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Poll #2: The Results Are In

No surprises here. Eating wins! 48% of our pollsters speculated that GWOPPERS would spend their hiatus free time stuffing their pie holes. 19% guessed they would fill that time badgering the Masche family. Myself, I voted for buying boatloads of crap on QVC. In retrospect, I should have had a category called "Eating while badgering the Masche family." That would have been a landslide.

Thanks for voting, everyone. To see 141 total votes pile up in a short 30 day period is exciting. Stay tuned for the August poll.

Poll #2:
During the "hiatus", how will GWOPPERS spend their time?

1. Eating 69 (48%)
2. Badgering the Masches 28 (19%)
3. Buying boatloads of crap on QVC 26 (18%)
4. Searching for PENNMOMMY 18 (12%)

Gotta go! The new episode is on! Be back later.


Anonymous said...

Typical GWoPer diet

2 am munchies:
1 cup Monkey Munch
1 cup chocalate milk
1 package gummy bears

Breakfast: McDonalds
2 Deluxe Breakfasts with extra syrup.
2 Milks
2 Cinnabuns
1 coffee

10 am snack:
cheese danish
2 cups coffee

Lunch: Subway Sub
Footlong Italian
2 bottles of Pepsi
1 bag of Cheetos
1 bag of Doritos
2 Chocolate Chip Cookies
1 Peanut Butter Cookie

4 pm snack:
2 Pizza Hut personal pizzas
1 cup coffee

Dinner: Kentucky Friend Chicken
1 liter Pepsi
3 piece meal, extra crispy
1 Chicken sandwich
extra coleslaw
extra mash potatoes
extra biscuits
3 Strawberry Parfaits

11 pm snack
1 Hot Pocket
2 Brown Sugar Poptarts

ha ha said...

Minus the coffee, that looks like the my son's ideal meal plan.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Typical GWoPer diet!

GWOPPER supreme said...

How wrong you are. I do believe that's YOUR diet.

I exercised, played with the kids, and started a new hobby. You're ahead of me on watching the new episodes also.

Anonymous said...

To GWOPPER supreme:

I am a certified GWoPer expert and I know for certain that the only exercise a GWoPer gets is:

1. lifting fork to mouth
2. driving to grocery store to read (not buy) the latest gossip mag. (This requires about 500 steps from car to magazine rack back to car)
3. open bag of Cheetos and microwave a Hot Pocket for their children's dinner so they can get back to blogging and search the internet for the lastest Kate gossip. (This requires some walking and use of hands and arms for 5 minutes)
4. typing vitriol against anyone who doesn't hate Kate, composing emails to be sent to corporations, groups, churches, and individuals that have some sort of relationship with Kate. (typing and using the mouse exercises the hands and probably takes 15 hours of their time)
5. picking up and using a dildo because they have either driven their husbands to the arms of another women or to divorce court because of the constant blogging and Kate obsession. (The amount of time this activity requires depends on the GWoPer. Most GWoPers are horny on account of not getting man meat on account of the fact that hatred has ruined their looks and their relationships)

Anonymous said...

Pathetic. The bowser and the other two of you can't make a go of it, huh? Your socks need to pick it up honey.