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Paging xsandlapper! Paging xsandlapper!

It didn't take me too long to figure out that xsandlapper is 1 of the 2 founders of the secret GWOP message board, especially since a helpful someone sent me that information.

The link to GWOP's secret message board can be found in the GWOP Secret Message board thread here. I'll go fetch it later and insert it here when I have more time today.

The existence of GWOP's secret message board is discussed at three completely different sites by completely different folks during three completely different time periods: Gosselinsdonotneedourpity, the princessess and now another board called 'brilliantbutbitter' or something like that. The GWOP secret message board is the board where the GWOP elite discuss their strategy for stalking the Gosselins, sharing pictures of their kids and choosing the inane "Kate-gate" du jour. As an example, yesterday's inane Kate-gate pertains to white tights.

Despite all this highly compelling evidence (plus evidence that I have not yet disclosed), we have folks in this week's Open Discussion Thread (and elsewhere) denying that such a board exists. HA! I imagine these deniers are same folks who would have us believe a) PENNMOMMY is real or b) the PENNMOMMY scam never happened.

Iwhyawli applied to the secret message board (as herself) and get this --- I was rejected!
This latest development leaves just three remaining options. I'd first like to appeal directly to xsandlapper for admittance.

Dear xsandlapper,

You seem like a nice enough person. Let me in. You'll be glad you did. If there is nothing to hide over there, why reject me? Let me in to the secret message board and we can put all this crazy confusion and ill-feeling between the blogs to rest. I'll hop on your board, take a peek around and leave quietly.

Let me know your thoughts.

Best regards,


ladeedah said...

Funny, that this example of perfect parenting, xsandlapper, doesn't know that beach sand caries more fecal matter then the keyboards that create gwop's blogs. Why not just call herself "xshitlapper?"

oh well... I got a good chuckle out of their "shity-love."

NonAmus said...

lol iwhy, you crack me up! I stop in here each morning for my daily dose of laughter and never leave disappointed.

Good luck on getting in, I have a feeling you will or some one will help you out!

GWoP Insider said...

I think membership into the GWoP uber secretive message board requires a secret initiation.

Rumor has it the initiation requires:
1. duct tape
2. Michael Bolten music
3. Juicy Juice
4. bibs
5. a life size picture of Jon Gosselin
6. an Asian dildo

iwhyawli said...


And I'm out of duct tape.

:: races over to the hardware store ::

xsandlapper said...

you will never get on our board honey so keep trying sucker.

iwhyawli said...

Hi xsandlapper! Thanks for confirming that there's a board. I new I could count on whoever is pretending to be you right now.

Yes, I'll keep trying. It's only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Iwhyawli you are a riot! lol

pbs said...

I never denied that a private board existed. I denied that pennmommy, Julie, and Serena were there. Your facts are jumbled.

iwhyawli said...

Well, duh, of course pennmommy isn't there, silly! Y'all made her up? Don't you remember? That's how this whole thing started. Technically, Serena (not her real name) doesn't exist either but once we get into the sooper sekrit board, we'll get to the bottom of that too.

Now untie xsandlapper and put her on the phone.

Anonymous said...

Try to old of FGF, Former Gwop Fan. She had sooper seekrit board access.

Anonymous said...

I know all about the private gwop board I am a member and why do you want in? what info do you want and on how?

hurtin said...

Oh you've pissed them off good now. They're wondering if you already got in the board.

Anonymous said...

You're behind the times and off your rocker as usual. Serena isn't there either. Catch up!!

Anonymous said...

So now you admit that you weren't looking for pennmommy? Why did you say you were? Just slinging mud?

Anonymous said...

Pennmommy made herself up. Are we going too fast for you?

iwhyawli said...

Perhaps you should consider taking a few lessons in the detection of sarcasm. After all the PENNMOMMY ridiculousness, I'm not sure why you think you have any credibility here, especially when you're posting as "anonymous."

Former GWoP Sorority Candidate said...

I didn't get admittance into the GWoP sorority (Beta Iota Tau CHi). I didn't pass their initial examination.

Here's a sample of some of the questions that they asked me which I didn't answer correctly (I answered NO on all of them):

1. Do you think that Kate Gosselin should live a miserably life?
2. Do you think Kate Gosselin deserves to be struck by lightening?
3. Do you think Kate Gosselin should burn in hell fire for all eternity?
4. Do you think that Sharla is a milf?
5. Do you think Jon is a sexy motherf*cker?
6. Do you fantasize about Jon Gosselin naked, wearing an apron and fixing you an Asian dinner.
7. Do you ever call your husband Jon when you are doing it doggystyle?
8. Would you submit to Sharla spanking your buttocks with a horse crop, a bib, or the season one DVD box for Jon and Kate Plus 8?

iwhyawli said...

Dear anon at 4:18:

I'm just curious to see what goes on at a private GWOP board that's all. It's sorta like y'all needing to know every last detail of the Gosselin's off-camera life. Fair is fair, right? Serena is practically a celebrity herself, having been quoted in the fancy magazines and stuff.

I'll stand by for the ID and password. Thanks in advance.

NonAMus said...

ooooooo someone is getting nervous lol

iwhy, pw or not, now they will wonder if you are lurking under a PW in there, haha.

Get the goods!

Stillwater said...

That site isn't so secret.

Posted: Jun 8 2008, 02:06 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
Posts: 233
Member No.: 96
Joined: 23-May 08

QUOTE (yrt @ Jun 8 2008, 07:30 AM)
Pressi, I will be happy to second your posts to the National Enquirer or whatever. PM me what you are doing, and I will follow.

Actually the other day I was in the "All That And More" NBC10 Chatroom
and the moderator is a budding journalist/reporter and I asked him if he
wanted a great story. He said Yes.
(ATAM is a local news variety show that relies on viewer input, the hosts
and other reporters are in the chatroom to get input and news tips)

Basically what Im doing is writing a letter that I can send to all the reporters/magazines with all the points people are concerned about, hinting that there is a deep story that needs to be exposed.

Im gonna send it in email, snail mail and also call.

Someone needs to do an expose.

The more letters they all get, the more seriously they will take it and run with the story...

hurtin said...

They are upset. There is a mole on the board.

Anonymous said...

Which deep do you think Stillwater refers to? The one that we would like exposed is the inner workings of the J&K hate blogs who have made it their mission to destroy the careers of the parents who the same haters claim to be advocating for with emphasis on said hate group leadership... Yeah. Right.

Kris said...

Intrigue...uber secretive clandestine meetings of the blog mods.....strategies.... The seekrit board should play Mafia Wars on Facebook or something- or help Obama strategize us out of war!

I just can't get my mind around the concept of anyone spending so much time and energy on people they don't really know! (Gosselins) I imagine these people were the "mean girls" in school. (Sorry to make it a gender thing, but I'm thinkin' that it's women who are behind this??) Hey, maybe it's just some guy that gets a woody doing all this crap! GWOP woody!! Ah, but I digress...

Don't the Gee-WOP pissy posters have families to be with, jobs to go to, interests and hobbies (outside of bitching and snark) to enjoy, volunteer activities to they really believe anyone is going to read their enlightened and thoughtful posts re/ wearing white tights and cancel the show? Oh, I see my neighbor has pants on her son and it's 81 out today- warrants a call to child protection services I think! Do they really imagine that e-mailing Maria Shriver their displeasure over Kate speaking at Cal. conference is going to cause them to change the schedule? Duh....

Take them down Iwhy.... take them down off their high horses and spank their sorry asses!!

** Sorry if this posting is kind of all over the place. I'm a bit rushed today. Thanks for making this site a good place to get a chuckle!!**

Anonymous said...

I know who the mole is. I know who the mole is. I am loving it.

hurtin said...

They are so mad now. Think they are above everyone and act like they aren't.

we haha realative of ladee dah said...

In the ghetto, baby's crying in the ghetto, children dyin' in the ghetto, people ain't tryin' in the ghetto, hope is lost in the ghetto, help is needed in the ghetto, don't send that GWOP crap to the ghetto, we may have 99 problems but those bitches ain't none of 'em.

Crystal said...

The secret board people have kicked out several members for being a mole, but the mole is still there.