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Scary Scary Stuff

It's hard to believe anyone like 'Avary' exists.

It's harder to believe a GWoP moderator read Avary's post and then elected to publish it.

And then incredibly, some other GWoPper later replied to Avary, but only to clarify something about Clomid and without flaming the ever-living shit out of him.

My GWoPwop friends, this GWoP post is scary stuff:

Avary said:

I wonder if any of the media will pick up on the questionable use of fertility drugs. First, just being married a couple months, in her 20's, and was put on clomid even though most people would not be put on the drug that young or without trying longer. Bang - she's pregnant with the twins. And second, when she got pregnant with the tups, she switched doctors (why?), started on clomid again, was hospitalized with over-stimulated ovaries, the doctors wouldn't inseminate, and then she turned up pregant with seven babies. She and Jon had to have sex purposely against medical advice for that to have happened.

I'm going to safely conclude that Avary is some sort of modern day Nazi scientist or serial killer. She/he's just a little too interested in the events surrounding Kate's pregnancies.

Why, Kate? Why?! You and Jon were only in your 20's for godsakes. Avary doesn't like that. Avary thinks you didn't try long enough.

Avary wants to know why you switched doctors, Kate? Avary doesn't like that either.


This also upsets Avary because you see, Avary has never had sex purposely. Avary only has sex accidentally.

[Hannibal Lecter]On purpose sex makes Avary mad, Felice. Very mad.[Hannibal Lecter].

The GWoP moderators should have reported Avary's post to the FBI but instead they approve it and publish if as something which supports their "beliefs".

To all the GWoP moms who are struggling to conceive, I hope Avary's post is making you feel nice and judged right now. If I were you, I wouldn't respond to any inquiries from the media.

Ay yi yi.

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