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Jon & Kate Season Premiere This Weekend!

It's gorgeous weather and a big 3-day holiday weekend so I gotta get today's blog post done early so that we can get out there and enjoy it all. Hope you too are also heading into a fab weekend with your families and friends.

The new season of 'Jon & Kate plus 8' starts on Monday, no? We'll be watching for sure. We also plan to buy at least one of everything from all of the show's sponsors even if it means buying another car we don't need.

It's exciting time like these when I actually feel somewhat badly for the GWoPpers. They of course won't be watching the new show (snicker) which sadly means they won't have anything to bitch about. Nothing to bitch about means no GWoP blog which means the entire planet hangs in precarious balance.

I can only hope at least one brave soldier in the GWoP camp will gather enough inner strength to watch the show -- to make certain Kate's not beating the kids of course -- and then report back to camp. The world will be saved.

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