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Blogger Threats

I'm receiving comments and email messages from several persons who are asking for my help with threats they are receiving from bloggers at other blogs. Is that we're all called? Bloggers? Or is only the blog owner called a 'blogger' and everyone else is called something else? A 'blog follower' perhaps. Otherwise, it's a "troll", I suppose.

Anyhoo, these big meanies have drawn a conclusion that I also post with the name "Baby Mama" and\or "KathyG", and for whatever reason, this upsets them greatly. I'm sure both are lovely, lovely ladies, but I can't say I know a darn thing about them, their posting style or posting history.

For what it's worth, iwhyawli only posts here, iwhyawli only posts as "iwhyawli", and iwhyawli only posts when she is logged in as 'iwhyawli'. I have only posted one time elsewhere and that was when I visited the comments from some magazine article and re-pasted the world's longest GWOP comment (or tried to anyway) as a joke. I even acknowledged this event here in my 'This Woman Should be Shot' thread.

"Girl scout's honor" but something tells me the people who are threatening to call people's employers, school boards and veterinarians aren't girl scouts. Without getting too far off topic, I do wonder how such a phone call goes down.

BoMo: Hello, employer?
Employer: Yes?
BoMo: I'd like to tell you that "so and so" is posting to my blog on company time.
Employer: And you are?
BoMo: Nevermind who I am.
Employer: What's your blog?
BoMo: Nevermind what my blog is.
Employer: And what is it you'd like me to do?
BoMo: Teach them a lesson, of course.
Employer: Okay, sure. Let me get right on that. Thanks for calling.

You all may be shocked by this, but I do happen to know a little something about the workplace. I happen to know that the employer-answering-the-phone is probably not the same person who will examine the Internet Logs, assuming of course an Internet log exists. I also happen to know that the employer-answering-the-phone probably does a little of his/her own inappropriate web usage as does the person who will examine the Internet Logs. Having recently developed all this computer expertise, I also know a little something about Internet Logs. If you're parked all day on the Internet and\or if the sites you're visiting are filled with vulgar language, your name already appear on the Internet Logs and in the Management Reports. It's all automatic. No employer who is concerned about inappropriate Internet usage needs a call from BoMo.

Now of course, I'm no lawyer but if Armeggedon should occur and I found myself representing someone who was financially or professionally injured for visiting BoMo's blog during company hours, the first thing I might ask for is the Internet records of everyone else. The second thing I might ask is "how come none of these other people have been fired for improper internet usage?" and the third thing I might ask is "how much do you want to pay my client for improper termination?" I then might encourage my damaged client to go after BoMo, assuming BoMo has two nickels and a pot to piss in. Last but not least, I'd certainly encourage my client to steer clear of any sites that issue these types of threats to anyone. What of any value is there possibly to read at a place that behaves in such a way? When will they turn on you?

I have no idea what BoMo plans to say to a PTA group that would possibly matter, but whatever.

Am I helping yet to allay any concerns? Probably not so I am also prepared to do the following for you.

Send me the links to whatever threads are impersonating me and I will forward them onto Blogger. You must do this via e-mail and you must also include the actual content of the impersonation post since I will not visit these sites myself.

If you're receiving threats, I suggest you do something similar. I can't really report the threat stuff on your behalf.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

If she truly does that, that is sick, calling employers, DOT, husbands, etc. Sad little woman she be.

Anyway, her site is trash, I won't go there to read her soap box and ego stroking crapola. Too bad it puts hers and her hubs professions in a bad light to openly display such venom and hatred.

iwhyawli, great thread and well stated.

BTW, I think hocus pocus is hocus pocus. Hexes, spells, magik is some thing one day, that they will be severely judged on and they'll get a one way, do not pass go, ticket to HELL forever. They will get theirs in the end.

They're Acting Like The Sky is Falling said...

The very first thing I thought when I saw all of that threat nonsense was "This person isn't even logged into any sort of account to make the comment. Why are they all freaking out?"

I never thought it was you. Don't let the other bloggers, some of who LOVE to use the thesaurus, get to you.

King Arthur said...

OH MY iwhy, sit down before you continue reading LOL.

They are planning to vaporize you through their energies at 4pm EST tomorrow, an entire hour of their life devoted TO YOU. Unless that is when they are planning DD's exorcism, I get confabulated on her site, but the comments are all in a whirlwind over there.

They think they have you figured out and got the scoop on you. I doubt it!

Where is HARRY POTTER when you need him!

If she was in medieval times, her and her witchery friends would already be burned at the stake!

Tastes like chicken! LOL *puke*

iwhyawli said...

Thanks all for sending all the updates. I can't decide if I should post what you're sending, but it's all been very, very entertaining to read.

Anonymous said...

iwhy, you should practice a little of the magic stuff too. One click and make her blog disappear? You made one bitchery blog already disappear, I have faith in you to do a repeat performance. I think you are more talented!


sHeNaNiGaNs said...

This is the chant they have set up for you iwhy....LMFAO!!!!! Someone has a fascination with @ss!!!! Just an observation. Winky Dinky Doo, Poo Poo Platter, sounds like a Chinese Buffet below...

Miss Tia said...

anagrams for kayla downing...

Anal Dig Wonky
Anal Dingy Wok
Gonad Yawn Ilk
Daily Nag Wonk
Daily Nag Know
Lad Agony Wink
Wad Agony Kiln
Day Walking No
A Dang Inky Low
A La Dingy Wonk

Anonymous said...

a post in their comment section of the thread they dedicated to you!

Pearl said...

DD, you have them scrambling! I have been watching and they are frantic trying to stop you. They are giving in! They want to post an apology!!!!! OMG!

July 26, 2009 7:40:00 PM GST

iwhyawli, true or false? Personally I think it was someone just trying to stir up her blog or DD herself, realizing that her thread did not get to you. (It will once blogger shuts it down for violating of TOS, just like AHEM another blog?)

Man DD is sure putting all of her energy today on you, you are one of her celebs now iwhyawli, and she feels famous today too, it's the most comments she gets on one thread, and probably the most hits her bore snore blog ever got.

Can I have your autograph?

PS...they moved the exorcism to 6pm EST now. FYI, in case they make a voodoo doll and start jabbing you, you might not want to be driving at that time?

iwhyawli said...

Nope not working on an apology. Maybe "Pearl" is referring to peeps at some other blog.

staghorn said...

I don't see how they think that calling anyone out of the blue like that will make any difference. What do they think they've figured out anyway? This is all so crazy now.

Anonymous said...

If that is you Iwhy, at least you are thing.

Laura Linger: Why exactly are you not allowed to see your nieces and nephews? Oh yeah, that article you wrote. And you think Kate exploits.

Penny Pengleton said...

Where is all this stuff you 'said'?

iwhyawli said...

I wish I knew, Penny. I wish I knew. I barely remember what's posted here let alone what I haven't posted at places I've never been to. It's persons who use the names "Dirty Disher" and the infamous "Bohemian Moon" who currently seem to have their tents in a wad. They appear to be angry about some comment made here. I couldn't begin to tell you what it was or where it is. I'm frequently taken to task for the comments I publish (and reject). Some of the longer term followers here can tell you that most of my comment moderation happens by pure accident.

Anonymous said...

Iwhy, eneyone could have used your name. People should report her to blog spot shes nuts.

iwhyawli said...

Excellent point, anon@4:34. I'm thankful to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at this problem.

Anonymous said...

Don't these fools know that it people sending you the info, not you hunting it down.

Kelly said...

Why praytell would anyone take thsi dirty disher seriously? It's obvious she's a young punk trying to stir up trouble with lies. Anyone can see through that.

Anonymous said...

Moon and dd are into witch craft there real weird.

Erin said...

Iwhy, at this point I recommend consulting a lawyer. If the accusations of drug use are incorrect that is verging on slander per se (moral turpitude), and at the very least libel. I really wish people would think before they blog. What fucking idiots.

Also--moon is the biggest C U Next Tuesday in the entire gosselin blog world. Closely followed by Preesi, Peri, and the GWOP idiots. PS Moon, any self-respecting woman would take that stupid word out of her vocabulary. It is a vile word. But from what I have seen you are not a self respecting woman. You are a foul idiot.

FX Fanatic said...

Lets keep this up ladies, a couple of blogs have closed and a couple more are thinking about it! And no, I'm not a Kate fan. I can't believe they think it is in the " best interest of the chilren " to hate on their parents!!! So, lets keep calling these people out.

my2cents said...

Ya know, I've been around for a while and I've seen this kind of thing happen before.

Dirty Disher and Bomo don't like what you're doing, but they can't really flip out about it because it makes them look like they have something to hide, or that they care what someone else thinks about them. So, one of them posts something vile and puts your name on, not only do they have a reason to "go off" on you, they make sure that it crosses a line and no one will defend it. It's all about pity, ironically enough.

They get to act like idiots and make their readers think a)You're a vile bitch(like them), picking on poor ol DD and b)That bomo is just taking up for her friend because she is oh-so-noble. They know there are a lot of people who visit this site, and they're looking to turn them off. Bomo wants to act as if she's above the frey, but she can't stand it now and she needs an excuse. They can do whatever they want because you attacked them first.

I'll bet you that comment came from them, and the idiots that worship them are eating it up. It really is kind of like a cult, isn't it?

michelle said...

Hi, Ive never read ur blog before, in fact it wasnt until a friend of mine told me that lunar loony's site had ishit posting about my firned that she is you that I had even heard ur name. Yes those women are CRAZY!!! I knwo them from Cafemom, and currently Ishit (Isles, Carolsue) is claiming that you are really Curiousmom from CM, and I am listed as one of her/your sheeple. She is the one they are saying they want to call her sons school PTA and complain about her and all that crap. They even found her on Myspace, and due to their stalking and lies and crazy minds, she of course deleted her MS acct. This to them is proof that she is you lol.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
WHo says it was IWHY who made those comments? I've seen 10doll make comments on other sites that she then says is not her. And lord knows DD has said enough about the Gosselins that I can't feel much sympathy for something said about her. Tit for Tat.

Anonymous said...

my2centsworth, I totally agree with you. What I can't understand is that these women seem to think that Pat (dirtydisher) is being truthful with them! I was reading thru many parts of her blog yesterday and it didn't take long to know that she has ISSUES... And for this latest crap, where are these horrible emails that she has recieved? She is sure loving all this attention isn't she.

DD is a said...

I know this sounds strange but I think Pat is posting that stuff. Its just funny how when Pat posts sometimes within 10 minutes the imposter (iwhya) posts. What a way to get attention. DD's obviously a wo(man) with too much time on her hands.

Betcha said...

The more I think about it, it's a good possibility that your friends lisak and 10doll are behind these comments and the new blog aimed at DD. It certainly fits their character as I've seen it, and I could totally see them trying to get something started between you and bomo/dd. In that case, they are kind of making dd and bomo look like idiots, which works for me too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Moon and Dirty Disher,
Yesterday, you made some serious accusations against a real live woman. You portrayed an innocent party as a meth-addicted teenager.

Problem is this: you posted the picture of an innocent woman. Of course, if your readers googled they would have found the truth.

Don't worry, I saved your original blogs with all of that info. I will pass it along if charges our filed.

Pennmommy was fake, but the woman you accused is very real.

Moon, you are in a heap of doo doo also for posting the link. Why didn't dd contact you when she removed the info?
Again, you are left out in the cold.

Curious said...

Why won't you post my comments? Do you understand I spent the entire night from 10pm until almost 3am communicating with isles/CarolSue via CafeMom pleading with her to stop giving out my son's information. To please not go after him and the only thing she would tell me is that until you stop, they will continue pursuing me and my son.

I need them to understand that you are not me and I am not you. As I said this morning. It is my real life son that is being put in harm's way.

Do I think moon would do anything to him? No. But they don't know who they are communicating with on the internet. They don't know that there is not some hairy ass man licking his chomps eager to get his hands on a 14 year old boy.

Isles lives less than 5 hours away from my son.

Please iwhy, please let them know you are not me.

I get it. I really do. My friends and I loved to poke at them too. We did so for more than a year. Then they found me. They take hate to an all new level and they do not fight fair.

Curiousmom is disappearing. But poor Kayla. Meanwhile, I am scared to death, being at work today because I/you were told they would see me/you today. I've asked my son not to leave the house.

This is my life you are gambling with. While I understand you have nothing to lose, the price is way to high for me

Anonymous said...

well Pat aka DD did make a threat on LK's World Press blog (which was SHUT down because of violations of TOS), so maybe this is 10doll and LK getting back at her, using her to get back at us because maybe she blames this blog and Pat for her paranoia as to why it was shut down. (Why LK with a lawyer for a husband could not admit or take accountability to the content of her blog and compare to WP's terms and then see, umm, yeah it was her own doing.)

So my bet would be LK and 10doll doing this on DD's site too, all 3 of them LOVE the attention and sympathy from chaos and drama they themselves create online and off, the crying little victims group. Yet it's okay for them to do horrible things to others, display erratic behavior.

So now DD is scurrying to cover it all up, she sees where her blog could get shut down for the threats and posting of some one she created to lash out at and make slanderous remarks to (is it libel or slander that has to be in writing?) Sure hope whomever Kayla D is, that she took screen shots!

Now she suddenly wants to look like she is all forgiving, all whatever, it's a cover for her outrageous online behavior she displayed and encouraged. To make it quickly go away.

DD is an example of lack of online etiquette and has an obvious anger issue and impulse control problem. I'm sure we could confirm all of this with a GWOPPer who does these online diagnosis and assessments. LOL

iwhyawli said...


Funnier said...


Who are you telling to STFU? Curious or anonymous?

iwhyawli said...

Sorry, 'anonymous' snuck in there somehow. Stupid Blogger Comment feature. STFU was meant for "Curious."

planey_janey said...

I truly don't get cyber-bullying. It accomplishes nothing. Those who cyber-bully write things they'd never say face-to-face because they don't have the cojones. Which, to me, renders their assertions moot. As the Great Bard once wrote, "methinks [they] doth protest too much." and who cares what it is about which they are protesting? At the end of the day it doesn't matter. As the Bard wrote, it is a tale "of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

Anonymous said...

Not really sure why you are upset with Curious.

She has legitimate issues going on.

iwhyawli said...

Then maybe 'Curious' should contact the police, forward her threats to blogger or whomever else can bump those people off the Internet, and send me whatever impersonation threads are out there so that I can submit a complaint.

You know, do all the stuff I suggested she do in my page-long, main page thread about the topic.

But yet, I don't have additional single e-mail with any of the impersonation details from her or any of her "friends" who begged me for assistance. Instead I get more of these long comments telling me that I need to immediately prove that I'm not her. Oh, okay, let me run and scan my tax records. BRB.

Pray tell. What forms of proof will be acceptable and convincing to DD or whoever ?

Iwhyawli doesn't cowtow to bullying, and to be quite honest, it moreso appears this "my son is in danger" is a completely ridiculous scam. If it's happening at all, it takes a special brand of idiot to announce that they plan to injure or harass someone, whether or not they actually plan to do it.

IMO said...

If I had a son and some one was threatening him, I would not go online to BLOG, I'd be talking to the police! It's called COMMON SENSE! Unless she has done some thing wrong and is too ashamed to take it to the police because she is in the wrong or was bullying. Still, if it was that serious I'd be moving or getting a hold of the authorities that could help.

Like so much lately, sounds made up.

Grandpa said...

My wifey is back from the hospital and it's time to get my freak on! Chicka chicka chickabowow yeah!

Got some Barry White playin!

To all the haters. Do what I do. Make love not war!

Grandpa said...

My wifey is back from the hospital and it's time to get my freak on! Chicka chicka chickabowow yeah!

Got some Barry White playin!

To all the haters. Do what I do. Make love not war!

Anonymous said...

I incurred their wrath elsewhere but believe I have taken the proper precautions to keep myself safe, however can you imagine how g*d d@mn ridiculous making a police report about this would be!?

Anonymus: "Well I was trying to stand up for a family to do what they feel is right, this is America..."

Police: "And you were attacked?"

Anonymous: "Yes, that's right."

Police: "In a chat room?"

Anonymous: "Yes."

Police: "Because you wouldn't declare that Kate Gosselin is the anti-Christ?"

Like flying monkies, I swear to God! I wish the tabloids and media would get a load of the $h!t these one's are peddlin' and dump it right back in their fat azz laps!