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GWOP's Secret Message Board

When iwhyawli joined the Gosselin blogosphere last May, she didn't know jack-squat about: a) blogging or b) the Gosselins. It would also be very fair to say that iwhyawli didn't know a whole lot about computers either. But I knew how to copy and paste, which very well may be all anyone needs to know in life.

Two months later, I'm now a complete and total computer expert. I can hyperlink, I can insert pictures, I can download pictures, I can scrape out the background of one picture and overlay it on another picture, I created a movie .... I am a virtual blogging machine. I'm unstoppable.

So, I would now like to teach myself how to break into secret message boards. Specifically, the secret message board where Julie, Serena, PennMommy, et al hang out to talk amongst themselves. They call this hacking, I believe.

This new venture could take years, especially since I don't have the link to the secret message board. I had my dirty little hands on it once but I deleted it during one of those many tragic Comment Moderation mishaps.

Another way to really expedite the whole process would be for someone to loan me their ID and password to that secret message board. I'd promise not to tell a soul and to only to borrow it for a few hours.

Let's see. Who might be willing to loan me their ID and password to that secret message board? Is there anyone out there who suddenly found themselves used, mistreated, humiliated, abandoned by the GWOP moderators and who might now be looking for an easy way to re-join society as a force of good?


I can think of several people.

And I think one of you may already be writing to me. :: happy dance ::

Your pal,


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this one. You are a genius.

Claudette said...

I'm now a complete and total computer expert

You are delusional.
Big time.

iwhyawli said...

I'm rubber, you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and back to you. Neener Neener.

Anonymous said...

Claudette is worried. How well can you trust that group, Claudette?

pbd said...

secret message board where Julie, Serena, PennMommy, et al hang out

It's going to be a long, long, long search. There isn't a place where those three hang out together. Pennmommy is a fiction or nom de plume for starters. I don't think Julie joins message boards. So good luck on you.

I used to post there *ducking* said...

Please - someone who posts on the secret blog support this effort. I posted on GWOP for months, even after the pennmommy travesty. It has become so boring, so repetitive, so...well just ridiculous.

Also, everyone; be sure to check out the new post by "ihave8" under Free Discussion. Someone's posting as Jon.

iwhyawli said...

I pinky-swear I once had the link in my possession. I actually clicked on the link. I actually saw the forum (at least the part where you sign in).

I could be wrong, pbd. We'd love to hear how you absolutely know there's no such board. Come into the light, pbd. Do it!

iwhyawli said...

Was the name "Jon" already taken?

Anonymous said...

Do you really this board is worth so much effort? Start your own board and make it into something good, a better use of time.

Anonymous said...

I've seen that link too iwhy. I don't have it, but remember it well. I also think it's the big bitches who are on that board including your very favorite, Miss Linger Weiss.

iwhyawli said...

What's it to ya, anon at 6:45pm? Are you GWOPPERS (or excuse me, GWOPPER types) going to start harping on the way people choose to spend their time? Perhaps maybe you should take some of your own advice as it applies to YOUR blog?

I happen to be sitting in a hotel room in Toronto right now. Beautiful, gorgeous city, btw, I know it well. I Travel here a lot. What would you like me to do instead? Turn on the porn? Head down to the bar and bag a few travelling salesman? My wish is your command, anonymous at 6:45pm. I almost always take the advice of perfect strangers on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I don't have the link to the secret message board, but the Princesses of Greece do:

Scroll down this page of the Princess of Greece boards (p. 54) and they link it. Also, they talk about an "expert." It's from months ago.

cpm link

Enjoy Toronto! (Or the CPM board)

I used to post there *ducking* said...

iwhyawli said...
Was the name "Jon" already taken?

This way there will be rampant speculation. Hours of fun analyzing writing styles by comparing it to the posts by Jon on the multiples boards from 2005.

They can argue about whether Jon is literate enough to have written it. The other side will believe that the first thing he did after returning from France was hop on GWOP to defend himself.

Anonymous said...

Start your own board and make it into something good

This blog already is something good! And it's getting even better...

iwhyawli said...

The eagle has landed.

iwhyawli has the link.

There will be a hot time in Toronto tonite. Oh yes. Even hotter if that ex-insider would be kind enough to send me her ID and password.

I tried GWOP as a password. It didn't work. Foiled!

Anonymous said...

tpid said...

I tried GWOP as a password. It didn't work. Foiled!

That was kind of stupid wasn't it?

iwhyawli said...

Dear tpid/fiona,

You're very literal, aren't you? You poor thing.

boredattheboard said...

I might consider selling you an id and password. How much is it worth to you?

Sheryl said...

Sit back, relax and enjoy while I hack on moms who like to pass judgment on other moms and dads.

I'm sure you're smart enough to realize that you're doing what you accuse other people of doing. How does that make you better than the others?

nonAmus said...

Woot Woot, go iwhyawli! Congrats on Blogging 101! You're going to have html and web design down to a science by the end of the year gal pal.

I cannot wait for the goods, if I had one, you'd already be IN!

GWoP Insider said...

The password for the secret GWoP board is...

Juicy Aygin Sausage


Jon's Man Gravy mmm

I thought Kentuckians were friendly said...

Claudette = LisaK

Lisak = Lisa Knight

Lisa Knight = some crazy chick from Kentucky.

Lisa's Hobbies:

lisa knight (lisakn16) on Twitter

iwhyawli said...

Sheryl, Sheryl, Sheryl. I weep for you.

iwhyawli said...

Dear BoredattheBoard:

Well now, here's a post that inspires trust if I ever saw one. Do you GWOPPER peeps ever get tired of trying to con people out of money?

I'd be willing to make a $1,000 donation to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the name of GWOP, but you'd have to deliver the goods first, which you won't.

See, I'm not the one with the PENNMOMMY credibility problem. There ain't no reason to mistrust iwhyawli.

Whoever hands over the ID and password (if they hand it over) will hand over because it's the right thing to do.

Thisone? said...

Anonymous said...

"Whoever hands over the ID and password (if they hand it over) will hand over because it's the right thing to do."


So now you're all into principle and "doing the right thing," which is EXACTLY what the GWOPpers say also!! "The right thing to do." Iwhy, the self-proclaimed visionary, continues to break new ground after modeling errythang about her latest time-consuming pasttime after someone else's idea. Keep it comin,' sugah.

At least there are no fourth-grade-level typos lately; what'd you do, trade favors at the bus stop for a real live editor?

iwhyawli said...

Can anyone help Sheryl and our "spell-checker" out? I'm not sure I have the energy to explain it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Shery, here's the dif between here and GWOP. GWOP tries to be serious, advocating for the kids and all, and comes across as hilarious because there are more or less retarded. WE try to be funny and 9 times out of 10 actually are what we try to be.

Duh said...

Sheryl and the "spell-checker" don't like it very much, iwhyawli.

Anonymous said...

8:12 AM

That's the same thing LK's site proclaims.

IMO, I hate to see this blog go the same route as GWOP or LK. It was really clever and really funny for a while, but I've seen a change. Just an observation. I'm going to go back and read all the posts from the beginning to see if I an get a feel for when it started to change--for me, at least.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware LisaK's site was trying to be funny. Their posts come across as mean, not humorous.

Anonymous said...

lookie who SHARLA SMITH is a buttbud too, yep...LISA Ky Jelly.

LisaK is a Lying Joke Fuggly Butt said...

OMG! THE "older version of LISA K. P...." and hmmm...Katie is on her page too...(the one trying to lose weight this summer, yeah, her)
hmm they have NOTHING to be yacking about that we are grannies over here, LisaK, was she married TWICE? She looks 40 plus.

YIKES...and she still uses an old photo of her and her sister from her old wonder the woman is crazee, she cannot even face her age or show an UPDATED photo since high school/college years, yet she is still stuck in that mental capacity!

Oh lookie...her facebook page says...She even supports DAY CARE (so she can blog!) (making day care more affordable) and her hobbies are sleep, sleep....and we all know, BLOG like a mad lunatic, swearing her bad OLD ugly self. Yuck, she tries to pretend she is this young thing, ummm, not so...and gosh, guess Kate Gosselin has a better bod then hers, she has to cover hers up and it does not need the extra poundage to the photo-shopping either, she just naturally sports flab.

Ha, sorry but I had to laugh, I think it is SO funny when people try to use an old young photo of themselves and then see the true version of themselves.

YIKES is all I can say. YIKES.

Thanks to the person who posted her name, Google brought up two choices on facebook, but the url above sure looks like the younger photo, same nose, same horse teeth, just add umm several years, some crows feet, some sagging facial skin, some POUNDS. Katie J on her friend's list is no hottie either, so they can blog themselves into a corner, no beauty queens there.

As Lisak's old ass would say, I just puked in my mouth a little. (she tries to act so young, sort of like JON GOSSELIN!)

and compare the nose and teeth to

sure looks like her to me, oh the things people put on the internet, for the public to see.

Anonymous said...

Can we please stop getting sidetracked with non-gwop boards?!

Start a lisaK10, whatever the person's name is, without pity.
I don't care about people's petty little spats.

iwhyawli said...

Yeah, I'm sick of it too, especially since I've never been to that blog. I try not to moderate with a heavy hand but sadly, there will be no more LisaK comments. Sorry LisaK-hater, whoever you are. The LisaK stuff has run its course here.

Val said...

Sheryl said...
Sit back, relax and enjoy while I hack on moms who like to pass judgment on other moms and dads.

I'm sure you're smart enough to realize that you're doing what you accuse other people of doing. How does that make you better than the others?

July 15, 2009 9:46 PM
Sheryl, you must be smart enough to realize that what you're accusing iwhy of is snark on your stupid blog. You mean haters are actually doing it to a real family. That's what is wrong with this whole picture.

If you can't take what dishing out, then stop making the life of one family horrific.

Anonymous said...

9:42 AM

LK's "claim to fame" is that her regulars have senses of humor and are the only blog where best friends can communicate. They don't see themselves as nasty. (read the early blogs/posts, if you don't believe me)

This was my favorite blog because it wasn't nasty, but funny like the Princess blog. Much better path to get your pov across--you do it well without stooping anywhere near the level of GWOP or LK. Again, jmo.

Stillwater said...

I have 113 pages of their message board. It is called the Soouper Seekrit Hideout. I know the whole Wiki story. I know whether or not Jodi and Serena are the same person. I know the story about Clive. I have the transcripts of the Julie chats. I know the circumstances behind the opening of GWoP. I've always wondered what to do with it. I can't send it to you cuz then you'd have my IP. Should I open my own blog?

iwhyawli said...

Hi everyone, I need to offer some important clarification cause I worry that I may bruised the feelings of some treasured allies without wanting to.

I'm sick of the mountain of unnecessarily vulgar crap that the LisaK peeps send to my Comment Box on a daily basis.

I am NOT sick of reading the stuff that is going on at different boards that friendlies have been sending me. I can't visit those other sites cause I'm not ready to reveal my identity yet. I definitely appreciate knowing the buzz throughout the Blogosphere and know that I am grateful for your efforts.

By choosing not publish LisaK stuff anymore, I'm hoping to: a) cut down on the volume of daily comments that I get from those creeps and b) appease other posters here who are communicating some annoyance with it.

I don't want to, but if I have to, I'll not hesitate to involve Blogger to help resolve the LisaK Spam situation for me. IMO, the LisaK group is in clear violating of the TOS.

Hope you understand.

In happier news, I believe there has been a major breakthrough tonite regarding GWOP secret message board(s).

Anonymous said...

I completely understand iwhyawli, that is their mode of action. I will totally respect your feelings on this and enjoy your blog, it is just a fun place to stop in throughout the day. I don't want you to get that kind of crap either, been on the receiving end in a comment site, and won't ever understand that behavior.

I got your back girl and totally get you, who would want an inbox or comment inbox of that bullying crap. I also understand why those who are not aware of that blog or their behaviors or not been bullied by them, why they would not want to see it here, I get that too.

There is a reason why some people will use intimidation and bullying, and personally, it concerns me how they treat their own families, spouses or children if they do that kind of bull online to strangers. Or they at one time were bullied and now feel empowered that they get to be the bully.

(huggers) to the fun group in here, have enjoyed the light laughter from time to time, and the comical parody to GWOP and other hate mentality.

Thanks iwhy and don't give out your identity! Just stay iwhyawli in safe stealth mode, then no one can ever play on a vulnerability or hurt you online, because there are preying vultures who will. No one likes their behaviors mirrored, some are receptive and others get very defensive and won't ever admit that they crossed some lines in just human decency.

JMO, which I am sure she will post over there and berate, but hey, if they are chewing on me for a day, that is one less day they are chewing on some one else or the Gosselin clan (not a lover hater on either side, just disgusted by the hatred on the GWOP blog too and why I come here to make fun of some of the extreme behavior they display and obsess over.)

Parody, sums it up. Like the acronym to your name sums it up as well.

Thanks ;)

offering some options maybe said...

oooo Stillwater...don't be so still!

I think you can trust iwhyawli with it, but understand why you'd not want to email or divulge an IP.

Wow, that sounds interesting!!!!!!!! I had a couple theories behind GWOP and have been curious.

Maybe you could open up a myspace page with iwhyawli, and share it that way, keep the page private and not let anyone in or know, then delete your pages after? As long as neither puts the tracking IP codes to some sites in their page, or maybe put it on a blog and only give the blog url to iwhyawli and then delete your blog? But then again anything on the net becomes permanent in blogs like blogger, or cached. Hmm.

KathyG said...

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that you have been plagued with the LisaK haters. From what I have been told, the CafeMom haters (many of which have mental instabilities) now hang there and many believe for some unknown reason that I am! So I can just imagine the ridiculous BS that is sent to you intended for me. The same thing happened to this other girl who they believe is me as well.

On a side note, many of us CafeMom friends, enjoy your blog and the revealing way you use humor, wit, and snark, to expose these lunatics for what they are. Thank you for joining the J&K world.

Now, I'm sure you will also get ragged on just for this comment so I will post anonymously in the future.

Have a great day and thanks for the laughs! You guys are absolutely hysterical.

You don't have to publish this if you don't wish to do so. I will fully understand. I was looking for your email again, but was unable to find it or I would have sent this to you that way.