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The PENNMOMMY Codex (Part 3)

I’m back. If only the PENNMOMMY crapola weren’t so convoluted and long so that I didn’t have to split things up.

So where was I?

Oh yeah, Serena’s blogging vacation.
  1. There are no direct sightings of Serena at GWoP as thread starter or commenter from 9/19/08 through 01/10/09.

    She abruptly vanishes and returns as abruptly without outgoing or incoming fanfare whatsoever.

    That said, it's my understanding that the PENNMOMMY hoax occurred somewhere during this time period and that a whole boatload of GWoP threads and posts were also deleted to cover all footprints.
  2. Serena may also be the only GWoPper who completely disappeared during this time period and then eventually came back. There were definitely a few regulars who seem to have blog-icided. But comments or threads by most of the other regulars (e.g., iluveyore, secretmonkey, fiona, sharla, etc) are still found somewhere during that period.
    Gwopwop central is still working this angle although I’m not entirely sure it’s significant.
  3. Specifically, Serena's last post on 09/19/09 was a thread titled "I'll take my hurricane over your miserable life" (<-- linky-poo). It's a re-posting of a high-drama comment from 'carolina' who claims she'd rather lose everything to a Hurricane (Ike?) than be guilty of pimping her kids like Jon & Kate. Yeah, okay, whatever. For my purposes, it’s certainly a non-descript thread upon which to launch one’s blogging vacation. Poof! Serena vanishes.
  4. On 01/10/09, we finally and suddenly see Serena re-emerge unnannounced in the comments of the "When Should or Will the Show End" thread where (knock my socks off) she announces her creation of yet another blog for "Toddlers and Tiaras" (<--linky-poo) on this very same day. Crazy coincidence!

    Of note regarding TTWOP:
    a) only Serena's name is tied to it, unlike GWoP.
    b) Serena clearly doesn't have the same HTML prowess as Sharla cause TTWOP's silver buttons look worse than mine here at GWOPwop.
    c) the TTWOP P.O. Box is identical to GWOP in Saint Louis
    d) TTWOP is a flop with no entries since Feb 10, 2009
    To me, it's now convincing that it's "Serena" who lives in the Saint Louis area. This first occurs to me somewhere in the middle of the Julie-Gate thread.
    By chance, is anyone here sleeping with the PostMaster or a Mail Carrier in the Saint Louis area? We need to get the real name that is associated with that P.O. Box.
    Kidding, sorta. Hopefully by now, the FBI is following this blog.
  5. After the 01/10/09 comment, Serena’s very next GWoP post is a thread-start on 1/13/09 titled “Something We’ve Been Wanting” (<--linky poo) which introduces the GWoPpers to some free-lance writer named Jess who wants to write an expose on the real Jon & Kate story.
    Not sure about you, but I find it so very odd that after such a prolonged absence, Serena suddenly rises out from the swamp to facilitate this magazine article.
    Not only does she not offer a “Hello!”, “I’m Back!”, or a “Did you Miss Me?”, you also won’t see any “happy you’re back, Serena” or “where the heckama have you been, Serena?” comments.
    You’d think at least one GWoPper would say something to acknowledge her highness' return, right?
  6. Immediately following the 1/13/2009 "Something we've been wanting" thread, Serena is immediately back to full-throttle bloggin diarrhea--- i.e., posting frequently again in that same thread and forever again at GWoP happily after).

So odd. And yes, I have a theory about what's going on here but I may need help from those of you who were there.

Part 4 coming up.


Anonymous said...

I remember that Serena went missing. There used to be comments about it that Sharla responded to, but I can't wade into that dump to look for them, sorry. I think in December the mods that were left after the Pennmommy bomb exploded in their faces said they were too busy to post as often. Isn't that post still there?

Yeah, I also remember thinking to myself when Serena came back how the crazy level went through the roof. Serena knows how to ratchet up the madness.

Serena = St. Louis

Wasn't there some bactracking after Serena came back about the purpose of their blog. Sharla or Serena denied being a founding member? Ugh! Maybe it was at the pig trough? Can't remember now. Those mods all post at the pig trough under the names Maggie, wowjustwow, Harriet, Lameo, Anonymous Mod. When their own haters there try to criticize Gwop, those names pop up to defend gwop. Then Peri Piggy's nerves get rattled and she bans "anonymous" which is a joke.

Anonymous said...

So Serena was punished for the Pennmommy nonsense?

Don't start weekly witch hunts looking for the real PennMommy and/or Julie.
It just makes us sound like gwop.

Dee said...

They are losers at the pig trough. Peri and her nerves. Give me a break!!The woman needs Demerol. Everyone prances around Peri and her nerves. Talk about real sheeple.

Anonymous said...

Serena's email is the contact information as is the same Missouri PO Box at the following blogs:
Toddlers and Tiaras
Duggars Without Pity
Suleman Without Pity

At Duggars Without Pity Blog she was MIA as well except one post in January 28, 2009. Insights from an Insider is the title! (oooo another INSIDER, boy Serena gets around more then a bar whore), where she ONCE AGAIN claims she obtained information from a brother in law of Duggars (SOUND FAMILIAR TO GWOP?

As for the rest of the threads at DWOP, they were entered by Sharla and a few by Maggie, fostermom and Cassandra.)

At Toddlers and Tiaras Without Pity, (TWOP, didn't we already have a TWOP that FLOPped! Ooops, my bad it is TTWOP) Serena is the contact via her email and the MO Po Box as well. All posts from January to the last post in February are entered threads by Serena herself. (On the road being one of those pageant moms herself to gather the photos?) Ha, wouldn't that be funny, she's a pageant mommy?

As for Suleman Without Pity or SWOP (where is SLOP?), it's for invited readers only!

And then they link to A Minor in Consideration, her butt budy or bed mate perhaps? Paul Petersen, because there you can mail the webmistresss, NOT PAUL, BUT A WEBMISTRESS!! A Minor in Consideration is on Facebook, here, and lists a Janet Palazzotto (another child advocate pro child star) (can see her photo here if scroll down) and Paul as the administrators of that page. Is Janet from Missouri? She is the creator of that facebook page. His donations go to California and there is a Leigh Bell from CA.

Serena is also on Twitter, but has no friends or followers. *holds back a snicker* maybe because that is NOT her real name!

If I were FIGURE 8 FILMS, I'd sue her big bottom or permanently mark her face up with a gazillion figure 8 tattoos!

Either way, this gal is using these shows to scam people.

slinkiesROCK said...

a listing for a Serena Bell in MO at classmates (before Leigh maybe?)

Anonymous said...

This is a doozy. This is from Fiona's pitiful blog. It tells us the true reason why she hates Kate. You see, we find out that Fiona is a nurse and is jealous of another nurse who doesn't have to work the 16 hour shifts anymore in the ER. Enjoy folks. It's funny.....


FIONA said...
I would not recommend a bike helmet on an face protection. I am sure he is very careful but I have seen many a kid come thru the ER having been a passenger on a careful Dad's ATV.

June 28, 2009 11:12 AM

Cindy said...
Are you a nurse?

June 28, 2009 11:59 AM

FIONA said...
Nun ya beeswax! :)

June 28, 2009 12:00 PM

Want2Reply said...
we're from a little farming community, one relative broke his pelvis on an ATV and a really good friend lost an uncle who went out to look for calves on night (might sound redneck here), but it flipped on him, and they found him dead pinned underneath it, a helmet would have saved him, it was the head injury and broken neck that took him. He seems to put put on it with the children though, but the shots where he is trying to jump it, they may one day lose their daddy and also when he lets the kids see him do that, it is a tad concerning. Even the best controller can lose control, and if he is smoking doobies, I'd not want my child on it period with him!

June 28, 2009 8:01 PM

FIONA said...
Only thing redneck is not taking proper precautions. Our ER lost a little guy on the 25th, and I have still not rebounded from the saddness, but mostly the sheer stupidity of parents!

June 29, 2009 9:15 AM

Wasn't that funny? Now the pathetic and tragic part: Fiona's in charge of giving patients medications and should be empathetic. Instead, she has shown us how her hatred for one woman who she doesn't know is pathetic.

Jelly said...

Then Peri Piggy's nerves get rattled and she bans "anonymous" which is a joke.

Peri is a joke. She got called out at gdnnop for being the douche that she is, and when they got the better of her, she got pissed off and started this new blog. Her and worldsfattestcat(girl from the ghetto blog) sock most of the comments anyway(they may even be the same person).

Nesie said...

Found this board thru the Princesses -- LOVE IT! The GWOP ppl are so nuts. I really cannot follow their (non)logic. I agree with you that something weird is going on with Serena (nhrn) and Julie.
One question -- what is the pigs trough?
thanks! Keep up the good work!

Team Not Sharla or Serena said...

To me, there has always been something very strange about the Sharla/Serena blogging partnership.

I too noticed Serena's absence. I have no proof one way or another that it was fall-out from Penn Mommy. It might well have been. Who knows.

It is very interesting what gets published under each of their names. Let's just say I think Serena (not her real name) has a very definite agenda. I haven't totally figured it out yet, but I think she fancies herself a "child advocate" (a phrase I have come to hate by the way).

Sharla, not so much. Sharla likes the snark. Sharla thinks it's funny to comment on the sextuplets sexual preferences. See this hilarious post:

Sharla said...
I'm home sick today so responding to a few things I normally wouldn't. Sasha said some things in a comment I rejected. (Taunts just won't go through.)

First I created this blog. It's real reason for existing is two fold. First because we could see that TWoP was going to close the J&K thread soon for good. We wanted a public place to talk and we is a group of people who met on TWoP. Secondly we wanted to make various things about the Gosselins public. Thus the main or sole purpose of this blog is NOT dealing with child exploitation and it gets wearying when people try to insist that it is. I put up the blog and still remember why I did it. :) The blog being solely about ending child exploitation was not even a thought in my head.

12/04/2008 2:04 PM

(Bolding is mine).

Anonymous said...

lulubae said...

I've been to 3 Gosselin blog sites (GWOP, GDNNOP, and Julie's) and they're all down... Something's amiss...
September 30, 2008 4:08 PM
Pamela said...

GWoP ran afoul of a widget malware problem. They are up and running at

I haven't checked Julie's.
I don't care about the other one. It would be a public service if they were removed.
September 30, 2008 4:14 PM
Pamela said...

Julie's blog is fine at

Pennmommy made hers private for a couple of reasons.
September 30, 2008 4:15 PM

Curiouser and curiouser said...

Back on Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity, I remember that a poster commented about how weird it was when they emailed Sharla about the Penn-who-was-Possum, and SHARLA had claimed to know her. I did a search for Sharla on that site.
Here's the quote (by an unlogged-in person named MarieL):

"marieL said...

Sorry to get back to the pennmommy and/or GWop topic, but something funny regarding PM happened over at GWop this morning. There was a comment that was made which mentioned that BK, pennmommy, Julie, etc. had been attacked that was posted by someone who apparently believed all of the "insider" information. I posted a quick comment stating my surprise that pennmommy was brought up since she was proven a fraud and all references to her had been removed from that site [...] I went back to check anyway and the original post about BK and pennmommy has disappeared [...]

When the this blog initially exposed pennmommy I had sent an email to GWop mod Sharla about it and this was her response:

"I've know possummom for ages. I've talked with her through this. She is distraught over having her private photos outed and having to close down a years long collection. I don't believe the lengths some people will go in harrassing a family who has suffered such a tragic loss. All this happened because she allowed someone to use the internet while they were staying in her house. Does she deserve to have her kindness repaid by harrassment and stalking?

If you knew me, you'd know I stand for the actual truth not some pre-packaged tale made of lies and twisted words. Why do you think Kate disturbs me so much?"

Why continue the charade in a personal email response when she could have ignored my email? [...]"


OK, it's a more-or-less anonymous comment. If true, it's very, very odd that Sharla, mod of GWoP, would know Possum-who-was-Penn for a long time. Possum was also playing at being other GWoP insiders, namely BK and Bananabethanna, before being Pennmommy. As a mod, surely Sharla would notice where such comments came from? If she knew Possum and bought her story, why the Pennmommy purge? Possum's claim was that she was a victim of her "cousin," who used her internet service - but that the things that happened to her cousin were real. So why would they need to be deleted? Or at the very least, why would GWoP not clarify things for the Possum, poor victim of her cousin's fraud?

When defending herself against charges of socking, Possum also claimed only a distant interest in the Gosselins - if anyone has saved the old Gosselin threads from TWoP, maybe they could check on that. The current (closed) TWoP thread is only from the last couple of months before the final closing of the thread, long after Possum's main TWoP ID had been (I believe) banned. The earlier threads have been deleted, and Possum may have thought that would protect her. But another of Possum's IDs on TWoP was Peppermint Patty, and I can still find some of her diatribes about Kate illegally picking up pinecones. Possum has been shown to have used her own login to comment several times on GWoP and claimed to know one of her own socks (bananabethanna), so her later claims of only a distant interest were clearly false - and the above comment about Sharla seems to further the connection. How else would possum-who-was-penn (and BK, and bananabethanna) know one of the GWoP mods "for ages"?

Who is Sharla, anyway? Was she just trying to save face for GWoP by making them, also, the victims of the cousin/scammer? Or was she aiding and abetting (or joining in on) some serious sockpuppetry?

iwhyawli said...

Does GDNNOP = gosselinsdonotneedourpity or is that a different board.

If the same, did gosselinsdonotneedoutpity run afoul of a widget malware problem?

Why were only the Gosselin boards affected?

iwhyawli said...

IMO, Serena is a mere rookie as compared to Sharla. But Serena is far more stupid, which is why I think I can nail her.

Julie: dumb, neurotic sister whose plot to safe her sister's reputation is completely back-firing.

Aunt Jodi and Kevin: two complete dimwits, as correctly portrayed on TV.


I was around the day of the blowup, and GWoP and Pennmommy's site went down around the same time. Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity did not go down that I know of. People used to use GDNNoP or GDNNP as abbreviations for Gosselins Do Not Need Or Pity, but now that Peri started the pig trough at, things get a mite confusing, eh?

(please forgive my inclination to select random names to amuse myself).

iwhyawli said...

I do the same thing and mean no offense. Thanks for the clarification and definitely thank goodness for the gosselinsdonotneedourpity blog ... I've really learned a lot of history from that team. Their new blog/board is very good reading too on a whole variety of topics.

Juliecansuckittoo said...

Gosselinsdonotneedourpity did not go offline that night. Watchoverthem was commenting on that site (not under that name) and said she was done with the whole thing.

Someone on a thread here said that watchoverthem had given out too much info and so decided to leave gwop--that is fact. It all happened on gdnnop but I can't remember the date. Shortly after the conversation, gwop went down. I'm guessing watchoverthem just changed her name and started over.

YoutooKevin said...

Ok, found it:

Linda said...
watchoverthem -

You can't be completely proud about the crap that has been published by the blog which you are listed as a moderator.

[Edited to remove unimportant details]

You jumped on a band wagon. Now that you've announced to the whole world that you are a CASA for Dupage County in Wheaton Illinois, the Gosselins are one step closer to finding out who you are. I hope that the Gosselins hire the most pit-bull lawyer they have and go after you and the other self-proclaimed advocates at GWOP.

September 28, 2008 10:51 AM

Anonymous said...
omg,, what has happened to GWOP?

'This blog is in violation of Blogger's Terms of Service and is open to authors only'

September 28, 2008 11:04 AM

Linda said...
On their new site, watchoverthem is not listed as a moderator.

September 28, 2008 7:42 PM
Anonymous said...
Because, WatchOverThem has decided to get out of the fray. That is the only reason, she is still friends with all and is still a member of, well...never mind.

September 28, 2008 8:20 PM

Anonymous said...

iwhyawli said...
I do the same thing and mean no offense. Thanks for the clarification and definitely thank goodness for the gosselinsdonotneedourpity blog ... I've really learned a lot of history from that team. Their new blog/board is very good reading too on a whole variety of topics.

June 30, 2009 1:01 PM
If you go to Peri's pig spot, which for purposes of non-confusion let's call pig states

GDNOP Headquarters

so, even though they hijacked the gdnnop letters of Gosselis Do Not Need Our Pity, they are just as confused on their own pig blahg as they are in the world.

I am a poster at the old Gosselinsdonotneedourpity and now the Imperfectwomen blog and must say that it is a group of mature women who don't deal with the crap of Gwoppers or Pig blahggers.

Anonymous Dog said...

PennMommy / Possummomma / Atheist in a Minivan / Will / Jason / / Chris B / etc., etc. etc.

Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies.

And, the person behind it all is going down. For example, there is ample evidence of real world criminal fraud arising from the antics of this woman. You just have to know where to look. And, evidence does exist that speaks to her sorry mental state ... and that is evidence beyond the blogosphere ranting she puts on her blogs and spews via her socks.

Though it is entertaining to relive the saga of her lies, the drama is not over. Will not rest until this woman gets what is coming to her.

And, yes I am the Dog from other sites.

Smells Fishy said...

Anonymous Dog at the ABC board seemed to have facts about the real life Pennmommy's divorce.

What he is saying is that she committed a real fraud(s).

This woman is friends with Sharla the moderator of Gwop. Gwop linked to the Pennmommy blog to get people to read over there. Moon aided and abetted her as a useful idiot. There was a scam in the making. Gwop tried to erase all evidence of association when Pennmommy was exposed. Peri and the gwop mods started the pig blahg to get revenge for pennmommy being exposed. Peri was very angry about it. Julie was in the middle of it all, just another useful idiot. Julie vouched for pennmommy. Julie knows the Gwop mods. They have met face to face.

Some look like fools, some look like crooks.

Right To Be Cautious said...

go to
where bohemian moon is associated through, type in any of these names, like penny, serena, scarlett LEIGH, you'll see people using LEIGH as a last name, BELL, PENNY, etc.

Don't think she is not behind any of this, what she does for a living is work with people who master conning people out of money and tell people lies every day to get them to call back.

I would not doubt if many associated to this network or moon and her husband have not infiltrated these blogs, to prey on people who do want to trust others and do have kind hearts and it is sad if that is what they are doing or if moon is in on any of this. Or she pissed off some fellow psychics, but I think she knows more, after all, everyone waited for MOON'S truth. She'd not know the truth if it nipped her in her old saggy ass.

So, people, be careful on these blogs, they know Moon's blog, don't think those associated to her are not going to cruise through other blogs to see the fascination people have with Jon and Kate, after all Moon had to make a section on her blog just about what the lonely housewives and bedridden souls of the world are a chattering about.

Times of recession, people are probably not calling in as much, so they are on the prowl.

Just be weary and be safe, around her, around these blogs, don't be too quick to believe anyone.

But do go to that url, type in some names, you'll see what those weirdos use for alias names, fake photos, old photos, could be a gal who has 10 to 20 different psychic names, using an image for each profile, but is only one person. So they are used to using many names, hiding, it's an art form for them.

Just be cautious! If Bohemian Moon is associated to all of these blogs, or has a connection because of her own J&K blog, they're prowling around, they know the innocence to watch for.

Even after I posted some thing in here and on another blog about Moon, strangely a call from some lightpath whatever came in from NY and I don't get calls from NY.

At livepersons, they have connections with hackers (people posing as computer techs), all kinds of people.


Anonymous said...


type in fiona, type in peri

all kinds of names come up...

they all could know one another, and just some argue because they don't get along at their network, so they are feuding in these blogs online. Like Peri vs Moon or on again, off again stuff, yet covering for one another. If you question a blogger's name, go there once, start typing in the first few letters of their name, it brings up things like penny williams, PERIlous saphire, RUBEE moon, Bohemian Moon (of course 1 of her many on there), and then read the rip off reports about the complaints of liveperson (old name was kasamba)

Now some of them are with Moon's husband through Keen, they network around and are individual contractors.

Don't think they are NOT networking around on these blogs!

Careful who you chat or become friends with in these blogs at war.

These are stay at home moms trying to earn incomes and addicted to their computers, so if Moon is one of them and blogs away, her friends are too.

Anonymous Dog said...

Yes, I am Anonymous Dog from the other site.

And, yes there is evidence.

This whole thing has been amazing; the amount of information that can be gleaned from careless use of email, the internet, paypal, etc. as well as public records requests.

The one thing I will make clear, is that Possum / Penn / Atheist / disturbed woman is largely a one-woman show. There are others out there that support her and have been conned into her imaginary atheist ways (Berlz, Calladus, Vamp, to name a few), games and frauds, and they too make up aliases to broaden the charade / frauds. But, largely, this is the work of her and her alone. Well, at least her multiple personalities, which may go beyond simply internet sock puppets.

There are also a number of factions party to this whole saga. Most are simply contributing as they watch the car accident wondering what will happen next. But, many of them are actually on the same "team" as nearly all want to get the truth out of what exactly has Possum / Penn / Atheist been up to. For reasons that are not known and that would make a fascinating study, the various factions seem to be "at war" with each other and out to prove one or the other was in cahoots with Possum / Penn / Atheist, or at least to prove some sort of superiority over the other group. It is all kind of pointless high school arguing, really. There is only one direction to look, and her name and aliases are plastered all over the technologies I noted above. In a variety of ways.

The summary is that this has been a very dangerous game played by Possum / Penn / Atheist. A mere common sense review of her drivel on the web would demonstrate how she has affected the lives of her children, spouse, family, friends, those in the blogosphere who have been conned to her charades / frauds, much less those in the business of first response, medical service, hospitals, and insurance that have dealt with all of her nonsense. And, don't forget the 3M guy. And, the internet service providers. The evidence nails it all down.

A pathological liar can spin anything. Eventually they get caught. She has been fast and furious for months and months now trying to spin her way out of the mess, but it is too big, there are too many lies, there are too many good people in the blogosphere that are on to her, and the reality is that truth always triumphs. It takes time, but I think her time is now fast running out.

If you have an affiliation with her, I would urge you to get out / run away / leave her in the rear view mirror as soon as possible.

iwhyawli said...

Thanks for your message, anonymous dog. Others may recognize your name and whatever blog your referring to. You can trust that I surely don't. This blog's interest in PennMommy extends to the protection he/she continues to receive from the GWOP moderators and Julie. They simply can't bring themselves to acknowlege the hoax, which logically leads me to believe they were 100% in on it. One would think that Julie and Jodi would come clean since they are not anonymous and are currently suffering the brunt of it, at least on this blog. Could it be that Julie and Jodi don't stand for truth and child advocacy after all? (rhetorical question). We have mortgage papers here that also prove that point.