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GWoP Hypocrisy

There is not a font large enough for the 'LOL' that I would like type right now. And after today's post, I fully expect death threats from the GWoPpers.

I am going to use the dreaded "H" word.

That's right. The "H" word. The worst word that you can possibly call an ignoramus (according to the igonoramus, that is).

The GWoPpers are not only ugly and fat ---they're hypocrites!

You see, not having watched yesterday's season premiere of "Jon & Kate plus 8" (snicker ), they've discovered that they've nothing much to talk about anymore.

Worse, they've nothing to do with themselves.

Had they asked me for ideas to break the monotony, I might have suggested some badly needed personal hygiene, but they've instead elected to post snarky, mean comments on Kate's TLC blog, promptly returning to the mothership to complain that the TLC moderators have not been posting them.




LOL ! Ha! Ha ! LOL!



There is no longer any question in my mind that these GWoP women are not mentally retarded. (NTTAWWT). Thanks for the hearty chuckle, ladies.

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