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My Review of the Jon & Kate Season Premiere

I wanted to very quickly blog my review of the Jon & Kate Season Premiere, primarily so that the GWoPpers can see how it's done without passing judgment.

In bullet points:
  • Kids (all 8) are still darn cute and behaving cutely.
    All look happy, healthy. I did not feel any need to contact DCFS , testify in front of Congress, etc.
  • The new house looks gorgeous (my first time seeing it).
  • I would have liked to see more of the new dogs
    (my first time seeing them too) and the kids with the dogs.
  • Birthday Party was lush but not my cup of tea. Too extravagant. I was glad my kids weren't invited and that I didn't have to buy 6 birthday gifts. Lots of families in my area also overboard too and for only one kid. It's become a parental competition. We just do the old-fashioned backyard or basement parties.
  • I hope the papparazi all get cancer and then perhaps we could have a Reality TV show that allows us to watch one of them die a painful death.
  • Watching the Jon & Kate angst was not interesting TV. I found that I didn't care about their problems, whatever they are. I prefer a more upbeat show.
  • I don't see a Kate holding her own as a Talk Show host or whatever her alleged professional aspirations are. This became especially apparent when solo-Kate was explaining the "irony of pinatas" to us.
    Yeah whatever. Then again, I don't understand the phenonemon that is Oprah (or most other celebrities).
  • This episode needed more kids and less parents talking about themselves. The "Hawaii Marriage Vow Renewal Show" bored me too.

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