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GWOPWOP News Update

In bullet points:

  1. All signs indicate that Serena and Julie remain safely on blogging vacation. Record of Kevin and Aunt Jodi's recent lump-sum mortgage payment remain on public display at the Lancaster County web site.
  2. Incredibly, GWOP's great white tight controversy is now up to 300+ comments, with the GWOPPERS now insisting that the girls had to wear tights because Kate cut their toes off. Count your little piggies, kids!
  3. I have a thread about me at the secret GWOP board, y'all! Sadly, this link won't work unless you're one of the chosen ones.


Anonymous said...

Most of us have had threads dedicated to us over the past year. It is an honor to be in your company.

What they don't realize is that some of us actually are connected to people that feed us information.

New Game said...

You can trade it all in for what's behind Curtain C

Jodi Kevin Julie Serena

In July 2008 - who sold the first story on Jon and Kate to the National Enquirer?

iwhyawli said...

ooooooooh! iwhyawli likes this game.

I am torn between Julie and Serena.

My guess is JULIE.

Anonymous said...

Well it is my understanding that Preesi actually was responsible for pushing the story to the National Enquirer. But all the facts behind this were discussed on the GWop Secret Board. There are copies of this floating around.

NoMoreWhiteTights!!! said...

Anon @ 9:36 a.m. or anyone else -

Is there any way these copies could make their way to Iwhyawli?

Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Share the copies, please. No more teasing, give us screen shots! Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Peri's ripping you a new one Iwhy.

iwhyawli said...

oh dear, How bad is it? Will anyone be creating a P.O. Box for me?

Anonymous said...

her and her screen shots, she is one mad stalker obsessed. Google her name, look at all the boards she has either been banned from, or tried her banter and others let her have it (the bullying thing again (sigh)), her name brings up everything from Politics, reality shows, to her Pal Talk, her photobucket (more screen shots, even aerial views haha).

I would not doubt she has contacted several magazines, and then screamed child exploitation while SHE GETS PAID as "the source".

She's a cucko crazee in a cape!

Anonymous said...

The Peri thing is the same as the Lisak thing. Why does the board need to be hijacked with people's petty crap?

GWOPWop has become everyone's personal army??!!

Anonymous said...

I believe people are getting Presi mixed up with Peri

They are two separate bitches but both equally insane.

FostersStepMom said...

Re: the P.O. Box --- Iwhy, you don't have any red-headed stepsisters (I mean sister-in-law's) do you? If not, I think you are safe!

Anonymous said...

Anon@3:15 p.m.

Calm down and take a deep breath.

Somebody was just alerting Iwhy that she was being discussed by Peri at the pig sty. No armies are needed!

Honestly, GWoP is beyond boring lately. 300+ comments about white tights?

Simply Put said...

because they are GWOPpers too! And this blog is to make fun of the GWOP mentality, their hatred, their obsession!


Anonymous said...

Peri hosts the Gwop moderators. Maggie Shatzie (nhrn) posts under her blogger screen name there. I'd say she's one of the major gwoppies.

Inch away, Fiona said...

Breaking News!

Apparently, this blog is infecting people's computers and getting information from just being on this website.

Now the funny part.

This was commented on the Garbage Detonates Blah Blah Blah Blog by "Anonymous":

my virus alert came on and said it was giving hacking signals on a certain site. the site is trying to hack into peoples computers and get info watch out.

July 20, 2009 8:50 PM

And THEN, ta da! Fiona writes about that very subject on her blog. Hmm. This makes me wonder. Gasp, could Fiona be leaving comments NOT UNDER HER NAME around in the blog world? Hope you can sense my sarcasm here, as everyone knows she does, but then she denies it.

In fact, there were tons of comments on that Garbage blog, written anonymously, and poorly. I actually thought it might be NC Resident because of the odd writing style, but Fiona may be at it again.

I genuinely don't know about worms, viruses, etc. but don't you have to download something in order to get these? Can you just get them from visiting a site? I just don't think this basic Blogger site can be the culprit here.

I think someone's got worms. But it's not IWHY or this blog...

Anonymous said...

Legend has it that before Preesi began cyberstalking J&K, she devoted her whole energy to cyberstalking Rachael Ray... She is an evil piece of work with entirely too much time on her hands.

Anonymous said...

iwhyawli said...
oh dear, How bad is it? Will anyone be creating a P.O. Box for me?

July 21, 2009 1:03 PM
She is saying how crazy you, and all of us, are. But, you specifically because of your intent on getting to the seekrit gwop board.

Oh, and Fiona says that she picked up a nasty virus from being here, but isn't 100% sure, but she believes it to be.

iwhyawli said...

yeah whatever regarding the virus accusation. I didn't get no virus. No one else got no virus. It must have been the "infect only Fiona's computer" virus. Despite my very expert and new found level of computer expertise, I wouldn't know how to give Fiona a computer virus if I wanted to.

Fiona is one big Sock said...

Fiona has a virus alright but it is not computer related. I also think it has infected her brain.

First she pleads for people to not go on this site ( because she doesn't want people to read the thread about her.) Then she says she received a virus after visiting here.

Duh said...

I think Fiona has an STD.

Stop Typing, Dummy!

Iwhyawli, you're always saying you are having trouble with comment moderation, so I'd be super impressed if you somehow managed to infect people on here. Especially only Fiona. What skills you have, Iwhy!

Anonymous said...

that was put on the other nameless blog too, just someone trying to pass around made up crapola again.

I have top security software, malware, spyware, etc on my computer and there is NOTHING to worry about on this blog!

Just someone stirring the pot in blogs because they have nothing better in their lives to do.


Jane said...


My apologies for this request, but you know how that child advocacy site, GWOP, has the feed of the missing kids going all the time (sorry, I've yet to run into any of them, but I'm keeping an eye out!)? Would it be possible to have a sidebar link like that to all of the nutbar echo chamber ((tm)some random stranger @ TWOP) sites? I asked for links recently, and received them. Sadly, I'm lazier than a GWOPer and didn't bookmark them. Hell, now I can't even remember which entry they were under.

Preesi, Peri, Fiona, etc..., they all have blogs. Can't keep 'em strait (did I spell that wrong? It looks wrong.

Thank you! Hope all is well with all of the GWOP-WOPers!

lucy said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Peri steal another poster's name and start a blog just to snark on another blog? She can say whatever she wants about this blog, but in the end she's no better than she perceives us to be. She doesn't seem to understand your acronym, iwhy, if she did, she might see the stupidity and hypocrisy of her own posts.

Me thinks Peri doesn't like the taste of her own medicine.

Oh, and btw, Peri is DEFINATELY a gwopper, maybe even a mod. A couple of the gwop mods post there, and there is no way that would happen if they didn't know and trust Peri. She has a sitemeter and gwop mods go to great lengths to protect their ip's because so many people hate them.

iwhyawli said...

Jane, I like this idea. If I can figure out how to do it, you just may find it there some day. I'm also trying to add Julie's deleted blog posts to the sidebar somehow. I haven't forgotten that request from someone, just haven't been able to get to it (and I'm a little chicken despite my expert computer skills that I have recently acquired).

Marissa said...

Me thinks Peri doesn't like the taste of her own medicine.

BINGO! Peri can dish it out, but can't take it. Same with her minions.

I don't believe for one minute that Fiona got 500 trojans or whatever it was she claimed she got from this site. She just wants to deter people from coming here. She posted the same thing on the pig sty.

I also have malware, spydoctor, and a stealth antivirus. No worries on this site. Just pinhead Fiona stirring up trouble.

Yes Lucy, Peri did steal another posters name and the only reason she started a blog was because she was kicked off another for being a vicious blog bully. And, even then, she steals (to some degree) the blog moniker.

Peri's the biggest hypocrite and idiot around. Her minions are just as bad. They're always apologizing as to not get on Peri's nerves. Wusses.

Sue said...

Oh, and btw, Peri is DEFINATELY a gwopper, maybe even a mod

That's why she is so defensive of Gwop and even says how she likes Gwop.

Please iwhy, pickle that pig!

Lacey said...

Peri wasn't mad about getting kicked off a blog. She's mad the blog outed PENNMOMMY.

Her scam was ruined. Bitter Peri.

Calling GWoP experts! said...

I need clarification...

Are Peri and Fiona friends?

Are LisaK and Fiona friends?

Does Peri run GDNNOP (the pig tough?)

Why doesn't anyone comment on Fiona's website?

Who is the Dirty Disher?

Anonymous said...

That is true. Possum aka Penn Mommy was a friend of Sharla and Peri. When Penn Mommy was revealed as a fake, Peri and Sharla were really quite upset at the blog that outted her.

Sharla actually really believed Possummama was not Penn Mommy but alas the evidence was too strong. Even Moonbeam had to pull her head out of the sand and admit it. But it took her dense head awhile to grasp the whole situation.

Peri and Sharla started the blog to get back at the other blog before they realized Possummommy was a fake.

Now Peri just sits and whines on it. You better believe she is over at GWoP socking away. She sock her own blog also.

I have a little inside info on this so trust me. Peri, guess who I am???

In the Know said...

Lacey, Peri stated on the pig blog how she was treated unfairly by Nina and other mods at Gosselinsdonotneedourpity. Of course, it's total fabrication becasue she was actually venomous and attacking other posters on that board.

Both her and Fiona claim that Nina and the other mods and posters "ran them out". Not true. Those two ran themselves out.

Linda said...

Did Peri post as Peri at Gosselinsdonotneedourpity?

lucy said...

Peri and Fiona may be friends now, but no, they weren't when that blog was started. Peri was mocking her for posting on gdnnop, but excepted her after she got banned and started her own blog whining about gdnnop. Guess they had something in common then, but Peri will ban her before too long. She's annoying and doesn't know when to quit.

Peri started the pig blog, but I doubt she did it alone.

No one posts on Fiona's blog because she's an idiot. She's started so many blogs it's not even funny, but she can't get any traffic so she just keeps changing it. She's hating on Babymama now because Peri and the pigsty are doing it. She's the epitome of "sheeple".

Dirty Disher has a gossip site(I think it's, and it appears that she did one story on JandK, got tons of traffic and probably an email from a gwop mod with "inside info", and thus the friendship was born. Many of her articles about the Gosselins scream gwop.

I don't know about Lisak. Somehow I'd managed to avoid her until now, although I'd venture to say that some of the more nasty conversations I've seen could very well have been her socking. She's a special kind of vile.

Laurie said...

Linda, I believe Peri never posted as Peri on GDNNOP. I'm pretty sure she adopted the name Peri once she opened the pig sty.

Calling GWoP experts! said...

Lucy, In the Know, and Anonymous:

Thanks for the info. Someone should start a GWoPedia to keep all of these timelines, histories, personalities and scandals straight.

Anonymous said...

Peri is an gwoppy old timer. She was definitely part of the Pennmommy scam, like Sharla. They were all longtime friends. They hate possumommy now though, not because of the scam, but because she was so stupid she got caught. I don't have inside info about this. It's just very obvious if you've been around since May 2008.

Peri did not start the pig blahg by herself. She had help from several and Sharla. All three are on the seekrit messaj bord with Julie, Jodi, Preesi, Pamela the shrew, and other Gosselin kid name-callers.

It is as disgusting as Jon Gosselins bedsheets.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone claimed Barbara Walters, yet?

iwhyawli said...

Dear anon at 10:38,

Are you in the right thread? :)

Jane said...

IIRC, the original Peri was one of the few voices of reason on the J&K+8 thread on TWOP. She really pissed off the loons. I wouldn't be surprised if the original Peri gave up and went on to live a normal life. She's probably off getting her nails done and spending lots of money at the Nordstrom anniversary sale.

Anonymous said...

The Piggies are just so angry all of the time. How would you like to live with one of them?

They have "won" in their words but they still want to pick fights. Trouble is, no one cares enough about their opinion to argue with them.

Bitter bitches. Yes they are.

ladeedah said...

iwhya 8:10

Well, duh, of course you know how to give people's pc a virus; have Jodi or Julie touch it. If there is even one bit of decency on that computer it would be destroyed on contact. Come on iwhya, you knew that!!!

Don't sell yourself short!

Anonymous said...

The real Peri came forward on GDNNOP (the good one) last year. I forgot her screen name, but she was a smart one. The pig Peri (not the real Peri) is pathetic. Why do the gwop mods use sockpuppets over there and why don't they post among the crazies at gwop?

Wow just wow
Anonymous mod
and some others

Happy Day said...

Here is some good news. Moon is going to start a new blog with NO Gosselin stuff on it. I knew she was going to back off, I couldn't be happier! Hopefully all of the complaints on her and her husband finally paid off. What will become of the poor Gosselin children without Moon and her lowlife followers to save them?

Sue said...

Anonymous said...
The real Peri came forward on GDNNOP (the good one) last year. I forgot her screen name, but she was a smart one. The pig Peri (not the real Peri) is pathetic. Why do the gwop mods use sockpuppets over there and why don't they post among the crazies at gwop?

Wow just wow
Anonymous mod
and some others

July 24, 2009 2:53 PM

I thought these were all the sockpuppets of Fiona. They all appear all the time after she posts. Maybe I'm wrong, but they all have the same undetone as her.

No doubt, Pig Peri knows or is Sharla, as there's so much defense of Gwop. Pig Peri (aka PP) is very angry.

Yes, the pigs are all pathetic losers. Peri the main one as she doesn't allow reasonable posts to go through.

Of all the blogs, they are the one with the most lies on them. And, yes, they can't debate because they don't know the meaning of the word.

Jane said...

highondegrassi on the CPMoG board posted this gem from GWOP. It's too pitiful for words.

From the Free Discussion 7/18-7/24 comments...

Sugarpop said...
I agree with those of you who think this is going to be marketed as "Single-Mom-Kate going it alone" and it infuriates me. My ex-husband left me while I was 7 months pregnant with our 4th child for a woman he'd known a week. We'd been together for over 12 years. It was devastating and humiliating. For the first 2 1/2 years after he left we lived on $1500/mo while I worked 2 jobs and went to nursing school and he bought a brand new house, a brand new SUV, married the "woman" he left me for and had a brand new baby with her. He only sporadically saw the children at first, and at best only had them every other weekend until he moved almost 1000 miles away.

This happened 5 years ago. I had to file bankruptcy, which I still have 2 years left to pay on out of 5. My furniture is so awful I'm not even taking it when I move soon. I am driving a 2000 minivan that has a new problem every day, and I'm terrified it will die before I can receive permission from the bankruptcy court to obtain a loan for a new one - especially since my job is a 100 mile round trip away. But it pays enough to allow me to work part-time so I can maximize my time with my kids and minimize the time they are with a babysitter. I can't even afford a babysitter to be able to go out, so dating is pretty much out of the question. I can't even afford a tent to camp out with the kids in the back yard, so I don't have any desire to watch "poor Kate" put several of them up in the front yard of their estate.

My children have never been to the ocean, let alone gotten to stay there for 2 weeks in a $10,000/week beach house. The only vacation they've gone on was 3 nights in a city 3 hours away, where we went to a zoo and a children's museum - and they continually ask when we can go back because they had so much fun.

I am thrilled that I'm about to move to a place with a kitchen that might be 100 sq ft because that's twice the space of my current kitchen...I don't have any desire to know about "poor Kate's" kitchen renovation (of a kitchen that was beautiful and spacious as it was!).

But when I go to sleep at night, I know I've done the best I could do for my children during this time, and that they are secure, happy, playful children who are loved by myself and their extended family (including my ex's family, because I make the effort to keep in touch with them so the children will know them). I wouldn't trade that for any kitchen or any beach anywhere.

7/23/2009 3:26 PM


Maybe Sugarpop should sell her story to Lifetime, that kind of sob story is right up their alley.

iwhyawli said...

Dare I ask if "sugarpop" post had a point and if so, what was it?

Laurie said...

Sugar Pop and all the GWOPPERs should just get off their sorry asses and work hard for their own families, instead of being jealous of Kate and hers.

Stop yer bitchin' and feeling sorry for yourself Sugar Pop.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing about Sugarpop: her life sucks and so do her kids' lives. They are sadly deprived of a father, of vacations, an ocean experince, a trip to the zoo every now and then. I can't imagine the anxiety of living day to day not knowing what the next d****d thing to go wrong with the crappy minivan will be. They sit on furniture so worn and disgusting even THEY, Sugarpop's family, won't take it.

Now imagine TLC offers them the *chance* to have a TV show for a season to go on vacations or promote children's clothes plus$2000 and episode for, let's say, 25 episodes.

Should she take it? If she says yes, is she a bad mother?
If she says no, is she a bad mother?

Some say that if she turns it down, her kids should be allowed to sue her. You have no right to condemn children to abject poverty just because you love the whining rights. Sugarpop thinks this is good enough for her three kids? It's her decision, and I will pity them, but I won't interfere. I certainly won't start a blog called "Sugarpop Without Pty."'s not so easy for all of us to agree, is it? Why not respect each other's, AND KATE'S, decisions?

No Worry, Beef Curry said...

One thing is for certain...

I did write about you, concerning your lack of knowledge and spelling of the-

von Trapp Family