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Open Discussion: 7/26 - 8/1

July 26th! Where has the summer gone.

Please use this post for discussion about GWOP that doesn't have a better spot elsewhere. This is where all those I don't know where to post it comments go also. Thank you.

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arabella said...

OK, Hubby has the kids in the pool. I had some time. So I went looking at all the J&K hate sites.

They are reeling, Iwhy. Moom has an entire post dedicated to hating you. What is this about dirty dishers son? Must have missed it. Find it ironic that they are all atwitter that someone said something mean about someone's kid when they spend their day trashing the gosselin kids. 10doll has wished Jon or Kate get run over by a bus and that's OK, but heaven forbid anyone talk smack about her grandmother. What goes around, 10doll.

Just find it comical, really. You don't like someone being snarky to you, yet you have a blog dedicated to snarking on someone else? Must only make sense in their heads.

Sum1sPickingOnMe TOO BAD said...

arabella, too true!

It is fascinating to me that they are all in a spin when someone talks about them, trashes their lifestyle or whatever, yet on their blogs and the blog followers of their blog, they do exactly that. Trash and hate ridiculously and obsessively on the Gosselin family, especially Kate (by the way TROLLS this is NOT a fan site of Kate Gosselin you all just don't get what this blog is about, it's about pointing out your behavior, but some of you could be shaken to death and still not think your behavior is vial and erratic.)

N E the hate blogs, LK, DD, BoMo, GWOP, etc....don't dish it out if you cannot take it. Don't be hating on anyone if you cannot handle getting a dose of reality back in your face about your child, grandchild, spouse, lifestyle choice, way you look, dress, etc.

It is truly comical, yet sad, they spend their time obsessing and picking at superficial things. (However, of course, all in the name of child advocacy as they rationalize their behavior for having such blogs, blogging at such blogs or making such posts.) Then when it is done to them, whoa, they get a taste and are all like, how dare you! How dare you dog my life, my hair, my looks when I am a pathetic mom/wife/spouse in real life offline hiding behind a computer obsessing over hatred and snarking on Kate Gosselin and justifying my pathetic behavior.

Some thing seems particularly OFF with them.

So Moon, DD, LK, GWOPpers, don't do it and it won't be done to you.

iwhyawli, they just still do NOT get what your name means!

Some people refuse to accept accountability for their chosen reactions and actions, resulting in hatred, gossip, lies, insults, and the like. Then they cry VICTIM when it happens to them, so hey, now you know how it feels to the person you all are hating on and constantly making fun of and trying to sabotage for your sick amusement and laughter.

Clean your own house first GWOPpers, 10doll, LK, Moon, DD, and loads of others!

Sheri said...

iwhyawli, they just still do NOT get what your name means!
what does Iwhyawli mean? I love this blog and was trying to read throught it to find out.


Marissa said...

I just saw dirty disher's post on you Iwhy. First of all, I see "lie" all throughout it. And, anyone stupid enough to believe someone who doesn't know what an ISP is, well, they all need to be run over by a truck.

IPS. Is that kinda like UPS? :)

iwhyawli said...

Sheri, start with the first post here.

Anonymous said...

MAN, they are checking out your blog, the counter is going mad! I thought I felt a breeze when I came in here. Oh wait, that must be their little spells they are casting on the blog, or they just have GAS!

I think personally it is the latter.

Sheri said...

got it Iwhy. Perfect!!


Sue said...

Anonymous, they are nervous. They are VERY nervous.

mkb77 said...

How's come the fucktards at the Gwop site are so obsessed with Kate's boobies? Seriously? I think they all want her. I do. They go on and on about her hairdo, her short skirts, her tan, her nails, her makeup, her breasticles..I think they want her.

They are all closet lesbians.

arabella said...

OK, can someone clarify all this for me? Did Iway say something about DD's kid? Did Iway's kid get taken away for a drug prob? Is that really IWy on DD's site? Is that legal to out someone? OMG, I am massively confused. What's real? What's dreamed up?

iwhyawli said...

I'm happy to clarify, arabella.

DD is a moron.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you call the police and report dd whyawli?

Penny Pengleton said...

Who is DD again? Can we get an FAQ or dictionary or something, ASAP, BYOB?

iwhyawli said...

Call the police and report her for what?

The FAQ is a very good idea. They have one at GWOP and so of course there should be one one here too. I need some frequently asked questions.... maybe I should start a thread to get some. I'm not too sure I'd know the answers, lol.

arabella said...

DD is dirty disher. A blogger. thedirtydisher at blogspot. She's in a tizzy. Along with 10doll. I only started reading her stuff today, since it got juicy. Supposedly, she outed IWHY. I wish I were more in the loop. It would make more sense. And I am running out of ocmputer time. Kids are coming home soon.

iwhyawli said...

Arabella, the GWOPPERS can help you with this problem. They all got kids too and can still park on the Internet all day long. Be careful though, this may be why their kids are the ones beating up all the other kids at school.

Anonymous said...

Iwhy, I knew that bitch-witch Dirty Dumb C--- was making up all this wild stuff about you. She is soooo TOXIC!!! She is in great company now that she has hooked-up with LisaK and her nut cases. I'm sure Moon can't wait to separate herself from them. The day that they all started commenting on her blog it really went to shit! Couldn't of happened to a better person.LOL!!!

O Mylanta said...

Good Gawd, that woman is a huge scoop of crazy. In fact, she's 31 flavors crazy.

I just came from her blog, curious what all the fuss a muss a moo was about today and HOLY TOLEDO, she is smoking some bad batch of whack!

She should call up Jon Gosselin and hang with her bad self.

I'm serious, the fumes (not fuming) on that site, made me cough up a storm, crazy old town hag. She sees some bizarre make believe with a capital B! Well she is a capital B too.

Anyhooosie magoosie, that wrinkled up prune is a slice of mental madness with a broomstick stuck up her big ole beeeeehind!

She sockpuppets on her own site to stir up drama in her live, drama and sympathy that she craves because she is a LONELY PATHETIC chemically addicted wackadoodlebuggaroo.

On a serious note, wish she'd stop sharing photos of her grandchild, poor thing, she even chanted and taught her to do spells and crazy BS with a necklace, no wonder her mommy's boyfriend tossed it in the trash.

I still am a tad woozie, I tried not to inhale while visiting, but it was a huge cloud of smoke to fan through and so to sum this up here, she's a doodie smoking a doobie and a BIG CRY FOR HELP!

Anonymous said...

DD would be paranoid drinking alphabet soup. Man is she a caseload for any shrink, a shrink's wet dream. A paranoid manic with an anger issue.

I don't have a crystal ball, but the path she is taking, I can already tell with COMMON SENSE, she is going to be a lonely miserable lady for a very long time until she loses all of her teeth, suffers through hemorrhoids, bursitis, arthritis and all other itis's. Good thing dementia is on the way, put her mind out of her misery.

DD....add some more fiber to your diet, you are Ms Wrinkling Up CRANKY PANTS.

She's Got SUMTINGWONG said...

I think the flying buttress's butt would be better to look at then her shriveled up face. Anger will do that too you, age you fast, plus add smoking and the sun and drugs and you have a heart attack waiting to happen. How old is she, 80?

Anonymous said...

Why are you giving these jackasses on other sites the time of day?

Seriously, they look at your blog hits and try to up their blogs when people chat about them here.

Seriously, if Moon or anyone else for that matter had a problem, it would have been brought up earlier.

You are being played. Ignore it. It's all sockpuppeting from gwop that is driving this.

Exclamation Point said...

I think DD made that disgusting blog up about herself to have material for a thread and to continue the sympathy over there. That is just gross, the blog porn about herself she created. Reason I feel she created it herself, was she was the only person who has a comment on there, to make it appear that you created it iwhyawli.

That is just gross! She needs some help, she speaks that she once worked in a mental ward, no, I beg to challenge that, I think she WAS a patient in one! The woman seeks out attention and an SOS scream for help!

Anonymous said...

Pauper Princess said...
concerned wife and mommy said...
Ugh, so many people are saying that no wonder Jon is acting out - he was abused by Kate so many years and deserves his freedom, sanity, fun, etc.

Would it be okay for an abused women to act like this when she left a relationship? Doesn't this usually cause a person to become MORE protective of their children? Sorry, not buying that excuse. I had hoped that Jon would get a clue and wise up about protecting his kids, but it is NOT happening!

7/27/2009 12:19 PM

We don't know how he would react, or how anyone should react. Everyone is different, and to compare to an abused woman is like comparing apples to kumquats.

I still don't understand the issue here with Jon. Now Kate is a saint? I have been away from the board for a bit, and now the whole tone has changed? C'mon. Jon is entitled to do whatever he wants on his weekends off.

So he's hanging out with Lohan. SO WHAT? People hange out with "questionable" people all the time.

Would you have this much of an issue if it wasn't a celebrity (or psuedo-celebrity) but a neighbor? It's not like he is dragging the kids along on these excursions.

Yes, Lohan is known for great parenting. His oldest daughter didn't write a song and make a video accusing her father of abusing her mother.

Jon cannot drag his kids along on excursions because he brought a two-bedroom apartment, so he has a ready made excuse to ditch 'em.

PAUPER PRINCESS is all eat up with the dumbass.

Iwhyawli is Innocent said...

All of the hype being generated at The Dirty Disher, Bohemian Moon, Pig Trough and LisaK's sites are all from a fake Iwhyawli post and a fake Iwhyawli blog.

Bohemian Moon if she isn't in on it,(I doubt it) is once again being played for a fool (remember Pennmommy).

All of those bloggers who are in support of the "hate sites" are also being played for fools.

Lastly I hope that Kayla Downing finds out about this whole thing and takes somesort of legal action.

Blog Journalist said...

Blog War Update:

The fake Iwhyawli who posted the fake comment on the Dirty Disher blog and created the Dirty Disher parody blog that contained pornographic material has officially apologized to Pat (The Dirty Disher).

Pat has graciously accepted the apology and has removed the thread that exposed Iwhyawli as "Kayla Downing". Kudos to you Pat.

LisaK is skeptical about the apology.

A friend of LisaK's is skeptical about The Dirty Disher.

Bohemian Moon is skeptical about Fiona.

Fiona is skeptical about Bohemian Moon.

Fiona is also skeptical about the fake Iwhyawli, the apology, the comment that initiated the war etc. I think Fiona has a gift for seeing through bullshit. Kudos to Fiona.

Peri is skeptical about everyone.

The followers of the named blog owners aren't skeptical enough.

A lead investigator in this matter has leaked to me that she believes LisaK or one of her minions are behind the whole thing.

In other news:

The BabyMomma parody site "Gosselinfansite-babyzmama" has been taken down.

The Dirty Disher parody site "Mystic Methwhore" created by the fake Iwhyawli has all of the pornographic material removed and now only contains an apology to The Dirty Disher.

An investigation into who created the parody blogs in underway and should shed some light on who the fake Iwhyawli is as well as the person who is stalking the real Iwhyawli.

planey_janey said...

You guys, if any of you have kids competing on a Speech and Debat (Forensics) team in high school or college, these blog wars would be a great topic for a rhetorical criticism analysis!

Me? Can't do it as my college years are too far behind me. But I do know this...I will be watching the new episode on Monday, even if I have to accidentally step on the remote control.

Rusty Shackelford said...

I flagged GWoP for posting comments detailing the real estate records of the condo Kate may be buying. It's just damn creepy and I hope they get he boot, even though it'll eat into my list of things to mock.

ARI said...

FINALLY! One of my posts got thru on GWOP. Of course, it had to be a fake one that hated on Kate:

Ari said...
GAWD! I am so sick of her. She has 5 - count 'em, FIVE - homes. Two of them, the Utah one and the old house, are just sitting there empty. Of no use to anyone. Here I am, 1 house; and not even a nice one. And barely making ends meet. Can barely feed our family and this chick has more than enough. And for what? What did she do to deserve any of it???

7/29/2009 5:57 PM

Why, oh, who would anyone care how many houses the Gosselins have in comparison with themselves? I just don't get this bunch of losers. Can't anyone just be happy for what they have? But over and over the comments are about what Kate has and they don't.


Fiona is crazy said...

Pat did those blogs herself. You can tell. She admitted ot doing the fake Baby Mama one. And only after people were confused as to why someone would do it. She also admitted on her own blog to going over to her site 12 times and harassing her. Blogger was the one that removed it, not Pat!

So its obvious to almost everyone that she created this whole thing just to gain sympathy. That Karla girl should def. sue

wondering said...

Maybe this should be added to the lies told by the GWOPPERS:

I seem to remember that dear sweet Julie said that they were charging $25,000 per speaking engagement. If this is true, it is around $3500.