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iwhyawli is so exited I couldn't spell my own login name to get into my mailbox, y'all.

Get this. A most excellent person (air kisses, air kisses) has sent iwhyawli a screen shot of Sharla's accidental (and now deleted) thread on the Piggy blog. Am I understanding this right, excellent person? Do I have my facts right? OMG OMG OMG

The thread in question is dated July 25th, 2009. That's last Saturday, y'all. LAST FRIGGING SATURDAY! TWO DAYS AGO! Did iwhyawli not once say that all these multiple blogs and blogging names would cause someone to screw up? Did I not once say that????


Now, of course, the significance of this accidental and now deleted thread is positively HUGE. HUGE! I'm not exactly sure why it's huge , but it's HUGE. I think it's huge because Sharla has always denied affiliation with any other blog, especially one as vile as the Piggy Trough. Right?

And then, of course, a thread start on the Piggy Blog would also mean that Sharla has owner/moderator privileges on said blog. Right?

And so, of course, why would Sharla be a secret administrator of the Piggy Blog all these months and years if she wasn't also PERI, who up until now was the one and only thread starter on that blog? Right? (I'm actually not sure about that so help me.)

And if I'm right. All this very compelling evidence leads us to one and only one logical conclusion, right?

OMG OMG OMG ! While you all correct and\or enhance my facts in the comment section, I am going to surgically remove the screen shot from the coveted e-mail message so that I can paste it here. Stay tuned. The picture is sorta big... I may have to do two threads.

UPDATED: Added picture to new thread, titled Sharla's Smoking Gun.



Anonymous said...

You're welcome.

iwhyawli said...


I got so excited, I forgot to throw in an official thank you with all my air kisses.

The picture is on its way to the main page!

There's also a new comment regarding all this in the FAQ thread, but I'm not sure who's talking to who. Who is worldsfattestcat and nomoredrama?

I'm gonna copy that comment into this thread too. OMG OMG OMG

iwhyawli said...

Copying a comment from FAQ thread for context:

Question 27 from "Who is Sharla?"

Q: Does anyone know why on the Garbage Detonates Blah Blah Blah blog that Sharla posted pictures of geese on Peri's blog? It's still showing up on my Google Reader, even though the post has been removed from the blog. It very clearly says it was posted by Sharla, not Peri. The title was "For Worldsfatestcat" [sic].

Are Sharla and Peri the same person? I'm a little confused.

A: Hmmmmm. Maybe Sharla is Peri, dunno. It certainly would explain alot. I best let one of the more well-versed GWOP historians here or elsewhere field this one. Those gals at Imperfect Women/GosselinsDoNotNeedOutPity are a wealth of great information (plus they're funny). Meanwhile, I'll just sit back and enjoy that big old typo in Sharla's thread title. Oh yes I will.

iwhyawli said...

Copying another comment by "Funnier" from the FAQ thread re Sharla's boo-boo. "Funnier" lifted this WFC's post from the Piggy Blog.

From Piggy site:


Peri, I heard you posted some Canada geese shots for me. Unfortunately, I missed seeing them.
But thanks for thinking of me; I appreciate it. It would have been a nice time-out from the craziness these days.

July 27, 2009 12:01 PM anonymous poster asked about this yesterday A.M., but no response from Peri. Whoops!


July 27, 2009 3:56 PM


iwhyawli said...

Copying another comment from the FAQ thread that relates to Sharla's big boo-boo

Anonymous said...
Anyone who follows the pig blog can see that sharla clearly posted something 1 day ago and it's title is "For Worldsfatestcat". If you'd like be to take a screen capture and link it, i'd be happy to. SOMEONE IS BUSTED!!!

July 27, 2009 4:17 PM

iwhyawli said...

Copying another FAQ comment here because it pertains to Sharla's big boo-boo. Just about now I'm waking up to the fact that someone out there is really trying hard to bring something to my attention, lol. Geez, I'm an idiot.

Sharla you cant hide anymore said...

I think it is pretty funny that Sharla is Peri. After all of these months that they have been claiming how innocent the GWoP mods are. This my friend is pretty interesting.

July 27, 2009 5:28 PM


iwhyawli said...

Copying one final comment by anonymous from the FAQ thread that also pertains to Sharla's big boo-boo.

I'm not entirely sure I understand the context of this one yet... seems like someone is getting a big old lecture. I don't really know who "No More Drama" is and I don't know who "WorldsFattestCat" is.

Anonymous said...

worldsfattestcat said...

This is for nomoredrama, since any comment I had to her recent post at Giddy won't let through.

Sorry your fellow posters there missed your main point.

And, I also feel for you in during a difficult time with your grandmother. I know how hard this is, believe me.

NoMo, I think the discussion here had become one of civility and was worth the time everyone put in. You gained my respect for your willingness to debate in a civil manner after others - including myself - engaged you in real discussion, not name-calling or the "you guys need to get a life" kind of posts meant to insult another.

I think that each side in this (rather pointless) Gosselin debate has valid points. But each side is also caught up in the need to prove those points and gain agreement. Sometimes, like you, a fan can come out swinging (and you were called out here, no doubt) and then become a better spokesperson for the pro-G side by virtue of engaging in a real debate. And fortunately at this site, it’s allowed. No one is shutting you down and Peri posted my middle-of-the-road posts.

During the height of Jon & Kate love at Giddy, real debate was stifled by the mods and posters, who were more intent on proving every single view they held as right than in having a real discussion about the issues raised, as you and I have noted before.

I think pro-G sites and the anti-G sites would be better if the discussions were reasonable, civil, represented several viewpoints and were moderated as needed to keep out the “jellus haters” and the “you try it with 8 kids” blanket responses.

It’s real nice to be surrounded by and supported by like-minded people, but it doesn’t encourage new thought, lively debate, and the tone and topics I think you are looking for as the picture we’re watching changes these days.

March 14, 2009 3:17 AM

Anonymous said...

Sharla , Sharla , Sharla

Are we getting on your last nerve.

Anonymous said...


That was dumb.

Anonymous said...

I get it nevermind with my other post.
Blame it on the wine.

do you follow? said...

I'm not sure who worldsfattestcat is, but nomoredrama was one of the moderators of Gosselinsdonotneedourpity. Occasionally, she would go over to gdnnop and discuss.

muhahahahah said...

iwhyawli -

You are living up to your name and they don't like it one bit!

Anonymous said...

Worldsfattestcat used to post under a different name at Kate Is A Shrew. I believe she is also part of the kool-aid drinking krewe at mooings.

Sheri said...

from the pig answer from Peri.

Anonymous said...
So why did Sharla post the geese pictures Peri? Do you know her?

July 26, 2009 7:27 AM

yet, it is still up on the blog.

Bigredtruck said...

Well duh, stupid Anon poster from the Pig blog. People can't just log into your blog and post shit whenever they feel like it. If that were the case, gwop would be much more fun to read.

Hopefully this person is not really that stupid, and it's just Peri/Sharla socking to set up whatever she's going to say to try to cover her ass.

Anonymous said...

Does this Sharla Smith have a life? She has a Facebook group,GWOP and now the piggies. She needs to see a Doctor for her raveling nerves and get some therapy for her obsessions and take her BFF Fiona with her.

Funnier said...

From the Piggy Blog:

PERI said:

Iwhine and her minions have been wrong before and they'll be wrong again.

July 28, 2009 10:32 AM

Notice, she did not say Iwhy is wrong now. Hmmmm... She has yet to make any explanation for the post by Sharla that mysteriously disappeared and then reappeared yesterday by Peri.

Disappearing on which blog has that happened before?

Marissa said...

Ironic that Peri's goose was cooked just by posting pictures of geese?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry, ignore that I didn't realize that the google reader was the copy--easily found on the web dd-- and not the site itself was down.

iwhyawli said...

egads, talk about woefully pathetic.

Looks like Sharla\Peri plans to slip back into full PennMommy mode. Too too funny.

I'm starting the think there's nothing these dopes won't do to protect their blogging addiction/blogging reputation. I mean c'mon. Why not just say something "ha ha, okay, you got me, you dastardly gwopwopper you. Next time you won't be so lucky" and then quickly create yet another sockpuppet if you must?

I realize I'm new to blogging and all that but what exactly is on the line with all this GWOP stuff? The extraordinary measures Sharla repeatedly takes to save-face in an anonymous blogging universe on a completely unimportant topic (ie., the lives and times of Kate Gosselin) is really strange. Sharla's a grown woman, right? A working professional woman?

Too too funny.

Anonymous said...

Marissa said...
Ironic that Peri's goose was cooked just by posting pictures of geese?

I love that. So funny.

Anonymous said...

Do you realize how funny those words were?

Dirty Disher is down?


Sharla.Is.A.Fraud. said...

This is a cut and paste (with some editing of the boring parts) from the Pig Blahg on July 21, 2009 1:21 PM
"Oh My, How Loony" thread

Peri said...
Ah, Fiona, it's about the loony bin blog. You know the latest know it all who hates anyone who doesn't love Kate Gosselin.

To someone who said this blog is the same, not really. I first off don't knowingly and intentionally lie to people. If I'm wrong, well I'm wrong, but I don't set out to give people false info. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And further, I don't have a couple of dozen sock puppet ids to waste the day talking back and forth. If no one has anything to say, life is allowed to stay quiet.

I'm betting blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm not trying to hack into anyone else's accounts, boards, blogs, etc. Out of all the private boards and blogs out there, why the extreme fascination with one? Is that healthy?

July 21, 2009 1:21 PM

Not only did the excellent contributer of the screen shots prove that Sharla has sockpuppets (Peri), but her sockpuppets have their own blogs. Is anybody else sick of this weirdo?

I can't stand Jodi or Kevin or Jon. I just had an exchange over there, posting as anonymous. I would post a comment and the comment would be published simultaneously with a response from "Harriet". Get it? "Harriet" could read my comments as they came in, before they were published. So I know "Harriet" is "Peri" too.

I'm hoping you are able to get into that secret message board. No wonder "Peri" (nhrs/n- not her real screen/name) is so ticked off about the attention to it.

Anonymous said...

What an idiot. Didn't you know a blog can have more than one author? And even if true, who cares? Most people have known for months that the mods were there. Get a freaking clue woman.

Lemongrove Jello said...

Marissa, that is too funny!

iwhyawli said...

Who cares? YOU care! You're the ones going to elaborate lengths to invent multiple blogs, posting by multiple pseudonyms and then rushing to cover your tracks whenever you mess up.

You're the ones caught passing secret threads to each other. You the ones conspiring together on secret message boards, deleting threads, and manufacturing inane PENNMOMMY dramas.

You're the ones who are glued to your site meters and who threaten to post other people's real world information.

You're the ones whose very first posting rule is "No Anonymous Posters" and yet that's all you do (24 x7) is post complete crap about people using a million different identities !

Oh no. It's YOU who cares, toots. You care so much! AND I'M TOTALLY LAUGHING AT YOU and your stupid little hobby. You're hilariously transparent.

iwhyawli said...

Oh yeah, Perhaps most people have known for months that the mods post at the Pig Blog, but they haven't been posting as themselves, now have they?

And THAT'S WHAT IS SO DAMN FUNNY, you nitwit! Your million different blogs and your billion different posting names and your whole billion different attempts to screw over Kate Gosselin. Last but not least, let's also not forget how upset you all are about THIS blog!

Don't you think it about time to give CHILD ADVOCACY a rest? It used to be a noble cause until you all got your hands on it.

Anonymous said...

Brava Iwhy! Brava!

Anonymous said...

Well said IWHYAWLI,

well said. Bravo!

The mods say they don't post. No they just sock and all over the place. Yes Peri is Sharla, Harriet and Lameo. Innocent they are not.

Corinne Haas said...

PennMommy Mode! I love it. Can we call it PMM for short?

Anonymous said...

These bishes have been trolling over anything and everything Gosselin for so long, the marketing department at Evinrude is considering naming their newest trolling motor series the "stink bait" line after them.

Suzie said...

kudos Iwhy!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is a Sharla blast from the past gem from GWoP:

We are saddened by the sudden loss of PennMommy's son. We have been praying for the family, and we will continue to pray for them in these dark and painful times. We hope that everyone can put aside differences in opinion, be grateful for your loved ones, and give this family space to grieve in private.

posted by Sharla at 10:02 PM on Oct 2, 2008

Anonymous said...

This is why Sharla started the Pig Blog. She was good friend with Possum. Sharla was snookered also. She started the Pig blog before she realized Possum was a fraud. Live and Learn

Subject: PennMommy

I'm comfortable in what I've done because they are not telling the truth. These are two different people. I've know possummom for ages. I've talked with her through this. She is distraught over having her private photos outed and having to close down a years long collection. I don't believe the lengths some people will go in harrassing a family who has suffered such a tragic loss. All this happened because she allowed someone to use the internet while they were staying in her house. Does she deserve to have her kindness repaid by harrassment and stalking?

If you knew me, you'd know I stand for the actual truth not some pre-packaged tale made of lies and twisted words. Why do you think Kate disturbs me so much?

the yahoo emailer :) said...

I gave iwhy the screen shots of the piggy blog. It was a good thing someone here asked about it because I didn't even see that I had missed this post. I love google reader. :)

I notice "Peri" is saying iwhy has been wrong in the past and will be wrong in the future. That doesn't mean she's wrong now, does it. Peri and Sharla might be different people but I doubt it. My guess is that Sharla was logged into her Sharla account and forgot to log in as Peri before posting on the pig sty.

Amazed said...

This is why Sharla started the Pig Blog. She was good friend with Possum. Sharla was snookered also. She started the Pig blog before she realized Possum was a fraud. Live and Learn

Agreed. Sharla must have been lying. She said she started it for revenge because she couldn't get her comments posted at GosselinsDoNotNeedOurPity. That wasn't the reason was it?

She definitely started it because of Pennmommy. The pig pen starts with the calling the hospital thread. Look at the photoshopped picture posted at the bottom of the first post. It's a lie about the GosselinsDoNotNeedOurPity posters calling the hospital to harrass Pennmommy's son.

So Sharla wasn't involved with her friend PossumMommy??? Then why keep that post and picture up??? Why all the anger aimed at Guin who is the one who outed Pennmommy? Why be angry with the people who saved her from starting a P.O. Box in St. Louis for poor Jason Haas' memorial fund? Why lie and say the blog was because they debated her comment or wouldn't let it through?

"Peri" who is Sharla did not need to have her opinion posted at GosselinsDoNotNeedOurPity when she owned Gwop.

This is about more than a debate-style or being "snookered" by PossumMommy. She was really, really, really angry at Guin. I think it's about money. I think Sharla had a great plan with "Corinne Haas" and GosselinsDoNotNeedOurPity interferred with it.

In the end, it was about money for Jodi and Kevin. IMO, it's probably about money for Sharla too.

The whole thing makes me more suspicious of them all.

Glad you are here iwhy.

Anonymous said...

I found it. "Peri" knew some Gosselin insiders or something. This is from the The Jon and Kate Debacle - How Long Will the Sheeple Hold Out? of pig blog.

Peri said...
Oh, well I do know three couples who used to live here and moved back to Pennsylvania. They'd never say they're "insiders." They aren't relatives or close friends or anything like that. They have seen Kate, talked to her or as one said tried to talk to her, and a couple have seen filming at two or three places. They passed along their impressions. Other people may differ in their experiences.

May 8, 2009 5:59 PM

Gwop was accused of being jellus neighbors. Didn't Gwop moderators once say they were neighbors? If Sharla is Peri and Peri knows people "who moved back there who have talked to Kate and seen filming" is that the connection?

Jodi and Kevin live in that neighborhood. So do Peri/Sharla's friends/family.

What a dishonest person this Sharla turned out to be. What a monster her need for revengeis. I feel a little sorry for her.

Meg said...

another blog has died. i was on this one yesterday - today nada

Sounds Familiar said...

Maybe Sharla remotely accessed Peri's computer because she had a family crisis she needed to blog through and she wanted to piggyback on Sharla's stellar blogging reputation.

Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for Sharla? Truly you are joking.

Marissa said...

What a dishonest person this Sharla turned out to be. What a monster her need for revengeis. I feel a little sorry for her.

July 28, 2009 7:51 PM

I don't feel sorry for dishonest people. I do hope that they turn themselves around and hope that they realize what pain they cause. 2 hate blogs against one woman you don't even know, constitutes crazy to me. And yes, the underlying cause is jealousy.

I also seriously doubt she knows any insiders. I think true insiders keep their mouths shut and are not a part of this Gosselin blog world. With the exception of Julie and Jodi, who have proven themselves to be such true pathetic losers. I feel bad for their mom. I would be devestated if I had daughters like Julie and Jodi. What an embarrassment to the family.

Anonymous said...

Do you think anyone but you and your socks care? What an idiot. Who cares if someone has multiple blogs? You spend more time on the internet than any of the people you complain about. What's it to you anyway? The fool on the hill ranting away while no one hears and no one cares.

You're a huge SO WHAT? It changes nothing at all.

iwhyawli said...


Um, not only does it appear that you care. You're upset! I guess that I'm not as much of a "so what" as you'd like to believe.

You know, I wondered how you'd like it (ie., getting a taste of your own medicine, the snooping around in your affairs, the mocking, the judging etc.), and um, it certainly appears that you do not.

Thank you. anon. You little snit fits make iwhyawli's day.

ANNA said...

What's it to you anyway?

That's the exact question I'd like to ask the GWOPPERS!--

'Why do you get into such a tizzy about the Gosselins? What's it to you anyway?'

Sockless in Seatle said...


We are not socks, we are real people who feel the same way as iwhyawli does. Sharla is the one that socks. Harriet, Lameo, Peri.
How many others, Sharla?

Oh yes--- Sharla is a sock.

Pat said...

I don't know who all these people are but you guys are really funny at poking fun at them.

Anonymous said...

It matters that Sharla has a hate blog, not just against Kate, but against people who disagree with her. It mocks people for expressing their opinions. It had nothing to do with her trying to get her comments posted anywhere. When you own Gwop, you don't need any other blog to post your comments. There is something wrong with Sharla. Seriously.

So is Julie posting regularly there? I think so.

More Confirmation said...

Peri said...
They have no clue who I really am and for some reason that drives three or four bloggers crazy. So be it. :) No, I'm not Julie. Not Jodi. Not Fiona either.

July 29, 2009 6:16 PM

Not Julie. Not Jodi. Not Fiona.

Peri, are you SHARLA?

Iwhy you may not know who Peri really is, but you do know that Peri = Sharla. "Peri" and "Sharla" won't deny it.

If Sharla wanted her Gwop Mod screen/name SHARLA associated with the catty mudslinging of the pig blog, she would have signed it as Sharla, not Peri.

It's the gwop mods + Fiona + that guy having a pity party over there.

Meanwhile, Julie says Jodi is going to be on TV again!!!!!! Did she spend the day at the spa getting ready for her next TV appearance??? Has she picked a few things out from Anne Taylor Loft??? How will she wear her hair??? It's so exciting to be on TV!!!

Anonymous said...

What matters is that a blog (or blogs as the case may be) exists where people can unleash their hate and vitreol toward a family that has done nothing to them. The GWOPpers feel that there is nothing wrong with stalking, harrassing and just generally being ugly toward Kate, Jon and all of the children, just because they (GWOPpers) think that the Gosselins have something that they, themselves do not have. That sort of hate is downright scary.

iwhyawli said...

And what topic will the lovely Aunt Jodi address this time for our wondering nation? Is she and Kevin looking to buy a summer home ?

Anonymous said...

What really matters is that Peri and her group spent months spewing how great the GWoP mods were and how they never stooped to socking. It was said that they did not even comment on the GWoP board.

No kidding, they didn't have to. They were spewing it elsewhere. A great majority of people knew that Sharla was behind the Pig. She did not fool anyone.

Fiona? Huh? said...

I don't understand why Peri/Sharla lets Fiona blog on her blog, anyway. If you go back and read, there was a great deal of mud slinging at Fiona, and it's still on the header of the blog. Doesn't this bother Fiona? Or is she really that pathetic to be happy to be allowed to post on a site that she's overlooking that? (Even though I'm just sure she's still posting all over the place, even here.)

But now Peri/Sharla is actually being polite to Fiona and even going so far to explain her comments to Fiona. I don't get it, at all.

From Peri/Sharla
July 27, 2009
7:26 p.m.

Fiona, that wasn't meant to lecture you, but I'm tired of the people who come here to pick fights or rehash something old that you happened to be involved in.

I've rejected over half the comments today as they were rude, pot stirrers, or wanting to say something nasty about a regular commenter. They were 90% from dear anonymous.

This entire blog world is so sick and yet fascinating. Iwhy, I'm so glad you're here to stir things up and hopefully help these nut jobs realize this is all stupid and to just stop already!

Score one for Fiona said...

Fiona is over at the Pig making nice with Sharla. Someone from Moon's group keeps coming and giving her heck for continuing to question Moon.

Fiona, I am afraid you are right on on this one. I believe a great deal of what was on several blogs this past weekend was fabricated.

I wonder if anyone has contacted the girl in the photos on one of the blogs to let her know of the accusations and her main feature post. They were deleted, however many people have them.

Everything about that was so wrong.

I used to post there *ducking* said...

I noticed quite a while ago that "Harriet" is a GWOP moderator. When all of the comments would be posted in the morning, Harriet would also comment in response to them before they had been posted.

Sock It To Sharla said...

Maybe Harriet is Sharla's middle name or a favorite aunt. Lameo could be her dad. Hmmmm Peri we know she ripped off from a very intelligent fair minded poster on TWoP who happened to call them out on their bullshit all of the time.

Sue said...

It's the gwop mods + Fiona + that guy having a pity party over there.

Exactly! I think it's funny how Sharla tries to continue. Today there's a post on TLC and two (madeup) posters respond. Guess we can add these two to her sockpuppets.

Anonymous said...

But now Peri/Sharla is actually being polite to Fiona and even going so far to explain her comments to Fiona. I don't get it, at all.

Brace yourself for just how pathetic the explanation is, but, Fiona is giving Sharla some legitimacy right now, she thinks.

Moon made a mistake believing the DD's story. As the week went on DD's story just got ridiculous, even Moon must see that. Sharla is using that fact to try to deflect from her own mistake. She's letting Fiona get her digs in at Moon, hoping to distract.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand Moon going along with Dirty Disher and her whole made up story. I thought Moon had a pretty good bullshit monitor.

What is with that person on the pig who keeps coming to defend Moon against Fiona.

According to NC resident, no one should read any other blogs but their own. Maybe he should relay that message to the anon person that keeps defending Moon.

What kind of bullshit is that from NC Resident anyway. People who own a blog should not read other blogs. Oh that's right that only goes for the women on GDNNOP. That standard is only for them. They are the only ones who are not allowed to read other blogs.

somethingsmells said...

"I really don't understand Moon going along with Dirty Disher and her whole made up story. I thought Moon had a pretty good bullshit monitor."

Yeah, her bs monitor must've been on the fritz during the Pennmommy thing. My guess? She'd see the bs for what it is if she wanted to. If it's something horrible that came from Kate or a blogger that likes her, it's truth--set in stone. You'll never see the truth if you don't want to.

Lemongrove Jello said...

I just noticed the Kate is a Shrew site is closed again. How long has it been THIS time? A coincidence with the Sharla outing? Or has it been awhile?

I found it curious that the Shrew site and Laura Lingering's site were the only supposed "non Gwop" sites linked from Gwop (oh yea, julie's site, gag!).

I was doing a little reading on the old TWOP forum. I wonder who Sharla and Serena (not their real names) posted as on TWOP. Who knows iwhy, it might lead to some more intersting news.

I've already found one common denominator, but I'm not going to mention it until I see some foul play from that handle. She is on alot of the gwopper's facebook accounts though. Makes you wonder.

Are there any TWOP people out there that knows who the nasties were on that forum?

Marissa said...

Make us laugh Peri/Sharla. You don't admit you're Sharla, now do you?

Peri said...
They have no clue who I really am and for some reason that drives three or four bloggers crazy. So be it. :) No, I'm not Julie. Not Jodi. Not Fiona either.

July 29, 2009 6:16 PM

Sue said...

According to NC resident, no one should read any other blogs but their own. Maybe he should relay that message to the anon person that keeps defending Moon.

What kind of bullshit is that from NC Resident anyway. People who own a blog should not read other blogs. Oh that's right that only goes for the women on GDNNOP. That standard is only for them. They are the only ones who are not allowed to read other blogs.

July 30, 2009 4:56 AM

NC Resident is one freakin' wacko. He's got a file of old posts from Guin, Theresa, and the other Imperfect Women/Gosselinsdonotpity blog that he keeps to try to prove them wrong. And, when he "thinks" he has something, he pulls it out and pastes. If he's the one who says they shouldn't read other blogs, he's doing exactly what he's preaching. That's been his MO anyway. Try to prove people wrong. Try to prove Kate and Jon are scams.

Keep on trying Nc. You pathetic idiot.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who Peri posted as on GDNNOP?

When she started the pig blog, she would talk about being treated poorly there but I never remembered a Peri posting.

Well, how are we supposed to know whether she was being mistreated if she's using a different name. Sheesh.

Pleasant Times from SC said...

I have a feeling that whoever Peri is or isn't, that she gave as good as she got.

Anonymous said...

This would make great material for some sockpuppet theater. You'll need a lot of socks for Sharla's role.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, at the pig blahg, Sharla still has not denied that she is Peri the head pig. Her sockpuppets deny everything else except SHARLA. IS. PERI.

Anonymous said...
Iwhy says nc resident is xsandlapper too. Three words for Iwhy Loon a tick.

July 30, 2009 5:41 PM

ISSP said...
I'll add incorrect idiot.

July 30, 2009 6:11 PM

Ficke Fickle Fiona said...

FIONA said...
Well, I think DD and Moon were wrong, big time. I think it was all fabricated.

Who the heck cares who you are or are not, as long as you aren't Julie, that I would have a problem with. ;)

They think you are me, I am you, etc...I am growing tired of it all.
July 29, 2009 3:45 PM

It matters because it makes Sharla a liar.
It matters because Sharla is a mod at GWOP who says they don't sock puppet.
It matters because Sharla started the pig sty because she was pissed that the other blog found out about Pen Mom was a fraud.

Iwhy - some of your puppet theater? Pretty please?

wondering said...

Boy. I'm having a hard time keeping up.

If xsandlapper is ncresident why do you think that xsandlapper would give you any info to the secret message board.

ncresident did get into it a little with the original gdnnop blog, then tried to go over to gwop and claimed that he/she/it got ran out of there, and now seems to have found a home at the pig blog.

Do you think that ncresident knew all along that peri and sharla were the same person?

Do you think that sharla knows that ncresident and xsandlapper were the same persons?

If peri is sharla she'd have access to the IP addresses from both gwop and the pig blog and would know that xsandlapper's and ncresident's ip addresses are the same.

(ncresident wouldn't have access to them so it is less likely that he/she/it would know that peri is sharla unless that was disclosed in advance.)

I still don't think that ncresident is a man.

Anonymous said...

There is some sort of tag team thing going on over at the Pig. I think it is between Manda and Sharla. They are BBF. Both were a little po-d when P-Mommy was revealed for who she is. Made GWoP look really bad.

Sharla still is denying it. How do you deny Google Reader and screen shots?

That site is plastered with numerous comments about how the GWoP mods are so above it all. Much adoration was given by all stating that the GWoP mods don't sock, don't comment,don't get involved.

I believe Sharla has a vendetta that runs deep and was probably responsible for the socking that went on all over the internet against anyone that thought differently than she did. Or anyone that dared to question the almighty GWoP.

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina said...

NC REsident is not smart enought for everything you just gave him credit for.

And for that matter, either is Sharla.

iwhyawli said...

I agree. If ncresident is a man, he's offering us a really poor impersonation of one.

As for xsandlapper, I've actually never said that xsandlapper is ncresident. I've only indicated that an "xsandlapper is ncresident" theory is under investigation.

Does Sharla know whether or not xsandlapper is ncresident? I'd put money on it. I bet Sharla knows who all the sockmasters and their puppets are. She's got umpteen blogs and each is armed with a sitemeter. I partly suspect that IP Tracing is the reason why she created the Pig Blog. I imagine less traffic makes for easier IP Tracing.

As for expected xsandlapper to give me access to the secret blog, that wasn't the intention of my "paging xsandlapper" thread. The intention was to let the secret blog denizens know that there is at least one mole amongst them.

Lori said...

I still don't think that ncresident is a man.

July 31, 2009 10:17 AM

Well whoever NC resident is, he's got a hard-on against Theresa, as he once again cuts and pastes from the GDNNOP/Imperfect Women site. Seriously, he's too wrapped up in her. I read over Theresa's post and of all the posts there, I would not have picked apart hers as it is just not as wild as Rosie or Kiki's. Yet, NC posts it at the Pig blog. Or, should I say this time he posted as "Anonymous said" and another poster called him out on it. See NC you're truly the dumbass you are. Everyone knows your writing style and will call you out.

Courtney said...

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina said...
NC REsident is not smart enought for everything you just gave him credit for.

And for that matter, either is Sharla.

July 31, 2009 10:33 AM

True! NC is stupid as they come. Same with Sharla.

Stupid is as Stupid does said...

NC Resident posted as anonymous because he doesn't want people to know he reads Imperfect Women.

What a joke your are NC Resident.

Sock It To Em said...

I would love to post on the Pig Blog but am not sure how to address anyone.

Sharla 1 aka Peri
Sharla 2 aka Harriet
Sharla 3 aka Lameo
Fiona on medication
Sharla 4 aka wowjustwow
Fiona's sock 1 anon
Sharla 5 aka anon
Fiona's sock 2 vomitus boy
Sharla 6 aka lovetohate
Fiona off medication
Sharla aka red jello
Sharla aka many others that we are not even aware of
NC Resident
Nc Resident aka anon when he say something he doesn't want to own

Linda said...

Stupid is as Stupid does said...
NC Resident posted as anonymous because he doesn't want people to know he reads Imperfect Women.

What a joke your are NC Resident.

July 31, 2009 6:14 PM

Of course nc resident reads Imperfect Women. He couldn't keep up with their former blog and cried to the mods when Guin and Theresa pointed out his lies. That's why he posted as "Anonymous said" pointing out something Theresa posted and Sue called him out on it at the Pig blog.

I wouldn't be surprised if he sneaked his way in on IW under another name. There seems to be quite a few new names. He's a loser.