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Julie Returns!

Gwopwop hopes you've enjoyed a very restful, peaceful "blogging vacation", Julie. We were hopeful ... er, I mean worried that the truth may have set you free permanently.

Thanks also for returning in the nick of time to let us all know that Jodi will return to the airwaves today for another appearance on The Early Show.

Of course, I don't have to point out that the first post-hiatus show hasn't even aired yet but here's Jodi to offer commentary and fire up the GWOPPERS. It's a preemptive strike on judging what we'll surely see during that episode. A "pre-recrap", if you will. A new low in GWOPPER-ness.

What will Jodi possibly tell us this time, Julie? How's she's coping without having had any contact whatsoever with Jon, Kate or the kids for over a year? Perhaps Preesi has given Jodi all the inside scoop so that she'll have something to say.

Let's see. Jodi will start out with the usual assurance that she and Kevin love, love, love Jon & Kate. ::eyeroll:: And shortly later, she'll insert the knife. But on what topic? We can hardly wait.

Will hard-hitting Julie Chen ask about your recent lump sum mortgage payments? No.

Will Julie Chen ask Aunt Jodi when she was last anywhere near the Gosselins? No.

Will Aunt Jodi comment about the kids' reaction to the divorce anyway? But of course.

Jodi. Jodi. Jodi.

: shakes head disapprovingly :

I'm no psychic but I see another batch of gwopwop movies in the horizon.


iwhyawli said...

Well that was a gig bunch of absolutely nothing. What complete jackasses. Painful to watch such stupidity in action.

But I was right about the "we want Jon and Kate to know that we love them very much." so that was something. HA HA HA

Mary Jane said...

My favorite part was right up front when she explained how fearful they were that the whole saga would play out in the media. She said that almost as if she and Julie weren't leading the way for the tabloids.

Yoda said...

so will this follow up with yet another PAID arrangement followup on Radar Online?

Yep, all about the kids, right when the school year is about to begin, here comes little Miss Auntie Media POT STIRRER embarassment!

Pathetic! Go raise your own kids Jodi! Yoda says...shut the eff up, YOU MUST!

arabella said...

My "HUH" moment was Jodi complaining about all the bathroom antics being on TV. You know, back when she was actually on the show and didn't mind them. But NOW that she is an outcast, OMG how terrible about the bathroom stuff that literally happened YEARS AGO. Get over it Jodi. Kate doesn't want you any more. If you have some updated info, please share. Harping on soemthing that happened years ago, not so useful.

YousuckJodi said...

Jodi is using Jon's stupidity to further her own agenda. People don't realize how long she's been slamming the G's(through Julie), and that it only started when her ass got the boot. She was cool with the "exploitation" when she was getting paid to be a part of it. Now it's all "We're worried for the children...divorce...tabloids..". I swear, I don't see how she keeps a straight face. If she wasn't solely responsible for it herself, she knew about and helped the person who gave the very first story to star. Really, how can you take yourself seriously when you go on tv to tell the world the show is getting too much media coverage??? LMAO This is what she wanted. Most people would have thought she was just a nosey bitch if she hadn't waited for the tabloids to errupt. This is what she wants and she doesn't give a damn about those kids. She's trying her damnest to get the show off the air to get back at Kate. If she were truly concerned, she wouldn't be giving fodder to the media that is causing so much pain to her nieces and nephews.

What a scummy bitch.

iwhyawli said...

They both were so nervous I felt like they were going to vomit. That was the type of nervousness that comes from not having anything of value to say and being terrified that the questions will expose that, which they did.

They kept speaking to each other with a questioning lilt and constantly looking at each other for assurance.

"I'm saying this right, right Kevin?"

"This is what we rehearsed, right Jodi?."

"This is the right level of vaguery, right?"

"Am I using all the right words that make it seem like we've actually contact with them when actually we haven't?"

"It's not too too obvious that we're here again only to get our face on TV again, right?"

"Is everyone else except us on to the fact ABC is playing us in the very same way that we just claimed TLC plays Jon and Kate?"

"The gwopwoppers are going to have a field day with me, aren't they?"

"Where's the restroom, Jodi. I'm gonna barf."

yahoo emailer said...

I missed it. Can you give a recap of what was asked/answered?

Anonymous said...

ok, why is Jodi or Jodie Kreider showing up in ST LOUIS MO (where GWOP addy is).

Check it out

I think some one is after some money of her own and using GWOP!

Anonymous said...

Sister Mary Jodi and Father Kevin are disasters. If my aunt and uncle went on a television show to talk about my parent's divorce, I'd force them to wear concrete shoes and push them into a river.

Anonymous said...

and here we go...they are on Radar Online...ding ding ding, as expected...cha-ching cha-ching

Kevin claims he lost his sister Kate to fame. Ummm perhaps you lost your sister because of you going to the tabloids and because your wife is with Julie behind GWOP. Beings Jodi now has an address in St Louis MO, just like GWOP! Why she does, I don't know.

Anyway, here's the greedy in laws, maybe they are trying to mortgage a house in MO now or pay for Julie's. LOL

Anonymous said...

Asked to the Oracle Jodi without pity

You asked:
Is iwhyawli on the right path?

The Oracle replied:
Although you do not understand this yet, it is all for the best. Trust me.

Where’s the restroom, Jodi. I’m gonna barf?

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Anonymous said...

here's a link to the video. seriously, do kevin and jodi kreider take any responsibility for the mess with the media? first julie with her blog and support of gwop (and the infamous pennmommy), getting paul peterson involved and then jumping in the media frenzy when jon and kate are clearly having trouble. when does it end?

i just read that someone thinks jodi and kevin should ADOPT these children. are they serious? have they lost their mind?

kevin and jodi kreider and backpedaling like nothing i have seen before. they are really one big joke.

ANNA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yahoo emailer said...

Never mind. I saw a clip. They called out TLC and begged a politician to get involved. Maybe they realized that attacked Jon and Kate wasn't the best PR for themselves so now they are attacking the network directly. I say attention whores. If they really cared about they kids they would quit promoting the show by going on other shows to talk about them.

Eventually someone who knows Jodi and Kevin will start to spill the beans about what kind of people they really are.

Anonymous said...;contentBody

LauraGreen said...

I hate you. I truly hate you.
These people are trying to help the kids. If you cared at all for the children you would see that damage is being done.

I hate you and wish you would drop dead.
You do nothing but damage the reputation of those
of us that actually like Kate and hope she gets full-custody. You make all Kate fans look deranged.

Please stop blogging to "help" Kate. You are hurting her by making her supporters seemed mentally deficient and emotionally damaged.

Anonymous said...

You think they would be used to it. I just saw the episode where Jodi was so excited to see Oprah she ran right out to get her hair and nails done-- oh I'm sorry it was for the kids.

Minuet said...

I agree--a lot of nothing. I can't understand the point of having them on the show if they had nothing new to say.

Eagle Eye said...

Hey Everyone!

Matt Heckman is looking for guests on his show this Saturday to talk about the gosselins and moon!

Lets_All_Laugh_at_Sharla said...

Iwhyawli, well in fairness to Jodi, she is our Nation's Laughingstock. Her reign is soon to end (just 1 1/2 more days!). Who will Iwhy choose next? An anxious nation awaits!

As for the video, b-o-r-i-n-g.

Oh and Jodi dear -- Kate Gosselin would have to be a lot stupider than we know her to be to talk to you about anything other than the color of the sky. Yes, I am looking at you, Little Miss Blabbermouth with an even bigger Blabbermouth for a sister!

LR said...

These 2 vile pieces of crap turn my stomach. It looks like their 15 minutes is soon up though.

Ronda said...

I agree with you Iwhy. Their nervousness was actually because they knew they were lying and doing something stupid.

Jodi and Kevin are scum. I wish Harry Smith were more vocal and quizzed them more, especially on their involvement on the show and what makes it different now. I wish he really grilled them. Embarrass them and expose them for the scum they are.

Grandpa said...

Shout out Iwhyawli! I'm glad that you are still keepin it real!

These two yipper snappers, dumb and dumber if you ask me, Kevin and Jodi, need to get off the tele already. They already paid off their morgage. What else do they need?

Funny story...

Ever since my wife got back from the hospital we have been knocking boots every couple of hours. While she was in the hospital I orded me some Viagra and some Extenz from off the television. Worth every penny!

Well this morning my wife asked me what was for breakfast and I told her I got her kiolbasa sausage and two very hard boiled eggs. ;0

Anyways there we were slapping bellies, when I hear on the Early Show Jodi's voice. It was like cold air on my nut sacks. Jodi's face was a real drain on my MoJo. She looks like a skank Pippy Longstalkings! Thankfully the remote was close by and I changed the channel to The View so I could get back to pounding poon.

LOL. A rolling rock gathers no moss.

PS. I love this song. I sing it to my wife before we get our freaks on. Check it!

Anonymous said...

This guy wants info on looney moon he wants to talk about moons stupid blog take a look.

Anonymous said...


Every time these losers start yappin', people start to question their motives and gwop starts the Aunt Fairy Dust Protection Program(AFDPP). Everytime a gwopper tells someone that Jodi never ever ever got paid, worked for free, just love the children, blah, blah, blah, I want to scream.

I'm going to start a blog called "Aunt Fair Dust(or AFD)got paid!", and it will be just one big page of quotes from aunti douchebag herself saying she got paid 3k per episode. Oh, and a timeline that will prove for once and freaking all that she never said one word about EXPLOITATION! until she got kicked off the money train. Oh! Oh! AND the clips of her daughter on the show in nothing but her underwear. Yeah.

Iwhy, perhaps we could get another button or would REALLY save me some trouble on the new blog startin thing.

Just sayin....

yahoo emailer said...

Dear LauraGreen,

Hate is a very strong, nasty word. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

That is all.

LR said...

Poor Julie is probably having one hell of a hissy after Jon's latest comments to Radar Online concerning Auntie & Uncle Douche Nozzle. I'm picturing vases being thrown and hair being pulled out by the roots. heh heh