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Click here for iwhyawli's tongue-in-check version of GWOP's 954,012 posting rules. If you're wondering why GWOP has so many posting rules, you're not alone.

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We Pause Now for a Commercial Break

  • The iwhyawli's will be joining the Gosselins in divorce court if I don't hang this up for tonite. I'll be back tomorrow after the jackass I married is safely on the golf course.
  • ...
  • While I'm away, may I suggest that you once again enjoy the most excellent video clip of all time throughout the entire Gosselin blogosphere:
    Oh how I wish I created that! Makes me chuckle every time. Someday I hope the creator steps forward for her (his) applause.
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    any or all of Julie's Deleted Blog Posts 1 through 13

Nite Nite.


Marissa said...

i whyawli you're funny!

Thought you'd get a kick of the pigs snorting about your great blog. God are they confused.

ICExploitation said...
They'll never be able to prove Serena is Julie since they aren't the same person.

I rarely go over there (and I am so embarassed for spelling "Their" incorrectly in my first post - I am pooped!) so I haven't read thorougly but am I wrong?

Did they just pull the Serena = Julie and leave it at that? They say things like "proof to come" "close to the bone" - but I still don't have any idea where they could come up with that idea and what possible proof could back it up.

Do they have anything?

June 29, 2009 8:55 PM

FIONA said...
Anon Mod,

Any chance you might lend your insight on the new blog? I am very curious about it. Seems like there is something bogus going on. Or we are just being played like PM.

I don't quite see where Matt fits into this....

June 29, 2009 9:02 PM

Anonymous Mod said...
No, there is nothing that they can have since these are two distinctly different women. They simply despise GWoP and have for quite some time. They will continue to throw out lies and innuendo since that's the kind of people that they are.

June 29, 2009 9:04 PM

Anonymous Mod said...
The loonies as I see they are being called, Fiona? You'll only be played if you read there and believe.

June 29, 2009 9:07 PM

Who's telling lies and innuendos?? That's right you silly's YOU and Gwop. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

to report Serena at GWOP for taking donations or MOON and her psychic scam.

Just include the website information, they will check out the email addresses being used, the alias user names, the po box address in Missouri and if reporting Moon, just include her hubby David Jame's psychic website and the ripoff reports on both of them in NY.

To report Serena in Missouri for running a charitable collection (without Missouri's knowledge or tax id number or I doubt tax reporting of said donations), here is a url to report the GWOP site, DWOP site, TTWOP site and SWOP site to investigate that address and the person who's REAL name is using that address.

or to have the charitable organization that GWOP is pretending to be for Jodi and Kevin looked into...



They will fine that person and shut it down if it is found to not be legit and is tax fraud by hiding donations, because they are not a non-profit! So the receiver would be in trouble. Or just call the two above and inquire, tell them about this website and what they are doing accepting and requesting donations and that you are not certain they are a registered business and certainly NOT a non-profit to be doing so without a tax id number.

A scam is a scam! What they are doing I believe is illegal and can be stopped if complaints are filed, I reported GWOP already, gave the site info, if enough are filed out of good faith concern and not in a way that is malice, they will look into it and who the address belongs to.

Serena may be on another LOOOONG vacay again soon!

When I entered the address and GWOP or Gosselins Without Pity to see if it was a registered charity or a registered business...

here were my results in Missouri

Search Results
Search limited to reports from this BBB and business Headquarters reports.
Click Here to expand your search to all BBB reports.

There are no results for 'GWOP' within st louis, MO 63105.

Limited to: BBB Accredited Businesses, only charities.

To see for yourself go to this page, type in the name, and GWOP's contact PO Bo info they have at their site.

results when using her name, Serena Leigh Bell

Search Results
Search limited to reports from this BBB and business Headquarters reports.
Click Here to expand your search to all BBB reports.

There are no results for 'serena leigh bell' within st louis, MO 63105.

Limited to: BBB Accredited Businesses, only charities.

Linda's Hetero Lifemate said...

Your husband can afford to play golf? He isn't working during the week?

You must be one of them richie Katie Irene types. I hate you.

You have been rebuked!

Rebecca said...

iwhy, once he is out amongst his friends hitting on the greens, his mood will change, hang in there! MEN! They can get under your skin, but you still gotta love them, quirks and all.

Take care and hope today he'll play nice with you (after his golfing, maybe he just needs one of those guys away days to unwind and regroup.)


Anonymous said...

ut-oh, careful, The Bohemian Moon might be mixing up her witch's brew of potions as she casts her WICCA like spells and curses on to your site. She may be speaking in tongue to the Goddesses right now and stuffing pins in her GWOP WOP made voo doo dolly. May a lightening bolt strike her down and melt her soles to her tennis shoes. I cast thee upon Bohemian Moon *sprinkles sun tea over her shoulder* May a bad infestation and rash plague her body over the entire summer causing her to itch like mad crazy.

She's such a fraud!

Turned her into the Better Business Bureau, her sites she is associated with too, and her hubby's and the sites recording the rip off reports on her, her hubby and fellow psychics.

Carina (not my real name) said...

Just had to say "Linda's Hetero Housemate" is the best moniker of all time! Well done.

To all the gals who use so and so's "Mom" or "Wife" as a blogger name - show some originality for pete's sake. I bet you anything your kids and husband are NOT calling themselves [insert your name here] "Kid" or "Husband" on the message boards and such they frequent!

Look to our own fearless leader (no not Moon), the owner of THIS blog. She came up with a very original handle. I can't for the life of me keep the letters straight, but my bad. I have always sucked at spelling.

End of rant.

BrucesMistress said...

they (GWOPpers), don't have their own identity without their hubby or child! That is why they go to GWOP, it gives them an identity over there and a feeling they belong or are important. Lonely housewives.

I had to laugh at Linda's Hetero Lifemate.

Bruce's wife is going to be pissed at me now.

Anonymous said...

To be honest all of them should be using Jealous of Kate as their moniker.

iwhyawli said...

No worries, Rebecca. I was kidding around but did need to sign off.

Anonymous said...

ut oh, Looney Moon has an enemy, imagine that!

Mussings-haha! said...

Does anyone think Fiona made the video about Moon? Fiona calls her a big bully, like in the video. Moon is such a bitch she makes Fiona look good. She claimed Fiona was harrassing her by emailing her. EMAILING! The emails were polite, but Moon posted them -there were only 2 or 3- with the IP and email address showing. Moon has no idea what she looks like because she is surrounded by that sorry pack of fat, stringy haired, middle-aged ass kissers.

iwhyawli said...

nah, I don't. The video is far too clever.

The GWoPpers are one-trick ponies, as best exemplified by the 18different 'wop' blogs.

It doesn't take too long before every 'wop' post regardless of the blog sounds virtually the same. And in most cases, the posts ARE the same down to the wording and punctuation. I can't believe for example, that they've been floating the Truman Show analogy for over a year now. When I wrote my Truman Show rebuttal, I thought I was responding to someone's brand new idea. So naive.

'Truman Show' and 'Parent Trap', yeah. So predictable and enjoying a longer run at GWoP than "Cats".

Conversely, the princesses and imperfectwomen are able to change channels and discuss other topics. Even the snark on repetitive GWoP topics always includes new wit and a clever turn of phrase. The GWoppers can't do's a stale schtick, perhaps especially with the G's on hiatus.

I love the video more than life itself. "I will slap you. I will slap you good"

Anonymous said...

I love that video too. "Stop! Why do you not already know about ME?"

"I will not be bullied!"

There is no way Fiona did it. She loves it though.

Did anyone notice that Moon did not tell Heckman that she would not be bullied? She did not appear at his site with her ovaries drawn for battle.

She's so easy to laugh at. So are her pathetic flying monkeys.

From now on, I'm calling it "Mussings". Thanks, Heckman, you turd. You're good for something afterall.

iwhyawli said...

I received a link to this article in a comment. Thank you, secret link sender!

Check out the funny comments from SLB and BM and the replies. You'll immediately see why the GWoP board perpetually struggles in its attempt to be funny. It's largely because its posters have no sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

Here's another video that you all might enjoy. I believe the people they are referenceing besides Moon are from CafeMom.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, it was edited I was told. Here is a new link to the show.