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The PENNMOMMY Codex (Part 2)

After posting the first installment of "The PENNMOMMY Codex", all sorts of helpful peeps from throughout the Gosselin blogosphere sent great information about this hilariously strange episode in GWoP history.

Some of that information I've published and some I'm keeping private (at least for now). I remain as convinced as ever (and relieved) that GWoP is one big scambo -- nearly once derailed by the gdnnoppers and precariously close to jumping track once again.

Amidst the flurry of received messages, at least one reader here encouraged me (in a very intriguing fashion) to further investigate Serena's "blogging vacation".

Seriously y'all, you and your computer lingo is half the battle. What the heckama is a blogging vacation?

Well, I'll tell you.

After not having found any significant details regarding any trip that Serena may have taken (except for the alleged Julie meeting), it became apparent that "blogging vacation" might mean a prolonged blog absence. In message board vernacular, I'm told by today's youth that a permanent and voluntary absence from the message board is called a boardicide. Since Serena's absence from GWoP was not permanent, I guess it's only a vacation.

(stay tuned for Part 3)


sweetPEAiBe said...

I know where she went..."out of her mind!"

Go get em iwhyi! That is super cool people are offering up info, I cannot wait to watch them unravel and you have my support!

whereIntheWorldIsSerenaLeighBell said...

oooooooo, maybe she was taken away in a straight jacket and had a nervous breakdown when she realized the show will still go on, despite her key stroking efforts?

or or or, maybe she is a closet Kate fan and had to go check out the beaches in NC!

or or or, maybe she lost internet connection and her welfare money can no longer support her wifi, so her trailer park neighbors, she is having difficulty finding anyone kind of internet connection?

or or or, mabye she assumed another NAME online to go into hiding awhile. *LMBO*

or or or she picked up SWINE FLU visiting the piggy trough?

I can hardly wait for the next episode of "where in the world is Serena Leigh BelL" (NOT HER REAL NAME)

Taon said...

She probably saw your poll and saw she was in the lead as the cattiest, so she has taken on another name, hence the added email address and new mod there. One of her multiple personalities told her to do it.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Pennmommy have a blog still up and running under this link or if you want the URL.

As you can see she was on a camping trip and has a slide show, maybe Serena went along! Or is the scam artist herself.

All speculation, but I am with you here at GWOPWOP, some thing about the GWOP site always seemed suspsicious. And those that chat there, are being played, it's what cults do, draw you in, get you to follow, try to take your money through offerings and sympathy and manipulating you into believing as they do (not that they believe it) but they see an opportunity and play on the kind hearted over the internet, the lonely housewives, the elderly. Happens online and off, would not surprise me if GWOP and all the mod names are a group scamming, like how MOON, her husband and other psychics use her sight to real people in to trust her to rely on her readings, etc. Only to scam. Haha, wouldn't it be funny if Moom was PussyMomma and behind GWOP! They see a reality tv show that they could scream EXPLOITATION at and away they go, exploiting others while they state their cause is just.

The tangled web some will weave online. I've been the victim of a scammer before, a liar online that preyed on my kind heart. Now I know better and trust no one online or their story they tell. I know the red flags and believe GWOP is a scam too!

Heather said...

Just read Part 1. Is that verified that she was on Half Ton? Hilarious if so. I followed this saga but never heard that.

Thanks for the blog. I only read GWOP for humor. They are a bunch of loonies.

Linda said...

I'm thinking that one of the biggest indicators of the possibility that Serena is Julie is the absolute silence about it on GWOP.

Good grief -- they comment on everything else so I'm wondering why they don't comment on that. It is similar to the PennMommy thingie. They didn't comment on that either and the "Poof" it was gone!

WackyMacky said...

I always thought a seize and desist order was the reason for her "blog vacation".

Anonymous said...

there is a Serena Bell BROWN Goss (found in an obituary, her mother's) from St. Louis, MO. Maybe Julie BROWN whatever the rest of her name is, is related to the Serena Bell BROWN by marriage or some thing. ??? I just cannot imagine Julie would want to start up DWOP, TTWOP and SWOP (Suleman without pity) when they are so obsessed on bringing Kate down with the relations of Jodi being all pissy in her cheerios over a money issue.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if writing to the Better BUSINESS Bureau in MO to ask if GWOP is registered as a business and if they can legally be receiving donations and give them the po box addy to look into, they investigate those kinds of things.

Whomever has or is sending any monetary donation to that address is STOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID!

Monty said...

Pennmommy(aka Possummamma, aka Athiest in a minivan) started her blog around, I think, the end of September. She was outed by gdnnop in October, and by December, she was in the middle of a divorce...

Perhaps Serena took a "vacation" from Gwop for the PM drama, and an extended vacation to deal with her marital problems?