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Just a Regular Guy

So Jon tells People Magazine that he knew his trip and new girlfriend would be scrutinized but he's just a regular guy who is trying to get through a difficult time in his life and move on.

Let me see if I understand this right.

Jon knew the trip would create a firestorm.

And he did it anyway.

Everyone from his mother to the skank girlfriend is now heads down, looking at the floor when they walk through a crowded room, but so be it. This is just what a regular guy must do for himself in difficult times.

I feel confident in stating that the United States Armed Forces would like to thank Jon for never enlisting.

Maybe once upon a time you were a regular guy, Jon. But that all changes when you marry and have children. You then become a regular guy (gal) who committed himself (herself) to the well-being and happiness of his (her) family. It's never about you --- especially just you --- ever again. Hard to believe, I know. But this is why people actually choose to get married. Selflessness and personal sacrifice are generally known to be noble and rewarding pursuits.

I personally think that the marriage commitment implies forever, but dude, the day you decided that you wanted "out" was not the same day your marital commitment ended.

If "standing up for yourself" means divorce, fine. Whatever. But you now owe your children and the mother of your children a civil and dignified exit.

I don't care if Kate would make you pick-up pencils wearing a pink thong and white go-go boots. You're now choosing to exit the relationship instead of fixing it. You owe your family the favour of exiting apologetically, humbly, kindly and gracefully.

You're flunking this task. And it irks me to no end.

Man up.


mdew said...

He'd have to sober up first, right?

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Well said-if he was such a "regular" guy, he'd be looking for a regular job. Not partying on a yacht.

What's my name? said...

Amen! iwhy, Amen!

Anonymous said...

Bad-ass Jon and his bad-ass girlfriend remind me of the idiots in Spinal Tap. The greatest movie of all time, btw.

"The Spell-Checker" said...

Pardon my pointing out to Your Highness The Visionary that this is exactly the same kind of judgmental tripe you satirize GWOP for spewing. Dare I point out how often I've seen the whackjobs at GWOP post the same kinds of diatribes?

So much for visionary. And satire. And clever. And "boy oh boy, those GWOP whackjobs sure are out of their effing minds to spend soooo much time presuming to fix the problems in someone else's family." Do you now weigh 500 lbs, and have a huge schnoz, and chainsmoke, and neglect your kids also, just like the GWOPpers?

You are more hypocritical than you know. It kinda makes me chuckle.

iwhyawli said...

Fortunately, no one really cares what you think otherwise you'd have your own high-traffic blog and you wouldn't be parked here all day long.

But yeah, I can totally see how my assessment of Jon's comment to People Magazine is on the same par as:

* Stalking the family's every move (with or without the assistance of the paparazzi)

• Fabricating stories, motives and conspiracy theories
• Manufacturing "fake" bloggers with fake insider connections
• Filing complaints with CDS, PETA, my Congressman, the United Nations, God
• Flooding TLC sponsors and other potential employers with complaints
• Harassing the employers of family members and any other person who happens to disagree with your position
• Disrupting Gosselin speaking engagements
• Trolling the blogs of family members and employees
• Creating and selling Internet videos to profess knowledge of a mother's adultery

and all this in the name of child advocacy no less.

Perhaps you should take your beak out of Jon's pants and realize that the only people who don't currently think his recent behavior is a bit inconsiderate are you and the GWOPPERS.

Fly on the Wall said...

Jon: So baby whatcha wanna do tonight?

Hailey: Did we smoke up all the weed?

Jon: Dude, I gots us some more herb this morning from Kevin.

Hailey: Yesss! Let's smoke a bowl then go visit our fans at GWOP. We can get a couple of quickies in while we wait for Sharla to post our comments.

Jean said...

High five Iwhy!!

Spellchecker, get over yourself. There is a huge difference in this blog and the other that you are referring to in your little underhanded swipe at the geunius of the truthfulness of this blog. That's what irks you. It's truth about people and you can't handle the truth.

When I see a post like yours defending people who's main mission was trying to hurt the Gosselin family (gwop and the other hate blogs), I think what a whackjob that person must be. Where are his/her priorities? defending mean bullies on the web?

Take the time and re-read this blog and you'll understand that compassion for people who are mean, underhanded and just plain rude to others and who went over the line of snark on a daily basis, in some cases almost stalking, and criticized the parenting of two people who are good parents (well now, the one is proving he's really not) is not being hypocritcal at all.

Here to Help said...

Ah, "The Spell Checker" needs to increase her fiber. She may be feeling a lit put out since her blog went down for violating terms, but in the meantime don't get yourself in a tissy over it, just up the fiber, you'll feel REGULAR in no time. Try some of the great summer fruits, plums, maybe some thing healthy, stay away from those ding dongs, twinkies, hoho's (not Jon's g/f, but you know those little creme filled cake thingies), little debbies, and all that ice cream and carbs, you'll also feel lighter which then makes you just feel happier about YOU!

You can do it, any raging GWOPper can, just have to man up (unlike Jon) and hop to it, set goals, make it happen! :)

You could always check in with the Doc, see if he may want you to up the drip rate on your valium pump?

Never give up, for a chance to be happy, rather then angry, it just makes you constipated, and wrinkly and age faster (like Jon's gal, plus hard core drugs, plus lots of sun, plus those ciggies, plus police records, plus multiple sex partners of both sex, plus 8 possible step kids)

I just would hate to see this angry blogger go take it out on their own child today when they come up to their blogging mommy to ask, would you play with me, Mommy, watch this, Mommy, I am hungry, and she keeps telling HIM to shush or go away, Mommy is busy and WORKING on blogging and pointing out the spelling errors in other blogs and feeling the need to criticize, because her blog is presently on ummm, yeah, hiatus, like J&K.

Have a good day THE SPELL-CHECKER...seriously, try more fiber, you'll have a good old poo and feel like new!

Not Looking Good said...

I agree, time for Jon to get it together, he's heading in a pretty scarey and negative direction and sadly has 8 little shadows behind him, that this all could effect and is my beef with him. Am thinking the G/F is not going to help him in the image department, job department and may end him on a police profile soon with drug possession if he is not more careful. Spending money like a mad bipolar off medication, and 25 or 27 grand on a ring for his G/F (not an engagement ring he claims but she wears it on that hand, of course stating it was would effect a divorce situation, so if that is how Jon feels he can hang on to her, by buying her, those poor kids finances are going to dwindle fast, she'll dump him soon and then pawn off the ring for drug money.)

Anonymous said...

sorry ya'all, I just cannot picture him in a pink thong and white go go boots LOL.

Well I can, but it makes me giggle, the plaid shorts were all I could take in the other day with the bulge exposed.

But that is superficial snark on my part. I am all about a Dad stepping up to his roles and responsibilities though, and hope he does soon without allowing the destruction of his g/f in the mix. Sadly things are stirred up as it is (no thanks to blogs and GWOP blog and their hate, that keeps the media in a frenzy because of the hater's interest to go look at the fall down).

Just makes me sad for those kiddies, they deserve some more stability then what is being presented.


Anonymous said...

LMAO, Jon would post at GWOP? About Kate? Serious?

Maybe DD could provide some growing pot advice to Jon and Hailey, they could plant it on top of the trump apartment building, hide in behind some corn or some thing, DD would have the goods on all that.

Lauren said...

Yikes. :-( Grow up Jon.

Lauren said...

Some of these photos beg a caption as well.

Good Job Kate said...

I think the lesson may be that some people (like Jon) do better with a strong-willed organized partner that doesn't do drugs = Kate.

Radar Online had pictures of Jon and Kate taking some of the eight to the doctor's office today. Jon looked (mostly) like a responsible adult.

I am glad Kate isn't allowing him to ignore his responsibilities. A lot of moms (myself included) would have said, "you want to be 20-year-old again? Go for it. Just get lost."

It's to her credit that the kids are continuing to have a relationship with their dad even though he is behaving like a horny, not too bright, 20-year-old.

That said, he's on thin ice as far as I am concerned.

LakeRat said...

ugh Those photos from bauergriffinonline are wild. What in the world is he thinking??