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Keep your bodyguards, Kate

For your reading pleasure, I've plucked one of the little ditties that I receive daily in my comment box. I chose this one because it's got a little of everything -- the all caps, air quotes, condescension, sanctimony, indignation, mob mentality, fabrication, threats , rhetorical questions, proclamations, moderate psychosis, etc.

But she likes GWOP Theatre so I got that going for me.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your typical GWOPPER:

I realize that you really think you are funny. Wish I could laugh at ANYTHING on this site. The cutest was the sock puppets but other than that I haven't even had a mild chuckle.

I'd like to ask you, wonderful parent, Was it funny when you beat the hell out of your babies and the cops took them away?

Do you laugh when you think of them screaming in pain because you "spank" them for discipline?

The file is sealed (temporarily) but some of us are thinking one of your babies died by your hands. Child abusers protect other child abusers. Good luck with that.

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12:14 AM


mkb77 said...

Well, now. I beg the question: how does one access a computer in a mental health facility every hour of everyday? Don't they ever sleep?

That is some funny shit.

mom4 said...

I literally LOLed at the absurdity.

jenn said...

What a f*cktard.

Anonymous said...

Why no bodyguard for Jon? He'll rely on Hailey and her gun?

Royale with Cheese said...


WTF are they talking about? That must be from LisaK's site because they like to think up all kinds of sinister things about you iwhyawli.

I think they are scared of you. I would be too. Iwhyawli you remind me of Jules from Pulp Fiction, you are one bad mothaf#cker!

Anonymous said...

What in God's name is she talking about?

LisaK & Co. are Evildoers said...

LisaK has upped the ante on absurd craziness y'all. LisaK has a cyberstalker and she done called the law on 'em. Did I mention that LisaK's husband is conveniently a lawyer? Watch out everyone!

For anyone interested in classic GWoP paranoia, bullying, lies, story making, hypocrisy, bloodlust, dumbfeckery and did I mention hypocrisy you might want to check out the following thread at LisaK's blog. It's worth reading from beginning to end.

Personally I think it is high time someone call the law on LisaK the biggest cyberstalker and internet troll of them all. Iwhyawli? Anyone?

JON! Pick Your Damn G’Friend Out Of The GD Tree!

Pauper Princess Hearts Jon said...


I didn't take my crazy pills today, so I have NO IDEA what this bi#@! is talking about.....

Anonymous said...

I this this person forgot to take her meds.

Iwhy is my hero said...

That comment is fo' sho' from LisaK's site. All they do is talk smack about iwhy and calling the police on cyberstalkers. Batshit craziness.

Has anyone seen a picture of LisaK.
Ugh. Her face says it all. Her favorite movie is American History X. F'ing wierd. She probably gets off on all the violence in that movie.

Iwhy I don't envy you having to deal with those crazy biotches.

Grady said...

Wasn't there some batshit crazy poster named fiona or is that lisaK, too?

GAH. I remember wanting to punch someone...anyone in the face.

I think its cute that lisak has an imaginary husband that also happens to be a lawyer.


Anonymous said...

She must be smoking a bowl with Jon and Hailey.

Marissa said...

First of all Iwhyali, you are indeed funny. That's why I love this site. It's true, accurate, and FUNNY!

The haters don't like it because they see what terrible people they are. Instead of shaping up and turning a new leaf, they get uglier and try to justify their bad behavior.

However, the letter you posted, that one was straight out of a mental ward.

Please, Kate, keep the bodyguards. With aholes like this out, you need those bodyguards around you.

Do You Know Where Your Kids Are? said...

I have a real hard time believing any of the lowlifes at Lisa's blog have families. Don't they ever stop to have dinner or put their kids to bed? Besides being on there all day, its every evening too! Not even a discussion, just crap, crap, crap!!!

411 said...

If LisaKy Jelly's hubby is a lawyer (which I doubt), then he better warn her that her communications online is that of harassing communications and she is they cyberstalker, her and 10doll and her other recent sockpuppets she uses to look good. She is the one planting things on this blog, then going back to the gals at her blog to bitch and say we copied things, or we did this. It's just really clinical the way she is acting.

If her hubby is a lawyer, then he better watch her online actions and I would think she would know better then the online harassing she is doing. The netbullying has repercussions when the right person is crossed wrongly or such horrid things are said.

It becomes FEDERAL jurisdiction LisaK, I KNOW because I had it happen to me and I pursued the bitch who did across state lines. She was warned with legal statutes first, and still did not quit. once it goes to communications where IP's can be logged, emails, or if iwhyalwi adds sitemeter or geo tracker or there are MANY other trackers (I had one on my MySpace page where this gal was harassing me.)

If she claims her husband is dealing with whomever is emailing her (so she claims, but the way she makes up things for attention from her blog members, who knows what is truth, I think some people tell so many online lies for attention seeking and to feel important). If he gets involved, he better be cautious when he crosses state lines and better have a license to practice in whatever state he pursues, he also better be aware that his wife is the guilty party in harassing online, making up lies about others, and of anyone who could pursue her legally, would be Jon and Kate Gosselin!

Her hubby is not a very smart lawyer if she continues blogging as she is. She even dare cross me, I have the money, I have the courage to pursue and hold her accountable!!!

She and the clan who blogs there, are desperate, iwhyali, I would not doubt that came from one of her bloggers, if not herself or 10doll. They don't like anyone going against them in comments, blogs, and they will say and do whatever to hurt some one, WITH MALICE, WITH INTENTION to harm.

If bullshit were bugles and LisaK's site has a brass band!

If brains were dynamite, they couldn't blow their nose over at that site.

She is a huge cry for help with the attention seeking behavior and the way she intentionally lies to get the sympathy from her bloggers, and that tough act, screams, I AM INSECURE, I HAVE NO LIFE and some thing seriously is messed up in her life for her to act out like this.

Her made up lawyer hubby needs to have a meeting and inform her of her own actions engaging in harassing communications.

I'd be happy to provide the federal statutes (when you cross state lines/wire harassment.)

Apparently I have more knowledge in this area then her so called lawyer husband does. I went through it and WON!

LisaK is a Shrinks Wet Dream said...

seriously, don't they have kids to feed, play with, gardens to take care of, go fricken knit a pot holder, but their blog is people who are a waste of space, wasting their lives away.

I'd ignore them iwhyawli, people hate it when you don't give them a voice, and you have the control on your blog, send their mean spirited shitspasms to the recycle bin where garbage belongs.

What spews out of their chats is garbage or moaning and groaning about their aches and pains, weight issues, and the mindless every day senseless chatter of complete nothingness, gossip and hate. One day she is hating on Jon Gosselin, the next retracting, I feel sorry for any family near her.

They don't even make their won families a priority, like 10doll, won't even put her Gram's health issues above her online addiction, yet she can be found in so many sites, blogs, and sockpuppeting, of anyone unstable, it is her. She uses other's names if you post something that goes against some thing she said, then she'll go under the name you used to say some thing that backs up her comment or says some thing horrible about you.

iwhyawli, you mirror back to them their internet altar egos and they don't like it, so they choose to be immature and bully, it is pathetic.

They know it, but they gather each night, and then one will start and they will just gang up, for people in their 30's, 40's and think maybe even 50's they think it is funny to behave like that. When they log off and are apart, I bet it is not so funny to them and they are not happy with things they said or did to some one online.

The entire site would be a shrink's wet dream! Lots of headcases!

Claudette said...

LisaK made a site about Jon and Kate who are in the public eye. They have a TV show and they want publicity. It's how they earn money.

This site is to hate on those who don't like Jon and Kate. LisaK never mentioned this site until HER name was brought up here.

It's so funny how you actually believe that what you are doing makes a difference.

iwhyawli said...

Um, make a difference in what exactly? I fear you may be overanalyzing this blog, which would make you the funny one, Claudette. Funny-cuckoo.

Anonymous said...

Oh brother,every time Lisa reads a new comment about herself over here she makes up another imaginary friend. Hi claudette, I mean Lisa. Go take care of your fake family!!!

funny how that works said...

Iwhyawli- Claudette/LisaK is proving your point.


Marissa said...

Claudette said...

This site is to hate on those who don't like Jon and Kate.

No, Claudette you moron, that is not what this site is about. It's not about hate. It's about puttting those people who cut down the parents of eight beautiful chldren to pieces in their place. It's about giving a dose of reality to the haters/blog bullies who think they can parent someone else's kids better than them. It's about showing them how immature and ignorant they are for trying to take down one woman who they don't even know.