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Sharla's Smoking Gun

I had to split the picture (complements of 'Excellent Person' and Google Reader) in half. They're sorta small to see ... gotta work on that. I also included the properties of the "For Worldsfatestcat" link as further evidence that this thread did exist on the Piggy Blog.

These pics bring back memories, Sharla? What were you gonna do with these pics?

Bottom Half of Thread


Sharla. Is. A. Fraud said...

I half expected to see a picture of "Jason Haas" AKA Pennmommy's dead son feeding the geese! I really love your screen shot. Good job whoever caught this!

Peri. Is. Sharla.

They all--Pretentious Mod, et al.--look so bad right now, don't they? What does she call Kate Gosselin? A fraud?

This means Fiona is best friends with Sharla.


Anonymous said...

That is real real funny. Fiona and Sharla new fest friends.

Anonymous said...

Fiona is a fake as is Peri. Makes you wonder, huh?