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The PENNMOMMY Codex (Part 4)

When last I left you in this codex, Serena had dropped completely off the face of the Gosselin blogoshere on 09/19/08 and wasn't 'officially' seen again until 1/10/09. That's approximately 3 months and 22 days. If we are to believe a certain tipster, that would be a 90 to 120-day jail sentence.

But during Serena's "blogging vacation", we do find a few casual references to Serena and even a potential sighting. iwhyawli also learns inadvertently that Sharla lives on the West Coast, which is something you all probably knew. Right next door to PENN MOMMY, I presume.

  1. On 10/01/08, 'sabrinasmom' tells us in the We apologize for the Inconvenience thread that is was Serena who e-mailed her the link to the emergency GWOP blog (no "s") that was created after 'WatchOverThem' inadvertently deletes the real GWOP blog.

    sabrinasmom said...
    How did you find the other blog?

    I am guessing you mean the "without the s blog" - I know in my case, Serena sent me the information when I e-mailed her when I encountered the problem.
    10/01/2008 8:00 PM
  2. A day later on 10/02/08 and in the same thread, 'tmc' offers similar information.
    tmc said...
    I am so glad you are back up and running. Thank you to Serena for answering my email and giving me the temporary blog to view. This is a great blog!!!
    10/02/2008 5:52 PM
    Assuming we can believe "sabrinasmom" and "tmc", my best guess is that Serena had yet to begin her jail sentence. From other research or information provided by you all, it appears that GWOP violated TOS and\or WatchOverThem accidentally deleted the board (you pick) on 09/28/09.
  3. On 12/04/08, we stumble upon Sharla commenting in the "Tups Turn 50 thread" in which she says:
    Sharla said...
    No, manny, Serena did not create the blog. She was here during the time you mentioned. She enjoyed engaging the readers much more than I ever have, but that takes a toll and is why I seldom take that path. Yes, today is an exception.
    12/04/2008 3:19 PM
    Trouble is, I cannot tell to who, what or why Sharla is responding. There is no 'manny' elsewhere in the thread and no one is asking about Serena or who created the blog. In other words, there is no prior context for Sharla's comment unless it was deleted for some reason.
  4. Also on 12/04/08 and just a few hours later in the Need Helpful Saving Tips thread, we see what may be the first rumblings of a returning "Serena" who clearly seems to have heard the exhausted Sharla's earlier call for help with comment moderation.

    An important note: whoever made the following post did so without logging in with their official Serena blogging nic but doesn't the poster's voice clearly sounds like the Serena (not her real name) that we've all grown to love.
    Serena said...
    Well, the reason why I have money & can live in a nice house, and newer car (by the way it is just a 05 Honda – not a Lexus) & have no debt is because of what I learned when I was poor.
    And the reason that J&K live where they do now and have what they have now is NOT because of what they learned when they were poor. That is the point of the criticism.
    The only thing they have learned is how to exploit their children to avoid poverty, hence the hypocrisy of their presuming to "teach" us their "money-saving" tips. They are pretending to teach us from their own experience when in fact they are not doing any such thing. If there ever was a day when Kate actually clipped coupons, it was a few months at most... the majority of their climb out of poverty was over the backs of their children. Perhaps someone should commission them to teach THAT lesson instead; then we wouldn't have any hypocrisy to complain about.
    12/04/2008 4:32 PM
    It's really rather touching. The mother bird calls out to her lost fledging sparrow who has somehow found her way back to the nest (after what appears to be a short stint in prison).
  5. Off topic but potentially significant. I learn that Sharla lives on the West Coast whilst nosing around in the O'Reilly factor thread on 12/05/08? Am I the only one that didn't know this? Isn't California on the West Coast? Is this post intentionally meant to throw me off?
    Sharla said...
    I see I put 5 and 8 for the show as that is my time. As you can tell by the blog time, I'm on the west coast and frequently don't know what is time shifted and what isn't except for the major broadcast channels.
    You probably have the right of it with the OJ sentencing. I'll leave the post open so whoever sees the rescheduling first can add it. Thanks.
    12/05/2008 5:39 PM
  6. Also on 12/05/08 in the Free Discussion 12/4 – 12/11 thread, Sharla responds to Justina:
    Justina said...
    I think this blog is great and so are the mods but I do miss Serena. Why did she leave and will she be returning? How about the other original mods?
    12/05/2008 6:41 PM
    Sharla said...
    There are two of us here who are from the original group. I would welcome Serena back, but I don't think there is much chance she'll be back permanently. Her reasons for leaving are private. We didn't have a falling out or anything like that.
    There is a lot more work on the blog than we ever expected and people tend to burn out after a few months.
    12/05/2008 6:49 PM


Meanwhile at the DwoP (Duggars without Pity) blog:

  1. We see that the blog is created on September 14, 2008.
  2. The first official post is authored by Serena who posts prolifically here on September 14 as well September 15 before vanishing from this board too.
  3. After September 15, new threads by anyone lie dormant until September 27, 2009 until Sharla takes the helm.
  4. We do not see Serena post again at DWoP until 1/13/2009 – the same date she re-emerges at GWOP.
  5. On 1/28/2009 at DWoP, our wonderful Serena, who seemingly attracts people with insider information like flies to horseshit, creates a thread titled " Insight from an Insider." Yesirree, the brother-in-law of Anna Duggar (whoever that is) comes forth with incriminating information about the Duggars. Yeah, reet.

So, here we go again, everyone. Not 3 days out of prison and we have Serena back in operation and using the exact same modus operandi.

More incredibly, people are seeming to buy it YET AGAIN!

Okay, that's all I have for now.

Am I on the right track or heading down a dead end? Anything new there? I have a few more cryptic inside tips that I'm admittedly struggling with. I definitely need help.

If I'm not posting your stuff, there may be a reason. Don't give up on me.


wondering said...

What has never been explained by GWOP is why were all of the PennMommy references removed when the original blog returned if this was just a technical error?

Maggie explains that the blog had not gone offline for violation of TOS. She says that it was a technical error. However, when the blog returned all the references to PM were gone including the post that offered condolences to PMs family.

Anonymous said...

ask Moon to read into her crystal ball or wild 8 ball, she may have the answers. But make sure you are prepared for her $7.00/minute rate.

cul8er said...

what is TOS?

Serena's Taint Hairs said...

Something smells fishy. Very fishy.

The mysterious Corinne (uh, Corrinne - I mean, Corrine) said...

wondering, I think they deleted the entries on purpose. A "technical error" does not search your blog for keywords and delete only those entries. My theory is that watchoverthem got scared/tired/fed up with arguing about CASA and advocacy, realized that she'd left a major trail connecting her to her real-life information and concerns that could make her look less than stellar (if she was really involved with CASA, I doubt they want a cheerleader who's wringing her hands with false piety over a TV show), and deleted her profile without realizing the repercussions. I don't think GWoP got TOSsed, because Lord knows that they haven't fixed any of the issues that would be likely to get them TOSsed - they're still supporting harassment and the like. Considering how rapidly the blog was resurrected at its original address, I would not be surprised if watchoverthem was also another mod on that blog by a different name.

iwhy, I am very curious about this charge of Serena being jailed. It sounds like a pretty preposterous reason for her to be absent. What's it based on?

When it comes to her sudden reappearance with Duggar insider info, I'm with you - fake fake fake. Another handy insider (and "he" sure doesn't sound like a conservative homeschooled Christian - in fact, "he" sounds kind of like Pennmommy, but not much I can specifically put a finger on).

I know who Pennmommy was and some of the tricks she was up to (what a saga!). But I do still wonder - what was the extent of her involvement with GWoP? With Julie? And just who are these GWoP mods with their insider-y ways?

It's fascinating how convoluted the issues around one boring show can get!

iwhyawli said...

Mysterious Corrine/Corinne:

The jail stuff is mostly me goofing around although I did get a comment suggesting that there was a legal problem. Someone else suggested Serena left the board to tend to her, err I mean, Possummommy's divorce. And I'm sure the GWoPpers feel that Serena left to mourn the loss of her, err I mean, Pennmommy's imaginary son.

It's just odd that Serena went from "Serena-Posting-Everyday-All-day-long" to suddenly "Serena-No-Posts" whatsoever and there's nary a single word regarding her exit or re-entrance.


1. Something happened to completely block Serena's internet access (eg., imprisonment, homelessness, stomach surgery like Star Jones had, etc. )


2. She blog-icided and posts pertaining to that were deleted and perhaps a different poster eventually took her place.

I tend to believe the first because Serena doesn't have the self-control for #2.

Anonymous said...

i believe possummommy befriended some of the gwoppers. i'm pretty certain sharla=pamela from teh shrew blog. if they aren't the same person, they are definitely in cahoots with one another.
i think possummommy was called out in the beginning of october. the piggies opened their blog right around then too.
pamela from shrew admitted to knowing and being friends with possummommy. it was later deleted off her blog.
there were some other regulars on the shrew blog.
there were a group of them who had a private blog with possummommy and julie.
it would be nice if some of these people would come forward and spill some beans.

Who Stole My Yoghurt?! said...

cul8er -

TOS refers to "terms of service." The basic agreement that you (as a blog owner) follow blogger's rules. Seems it is pretty hard to do enough to get them to actually close a blog, however. I agree I think GWoP's October issues were probably due to strictly technical issues.

planey_janey said...

The "insider Duggar" information was copied from TWoP, methinks, rather than posted directly on the Duggar blog.

I read that information on the "On the Road with 16 Children (And Other Duggar Family Programs)" thread following the episodes focused on Josh and Anna's wedding.

I'm not going to wade through the Duggar thread at TWoP to check the dates/times, but am pretty sure it appeared at TWoP first and was copied and pasted on that blog without giving credit to TWoP.

Pat said...

I have no idea who the nasty people are on the GWOP board but I love this board for calling them out.
I wish I had something to offer here. All I can say is I'll stay tuned and hope you can keep up with your good work!

LinkyPoos said...

A GDNNOP thread about PennMommy-

Another GDNNOP thread. Search for "Betty's" comments about why Serena left, and other good fun at Sharla's expense:

Another thread. Read what themrs and Linda have to say:

Moon = fraud said...


Moon's rates are inflating faster than her supposed degrees, but not keeping up with her ego.

Anonymous said...

Menopause is Painful
Games Gosselins Play

Those were the names of the secret blog "Pennmommy" opened with Looneyswife and 3Farmers and others the week the fake son died.

AuntJodiCanSuckIt said...

This was posted at gdnnop in september:

Anonymous said...
I was just reading at GWoP before retiring for the evening. I noticed on the side bar that Serena's name is no longer on as an admin for GWoP. What is up?

Anonymous said...
"Due to vacation schedules and medical issues of the admins, there will be no new posts except for the new episode on Monday for the next few days. The Q&A thread will also be closed for new questions temporarily. We are sorry for any inconvenience but our volunteers need some well earned rest. Comments may take a little longer to get through during this time so please be patient. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the weekend."

Someone in the comments eluded to it being Serena who had fallen ill.

Rebecca said...

whom or what is CASA? Besides mi casa es ur casa?

cul8er said...

I'm just tossing out a theory here. I think Serena's Mysterious Hiatus, is just that she went under another name after maybe being outed or questioned or to avoid some one or some thing? So if she is still posting, she took on another name at GWOP or is one of the other mods, can one mod be another mod at GWOP and yet mod to the other without pity sites listed?

I almost am a little iffy about stating this, but what if, she is a pedophile, and got snagged having a computer or internet access? And hence why she disappeared? It concerns me of some at GWOP with how they stalk the kids, Presi or Preesi or whatever the flip her chatname is, no wonder the Gosselin's have a bodyguard!!! She drives by their home and then puts it up on her site, that is beyond weird!!!! Creepy and I hate even mentioning such a thing, I certainly do not want to sound like some one from GWOP in just putting that out there.

cul8er said...

if Serena is that 1/2 ton lady (if the gossip is for a change true she was a bitter TLC star that lost her time slot because of the J&K show), then umm how can she fit into a HONDA anything? I hate how my mind works, it can be too animated some times in keeping up here.

Anonymous said...

3farmers is pure evil and crossed way over the line of snark with her postings and stupidass recaps.

Anonymous said...

one more and then I am done, ummm maybe she got fired from a job because of being online too much, so that is why she went away? If she did not have at home internet access and only did from a source of employment or some thing? Or the neighbor in her trailer park who did have wifi, left and so she could not ride off their signal anymore *L*.


Hopefully the BBB will find her or who she really is! *proud smile*

iwhyawli said...

Rebecca, I know you're a lady (unlike moi) so you may wish to shut your eyes while reading this answer, but I'm pretty sure CASA stands for "C*NTS Against Successful Adults"

It's that or some sort of "child advocacy" group who thinks it's: a) sad when Michael Jackson dies, and b) hilarious when the parents of 8 innocent kids have been hounded into divorce by tabloid rumours and papparazi.

Rebecca said...

LOL thanks iwhy for that heads up! I had NO idea!

Rebecca said...

I googled it, could it be Court Appointed Special Advocate? CASA? Although I could see GWOP using that term the other way too with the bleepity C word in it.

Ferette said...


Iwhy's description of CASA as it pertains to GWOP and Mussings, is correct.

You are also correct, however. :) There is another kind of CASA that advocates for children in court cases.

The GWoP and Moon followers seem to be under the impression that one can simply "will" oneself to be a CASA and all that is required is several hours a day of blog reading/writing, a fax machine to send nasty letters to P&G, TLC, assorted pastors and bookstore owners AND..........absolutely no sense of what is appropriate or ethical behavior.

In short, real CASA's try to keep these type of people *away* from children if at all possible.

Anonymous said...

This is part of Moon's response on her own blog today. (#70)

Slither back to your GWoP-Wop party wherein ALL of you have a penchant for publishing personal information as well as a whole lot of unfounded speculation and out right lies for no reason whatsoever, crossing every line imaginable. You are getting close to criminal activity, and I am just biding my time on that one.

Take this as your warning, and of course, have a nice day.

She's at war (yet again) with some other loon about a lie Preesi printed on her blog. Moon used the opportunity to threaten you. Too bad she doesn't have the guts to say it here, huh? She's chicken you'll start up on her again, or put up the Part 2 to that video. It really got under her skin. It's over 1000 views now (and I bet 500 of them are Moon herself!)

Rebecca said...

take care you all! Thanks Ferette, I guess I just don't speak the lingo to fit in here, and am sorry again iwhy about the copied pasted information on the mod fights over child advocacy or not and which ones, I am NOT from GWOP nor any other site. I had been enjoying your site and helping find resource material and sending in what I could find. I don't like the fraud like stuff with GWOP and their cult mentality and I turned in Serena and reported their site on the charitables they were collecting, as I turned in all I found on Moon, so Moon, be PISSED at me, not iwhy! I did it and anyone can google you and your husband and read the rip off reports. If you are pissed it is because you know what you are doing to others is not NOT on the up and up. Let's see if you report all your earnings Moon! Who in the world is crazy enough to pay you to chat or IM with you as you pretend to know some one's future, or email them a reading that you read off of your computer software. Whatever, hope they make sequel 2 to your next movie, while you are shown in orange and behind bars you psycho who thinks she can bully online to shut people up!!! EFF YOU moon and EFF YOU Serena or whomever is behind the GWOP store earnings at cafemom and the donations you claimed you were accepting for Jodi and Kevin! Charitables have to be reported, I gave the bbb all the info I had on sites with that Missouri address and Serena.

I did my part and feel good about it and Moon, nothing is illegal at GWOP WOP here, when you can access all of your info, as you tell your chatters, GOOGLE is your friend! Well dear, Google may not be your friend anymore Looney Mooney.

and blame me for turning GWOP and MOON over to Heckaman, whomever he is, to out you as well!

GWOP and MOON, your sites scream 'preying on others to suit your own agendas', Moonie you don't scare me at all, you'll legally get what is coming to you, the rip off reports said enough about you, your alias names you use as a psychic and your husband. Not good reports found there! Made for interesting reading.

Thanks iwhy, but I don't want to cause your site any trouble, and I did enjoy your site in the two weeks I've been around. I'll let the professionals sort out the rest, they have the material, I doubt Serena or Moon will be around much longer once they investigate them.

I_Stole_the_Yoghurt said...

Trouble is, I cannot tell to who, what or why Sharla is responding. There is no 'manny' elsewhere in the thread and no one is asking about Serena or who created the blog. In other words, there is no prior context for Sharla's comment unless it was deleted for some reason.

The Princess boards have complained about this too. You send gwop a comment, and it won't get posted because it upsets their nerves, but the mods argue back anyway.

No gwoppers even noticed, did they? Clueless.

iwhyawli said...

Not totally sure what you've done, Rebecca, but you can be assured that I feel unafraid and unworried.

wondering said...

Did you notice that "themrs" said that at one time she emailed PM to offer her support and encouragement. "themrs" then says that when the hoax was revealed, that PM stopped emailing her but that suddenly Julie and several GWOP posters started emailing her. She says that she had never given them her emails.

wondering said...

I'm not a big fan of Moon's but my gut instinct is that she was not a direct part of the PM hoax. Actually, I think that she scammed too.

I do think that what themrs wrote about being included in emails from Julie and other Gwoppers when she had not given them her email address was very telling. I think that Julie, Gwop, and PM were all connected.

Anonymous said...

ask Moon to read into her crystal ball or wild 8 ball, she may have the answers. But make sure you are prepared for her $7.00/minute rate

Be careful..she may put a spell on you...Things are getting testy on her site today. Argument over some Heckman guy and being a republican (bad) or Democrat (good b/c Moon is one herself)

You need to check it out.

Anonymous said...

In short, real CASA's try to keep these type of people *away* from children if at all possible.

June 30, 2009 4:22 PM

And real CASA's aren't conversing on some stupid and silly blog, either.

Marissa said...

Anonymous said...
This is part of Moon's response on her own blog today. (#70)

Slither back to your GWoP-Wop party wherein ALL of you have a penchant for publishing personal information as well as a whole lot of unfounded speculation and out right lies for no reason whatsoever, crossing every line imaginable. You are getting close to criminal activity, and I am just biding my time on that one.

Take this as your warning, and of course, have a nice day.


I love how Moon, and Gwop, and the pigs, etc. all say we're talking about unfounded speculation and outright lies. That's the pot calling the kettle black. That's what ALL of their blogs are about. Outright lies and specualtion against the Gosselins.

I can't wait for Part 2 of the Moon video! LOL

By the way, why do those morons have such stupid names? Moon...c'mon!

wondering said...

I also noticed in the beginning of the whole GWOP blog that Serena "vouched" for Julie. Later Julie "vouched" for PennMommy. Funny, how no one was able to ask who the heck are you Serena?

blahblah83 said...

Maybe this can help you find out more on Jodi.

Matt Lauer said...

We will go to Martha's annual barbeque in Westport and I will bore the complete bejeezus out of everyone there.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I reported them yesterday.

July 1, 2009 3:15 PM

I guess you talked about the wrong pig. So, quick start accusing people of being pedophiles so you can keep your site open.

Hitheremoony! said...

Um, but Bohemian Nutbag, didn't you yourself say that anything that could be found on the internet is public record? That posting such info is completely acceptable? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that your defense for all of the info you posted about possummamma's divorce? IIRC, you even made a phone call to verify such information, right?

I do believe that if ANYONE had legal recourse against anyone it would be Fiona, seeing as how you not only posted her ip, but also her name and place of employment. But, whatever.

Funny how posting "public info" is only acceptable when it is you doing the posting.

You are vile, and your website is a joke.

I found him! said...

Are we playing where on the blog is Matt Lauer? He's missing from his thread.

Anonymous said...

"themrs" then says that when the hoax was revealed, that PM stopped emailing her but that suddenly Julie and several GWOP posters started emailing her. She says that she had never given them her emails.

Sharla wrote in an email to MarieL that she's friends with PM. The email was posted at GDNNOP. She knew PM was Possummommy and it was a hoax. There is no way to be friends for a long time with an fictitious character. She must have meant she was friends with the woman pretending to be PM. So Sharla knew she was not living in PA and a Gosselin volunteer. It was a hoax, and Sharla, at least knew it. IIRC, PM never got to the donations part of the hoax, but she had in the past in other Internet circles. I think Sharla is a friend who wanted to see how the scam was run, or has been part of the scams herself. That's how the Gwop mods got themrs' email address. They passed personal information around.

I think they are doing it now through Facebook and the address for donations to Aunt Jodi.

Themrs said 3Farmers emailed a "joke" email to her saying "Boo" about a month later, from "Jason Haas".

3Farmers lives in St. Louis, too.

Fiona is right to suspect there is more to the story of Gwop. Peri the head pig is anxious for her to give that suspicion up. I wonder why.

Keep digging Iwhy.

Anonymous said...

Did GWOP do a "letter collection" for PennMommy?
You know "send a letter to our PO Box."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Did GWOP do a "letter collection" for PennMommy?
You know "send a letter to our PO Box."

No, they didn't get that far. GDNNOP went public with what they knew about the IP address. Just before the big hoax was revealed PM's *son* suggested donations be made to March of Dimes or something.

That would have been the first step--money to a charity. That's how she starts her scams. Then a sockpuppet claiming to be a close friend suggests that they take up a collection to send her gift cards. That's where the PO Box would have come in, IMO.

FWIW, Moon suggested a *group scam* early on. Moon was emailing that gwop/PM group back in October. Of course, back then Moon was appalled by the pig blahg. She said she felt sorry for Peri's children. Times have changed.

Anonymous said...

Someone on the pig blog, mentioned that a Chris Bedell was Possum/PennMommy etc.
Wasn't Jayhawkgirl or whatever accused of being PennMommy?

She is/was scarlett75 in other places.

Anonymous said...

the person behind the collection and the records of the collection are on this blog.

Some where, sorry, don't know exactly where I saw it in here.

IMO said...

omg I scared myself!

I was just goofing around, went to where Looney Moon is associated at that liveperson network, because so many of these names you all mention sound like psychic like wacko names, so typed in to the search there for a scarlet, weird how it came up SCARLETT LEIGH (there there is a serena in her husband's group).

They don't use their real names or last names, but I think that moon and her little network have been behind some of this or those she has pissed off there.

Anyway, my free opinion, I don't charge for my readings. LOL

Ugh, weird stuff!

oh sorry, here is the person it came up with, she scared me!

Disclaimer: not saying she is anyone in particular, just showing you all to go there, type in some names, what better way for morbidly obese or criminals to make some money, be psychics or pretend to be, just like they pretend alias names in blogs, forums.

Nutshell....don't trust anyone online.

Been there before and a person had me convinced they were dying from liver cancer and only had three years to live (this was in a chat site). Believed that person, to only later on find out they were trying to get money and sympathy, people are really sick online that way. Altar egos, and can be anything they want to be.

I'd certainly not trust Moon or her web of people at that network, they could be planted in all of these blogs, playing all of you or scamming and playing on hearts, they are MASTER LIARS AND MASTER MANIPULATORS. They are used to preying on people to get them hooked to call back, vulnerable, hurting people who may have lost a loved one, are alone, need some answers (but sadly looking to the wrong people for them). All the while they take their money. RIP OFF ARTISTS, and those at Moon's site, let her make a claim in here that she is biding time to report or whatever, she won't, what police officer would take a psychic's word when they themselves are guilty of scamming and hurting people. She can bully all she wants, but bullies, usually bully out of fear, fear drives people to do all kinds of WEIRD things.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone really sure that donations were not given to pennmommy?

As foolish as gwopers are, I can see them sending money unsolicited.

Pennmommy had her own blog and the secret blog.
We know the gwop mods and julie were on it.
We also know pennmommy sent the email addresses of those contacting her to the super secret board people.

since she could not leave her bakersfield address or her real name, she very well could have had donations sent to the po box in st. louis b/c she could not give out her own address.
The donators probably would have sent cash because they would not have known pennmommy or the mods real names.

Also, with all of the info pennmommy and her alias put out there, there is no reason for julie via jodi not to have verified that information.
I would be suprised if julie ever mentioned it to her sister.
as greedy as I think Jodi is I don't think Julie takes time to verify all of the info given to her or ignores things Jodi does not verify.
Remember that pennmommy and her sock puppets put the perfect gwop story out there.

the person owning the po box would have had to send the donations to Bakersfield or keep the donations -- again probably cash donations--for herself.Those donating to pennmommy may have gotten a refund after raising holy hell from the person owning the po box after pennmommy was exposed.

If pennmommy never gave out the address to gwop(and I think there is a chance she did not), then gwop needed to save face and keep the donations.

When it was exposed as being a fraud, the problem gwop faced was what to do with anything donated to pennmommy.
This scam was going on for some time, so what happened to the donations.

Since they allowed her easily verifiable story to be told on their board and supported her story by claiming to know her, there is a chance they could be held liable in that respect.

I think someone who sent a donation got pissed off and wanted his or her money back.

I have not checked the time stamps of the pennmommy posts, but if she was posting in the middle of the night on babymomma's board, she probably did the same on gwop.
Also, she posted posted messages one after the other using sockpuppets around the same time, so bakerfield had to have shown up quite a bit.

I doubt it gets heavy traffic in the middle of the night.
Personally, I think gwop knew the info was coming from the same ip or physical location a long time before pennmommy was exposed.

My opinion is it comes down to people really sending donations to that po box causing gwop and serena to disappear for a time in order to clean up the mess.

Anonymous said...

Not done yet.

While pennmommy's easily verifiable by gwop story, got gwop mods hooked, I think it was the letter posted by bk and the threats made to pennmommy that got them hooked.

I think Julie was fine with scamming because she is hellbent on screwing over the gosselins.