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The GWoP Canonization of Aunt Jodi

Well Aunt Jodi certainly went and got herself all gussied up for her big TV interview, didn't she? I accidentally (snicker) clicked a link to an excerpt of today's interview at CNN.

Kevin did most of the talking with Aunt Jodi sitting practically on his lap... ... hand resting on his upper inner thigh... nodding and ocassionally parroting a single key word .... as most Stepford wives do.


But nice try tho', Jodester. Years from now the Gosselin kids will stumble across a tape of your Early Show Interview on YouTube and while they mostly likely won't even remember who you are\were, they'll at least think you looked nice as you told America that their parents were exploiting them.

It's the strangest coincidence that Aunt Jodi's "concerns" come at the same time when Kate reportedly ix-nayed the idea of adding her to TLC's payroll*. Clearly, Aunt Jodi had zero issues with the show when she was featured on it every week. Of all the bad luck to have your very important cause shrouded in such obvious vindictiveness.

I've got news for you, Jodes. Filming a crying child in or out of his bedroom is either "right" or "wrong" --- so um, I'm not understanding your argument that filming all that for just 8 episodes per season instead of 40 makes it any less exploitative. If Jon & Kate are exploiting their kids, you too were a full and willing participant .... even to the point of exposing your own kids to their puking kids when they flew to LA for the hair transplant. Nice parenting decision, btw.

You also had zero problems with taking the kids to be on Oprah. Twice.

Heck, I bet Oprah could have given those kids away on her favorite things show and you wouldn't have cared less. It's Oprah for goodness sake! If Oprah had no problem putting those kids on display for America's largest daytime viewing audence, why should you? Oh I get it (sorta). It's only Kate, Jon & TLC who are exploiting the kids. Oprah's a saint and apparently so are you.

So sad, too bad. You're not believable. But until which time you win your own Reality TV Show about a middle-aged, blue collar mom with big hair, acrylic nails and four, non-descript kids living in suburban Philadelphia, you'll have to make do with the portrayal of yourself on the SNL satires that must surely be on the drawing board.

TTFN, iwhyawli

*a non-vindictive, business decision I would have made myself, if the rumour is even true. Perhaps I'll elaborate on this later in a future post. Stay tuned.

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