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ANNA said...

The Gosselins Without Pity thread at Crown Princess Marie Chantal has been shut down. A pity. Those folks were hilarious and right on with their comments.

iwhyawli said...

Love the princesses. The other forums still seem to be there so that's good.

What's my name? said...

They had to move to a new thread. They will be up and running again.

Loving CPMC said...


So wrong you are. They are so popular with such a large page count that they had to start a new thread. They are not going anywhere.

ANNA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
iwhyawli said...

Say, is anyone familiar with a poster named xsandlapper? She seems like a perfectly lovely person and I hate hearing that she might have been cyberbullied. I'd sure love to talk to xsandlapper. Maybe you could send her my email address?

Anonymous said...

I too am tired of being cyberbullied and terrorized by one particular hate blog, two actually, and I never even posted on their blogs. Posted here a few times, reported some blogs, and turned in some information to sources. It is wrong what some of these blog owners are doing to terrorize others with an opposing POV.

Sorry to anyone else who is being cyberbullied.

ANNA said...

Loving CPMC- I'm very happy to be wrong about that!

Anonymous said...

Iwhyawli - Do you know if it legal for a blog owner to share ip addresses and other user information with another blog owner?

Anon 11:37 - We should start a club... LOL. I too have been bullied and stalked. But I hear that certain hate-blog owner is about to get in some serious trouble.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:54

Good! Hope so!! Anyone who does that should get shut down or in trouble. I don't hesitate when I see it happening to others to turn them into the site owners (of the blogs they are on for violation.)

I'd write up an affidavit if it would help to get them to stop, would not hesitate to foot the bill for it either! There is a reason why it is illegal, and no one likes to be a victim of online cyberbullying, terrorizing or harassment in emails or on blogs.

I think some of the blow owners should share IP addresses (not post them because that crosses lines just like posting some one's email, etc, unless they choose to make it public on their blogs or sites), although some of those trackers are not correct. I went to one blog the other day, if you use a cell phone modem, it shows I am completely in another state, that is the ONLY way I will go on that blog or others anymore after what that person did to me! So the trackers are not correct in tracking cell phone modems.

Anyways. Sorry Anon that it happened to you too. If some of these hate blogs do this to anonymous posters or go after them on sites, then seriously, what could they or do they do to the Gosselin family that they are hating on? They already email everyone they possibly can to try to destroy opportunities for them, financially and other wise.

How would they feel is all I ask if the table was turned and they were treated the way they are dishing it out on the hate blogs and how would they feel if they were stalked or harassed, online or offline. If photos were taken everywhere they went and documented.

How can anyone be THAT obsessed on any one person? And why would they want to? Isn't their time precious at all offline?

iwhyawli said...

Creepy, dumb and pathetic but not illegal. It's the misuse of IP Information, including threats, that may be actionable depending on the damages.

If you can provide evidence of a published threat to publish or share IP information, I would immediately and quietly notify blogger, wordpress and\or whatever ISP hosts the offending blog. You can also certainly notify the offender's own internet service provider too.

Anonymous said...

An IP address in isolation is not personal data under the Data Protection Act

Really? said...

GWOPPERS don't know how to stand at the top of the stairs and take pictures

sopredictable said...
"Those pictures must be from the filming. I can't see how the paps would be at the top of the stairs while Kon and kids climb up."

Agree. Highly doubt that the 'p-people' would 'get away' with blocking one's ability to access a public building, especially a building where doctor/medical offices reside. I also agree the Gosselin 'family trip' to the doctor for check ups was for the purposes of filming an upcoming episode. Description likely to read, With the school year fast approaching, J & K come together and spend the day in preparation for the tups to begin pre K , including a trip to the doctor. Yawn.
7/18/2009 1:25 PM

iwhyawli said...

Looks like you internet bullies in Washington may be safe as long as you're sharing IP addresses in isolation. However, I would first encourage you to seek legal counsel regarding the term "in isolation."

Anonymous said...

Personally I think it is great that Jon and Kate took their children to the doctor together, that they can try to co-parent, despite all else.

Too bad the paparazzi has to scope out their every move.

I am sure Preesi will have a photo up soon of a field trip she took to follow up on the clinic they went to. She is like one of those Hound Dogs following a scent.

Some one said that they turned her blog into all of the Gossip magazines for copyright infringement. That is cool, maybe her site will be shut down next for violation of TOS? Another hate blog down? What is NOT to love about that! Kudos to the hard work behind whomever is turning these sites in or whatever is going around, hope it's catchy, like swine flu for blogs for the swine that post there.???

Cheers Princess Blog said...

To the Princess Blog, I've enjoyed reading your threads. I get some chuckles over the parody too, like here.

Um K said...

Cut On The Diagonal said...

Coffee Bean;
I love what you said about Ghandi's quote. So true.
The way they go after people and judge and condem; it's exactly what Jesus said NOT to do.
That will be the extent of my religious convo.

And Moon, always the epitomy of class. Apologizing for someone else's ignorance. Such a sweet lady.


I'm sorry, but a hate blog saying complaining of someone else judging and hating despite what they do at GWOP and other hate blogs?

Moon, an epitome of class? Yeah, her blog screams CLASS!

R these guys 4 real? They don't like it mirrored to them or done to them, but they love to be the ones serving huge scoops of poo flinging, then it is okay!

When you fling shit, your hands are dirty and smelly, the evidence is right there in their actions. When it is flung back, they all go have a pity party together and cry FOUL, yet each is guilty. Talk a good talk, but WALK it if you truly want to represent the epitome of class!

wondering said...

Any ideas why Serena and Julie are absent?

New Game said...

Julie Jodi Sharla Serena?

Match the commenter to the comment game

I pick Julie.


Shocking Truth said...
OK, I HATE to say this, but about Mady seeing Kate "kiss" Steve...Yes, she told her Daddy & they came home soon after. That's why in Kate's blog it said how "Mady found seashells" & we didn't know Mady & Cara were there. All the bathing suit shots...No Mady or Cara. It did happen & they came home immediately. But, Gulp, how do I say this. It was worse than just "kissing". It was not kissing on the lips you might say. Mady freaked of course cuz she saw Mommy doing something MORE shocking. That's all I can say. The poor child & how she must have felt. This is why they went home early. It's true. I wish it wasn't. And now Steve is back??????????SO sick. Sicker than Jon & Hailey. Mady knows what she saw. And she'll never forget it. mark my words.
7/18/2009 7:46 PM

iwhyawli said...

Love the new game! That wacky Julie is now lifting shit from movie plots.

New Game said...

Julie Jodi Sharla Serena?

hint – who benefit mosts if everyone forgets the P pictures of Jon stokin in the yard?


Shirmeen said...
Mia said...


Maybe the 'actions' Kate was referring to when she said she had no choice but to file for divorce were because Jon informed her that he was engaged

Nothing would surprise me with these two dysfunctional fools
I also have a question regarding this whole story

if this divorce was filed due to the events happened over the weekend then how come they were showing the promos of "big announcement" a week before. Even they had a very staged promo for this one that "this decision will affect each and every member of our family?"
if the divorce was due to just weekend's events then what was the big announcement a week ago?
7/18/2009 7:39 AM

I'll Take HAILEY for 2000 Alex said...

Maybe it was Jon? To take the heat off of himself? But wouldn't put it past Julie either, or it's HAILEY!

New Game said...

You are right. Those names should be on the list too.

Jon? Hailey? fill in the blank

There's lots of comments to play with.

Have fun.

New Game said...

Extra Points!

Tally your score or continue playing.

Plausibility Bonus Round – BIG SPIN!

Julie Jodi Sharla Serena Jon Hailey?

Seriously. said...
Let me just throw this out. Carla's daughter was there in N.C & I'm sure she signed a confidential agreement not to talk but.....Hellooo, She is a Teenager. Do you really think if she was woken up in the night by Mady screaming & crying to Cara that she wouldn't call home or text a friend & tell them the chaos going on. Word travels fast. Would you think of a "contract" at that age? Nope. You'd tell a friend. Like "OMG, this is crazy! I got no sleep..." Lots of sources!!! Hint Hint
7/18/2009 9:12 PM

GWoPers R Cyberbullies said...

Doesn't GWoP violate Blogger TOS since they allow comments on the website by people encouraging other people to, for instance, flood the email box of other individuals and/or corporate entities?

DOS attack anyone?

Oh Vey said...

oh please don't let this be true!

He makes me exhausted!

goawayjon said...

Oh Vey said...

oh please don't let this be true!

He makes me exhausted!

This chick is uglier that the first. Jeez Jon, give it up already. You obviously don't have a knack for picking women.

Cyberbullies R Cyberpussies said...

For all of you people being cyberbullied or harrassed by blog owners rest assured that most bullies are full of hot air. Their threats can in some jurisdictions be considered illegal.

FYI said...

I'm almost positive that some blogs are installing malware etc. They should probably be reported to Blogspot.

Anonymous said...

Usually a bully, when outed, will SCREAM that they are the ones being stalked, harassed.

Abusers, stalkers, will hurry and cry wolf first on their victim to make it look like they are the ones being victimized.

A police officer will tell you that, it's their MO.

The one particular blog owner, which I hope soon we can have another thread for her one blog RIP, claims someone harassed her in emails? Doubt it, she claims a lot over there, it is all hot air, when asked to post a few of them, she could not put up the goods she claimed she received. It's all stated to take the heat off herself for the things she was doing, so she looks good to her blog followers.

She likes drama, some people cannot exist without constant chaos and drama, she's an attention seeker, it's rather pathetic, IMO.

Just IMO though!

Ya all have a great rest of your day, beautiful here in the sun!

Minuet said...

Some place some where some how took pictures of the kids in NY and the girls had on WHITE TIGHTS!!
Oh, no, oh, no!!
Child abuse, child abuse. How could the horrible, mean, vain, child-spanking etc. (put in your worst adj. of Kate) be so cruel?

Don't worry said...

I totally agree with Anon 2:16.

Some of these blog owners are really a piece of work. I wasn't surprised reading on one site how they feel victimized by this site.

I have read a lot of defamatory comments aimed at iwhyawli on some sites. I haven't seen the same sort of comments over here. So really who is the victim?

Has iwhyawli ever had a site suspended? I doubt it.

Furthermore, I don't think that any of these blog owners are 10 percent of what they say they are. One of these days they will either push some crazy mofo over the edge or they will harrass someone who has the means and the desire to sue them or they will file a false police report on someone which will backfire on them.

Oh and all of the IP tracer bs is just rediculous. Those trackers aren't meant to be used to stalk, harrass and annoy people. Sounds like TOS violation time.

Anonymous said...

Jon was with the Assoc Editor of Star on Saturday night. Nice of him to pull such a blatant publicity stunt.

I bet she would not make the girls where white tights!
The white tights thing is so weird. I live in NY and was quite comfy walking around in jeans on saturday.

Val said...

From the stupid pigs...

Anonymous said...
Iwhy, is trying to get all none fans sites taken down. I hear shes Kathy g.

July 19, 2009 8:09 PM

Anonymous said...
Theres a persom on Iwhys, blog that posted a complaint at Carlas blog Kates freind. She took it down she is trying to get Carla to turn this blog in and others she listed almost 14 blogs what a nut. I think the anon that is posting on Iwhys post is Iwhy her self.

July 19, 2009 8:12 PM

Anonymous said...
Iwhy, needs to be reported to blog spot for buging other blogs shes a witch. They copy peoples comments from other blogs and bully them I cant stand that idiot Iwhy.

July 19, 2009 8:34 PM

I try to avoid talking about the loony bin as they don't really deserve attention, but this is too funny. She thinks that Julie, Serena, and Pennmommy are altogether on a hidden board somewhere. I know from friends that there is no board with those three on it. So now she has a link to a board somewhere and she's industriously trying to break in. Someone took her to task for all the time she's wasting on her blog and then chasing a board that doesn't exist. She says it's her time to spend as she pleases. Well that's certainly true, but wow how demented do you have to be put up the nasty lies that she does?
posted by Peri at 9:16 PM on Jul 15, 2009


Ha! Guess who's the REAL loonies you damn pigs!? You have the nerve of talking about cutting and pasting a comment from one blog to another? That's exactly what you idiots do over on the pig blog. Then, you rip on the author, even if they have valid points. You make it all out to be about how you were scorned from yet another blog.

I find it funny how they are all threatened by you Iwhy. They are truly losers.

Bevereley said...

What is the deal with the white tights? I haven't seen any pics like that.

And, there's nothing wrong with white tights. I wore them as a child and my daughers wore tights. My youngest just this past weekend as temps here in Pa only reached 68 for the hight Saturday, 55 low.

Anonymous said...

Do you reject most comments you receive about Peri and the pigs?

iwhyawli said...

Peri and the Pigs are not yet on iwhyawli's sh*t-list. In fact, one such comment just came in regarding their thoughts on the Secret Message Board and I could swere I chose to publish it. But now I can't find it. Gosh Dangit! It was that very comment that inspired today's "Paging xsandlapper" post. If it was you who sent me that comment, thank you! I read it and relished it.... and definitely regret that it currenty is MIA and not available for all to enjoy.

sugar gliders r lame said...

I saw a few pictures Preesi took of the interior of certain offices and building associated with the Gosselins. Unless she got permission to do so by the building owners/management she had no right to take those photos.

You can for the most part take pictures of a building from a public place, like a street. However the building is still considered private property and therefore takig pictures from inside the building is out of bounds even if it is open to the public.

Some very public places like airports, museums, government buildings and malls have a no photography policy within the structure.

Sammy said...

Is there a GWoP facebook page other than the one that is posted on the right hand margin of the main GWoP page?

GWoP Mom of 5 I'm still alive said...

I was taking photos in the mall with my 5 darling children, all of them half related to each other. I digress...

I was taking photos of the Cinnabon stand so I could remember the moment I sunk my teeth into that sugary delight, I digress...

The security guard woman told me that I couldn't take photos in the mall. I said that I was in a public place and she said no ma'am this is private property. I told her that if it was private property how come the public was there. She looked bewildered. Ha!

I threatened to sue her, her security company, the mall and the city for this outrage. She then told me that I could keep my photos but don't take anymore. I left but I called her a Katie Irene when she turned his back. She seemed to know what I was talking about because she looked ashamed. Ha!

My kids were laughing and saying, Katie Irene, Katie Irene, Katie Irene. That is our code word for all things evil.

That's how we do it in Kentucky!

Anonymous said...

LOL about the sugar gliders (see link below if you... LOL about the sugar gliders (see link below if you don't know what they are). I saw that they were talking about that on another blog.

I think I saw Jack Hannah with one on tv. They sure are cute looking but I haven't read that you can really potty train them. You know what that means. They are great fun until they take a crap in your hand or on your shoulder, on your pillow, on the dinner table etc.

Furthermore like cats they can carry toxoplasmosis and a bunch of human unfriendly bugs in their feces.

That reminds me there is a new show on Animal Planet called Monsters Inside Me. It's about parasites inside people.

Holdentwins2 said...

Hi! I JUST found this Gwop-wop blogspot and i love it! I used to waste my time at the gwop website watching my posts go unposted.. now i know i can come here and hate on the haters! lol

Anonymous said...

sugar gliders, how cares why not worry about catching bigger and better fish than that little blog.

Anonymous said...

" NatureGirl said...
Why do people with huge backyards always hang-out in their garages or driveways?"

Because it is their house and they can hang out wherever the f' they want to on their own property.

Anonymous said...

Geri said...
About those tights...
I am surprised no one has mentioned this but when doing professional child care training, one is told to be on the lookout for inappropriate dress in the summer such as long pants, long shirts, and the like, as they may be an indicator that the parent is trying to cover up marks and/or bruises. Not saying these kids have marks or bruises but it's something to look out for.

7/20/2009 8:01 AM


Val said...

Iwhy, Peri wants to build sandcastles with you. How nice!

Peri said...
iwhy, Peri says pound sand.

July 20, 2009 4:22 PM

Peri said...
To clarify, iwhy or one of her socks/minions sent through a pile of useless comments. Keep wasting your time, dear.

July 20, 2009 4:42 PM

Anonymous said...
Iwhy, likes to post on other blogs to she only has a few real people on her blog. She acts like other people and replys to her own self. Keep trying Iwhy people will have an opnion and you cant stop them. She dosent want eneyone talking about someones parents but shes talking crap about Jon.

July 20, 2009 5:37 PM

Anonymous said...
Iwhy is a silly potstirrer. She first says she's looking for a board with Serena, Julie, and Pennmommy. Someone points out some of her problems and then she acts like she's known all along Pennmommy isn't real. She can't keep her stories and lies straight. She either knew or she didn't. She isn't funny. She sounds disturbed.

July 20, 2009 7:49 PM

Anonymous said...
ive heard Iwhy, is from cafe mom.

July 20, 2009 8:08 PM

I try to avoid talking about the loony bin as they don't really deserve attention, but this is too funny. She thinks that Julie, Serena, and Pennmommy are altogether on a hidden board somewhere. I know from friends that there is no board with those three on it. So now she has a link to a board somewhere and she's industriously trying to break in. Someone took her to task for all the time she's wasting on her blog and then chasing a board that doesn't exist. She says it's her time to spend as she pleases. Well that's certainly true, but wow how demented do you have to be put up the nasty lies that she does?
posted by Peri at 9:16 PM on Jul 15, 2009


Their logic is well, illogical. I love how they try to defend themselves by calling you unstable, etc. Iwhy. They really are afraid you.

Mwwaaahhhaaa haa!!

Oh yeah, they make up crap about you, to deflect from their rotten shit.

iwhyawli said...

Val, thanks for the 411. It's somewhat fascinating that all these bloggers from other blogs with which I am only faintly familiar are so completely bothered by my investigative GWOP work. Makes me wonder what's really going on. Am I on the verge of finding Jimmy Hoffa or something?

I also don't understand their fascination with me. Why are they trying so hard to guess at my identity? I can assure everyone that they'll never ever guess it in a million years.

I spank DMFs said...


The reason why these blog owners don't like you is because they think that you are their worst enemy. They think that you were that person that they pissed off on such and such a site/board/blog.

Hmmm maybe you are, or, maybe you are just a bad mother f*cker (BMF).

I know that when I'm in the presence of a BMF I make sure that I show them the proper respect out of fear that I might get dealt with.

That's just me. Some other people like to play games with BMFs. Those people are called DMFs (Dumb Mother F*uckers)

I think it is safe to say that a lot of blog owners act like DMFs.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is fascinated with you, because you're only comedy relief

iwhyawli said...

Ouch! Your barbed, anonymous words in which you suggest this blog is funny will most certainly weigh heavy on me all the long day.

Anonymous said...

No it's more like I never knew stupid,pathetic people like you really existed,so it's like watching a freak show at a circus when we come across you. Love your comments on Dirty Disher BTW!

iwhyawli said...

Okay I get it now. You're here to plug *your* blog. Well here you go.... I published your comment.

I look forward to reading "my" comments too. The tried and true "post as if you are your nemesis" schtick. It just never gets old does it?

I wondered if anything could be more ridiculous than my blog which mocks a blog which mocks the Gosselins, but here you are trolling a blog that has nothing at all to do with you. Congratulations, you've dethroned the Professor.

Anonymous said...

One thing to keep in mind is that the die hard Gwoppers and members of the original TWoP board are very good at posting at other boards using the names of moderators that they don't like in an attempt to stir things up.

I think people are smarter than this and realize who is behind the posts.

IMO MOO said...

if they want their blogs left alone, then maybe they should stop their harassing comments at iwhyawli!

I know if they laid off of her, I'd back OFF!

You get what you put out there!

Pat said...

The funny women (girls? Idiots? Snarks?) at GWoP think THEY know how OTHER people (read Gosselins here) should run their lives. They spend so much time thinking, writing and following all other sites they forget they themselves are STUPID!
Who would listen to THEIR advice? Haw, haw, haw! Or is that caw, caw, caw!

Calling all GWoP historians said...

Does anyone know what the Dirt is on the Dirty Dishers blog.

It doesn't look like the typical GWoPer blog.

Can someone drop some knowledge on me?

Anonymous said...

Iwhyawli I agree you are definately a BMF (Bad Muthuh F$cker). I imagine you look a lot like the Black Mamba in Kill Bill. If I were a blog owner I would STFU before you rammed your samurai sword of snark up my arse hole. That's just me. Fools that don't value their own arses are the same fools that get smoked by BMFs. That's the law of cause and effect.

Iwhyawli keep your blogging hand strong! Respect!

She's a BMF! said...


Did you drop your wallet???

Iwhyawli's wallet

Da Dish on the Dish said...

the Dirty Disher aka Pat (at Moon's and she chats at the "bitchy lady" site) also had a Garden blog. She blogs about hating Kate, and then the same types of people follow her blogs that follow GWOP and Moon's and then someone uses iwhy's user name to post crap, they assume it is some one from here, personally I think it is the same 10doll or sammy type from the bitch lady site or preesi who do the same to others on comment sites under any Gosselin Gossip. They scout them out, it's just weird, for someone who hates some one so much, they sure obsess over locating any article on them, any photo, any gossip posted on blogs.

She seems harmless, unless you talk down to her about her psychic hoo haw (like Moon she does reading crap).

The only cool stuff on her blogs is her flower postings, like them, she does know how to put together a beautiful garden and enjoy it. Oh and she posts a lot of photos of her little grandchild, she had a rough child hood (which I won't make fun of at all), and she seems to adore and lover her little grand daughter, and she lost her son (little girl's daddy), which is sad! So I wish her no ill, but she is celebrity obsessed like preesi, posting on celebs, her other blog was all about celeb gossip. She admitted she doesn't have many friends, her blog friends are her friends. At least she is honest.

I personally think following celeb crap is just that, crap, and commenting on it is crap too, and her hate on Kate Gosselin (but if she had a rough child hood, some people tend to be hypersensitive toward other's parenting styles.)

So that be the Dish on the Dirty Disher aka Pat aka Moon Musing chatter aka LisaK blog chatter aka some Garden blog/celeb snark blog.

Fits in the category of TV Snarky, Preesi and the way they snark on celebs, make fun of their lives, obsess over their celeb status and nice things, looks, yet none of them have much, so to me, it's jealousy and people who gossip, need to feel important because in their real world they don't feel very important to anyone.

So that be the 411 dish on DD to whomever asked.

She says she'll eff anyone up though who messes with her. So shhhh, you didn't hear anything from moi.

Anonymous said...

iwhyawli, you're the one that said you loved to "bring the big hammer" which apparently means you like to send emails to people using someone elses name. I also like to "bring the big hammer",but unlike you,I'll take mine to Word Press & Blogger. That is illegal,I think. Have a good day,iwhyawli.

mkb77 said...

Some twit on the Gwoptard site posted this:

Puddymoors said...
Just Jared is publishing a quote from the jeweller who has sold Jon his engagement ring for the new peice of fluff. I must say that I know have no respect for his either ... so much for people who were God focussed. They have made a complete mockery of their wedding vows and family values.

I don't suppose that whatever place allowed the travesty of a marriage vow renewal to go ahead is now demanding their money back?


Hello? The place that allowed the "travesty of a marriage vow renewal" could give a rat's ass if the marriage worked out or not. They had nothing to do with their breakup..Jon's wondering penis did that all by itself. The resort got plenty of advertisement, they got what they needed. So why not just shut yer cake hole PUDDYMOORS!

iwhyawli said...

Dear stupid "hammer metaphor person":

I'm delighted to know that you're using my blog as an opportunity to practice English as a secondary language.

Unfortuantely, my impressively awesome, expert level of computer skills does not yet include sending fake email messages using other people's email accounts.

As far as I know, I also do not have any blog followers from Somali or Nigeria where this type of email trickery is allegedly taught in their pirate school huts.

It's not us. So go ahead and report me to whoever you plan to report me too. I am unafraid.

mkb77 said...

That's funny, Anonymous 1:23 am openend her mouth and all I heard was a farting noise.

yawn said...

awww, 10dollie is in a tizzy again. (hammer person)

someone is playing all the blogs against one another, me thinks I smell a FIONA rat?

Gumshoe said...

Hmmm I see that Anonymous 1:23 AM (aka stupid hammer metaphor person)
mentioned Word Press.

Now I'm not a sophisticated internet detective like some blog owners but didn't an infamous blog just get shut down? Wasn't that blog a Word Press blog?

Hmmm. I think a certain blog owner is seriously pissed about her blog going bye bye and is therefore coming in here to harrass and annoy.

If anyone should be turned in for cyberstalking and cyberbullying it is that person.

Anonymous said...

Game on then.

Idea said...

Here iwhyawli

We should start our own doll collection of the Mad Cow GWOPpers, and EXPLOIT those lonely hateful housewives.

It could go towards a fun to help support GWOP Hater's Anonymous, think of the millions of children who would thank us for giving us their mommies back from the hate Julie breeds.

Anonymous said...

I came across one of the blogowners facebook pages and it had the following picture under the category "family" and "grandma".

It seems that we aren't the only ones that these ladies have pissed off.


Anonymous said...

gumshoe @ 12:23 It mentioned wordpress AND blogger!

Some GWoPers R Deranged said...

I can't believe that I missed reading the "Fiona This is Your Life" post. I just finished reading it. Wow.

So Fiona is 10doll? That's crazy. Iwhyawli thank you for providing a repository for all things GWoP.

I have seen 10doll's name on a bunch of boards and was curious what her deal was.

I was reading the Dirty Disher's blog. The Dirty Disher created a thread about how she yelled at her neighbor's kid that was spanking the dog. Then I found 10doll's comment. Very revealing...

10doll said...
I'd have knocked out the mom using the son. If that dog would have bit him,they could have forced you to put him to sleep,because he "could" be dangerous. If that happened to me & my dog was going to be put to sleep,I'd have let the dog use the kid as a chew toy for a while. Hell,if their gonna put him down then I'd let him have at it.

July 22, 2009 6:12:00 PM GST

Some GWoPers R Deranged said...

I can't believe that I missed reading the "Fiona This is Your Life" post. I just finished reading it. Wow.

So Fiona is 10doll? That's crazy. Iwhyawli thank you for providing a repository for all things GWoP.

I have seen 10doll's name on a bunch of boards and was curious what her deal was.

I was reading the Dirty Disher's blog. The Dirty Disher created a thread about how she yelled at her neighbor's kid that was spanking the dog. Then I found 10doll's comment. Very revealing...

10doll said...
I'd have knocked out the mom using the son. If that dog would have bit him,they could have forced you to put him to sleep,because he "could" be dangerous. If that happened to me & my dog was going to be put to sleep,I'd have let the dog use the kid as a chew toy for a while. Hell,if their gonna put him down then I'd let him have at it.

July 22, 2009 6:12:00 PM GST

Sue said...

These are the pond scum that put the virus in the Gosselin blogworld. Straight from the Pig sty. Fiona is sick.

FIONA said...
Maybe the bad, scurvy press, but Kate is bringing in her own. She just does it from her own front yard. Spanking, pantie shots. The paps follow her to the fancy grocery store, formal ware only!

July 23, 2009 9:19 AM

Anonymous said...
How many people are really interested in a self-absorbed mother taking her kids on vacation while she has her already state of the art kitchen renovated?
How many people are interested in seeing how Kate does it alone? We know whatever they show is exactly that - "all for show", TLC's past history with this farce speaks for itself.
It's all bullcrap.

Someone 'in the know' told my wife Jon plans on a tell-all book. Wanna bet it outsells anything Kate ever wrote? He's divorcing Kate in more ways than one. They are not partners in the show anymore, he's moving on to bigger plans.

July 23, 2009 10:25 AM

WowJustWow said...
Regarding the "tell all" book, I have a feeling it will blow the lid of the sham. It will begin at the roots of this whole story - starting with Miss Katie Irene herself, how her illusions of grandeur and feelings of entitlement got the whole ball rolling.

July 23, 2009 10:51 AM

nc resident said...
The paps follow her to the fancy grocery store, formal ware only!

Fiona many fans will not acknowledge this, but, remember when Kate says she loves her job? This was when Jon was backing away, so it seemed, from interest in the show. She also went on to say when the cameras go on she "is like aw." Kate wants to be in the spotlight. That is fine with me. However, her problem is and will always be, that she got there, because of her children. Every move she has made is either, writing about them in books, displaying them as models for clothing, or using them as a basis for a show. In light of what has happened she still drags them around, hoping to stay in the limelight. Like it or not she cannot do it on her own. Without the 8 she is just another person.

July 23, 2009 12:06 PM

Picking up right where they left off, TLC is starting in August with the trip to North Carolina filmed soon after the tups' birthday party. So the excuse for pulling the kids out of school at the end of the year is that Kate couldn't put off the kitchen remodel until school was out a week or so later? Since Kate uses paper plates where does all this dishes in the bathtub come from? She is contractually bound to wash the dinner personal chef containers before returning them?

On the other hand I was glad to see in the previews that Kate looked like she was letting the children enjoy the waves and sand in marked contract to last year when she was so concerned that the kids might drown in knee high water while wearing life vests. This looked much better for the children.

Aug 03, 9:00 pm
(30 minutes)
Remind Me Jon & Kate Plus 8
Renovations & Vacations

The thought of doing dishes in the bathtub while the kitchen is being renovated proves too much for Kate, so she decides to trade stress for relaxation by taking the kids to the beach while Jon manages the cabinet installations.

Aug 03, 9:30 pm
(30 minutes)
Remind Me Jon & Kate Plus 8
Beach & Kitchen Reveal

While Jon oversees the installation of new cabinets in the kitchen, Kate and the kids get into some fun in the sun at the beach. But soon enough, it's time to go home. Will the reveal of the new cabinets and kitchen meet Kate's expectations?
posted by Peri at 3:19 PM on Jul 21, 2009

These people should all be investigated. Sick perverts.

iwhyawli said...

The most humourous thing about all this "Dirty Disher stuff" is that I have absolutely no idea who she is or where her blog is. I've never read a single word and never plan to.

It very well could be that an "ally" who reads here is trolling her site, thinking that they're doing me a favour of some sort, but I doubt it. More than likely, the trolling a) is not happening at all or b) is performed by someone from one of those other spastic blogs (e.g., LisaK, 10doll, Peri, Preesi, Fiona, Bohemian Moon, etc.).

So, dirty disher, go ahead and do that "one-click" thing that you're threatening to do. It won't be me that suffers from it.

Public Service Announcement said...

FYI, Iwhyawli, the Dirty Disher is the Blair Witch of the Gosselin Blogosphere. You had better watch yourself. Rumor has it that she is trying to collect hair or discarded fingernails so she can construct a voodoo doll. Some people say that she can construct a voodoo doll from an IP address. Sometimes she works in conjunction with Bohemian Moon. When their combined powers work in unison all hell can break loose.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

iwhyawli said...


Anonymous said...

This is the type of stuff 10doll does!!! When she is irked at some one she'll go to these blogs, and gossip site comments and pretend to be some one, go to their blog and copy and paste, so it looks like it came from that person's blog who she has a beef with. LisaK does it too, it's just so silly.

The Dirty Disher is desperate and is not even a good read, if you want to hear a constant woman who is unhappy in life, mad at the world, and a bitchfest, then go read her blog, I've scanned it and OMG that woman needs some psychiatric help!

I doubt it is anyone from this blog either, we bring the scoop to ya, but I would put my bet toward the "bitchy gals blog" as being who is trolling blogs pretending to be you, so that they come after you.

Some people are in some dire straights and truly need to get out and enjoy life and get off the computer!

One click? RIDICULOUS, like she's going to vaporize you. *rolls eyes*

NonAMus said...

LOL iwhy, all I can do is laugh at these kinds of people. They are in a whole realm of crazy! I bopped over there and pffft...that old lady needs to get a life!

Looking forward to your next thread!

CNN said...

It is definately that 10doll person! She's vile, ugly, lonely.

She talks about you on the DD site and is obsessed. She admitted she was hurt by this blog, some thing about her grandma. She did announce on DD's blog that her biggest regret was getting her tubes tied.

After seeing her temper on sites and the psycho behavior, I am glad she had her tubes tied.

She has an anger issue and a hoard of others obviously! She is very anti-social in her behavior.

Concerned for Iwhyawli said...

Bohemian Goon and the Dummy Disher through the power of the IP can invade your computer and your mind.

Please wear your tin foil cap Iwhyawli before its too late!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall said...

PSA, if she was a good witch like the one wearing white in The Wizard of Oz, maybe she'd not get flack from here or her community.

She's obviously one who melts though if you add water.

Good witches practice tolerance of all human kind. Rather, good human beings from healthy families do.

If some just shut it online, maybe they'd not be the butt of jokes, people get what they DISH out!

A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down (note to the haters who cannot handle it being mirrored back.)

PS...don't think witches like mirrors or their reflections.

In A Nutshell said...

when it comes to these other blog owners...GWOP, LK, DD, FF, and soooooooooooo many others and all the obsessed haters.


Time for a side bar listing all the stupids who created their blogs after being infected with hate at the GWOP blog.

Hate will consume ya! It robs lives and they know it is robbing their lives. They don't like it pointed out, then they'd have to change what has become normal to them and step up and out and become someone in society and in life. They'd have to get up and actually participate in life, be a parent, a spouse, WORK, help others with the extra time they spend hating, etc.

But, some just like the little nasty comfort zone of hate they continue, day in, day out. To hate on some one else gives them a break from hating on themselves.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I had to share this one below. Child abuse to get a Starbucks treat for your child and umm this fat butt poster says a strawberry banana SHAKE is healthier? Show your butt first Kiki, just submit a scan into iwhy, as difficult as it will be to analyze, we'll decide. Oh and while you are at it, submit your parent app here too, I'm sure iwhy and all of us would be interested in how you raise your children, for your kids right now I am afraid of their nutrition and the hate mentality you are teaching them. This is so GWOP but found on another blog, but certainly like a GWOP bot to post.

Kiki said...

About time too stupid kow mooo00000 !
She didn't even try to get marital help she
just filed for divorce like it was all part of
her plan idk with 8 kids I'd try !!!!!!!!!
Another thing about those so called treats
@starbucks WTF is she giving frozen frappacino
to an eight year old. Why not a healthy
banana strawberry shake instead. The kids
don't know any better she should make better
choices for them I mean how silly to start
the coffee thing at age 8 up here in Canada
it's almost considered child abuse like WTF
is next Jon going ask Cara if shed like a puff
of his malboros ?!?! It's retarded yikkkkkk!!
I'm on team 8. Get those two idiots outa the
house and have the not a nanny change the locks
asap !!!!!!! God help those8 poor sweet kids.
July 24, 2009 5:34 PM

Anonymous said...

Reading the pig blog, Harriet (AKA Sharla---nhrn) is furious with Kate for SHOPPING a few times a week. Sharla thinks she should hide in her home and NEVER come out. Sharla really doesn't EVER leave her own home??? How fat is that cow anyway?

Lordy be those pigs are bitter.

Non-Anon said...

Hey Kiki, Starbucks carries a variety of creme and fruit drinks with no caffeine, including healthy Strawberry-Banana smoothies. But, I am sure that in your narrow little mind, you rather believe that Kate forced Cara to get one of the coffee drinks instead...

The Dish on DD said...

I made that above post about DD because someone in here asked who she was. I thought I did an okay job explaining and summing up her blog, but in NO way iwhy did I want her and her lowlife crew throwing eggs at you or anyone from this blog!

I did not talk down about her grandchild or her son (shared just what she shared on her blog.) Came across her blog when she used her chatname to post some thing and then went into her blog links from her own chat name.

All of this information is provided from a CLICK on her name and then into her blogs.

Why she has her cat hair all up in defensive mode is beyond me.

She is who she is and my post was just that, just as pointing out any other pathetic loser who posts at GWOP or any other hate site.

I guess psychics think they are above everyone else and have the right to make hateful hurtful blogs on celebs and the Gosselin's, because of CHILD ADVOCACY and blah blah.

They need to take their own inventory before taking others, if they don't like some thing pointed back to them, then perhaps they need to ask themselves, why do they spend their waking hours hating on a family. What is so horrible in their lives, so missing that they feel such a need to turn to such SELF DESTRUCTIVE behavior. They end up hurting themselves and yet continue to place pain on others who they disagree with how they parent (never once did I say that DD was a horrible mother or grandmother, not my place to state, read her blog, formulate your own opinion.)

So anything I provided, she provided on her blog, if she does not want it snarked on, then don't put it out for the world to see.

Yet it is okay for Moon and DD and others to hate on anything Kate Gosselin (not a fan of Kate, don't hate DD or Moon, or GWOP or the hate blogs, but I have no respect for the behavior they are displaying, as GROWN adult women.)

Straight out DD is a bitter bitter lady who is attention seeking and hate attracts hate, misery attracts misery and they all have it going on at GWOP, LisaK, DD's, Moon's, and other hate branched blogs.

Never will I understand their obsession or how they rationalize the time they spend HATING!

I don't hate the hater, I actually feel sorry for them, the way they dig their own graves to their miserable lives and then display it and then cry victim when it is mirrored back.

Make your stuff private then, don't put it out for the public and seriously, don't post photos of your children/grandchildren/ or any child for predators to find or locate! As shown from your own predatory hate like behaviors as you do witchhunts on anyone who points out any of your own flaws, like you do to Kate Gosselin or other celebs, etc. EVIL is out there and it starts in YOU!

So DD worry about your grandchild and the harm you may possibly be putting her in by some online psycho, then worry about the Gosselin children once you put your own grandparenting and personality in check. Are you keeping her safe first and foremost as you should?

It's just so easy how they can justify their own behavior and up the bullying, up the hate, up their own level of pathetic in themselves.

Smart Motherf*cker said...

My theory of what happened

1. someone sockpuppeted iwhyawli and posted an inflamatory remark on The Dirty Disher.
2. The Dirty Disher responded by way of an iwhyawli thread.
3. Bohemian Moon created her own iwhyawli thread based upon The Dirty Disher thread.

It was most likely a certain blog owner or one of her unstable followers that posted the fake iwhyawli post. The Dirty Disher might have even posted the comment herself.

The IP address would prove who posted what. If the IP address originated from Coolperson Town USA then it was Iwhyawli. If the IP address originated from Bichville then it was someone else.

I bet you Pat (The Dirty Disher) posted the comment herself.