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I'm on Candid Camera, aren't I?

You just can't put one past the Her Royal GWoPpness Serena. If someone is talking smack about Kate on the Internet, Serena will find it.

Serena just posted this link --
-- featuring a video of some woman who says this:
On Jon and Kate: "I Hope They Get a Divorce"
WCAU / NBC Philadelphia - Stacey Weaver & Phil Houser
A former patient of Kate's paints a harsh picture of the mother of eight. The woman and former co-workers speak out now that the new season has premiered.


Seriously who wishes divorce on anyone ? A mental patient, that's who.

I really wish I could have posted the woman's picture here. Here's hoping she loses that extra 80 pounds someday and manages to find a comb.


Anonymous said...

Why are you spending so much time on all this? Don't you have better things to do? I don't agree with a lot of the outrageous or misguided things the people over at GWOP spend their valuable time to post, but I really don't see how this blog will do anything about that.

iwhyawli said...

So much time?

I'm not sure how long it takes other people to write 4-5 paragraphs a day but it doesn't take me long at all. As for blog material, it take me less than a nanosecond to find something inane at GWoP. Friends, family and even perfect strangers send me stuff too.

Do I have better things to do?

Probably, but mocking the GWoPpers is really, really fun and it's a great way to fill my daily work commute or those first few minutes before a meeting starts, etc. etc.

The GWoPpers seem to have discovered the blog quickly and those who are brave enough to post definitely let me know that they don't care to be mocked.

Someday, perhaps I post a montage of their goofy comments. So far, the nuttiest commenter claims to know someone at google who will know how to "find me".

Am I trying to change the GWoPpers?

Absolutely not. Getting the GWoPpers to abandon their schtick would require some sort of gene therapy I imagine. They're natural born idiots.


Write back soon.

Hope I've answered all your questions.