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"Damage Has Already Been Done"

You may recognize today's thread title as a direct quote from Aunt Jodi's and Uncle Kevin's recent interview on the Early Show. The assertion comes comes toward the end of the interview in response to this question from Harry Smith:

Harry Smith: When you see all this play out now ... these are people you love, people you care about ... what does it make you think, what does it make you feel?

Aunt Jodi: It's tragic. And that is why we are continuing to speak out for the children. They need to be looked at as the first priority. Damage has already been done and we want to see that ...

Harry Smith: How do you mean? What do you think?

[Jodi promptly changes topic to recount her "demands" ]


Let me just say that Jon and Kate are far more patient and generous than the iwhyawlis because upon hearing such a public assertion that our children are damaged and we knowingly and deliberately caused or allowed it, it would have taken me less than a nanosecond before calling my attorney to discuss defamation.

Don't tell me that Harry didn't hear it too. He immediately interrupted Jodi to ask for specifics, which Jodi did not provide. Instead, you see a moment of panic before she changes back to her demands. Not that Jodi needed to elaborate further about the asserted (vs. alleged) damages. If I'm on the jury, the statement "Damage Has Already Been Done" alone is defamatory enough. I also happen to know that Jodi's too dumb to know when she's being led off a cliff. The only reason she stopped, changed courses, and didn't describe the damage "already been done" is because there ain't no damage.

So I'm asking a serious question here. Crap like this is allowed? I can just go on national TV and state unequivocally that someone else's kid is damaged and their parents caused it? Better yet, a network will pay me to say something like that? There are no consequences? Really?

If only I were sleazy like the Kreiders, I could be really rich.

It's outrageous enough that Jodi's on TV worrying that Jon & Kate's parenting might be harmful to the children, but now Jody's saying the "damage has already been done" and inflicted by Jon & Kate.

You all heard it too. Twice! .

First Jodi give us the whole "Kate is a cheater" video and now she tells us that the Gosselin kids are damaged.

Wow just Wow.

I can't help but think some of the Kreider's mortgage money from radaronline should have been spent on legal counsel and\or possibly some class. If Jon and\or Kate don't sue on their own behalf, I would hope they would at least sue on behalf of their children.


Anonymous said...

And yet no intervention by anyone with actual authority. Hmmmmm.

Could that be because there is NO crime? There is no damage? Ya think!

And in my neck of the woods, if you witness "damage" (or abuse or exploitation as they call it) and fail to report it to the proper authorities, you're probably likely to be charged with neglect.

New to the site IWHYA - gotta say I love your work!

Changed My Mind About Jodi said...

*First we learned from Kevin that Jodi received $3,000/episode in seasons 1 and 2. That was the first proof that Julie lied directly about what happened.

*Next we learned that Kevin was shopping his "story" for $30,000 to tabloids.

*Then you posted the proof of their lump sum mortgage pay-off just after Jodi whispered that Kate cheated at Radar online.

*Now this.

I once believed Jodi had the kids' interests at heart. Maybe she did at one time. This? It's revenge and greed.

iwhyawli said...

Each time I watch that video, I find something else that annoys me. It's very end of the interview catches my attention this time.

Jodi just spent the previous 4 minutes crying out for a "politician with a heart" that will partner with them in their crusade to invade homes and prosecute parental rights and then finally at the very end when her performance is over, she scrunches up into a shy, flirty, giggly, little 5 year old to coo (tee hee) in her tiny little fairy voice "thanks for having us again."

Anonymous said...

Jodi is as fake as fake can be. I knew it when seeing her in the Oprah episode and she was showing us that she had her nails done in that wide-eyed loon face.

wondering said...

And by the way, someone gave Radaronline the info on what the Gosselins charge for their speaking engagements.

It isn't $25,000 per event as Julie/Serena/GWOP had said. It is more like $3500.

What's my name? said...

In the state of PA if you do not report child abuse, neglect,or so called damage, you can be charged with neglect. The state has a hotline and abuse can be reported anonymously.

If Jodi or Kevin know first hand about the damage then they should have called. Failure to do so and speaking publicly about it could result in prosecution.

Also, wouldn't the Gosselins have a civil case somewhere in there if the Kreider's are being untruthful.

Anonymous said...

The biggest inconsistency in this interview is with what Julie has claimed for months...that Kate is the reason for the estragement between Jodi & Kevin and Jon & Kate.

Julie claimed it was Kate who cut them out of their lives when TLC wanted to give Kevin and Jodi a contract. Now, according to this latest interview with Kevin & Jodi, it's TLC that is the reason the family is no longer close?

REALLY? It's not Julie's blogging and feeding inuendo to GWOP or Kevin and Jodi's simpering interviews?

You should post Jon's Radaronline interview he gave after Jodi and Kevin appeared on the CBS morning show.

Jon states very clearly he hasn't spoken to them since January and that the kids have accounts set up that he and Kate contribute money to.

Jon makes it very clear that Kevin and Jodi have no "inside" knowledge, haven't been on the show since the early seasons, and have no way of knowing how the show is currently being filmed, what changes might have been made, etc. "They've never even been to our house. They don't know where we live." (para.)

Jon also said something about his family having "class" because they have never had any interest in being filmed or speaking publicly about Jon & Kate.

Granted, Jon lowers his voice when he uses the word "class", much like Jodi did when she whispered "cheater", but I imagine that has something to do with the respective speakers realizing that their choice of words might cause damage to the relationship between the parties.

Nice to see him address the BS claims by Kevin and Jodi directly.

(Also LOVE how the one thing Jodi mentions doing damage to the kids is the "bathroom" filming. Considering what Jodi allowed to be filmed in her own house -- daughter in undies and boys potty training -- she sure chose the WRONG thing to make her point. Not, IMO, that filming these things is a crime. My point is her hypocracy in making this claim.)

Iwhy, I think Jodi's vying for yet another month as GWOPper of the Month.

Mary said...

Jodi getting paid 3K per episode in seasons 1 and 2 is at odds with everything else I've read on the subject of Jodi no longer doing the show, Kate's "No one makes money off my kids but me" comment, etc. Can someone tell me how this is known and provide links to articles on the subject? If true, this changes everything IMO. Please forgive me if sources are mentioned elsewhere. I am new to this site. I read that the fees for Jon and Kate to give speeches rose only after their new PR firm was handling the arrangements for speeches.

me said...

mary, Kevin said that they were paid 3k an episode in the first or second radar interview. Can't remember which.

Nancy said...

yep, that's it. One of those 3 radar online interviews Kevin said they were paid 3K. I don't have the link, but just google it I guess.

Amazing that Jodi and Kevin were even on CBS Early Show. Someone over there should tell them how these two are money hungry jokes.

The good part of their appearances is that they can be used as evidence somewhere down the road when Jon or Kate feels warranted to sue them for slander.

Anonymous said...

Here at around 3:10.

Gwop posted a link to this same interview under this post (third segment) where Kevin admits they got paid "compensation for having cameras in their home" which is no different from Kate getting paid for having cameras in HER home.

It might have been on the first CBS interview. It was confirmed on the Pig blog at the end of May, too. It's not disputed.

Anonymous said...

Pig blog confirmed it on the "Let Season Five Begin" thread.
Prince Harry said...
The uber-Christian sister has seen them, but not anymore. There is a rumor on Giddy that Jodi and Kevin did get paid per episode ($3,300) but Kate interferred with them getting regular roles on the show. That sounds believable to me and is a *version* of what Julie (and Jodi) said. Also, I don't blame Kate for not wanting the sister-in-law to be a regular *character* in her reality TV life. Especially since Jodi was cast as the good mother, and Kate as the bitch. Sort of like the good twin/bad twin thing they had going there for a while. The Kreiders come off as money-grubbing grifters, same as the Gosselins. Sorry to say it people, but the *Aunt Jodi* thing was sham and we fell for it. Greed must run deep in that Kreider family. Losers, all of them.

May 28, 2009 1:20 PM

Then the response from goawayJandK--

goawayJandK said...
Prince Harry-

I believe the $3000 that was paid to Jodi and Kevin was COMPENSATION for invading their house with the lights , mics and cameras. Very different than the type of payment KON receive for doing the show.

Also, TLC didn't cast K8 as the bitch. She earned that title all on her own.

May 28, 2009 5:03 PM

Except money is money and the only difference between what Kate got and what Jodi got is Kate got a lot more. And she's still getting it. (Poor Jodi)

lyingskank said...

Is there a post missing from Julie's blog? I can't find the one that tells the story of how aunt jodi got the boot.

I did find this in a recap for all the traffic she was getting from a People story

"The show meant NOTHING to Jodi and Kevin. They were doing what they had always done--taking care of the children. Jodi knew that she had to be seen as "useful" to Kate to be able to have a relationship with the kids. So she allowed the cameras in her home and she watched the kids on a regular basis, and it wasn't just for filming. She never expected to be paid and would never have even taken money if it had been offered by Kate. They are family and that's what you do for family (or should do). You love them and support them to the best of your ability without expecting anything in return. I know that about Jodi and Kevin because they are MY family."

She's so full of crap. I bet she bitch slapped Kevin for telling radar they actually did get paid. The "I love the children so much that I did all of it for free" line was working out pretty well for them.

lyingskankisbusted said...

Aha! "Twisted Part 3", the post in which Julie goes on in great detail about how Jodi was offered money and Kate said no(The infamous "No one gets paid but us!")and Kate told her they couldn't get paid because "the network doesn't care about you", oddly enough, has not been re posted to julies blog. Parts 1 and 2 are there, but no part 3. Hmmm

You can find it here(thanks iwhy!) under "Julies deleted blog posts".

Mary said...

Thanks to everyone posted links and to the people who recalled posts at other sites. I do recall them mentioning compensation now. Of course it's all a huge coincidence that the Kreiders show up on network TV a few days before the series comes off of hiatus.