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An Open Letter to Aunt Jodi's sister, Julie

Everyone in the Gosselin-blogosphere is writing an open letter these days so here's mine to Aunt Jodi's sister, Julie.
Dear Julie:

Allow me to rebut your blog post (which I found courtesy of the always-helpful Serena Leigh Bell at GWOP).

You said:
Kevin and Jodi will be giving a live interview tomorrow morning on The Early Show (CBS). The segment should be airing around 7:30am EST.
Well I didn't have time to watch Obama's inaugural address but you can be sure I'll drop whatever I'm doing to watch this. Just in case, don't hold your breath.

Seriously, for someone who abhors the exploitation of these kids and all that the show is allegedly doing to destroy the Gosselin family, you sure seem determined to get your 15 minutes of fame too.

If the show goes off the air, are you (and your important blog) prepared to fade into obscurity? Yeah, I didn't think so. I'm certain we can all continue to depend on you and Serena to keep us all posted on Jon & Kate's every move.

And then you said:
I also want to acknowledge all of the emails I am receiving. I can't respond to all of them, but I want everyone to know that I am reading them and sharing them with Jodi. I have received the most heartfelt stories and poems. I am truly touched that so many have taken the time to write, and I want you all to know that the support we are receiving is definitely a bright spot during this difficult time.
That's a joke, right? Exactly what difficulty are you enduring during this difficult time ? You're the sister of the sister-in-law. A non-blood relation. My family is so close that we all live on the same block and I'm not sure my brother-in-law's wife even has any sisters. No one did anything to you. No one owes you anything. Buck up, drama queen. I'm quite sure your world will continue spinning no matter what happens to Jon & Kate.

And then you said:
Many people have asked what they can do. My best advice right now is to stop watching! I posted this on another blog over the weekend, but I think it is worth repeating.
Or, here's another idea. Ask everyone to send a cheery note or flowers to Kevin and Jodi because no matter what happens now, the chances that they'll ever see those Gosselins kids again are understandably slim to none. This is typically what happens after someone decides to inform America that a mom of 8 young kids is sleeping around.

And then you said:
I made a personal decision long ago to do what I can to give those children the privacy and respect that they deserve. I refuse to watch and participate in something that I feel so strongly against.
You may as well watch. I'm no Einstein but something tells me you too will be allowed to give those kids all the privacy they need, as in never again being allowed to come within 500 yards of them. I feel like I'm repeating myself on this point. Sorry.

And then you said:
We should not be able to watch the destruction of a real family. It is a little disturbing to me that so many people see this as entertainment. These are real children, not characters on a show. I didn't watch last night, but I did see a brief clip on one the news programs this morning. I am disgusted that they would show such a tender moment between Jon and his daughter just to pull at the viewer's heartstrings. That conversation should have been a private moment between a father and daughter. Each person who watched last night stole something from the children that they'll never get back. They deserve respect, privacy and security. Their own parents have taken that away from them, but we can give it back by letting TLC know that we won't watch it any longer. If Jon and Kate care so little for their family that they refuse to end the show, the viewers can end it for them. If you want to help the children, then stop watching!

Um, could you be a little more specific? What exactly did I steal from the children that they'll never get back? Or even, what did I steal that you didn't steal when you accidentally (snicker) watched the clip. Your rhetoric is so completely painful, I sorta hope you're the one who gets to torture Osama bin Ladin when we finally find him. You could also try pressing the [Enter] key once and a while.

And why so pessimistic? A myriad of happy choices and fruitful outcomes lay ahead for the Gosselin family. I'm confident they'll find the right solution.

If Jon & Kate elect to triumph over adversity in private or in public, that's their decision, not ours. Respect it.

And while I don't really care to see two persons that I've grown to admire seem so unhappy, I definitely don't feel I'd be watching the destruction of a family. I'll be watching two people figure out what makes them happiest. You're just pissed because they don't seem to be choosing your definition of happily ever after, and\or including you in it. In your search for truth, you can at least be honest with us about that.

And then you said:
Posted by The Truth Will Set You Free at 7:55 PM

Yeah, I agree. So hurry up and free yourself so we can be BFF's. Until then, you're a dirty whore.

Write back soon,

Senior Decent Human Being Coach
Center for Decent Human Beings

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