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Anonymous said...

Becky Q in PA said...
Annette said...
What is the state of PA doing to help these kids? I haven't heard any reports of their findings. Has anyone heard please let me know.
Annette, as far as I can tell, the state of PA is doing NOTHING to help these children. Aunt Jodi's sister's site last mentioned it on June 23rd; she said as far as she knows, "people who have filed complaints and have actually been present during filming have not even been acknowledged, interviewed...nothing!"

Judy and Jodi do people not take the complaints seriously after it's been found out you got paid to blab lies to the press?

Anonymous said...

Maybe nothings been done because they found nothing wrong.

Jean said...

Now Fiona thinks she's a fashion diva questioning Kate's attire.

Go fall in the ocean Fiona, you twit.

I see hypocrites said...

Is she saying Jodi filed complaints? Is that what Julie is saying by, "people who have filed complaints and have actually been present during filming have not even been acknowledged, blah, blah?" Is this for real? All because she didn't get the recurring role as the sweet aunty babysitter on a reality TV show? She sure missed that $3000/episode for inconvenience.

By the way, if Jodi deserved $3000/epi for the inconvenience of having cameras in her home, then how much does Kate deserve for having cameras in her home? Hmmmm?

Anonymous said...

I guess GWOP wants the Evil lawyers to find their posters:

"Remember or try the Facebook Group for things that would be off topic or too personal on the blog. Feel free to use it to exchange emails with people you meet or talk freely about other multiple shows and things we try to avoid here. "

Anonymous said...

How would Julie or Jodi know who complained unless it was them?

That sort of thing is not public.

Anonymous said...

Imaginary Creatures:

Big Foot
10doll's Grandmother

10doll's Grandma's Lover Gus said...

I love Ed Hardy and so does 10doll's grammy Elsie. In fact I'm planning on taking Elsie to San Francisco for our anniversary. I want to get matching cupid heart and arrow tattoos on our butt cheeks. Elsie's tat is going to say Gus over it and mine of course will say Elsie. Many people at the retirement home say that San Fran is very romantic. It might be too romantic, I wonder if we will ever leave our room!

Anonymous said...

VIA Princess page.
From the Christian Closet Case:
"My lawyers have confirmed that I am no longer bound by my contract since TLC defaulted on it. I'm talking to a few other people who may sue so I won't give too much away since we need some leverage. I expect to settle out of court since we have major dirt. I did all the cooking for Jon and Kate Plus 8 since late season 3."

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord:
Sarah Ashlyn
Gender: Female
Occupation: Organic Craft Service (Owner)
Location: Wernersville : Pennsylvania : United States
My Blogs Team Members
Christian Closet Case

Blogs I Follow
"Truth Breeds Hatred" ~Bias of Priene, Maxims
Cake Wrecks
Gosselins Without Pity

Anonymous said...

Sorry to triple post. I think the blog is a fake, so kudos to whoever set it up.

Anonymous said...

I think sarah ashlyn is another pennmommy scam, some one is just messing with this blog, so that if we believe sarah ashlyn, that then they can scream how naive this blog was, like how GWOP was. Not buying it at all or the spelling of the county wrong and the date it is just recently created.

Anonymous said...

Considering she misspelled her purported Berks County as "Burks," she seems like yet another troll. Call her PennChefy.

Anonymous said...

She has since corrected Berks County... I smell a scam, too. Next will be tell alls from the G's dry cleaner and trash collector.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Whoever came up with the phrase "the stupid, it burns" must have been talking about LisaK and her croonies. They are all boo hooing over there that someone is being mean to 10dolls granny and using her name on TMZ to leave comments. These people slam Jon and Kate for petty things from Kate's hair and clothes she wears out and about to the fact that their kids are neat and clean. And they complain that someone is being mean to 10doll.

10DOLL!!! Who wants to run over people with cars? That 10doll? If her grandmother is really ill it's probably because she's read some of her granddaughter's comments and can't handle the disappointment.

Anyhoo, I thought it was hilars that they are complaining about something they do every stinkin' day.

Again . . . The stupid, it burns.

LisaK is a Hypocrite said...

Anonymous @ July 14, 2009 3:11 PM said...

Anyhoo, I thought it was hilars that they are complaining about something they do every stinkin' day.


I know! Can you believe it! Hypocrites!

LisaK and her crew are unbelievably stupid. If anyone has violated the law it's been them. I wonder how many people they have harassed by email. I believe that they must have done something potentially illegal on konsfanscanbite me and that's why the website was shut down.

Looking at all of the copyrighted photos stolen from TMZ, JustJared and People, that should alone get them in trouble.

LisaK has inspired me to investigate her activities I would think that the Gosselins could report her for cyberstalking and cyberbullying?

Anonymous said...


"ManicNarcissism said...

I don't know. I'm not going Team Kate or anything. But, we don't have pics of Kate and Steve holding hands. We don't know what Mojo saw or made up. We don't know for sure that she did anything wrong."

Jo said...

Funny that all these "child advocates" are too busy congratulating Jon on sticking it to Kate to take issue with the fact that he's reportedly already engaged to some 22 year old skank and is trying to do the EXACT SAME THING they have been crucifying Kate for.

How can they honestly expect anyone to believe that they aren't jealous of Kate when they say dumb shit like "I can't believe she's trying to use those kids to get her own clothing line" followed by "I'm so happy that Jon is the one getting the deal for the kids clothing line. I bet Kate's so pissed!"


Ruby said...

Oh this Gail bitch is a dumbass:

GailSaysStuff said...
Would you sell pictures of your kids to pedophiles??

Kate is doing that. This, to me, means she is not a good mother. Parents need to protect their blessings, not cash in on them.

Seriously, this arguement always makes me laugh...then gag. Who are these paranoid ass people who can think of nothing but pedophiles? It's just.......stupid. And scary.

There are kids everyday in magazines, movies, on the internet, etc. and they are actually creating blogs and petitions against Kate Freakin Gosselin? Wha? Get a flippin clue you crazy bitches. Not everyone who looks at pictures of children are sickos but I think that if you see a kid in a bathing suit and that's where your mind goes, you are the one with the problem.