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Forever Hopeful

Ha Ha Ha ... iwhyawli messed up again. I accidentally posted an unfinished thread as a real post. This is something stupid that "Forever Hopeful" said that I wanted to comment on at some point:

Forever Hopeful said...
I wonder how long it will take these two to remember that they have EIGHT KIDS who need more than tents and trips and concerts to be really happy.

I wonder...Have they EVER known the joy of seeing their parents as LOVING, CARING, WARM individuals who value them as their very own miracles?


Be right back (at some point) with the rest of it. I guess I could have just made it a draft post again or deleted it, but as a blogging purist, I insist that threads, even accidental threads, are never deleted.

:: glares at Sharla and Julie ::

Please don't allow my mess-up to detract from yesterday's excellent news from an excellent person: Sharla is Peri! Proof sits in yesterday's threads.

Thank you and this won't happen again. I hope.