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ladeedah said...


Should I start?


ugh... GWOP is bad.



Jodi still looks like reheated bloody shit.

Anonymous said...

so who's the next GWOPper of the month? i can't wait to see!

and the new poll too.

Anonymous said...

Has everyone visited Matt Heckman's Blog and read "Know The Gosselin Drama, The Anti Kate Gosselin Cult, Or Have Something to say about it?"

If not you are missing out on classic GWoPer stupidity as well as comments detailing classic GWoPer stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sammy aka Agent Sammy

I have heard that you have been a double agent and infiltrated the bowels of all of the hate blogs and have made them look like dumbasses. Thank you.

You are a credit to the cause.

What's Happening? said...

Can someone explain to me what is happening with Fiona and Bohemian Moon? I'm afraid to go to BoMo's website now and haven't been reading the comments.

I just don't understand how Fiona is everywhere, and people appear to be putting up with her. What? Why?? And why doesn't she give up already?

wondering said...

Just an fYI . . . supposedly radaronline has pictures of Jon Gosselin with yet ANOTHER 20-something who he is hanging with . . . at 3:00 a.m. at the family home. What a douche bag.

Please Don't Take My Kate Hate Away said...

Obviously, we all know you are crazy to clarify what never was said in the first place.

Miranda said...
Connie said...
grannyoftwo said:

"Obviously, we all know from the ultimatum Kate gave the kids, (either we do this or you will never see Mom and Dad again ) it is the parents decision to do this tv show."
This statement by Kate just sends chills down my back. For a young child it may as well be a death threat...the death of their mom and dad. How sad.
IMHO KON did not imply this as a death threat but a message that the parents would always be at work (perish the thought)to provide for the kids. Poor kids were snookered by sharks.

Well obviously (IMO) it wasn't meant as a death threat. The point is; kids don't understand what mommy means when she says "you'll never see mommy and daddy again".
When you tell a kid that, they think mommy and daddy go away and never come back.
When Kate said it, I was shocked. I remember it well.

Remember when Alexis licked her hands after germ freak Kate slathered her in Purell?!? Kate said "don't lick that, it's POISON and you'll DIE".

Same league. Unforgivable to say such things to your child. How about a polite instruction instead of the threat of immediate death. Oh and "gee mom, if it's poison, why the !@#$% did you rub it on my hands" you fricking MORON.

Anonymous said...

ladeedah said...

Is anyone else wondering why Uncle Kevin looks so weird?

kind-of-like a cross between buckwheat, Hitler, and a middle aged gay man who has had it up the pooper to many times.

Anonymous said...

The Heckman radio show was just a bunch of ranting, IMO. He gave more time and criticism to Jon and Kate for soliciting churches than he did to confronting the BS of the crazy cultist haters.
His agenda was clearly political which I found sad given the gravity of what is going on here, which is no less than a 21st century witch hunt!

I'd love to see The Daily Show take on GWOP...Could you just imagine an interview with a "Kater"(a new word I'm making up for Kate Hater to keep it simple stupids!) Also, it will probably drive 'em even further nuts to hear themselves called "Katers" and have to hear themselves referred to with HER name! LMAO

But yeah, back to the Daily Show...I'd love to see a mock interview with a Kater. I'd PAY to see it in fact! And I can not wait to see tonight's show. I'm going to wish for the Gosselin's ungoing success and HUGE ratings for the rest of the season.

Off to send an anonymous tip to the folks at Comedy Central.

(I feel like a member of The Resistance ;)

Lauren said...

Ah, Jon really knows how to pick 'em. His friend from the Star, Kate is giving a tell all interview on E! this Wed. Ick.

Barbara said...
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Anonymous said...

So Fiona and Moon made up? I smell something fishy.

Anonymous said...

Malingering without pity by blogger internet proxy (MWOPBBIP)

Gossip doesn't exist "when there is the presence of positive intent and people are being responsible for what they're communicating."

Gossip arises when people are irresponsible and driven by negative intentions. Gossipers perceive destructive nature, when compelling people to doubt themselves, wonder if they're trustworthy or question why others would be speaking about them in this manner.

Gossip itself doesn't have to be. It occurs when people choose not to speak directly to an individual with sound intent or give the person the benefit of a doubt."

Linda said...

What's Happening? said...
Can someone explain to me what is happening with Fiona and Bohemian Moon? I'm afraid to go to BoMo's website now and haven't been reading the comments.

I just don't understand how Fiona is everywhere, and people appear to be putting up with her. What? Why?? And why doesn't she give up already?

August 2, 2009 9:01 PM
Fiona's whacked. I made a sarcastic comment on her blog and she said I used vulgar language when I clearly didn't.

Obviously the poor pyscho has nothing better to do than pick fights with people.

Iwhy, put in your mission to take down Fiona, too.

Barbara said...
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Anonymous said...

What's going on with Fiona is that she is about 100 times smarter than Bohemian Moon, Sharla (aka Peri) and Pat the Degenerate Disher. Why? Because Fiona was the only blog owner that didn't buy the fake Iwhyawli drama on the Dirty Disher and Musings blog. Fiona is the bullshit sniffing dog of the Gosselins Blogosphere. That said, Fiona is still batshit crazy and paranoid.

Paginator said...

I cant wait to see how wins theGWOPper of the month Pressi I hope.

Anonymous said...

I just thought this was hilarious:

Maggie said...
JUST A REMINDER that this is a forum for discussion of the show. Not everyone has the same opinion as you, and if someone discusses something in a polite tone that may differ with your opinion, that commenter is not to be attacked, and we will not publish it.


Anonymous said...

This shit is gettin' old!

Found this gem from nearly a year ago

I was actually searching for anything pertaining to the Gosselin's and "lightworkers" - as in protection from evil - when I found it. Geeky I know, but I thought every little bit of garlic around the neck or what not couldn't hurt!

A couple of things drew my attention...#1: The extreme paranoia is a favorite, I just love how anyone with an ounce of understanding or compassion for J&K, or a simple point of contention MUST be employed by Kate, or BE Kate. Ooooo! The "All-Seeing Kate" is on all 73,546 blogs about her whacked out hair cut and the people that can't stand it all day, every day, and personally reacts to every hateful comment! Apparently, the "All Seeing Kate" needs a day job more than the bloggers/haters do.

#2: The "let's turn the tables" style of argument. A very sick version of which is "if you like watching these kids on TV you must be a pedophile..." (While not used in the above referenced link, I have seen happen elsewhere) Wow!! Just wow. With that line of crack pot reasoning, teachers, doctors, child care providers, ummm anyone that enjoys working with children could be the haters next target. I don't have anything funny to add about this point. It's just sick and very, very scary.

#3: I didn't read the whole referenced thread of comments from almost an entire year ago now, but I noticed there were no GWOP reps pushing the "exploitation" issue. The main argument here seemed to be the circumstances of Jon losing his job. I wasn't familiar with GWOP a year ago, but it seems to me that they've run down the list of every possible reason not to like Kate and/or Jon and they cling to this exploitation claim but it feels like a last resort to me, as the exchange gave me some insight into the development of their mentality. It went from J&K are liars to what can we bitch about her doing now? to "their marriage has imploded - Quick! Let's throw a child abuse/exploitation charge on 'em!"
That's not child advocacy, that is child exploitation = exploiting the children's circumstances in an effort to hurt their parents because they don't like them. It HAS to be personal, random strangers would have no motive to do such a thing.

Sick and twisted. Whatever credibility GWOP might have had at one time has been lost to utter and totally blind hatred. With their mantra seeming to be "You're either with us or against us!" And since they put it that way!…well here I am at IWHY's little site :)

(And IWHY doesn't require us to wear tin foil hats ;)

Anonymous said...

No one believes Fiona's stupid comments about vulgarities. She is talking to herself and a lost pig over there. You have a reputation for being sharp and funny, not vulgar. Nothing Fiona says can damage that.

What's my name? said...

Newest GWoP one watched last nights shows. It has to be a lie and the mods aren't sockpuppeting there nasty comments about Kate...just sockpuppeting about how they didn't watch. Yea right!

Linda said...

Just an FYI - there are probably thousands of Lindas posting on the internet.

I'm the one who used to post on the gosselinsdonotneedourpity blog.

I must admit that I'm a little curious too about how it is that Fiona and Bohemian Moon have made up.

The Mole said...

Fiona and Bohemian Moon made up on account of the fact that they had a threesome with NC Resident.

Fiona: Oh yeah!

Bohemian Moon: Who's your momma?

Nc Resident: My butt is beginning to hurt!

Anonymous said...

The lies have such a Giddy taint. New material please. 1 million unique hits a month is not a few mods and some socks. In fact the mods rarely comment. You really should find out the facts. Woof, woof.

Linda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Linda said...

Woof Woof!

You take yourself and your GWOP Kingdom too seriously. It was NOT just "giddy" who think that GWOP is nuts.

Anonymous said...

Don't go to Moon's site - you'll get pop-ups for psychic readings.
She sure does post a lot about Jon and Kate, considering she's "completely done with them". I don't buy it!
I bet she tunes in every week, like the rest of the hipocrites.

Love this site - thanks for allowing me to vent.

Anonymous said...

From Matt Heckman's blog

August 6, 2009 at 1:37 pm
lisa k. and ericka m. said…

Maybe you guys can help me out on this one. My hubs wants to have butt luv. I’m really nervous about it. I heard you need a lot of lube. What’s the best type of lube to buy? He’s pretty cheap so it has to be something that I can buy at the Piggly Wiggly. Anyone know of any home remedies?

kiki said…

In Kanida we get free K-Y Jelly from the gov.

10doll said…

In my family we have an age old secret passed down from mother to daughter… bacon grease. Your crack will smell like bacon for a week. lol. It also good for the environment since you are recycling. Oh don’t eat beans the night before.

Pat said…

In Guntown lots of the poorer people use mayonnaise. Since condoms and the pill cost money lots of youngins opt for anal so they won’t get knocked up. There is a saying in town. It doesn’t rhyme but its close. “Take it in the ass and save yo self some cash”

Bohemian Moon said…

I concoct my own ointment from Pennzoil, sacred tallow, cloves, ginger and mint. The native americans and early pioneers had the foresight that oil had healing and rejuvenating qualities. Then I cast a spell on it. The important thing to remember is to relax. That’s what I tell David. FYI I don’t take it that way but I sure know how to give it. An ancient spirit of knowledge told me that a sleeping pig gets no migraines. Remember that. Also it has been revealed to me that the wheels on the bus go round and round. Remember these words.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... (Sharla said...)
The lies have such a Giddy taint. New material please. 1 million unique hits a month is not a few mods and some socks.
(It's a few mods and a BOATLOAD of socks.) In fact the mods rarely comment. (Because the mods think the gwoppies are embarrassing. No, the mods bitch on their pig blahg about smarter posters who are not filled with Kate-envy.) You really should find out the facts. Woof, woof. You'll find them all on the secret message board.

August 5, 2009 9:32 PM

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:46 - ROFLMAO. Pretty disgusting, but so Lisak and company-ish.

I wonder how long is going to take Lisak to figure out who you really are. Someone clued her in about Sammy and it still took her weeks to "figure it out"...

Keep on, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:46 one of her so called freinds.