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Obox & Isles-Bats in the Rafters

Just when I thought today could not get any more perfect, the G's secret hilarious movie creator strikes again!!!

Enjoy, y'all!

Obox & Isles-Bats in the Rafters

Thank you for the link! I'm off to watch again.

UPDATE: You'll also want to see this one by Scorcese and starring Julie.

Selling his sweet young ass on a Phillie street corner


Anonymous said...

just me or is the link not working for anyone else?

mdew said...


Kelly said...

Really enjoyed that. Thanks!

Five Stars said...

Somehow two short little videos manage to completely re-instate my faith in humanity. You have a real gift, secret movie creator.

Anonymous said...

It's not working for me.

iwhyawli said...

Try again ... I re-did the hyperlink. Or, you can also find the original link in the "Commercial Break" thread.

iwhyawli said...

You have IE7? Could it be that too many folks are trying to watch at once? Keep trying?

2 thumbs up said...

WOOT WOOT!!!!!! OMG, I don't know Isles or Obox, but they remind me of 10 doll and LisaK. Loved the part about BoMo and the PADDED room!

Kudos to the video creator, I KNOW how long they take to make! *snickers* Had one all made yesterday and then signed up, and lost it all, entering in all the pauses, actions, etc.

Cute work secret movie creator.

Thanks for sharing iwhyawli, today I laughed so much at your blog!

Anonymous said...

it worked, had firefox, worked after you re-posted the link, thank u.

wondering said...

Laughing so hard!

Megan said...

can you please link to BMoon and her bs....I want to see what she has done as far as being a "fake" that is something else we should look in to...I am so glad I found your site...

From someone who was on BMoon site until I got attacked for being a.....hold your

Megan said...

I just posted this on MOONS page.....It was actually posted....Cant wait to see the response

must say I as a woman this site is a bit much. You insult everything about Kate. Do I like her? No...but to point out her cellulite, insult her hair, her legs, her stomach?? Please I want to be around woman that can embrace every woman for who they are.....I am sick of women attacking other women. Do I agree with what she did to her kids?? No!! But for people who are only about Child Advocatcy??? Why are we trashing Kate and Jon for that matter..

ANyways...the whole Republican trashing was enough for me...My husband who is a Democrat gives me more respect. I am PRO LIFE does that make me a bad person?? Guess so on this site. I like Sarah Palin. She spoke her mind no different than Hillary Clinton. Everyone loves HIllary but God forbid Sarah speak her views - she is a bitch, dumb, ignorant......She had just as much if not more experience than our good ole OBAMA has......Who is running our country into the groud. Even my LIBERAL husband is disgusted by him........

I can get into a political debate with all of you which I will.......B/c I won't just "ask you questions" I will give you answers on my beliefs....That is the difference btw. a dem a repulican - we give you facts ,,,,,,you just ask questions????? What about, what if ........

Good BYE MOON!!! adn you all the bs you spew...anyone with any brain can see that you yourself has had many cases brough up against you......WHO THE HELL CAN READ SOMEONE BASED ON EMAIL EXCHANGE???????? I have someone in my family who does read but HEY THEY DO IT IN PERSON!!! You can't read someone via "email"

ANyways goodnight psychos!!!

Anonymous said...

Megan, she's a waste of space, don't let her get to you. Seriously, look at the fraud she commits on clients and who she is associated with, in a nutshell, look at the source. As the saying goes, "Never underestimate the stupidity of a large group" and their psychic network is a large group, her and her husband are not very well liked amongst them either as read in rip off and other sites and complaints. She manipulates, intimidates and bullies. Besides, the lady makes penis cakes, does that say much? Her husband is known to flirt with the clients and amongst other psychics, she's just going mad, she has not been online the network in quite some time, perhaps she has been reprimanded by liveperson. Either way she rides of the shirt tail of her husband and his fake ratings, as he tries to get others to follow him and move apart from a lot of the tainted pool o' nutjobs. God doesn't let anything by Him, she'll one day be held accountable!! In His time. She may talk to ghosts, I talk to the one that matters!

Anonymous said...

I cannot stop laughing! For those that don't know, all the names listed in the video are those of the most ardent haters on They bow and worship at the feet of Moon! If anyone disagrees with them or posts anything positive, they lock them out... They even have a site to just bash the fans... ...Never mind the show... These chicks are CRAZY and not in a good way!

Anonymous said...

want some laughs? Looney Mom is making fun of her little followers by posting a thread to where they will open up to her on their quirks, and I must say, some of what they divulge to her and share, is enough to provide some rather entertaining images of what we already thought GWOPpers and Moonie Tunes to be. And they pick on Kate Gosselin?

anyway, enjoy

Loving It said...

Thank-you, That was the best one yet! Keep them coming!!! Now, I have a prediction about Moon. She will be stopping her HATE site real soon. That prediction was free, the next one will cost you!

aMUSINGS said...

Fucking A Ray! This confirms it! Moon's Musings is really coocoo for cocoa puffs. I believe they all are having a big group therapy session and are all chatting from Moon's asylum!


I arrange my closet(and drawers) by item also, then by color and the colors are in the order of the color wheel.
If I sorted M&M’s by color, they would then be lined up in color wheel order.
I also have Fiesta dishes in all different colors. They are in color wheel order in the cupboard.

The Shrink Is In said...

more Bats in their Belfrys!

Bad Juju? You work with Moonie don't you!


I’m very, very superstitious. I don’t know where this has come from because I never used to be. If I see black crows circling my house it sends chills up my spine because that’s bad juju. I will give them the evil eye and say, no bad juju here!! I will literally chase them out of my yard if they land. Creepy, little bastards.

(Well Joanne, it means that you need to haul your trash out more, there is some thing putrefying and attracting the crows, or your feet smell! Oh and go away, bad juju, bad. That energy, it can misbehave some times! When you get the urge to chant about juju, just go get a blow dart gone and shoot the buzzard down. Then I want you to feed it to the chick on the site who hates seeing anyone tear some thing that once was alive, apart with their teeth. We can then solve two fears in one, see how that works? )


Anonymous said...

I read that thread at Moon's a couple days ago isn't it funny? My favorite one was the nut who saves her dryer lint. Some even for ten years. I thought maybe it was a joke, but i doubt it.LOL!!!

Dee said...

Obox reminds me of Peri the pig.

Anonymous said...

haha, what, is she going to use it as batting in a guilt? STRANGE comes in many ways.

Anonymous said...

Peri has a post at her pig farm that says "Gosselins Do Draw Out the Loony"

What she doesn't understand is that she is the "Loony." Yes Peri you are.

juju said...

I'm BAD, I'm BAD! (breaks out into MJ's song, BAD)

(she said the crows were bad juju)

Anonymous said...

haha Mooney Tune's DH! Read this, sounds just like Moon and her bullying and rationalizing why they may get bad reviews. Then go over to the 5 star (rate him if you want on just his intro, haha or not) and read the unsatisfactory one. I am sure they delete or monitor the unpleasant truths sent in on reviews, and then delete, but they forgot to nab this little one!

Enjoy! *waves, hi Moon* we'll all learn that Moonie, her hubby and their psychic network of 60 plus, run GWOP and behind the PM thing and the collections, Julie probably called into the network, shared who she was, they befriended her and wham. Mystery solved? Gotta ask yourself why a guy from Scotland and travels into the UK, are in the US, on the run perhaps DJ and Moon? (of course not your real names, just like stage names).

Anyhoos, I smell shit, and not sharing anything that is not just IMO or GOOGLE public record!

Plus DJ sure moves around a lot in the networks and radios, hmmmm, veddy interesting!!!!!! Unpopular psychis in a time of recession, become mods on blogs to victimize and gather donations?

Come on, some one give me some headlines here! That would be funny if Julie knows BoMo from calling into a pyschic! Just INTUITION, right Moon? My chakras are all in a tingle here!

Anonymous said...

one more theory, why Moon does IM and email readings, maybe her deep voice scares away the callers, it may be haunting, one of those deep cigar smoking voices that almost sound male, I can almost picture it! err hear it! Wait, am I channeling some thing here?

roflmao! she just doesn't insult my intelligence like she does over at GWOP, Musings and many other blogs she has time to go through all day, every day, but shhh, she's emailing readings, she's a busy lady.

To lonely people who so badly just want some one to care about them, pump them up, be a friend, so they pay her to be a friend while she laughs at them all? NICE Moon, nice, err bad juju, bad. Good dog, sit!

I've a reading for you MoonTampon, ummm the reason (as you stated, your words) that you are drawn to MSNBC's late into the morning entertainment on the prisons and prisoners and how they make weapons and sneak in drugs, well my umm energy source, ooo, just a minute I am getting a feeling now.


oops, sorry, guess it is just gas, thought I was pulling in a spirit or some thing....

well my prediction why you are DRAWN into those prison documentaries, is because, well one day, your fate will put you and Dear Hubs there.

Just an itch I where is that benadryl.

Anonymous said...

yes Peri, I have a feeling that all of this is drawing out the Looney Tune Moon, and it is only just being tapped!

Anonymous said...

MERRY Christmas Moon!

hmm, funny, doesn't list Bohemian Moon as a psychic wife, just a MERRY one!

Archive Reader said...

Some interesting posts of Peri's I thought were worth discussing.

Iwhy, feel free to post wherever.

Today Peri said this:
Peri said...
Sorry anonymous, I must disagree. We may mock their words, but we aren't making up blatant lies about them.

I can understand the curiosity, Fiona. I'm sure a lot of us have made mistakes in who we trusted or what we believed in the whole Gosselin mess probably starting with believing Kate and Jon. I'm curious, too, just what they think that they have. I don't know of anything that they possibly could prove, but who knows? So far they haven't proven much to me except they have serious issues.

LOL about the civil. It's my nerves, my nerves I tell you! They get frayed when things take a turn to debate and argument and such. :)

July 2, 2009 10:45 AM

It wasn't too long ago when Peri cut and pasted a war and peace post from the gosselins do not need our pity site regarding "10 things about..."

Then she let all of her "posters" rip on them for sharing "too much personal information" about themselves online.

Shelby said...
Crack whores and fat women.

April 7, 2009 5:15 PM

Peri said...
Tee, hee. They feel fine sharing with the world until the world reads and notices. :) If you don't want people to read and talk about it, then don't put it on a public blog. Same rules as apply to Kate. If you think we shouldn't be talking about Kate, then she should get her money grubbing fanny of the TV channel.

April 7, 2009 6:39 PM

No Peri, saying "tee hee" to one of your fake posters calling them "crack whores" and "fat women" isn't making up lies about them.

Then Peri goes on to say how mean those bloggers were to her:

Peri said...
I'll go ahead and say it again, people should really be careful what they share on public boards. Was it "nicey nice" to copy the sad and woeful things people posted? Not really. Did I ever sign up to be nicey nice on this blog? Nope. I'll be just as kind to the hawgs as they were to me and some others here which is to say not at all. It's a sad sign of some people these days that they look to the internet for personal validation or as a form of therapy.

You're aren't going to find my personal issues hanging out on a public blog and if any of these people were truly smart and savvy we wouldn't be reading about theirs either.

One county heard from. If we're talking about them here who else is reading and taking note? Think about that before spilling your guts online anywhere. How many of them are accessing the blogosphere through work computers where their actions can be traced?

April 7, 2009 10:36 PM


I could go on and on. There's a bunch more, especially if you go back to the beginning of the pig sty. Back when they "never" did anything more than "mock" others.


Scorcese said...

I made my first movie it is based on one of my comments.
The Feature: "Selling his sweet young ass on a North Philly street corner"

Anonymous said...

" I'll be just as kind to the hawgs as they were to me and some others here which is to say not at all."

More lessons Peripig learned at welfare mom's knee down at the trailer park in KKK, Mississippi or wherever her cracker ass is from: two wrongs=a right! Is there no end to the lessons in decorum and righteous living Peripig's welfare trash momma can teach us all?

iwhyawli said...

okay Just watched the Julie movie by Scorcese ... HA! HA! HA!!!! I love these movies more than life itself. I giggle, giggle and giggle like a complete fool. Thank you. I'm gonna add the link to the main post.

iwhyawli wants to try this movie stuff too, but is a little chicken.

Anonymous said...

you need to plan a film fesival.

Anonymous said...

you need a Peri column