw) isn’t a healthy behavior. Please, seek professional help, double your medication, whatever it takes for you to realize that I don’t care about you.

Love the blog! Thanks to the creator and members! Thank you Honey for also setting the stalkers straight and anonymous, I'm happy to share my Kleenex with you. Just toss it in the toilet of a grave when you're done. Keep litter in its place.

Yep, you can bury them now. They dug their own hole so let them lie in it.

That's a Wrap! said...


Ok, great show GWOPWoppers!!!!

Cue applause.

Time for the wrap party, everyone dress up as your favorite mad cow big butt GWOPper, there is a selection of mad cow moo moo's, in a variety of floral designs, located in the back room already displayed on racks for your convenient selection. Facial and leg hair applications are also available, as are circulation stockings. Ben and Jerry flavors will be served honoring the fallen posts of KonsFansCanBiteMe. If you would prefer to represent your favorite potty mouth from LisaK's, there are many walkers, canes, for your faux aches and pains.


and..cue music!

Quiltart said...

Take a bow, IWHY! You deserve a standing ovation for giving us this special opportunity to say farewell!!

Anonymous said...

Funny how these "ladies" can dish it out but can't take it. They think it's okay to do it to Kate because she's sort of a celebrity, but she's still a person. They've crossed so many lines and they only hate it when someone calls them jealous because they ARE. Why else would you care? Why else would you spend all of your free time blogging about how much you hate them? Why would you try to keep them from making money? Oh yeah, it's all about the children...riiiight.

Good for you, Iwhy. All of this needed to be said.

ladeedah said...

Looks like the gang is almost all here but hey some seem to be missing. Like Sammylee (AKA barbara), Mummacat, lizardannie, onemirical, 1sharpcutter, coug, and HW or are you hiding behind Anonymous? Me thinks that bitch Sammylee has really been kicked to the curb. haha! Good for you guys!!
It's about time you got smart to her crap.