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Sharla's Re-Crap.

Can someone puh-lease explain to Sharla what a "re-cap" is?

For the GWoPpers who didn't accidentally (snicker) watch TLC's Season Premiere of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" or click any of the media excerpts of the show (accidentally, of course), one of the GWoP moderators is always kind enough to post a recap of the show.

Sharla posted the Season Premiere "recap" if you can call it that.

A total "re-crap" is more like it.

The thing is 5 pages long and leaves no single detail out.

You won't want to miss Sharla's hi-larious and snarly recap comments either.... the very type of hateful comments that will most likely cause the kids to question their childhoods, their parents.... to feel embarrassment, to resent the show, to hate their parents and society... which oddly enough is the very reason why GWoPpers protest the show.

An intelligent mind would recognize GWoP attacks on Jon & Kate as
a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Unfortunately, the average GWoPper IQ is about 12.

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