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Guess Hailey's Current Relationship Status

We have news in this week's Open Discussion thread that Jon's third girlfriend now makes an appearance causing iwhyawli to wonder whether poor 'ol Hailey has been forced to modify her relationship status in Facebook .

I wasn't lucky enough to get myself on Hailey's friend list before she went private and now there are 9,128 other Hailey Glassman's out there.

If only Julie were still around to give us "the truth".


I am left to guess at Hailey's current relationship status. Here are my guesses:
  1. Grounded
  2. Currently Held up in Customs
  3. Checking for STDs

What are your guesses?


Anonymous said...

Relationship Status: Transparent

Anonymous said...

$29.95 per hour

Anonymous said...

ugh, he was out to dinner with a STAR magazine reporter (in that superficial site's photos.) Ha, Preesi! LMAO He's getting paid to give a scoop on Kate? Or wouldn't it be great if he finally outed Julie and Jodi? Well we all know Preesi will once again be violating copyright infringements on her blog this upcoming Friday where we all can read about it for FREE (until her blog is shut down too). HA! I think that gal included notifying Star magazine of Preesi's site, yeah in fact it was a media source that owns three gossip magazines, only had to contact one source for 3 of the magazines. I love that gal, she's a spitfire! The Gosselin children will thank her for one less hate site to have to read about when they graduate High School.

Just kidding, umm, as for Hailey McNutts, I'd say she is none of the above, she's going on Celebrity Rehab with Courtney Love and Mischa Barton. She'll get to know Heidi Fleiss while there and cop a deal with her as a McNutt Call Girl. Then she'll make the news and be forced to give up her "list", she'll be on Court TV after she has a breakdown and Jon will be by her side through it all, talking to STAR magazine editors and National Inquirer to give them the dirt so he can buy his fuggly clothes.

Whew, now I need a nap!

Could Happen said...

Moon will pull her under her wing and teach her the Psychic hotline ways, Hailey will take it one step further and turn it into a phone sex hotline and then Moon and her can go smoke some of the plants growing in Moon's garden. Together they will put a curse on Jon after Jon ditches Hailey for one of Hef's Playboy Bunny twins.

Anonymous said...

4. Jon turned her back to women, she got tired of dating his Girly Boy @ss. Hailey went crying back to her ex-girlfriend begging to take her back.

Anonymous said...,,20292198,00.html

Seems as though this confirms Kevin and Jodi comments to Radar Online.

Since you are looking for the truth.

iwhyawli said...

I'm looking for the truth? Dearie, I'm afraid you have me confused with someone else.

I'm looking to mock GWOPPERS so thanks for stepping forward. You know 'em. They're the people who thinks it's completely normal to prey upon other parents and their kids. Kevin and Jodi would be the honorary members of this fine society of "child adovocates" which now leaves both of them (and their mortgage records) hanging out to dry.

Do tell. What exactly is your criteria for trusting whatever some scum bucket is trying to tell you? I've got some swamp land in Florida if you'd like to buy it.

Anonymous said...

Iwhy while I am not a GWOP poster I find your logic as bad or distorted as some of theirs'. If K&J sold a story to Radar Online and paid off their mortgage, as your investigation found. Tell me just how J&K have two homes (one for sale) in addition, two condominiums, five cars (three new)just for starters. Now that would not be from the Eight of J&K plus Eight would it. Now what you have failed to tell us unknowledgable people is this:
What did People pay J&K for these stories? People has admitted sales bonanzas covering these two.
What is Star paying Jon?
The only thing you have proven is J&K plus Eight is a cash cow. It is for everyone, magazines, TLC, sponsors, Kevin and Jodi according to you as well as Jon and Kate the last two you are less than willing to admit. You also fail to mention these children are dragged everywhere to support their parents.
Maybe in your tracking and research you can find out if these children have enough for college as J&K have promised. No worries maybe they will just sell a home or condo. Maybe by then real estate will be selling again. Or better yet lets wait for Jons' book that would be a best seller.
BTW alot of expensive real estate was built on swamp land in Florida after it was drained and filled.

iwhyawli said...

You're a litte slow, aren't you? I'm not trying to prove anything and I'm not quite sure how else to state my position, which is:


If Jon and Kate (or any parent anywhere) want to have a TV show and write books about their kids, they have every right to do it. You can disapprove. You can even judge them. However, you and your ilk (GWOP-sponsored or otherwise) don't have the right to stalk them, their family members and their employees, spam their sponsors, sabotage their speaking engagements, and make-up general shit about them.

Keep doing that, and we'll be here doing it to you, whether or not you're a GWOPPER. (Which reminds me, do I have your parenting application yet?)

Furthermore, you moron, I object to Julie, Kevin and Jodi's behavior because somewhat like you, they are screaming CHILD ABUSE! CHILD EXPLOITATION! CHILD ADVOCACY! all the way to the bank. They don't want the so-called "child exploitation" to end anymore than you do. Without Jon and Kate, what in the world would you bitch about? They've become your life.

Hope this helps!

I see a stupid poster said...

Anon 10:26 is nc resident. He tried so hard to disguise his writing, even incorrectly adding an extra apostrophe after theirs, but he couldn't keep it up for the whole comment.

NC, you need more commas, not apostrophes. Hope that helps.

More info: People doesn't always pay for interviews/photos. Usually they pay for EXCLUSIVE photos/interviews of BIG NAME CELEBS. Lots of minor celebs cooperate for nothing when they need good press. Something makes me think that Kate and Jon talked to People because it is not a rag mag, and it softballs the interviews, letting them tell their story without tough questions. People gets good sales, the Gosselins get good free press.

Now Jodi and Kevin, that's a different story. They went to the rags who pay for mudslinging, and that's what they got. Motivation = $$$$$$

Vanessa said...

I see a stupid poster said...
Anon 10:26 is nc resident. He tried so hard to disguise his writing, even incorrectly adding an extra apostrophe after theirs, but he couldn't keep it up for the whole comment.

NC, you need more commas, not apostrophes. Hope that helps.

Oh, yeah, that's our stupid and jealous boy NC. Always keeping tabs on the Gosselins. Two condos? Yeah, right. It's funny how he never posts where he reads this. Perhaps it's because he can't post his ass from which he pulls his so called "information".

Get a real job NC. Your hatred of Jon and Kate is really stale now.

Oh, and watch, now he'll cry to Peri. Tears in the pig sty.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's because he can't post his ass from which he pulls his so called "information".

Dearest Vanessa,

Obliously you are not up on current affairs and to lazy sitting on your ass to do you own searches. Allow me then.

Jon has a condo in NYC correct? Or do you need that link? Well screw it I'll provide you one.

Keeping count? That is one.

Now lets get to Kates.

Would appear to be 1+1=2

I'm glad he lives in NC said...

NC Resident sounds like an, what do they call them in NC, oh yeah, an Idjut!

Did iwhyawli's investigation ever shed led on NC Resident's geneology?

Rumor has it that NC Resident calls his mother "Auntie Momma" and his father "Uncle Daddy".

Sing it: "He's just a good ole boy. Always meaning too harm. Been dumber than a log since the day he was born."

D' Amn Hailey said...

I go for #2!

Daddy must be SO very proud of the money his daughter wasted on her college education, at least she passed Inhalents 101 and Bong and Glass Piping 102 and perhaps even Snortfest 101 but she probably had to sleep with the professor to skid by.

Anonymous said...

I find this comment on another blog ironic. They were discussing Hailey as a stepmother to the Gosselin kids :

After the honeymoon period is up and they really settle down into their routine, it will be hard for her. Does she know what 8 kids would be like? She has probably never been around one or two at the same time, much less 8. It is going to take a very special person to settle down with a man with 8 kids. Well of course since this man has a reality show and may not be that hard...LOL!

July 21, 2009 7:28 PM

Kate could never use the I have 8 yes count them 8 children but it is ok for Hailey to use it. They are not even in the baby or toddler stage anymore. WoW

Anonymous said...

New relationship status:

See this link .