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Fiona, this is YOUR life!

"This is your life" was a TV Show which aired from 1952 to 1961, and again in 1972. I have a vague memory of the 1972 series and occasionally you'll find old episodes on cable channels. Fiona probably remembers the entire series.

[wikipedia]The format of the show consisted of the host (Ralph Edwards), who would surprise a celebrity and, consulting his "red book", conduct a biography of the subject in a live television studio. The subject would be presented with family members and old friends, reunited with old acquaintances, and often shed a tear when a personal tragedy was recounted. [wikipedia]

This youtube episode features Jayne Mansfield. Like Kate Gosselin, Fiona and the GWoPpers would have hated Jayne too. Watch the video for comments that Jayne makes and you'll understand why I just said that.

Enough of Jayne. Back to Fiona.

When different folks started requesting main page threads for 'Fiona' and 'NC Resident', the "This is Your Life" show immediately came to mind. iwhyawli likes to learn about new people, so why not?

I'm not too familiar with either blogger but have a hunch all that's about to change. The Gosselin kids and I will look forward to reading your most favorite Fiona memories. All links to quotes, stories, verbal reprimands, TOS violations, blog bannings, etc., etc. are welcome.

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Fiona, this is YOUR life!


Mattroloffishot said...

PERFECT picture for Fiona. She's definitely the Gladys Kravitz of the Gosselin world.

Her hatred of Kate is so deep seeded. She claims she watches because the kids are so cute, but then complains of exlpoitation and that Kate is doing it only for fame. How stupid can Fiona be?

Don't Miss you at IP said...


So much to say and just not enough time. One needs to go back to the beginning of Gwop and read her posts to get the full picture.

I knew her from Imperfect Parent. She caused so many problems there. She was banned by an administrator for posting as many different people. It is easy to figure that out there because the IP addresses come in with the comments.

I know she was banned from other blogs. I heard GWop and Bohemian Moon's for sure. Wasn't she the first Fame Whore featured on the Moon blog.

I think her real life picture still exists on Imperfect Parent.

Two Faced Fiona said...

From GWoP

She has always had a fascination with body functions.

7/03/2008 8:34 AM
FIONA said...

Peeing is really the only thing the kids have control over....interesting
7/03/2008 9:24 AM

Me (not my real name) said...

LOL your blog always cracks me up, I do not know this Fiona person but ummm am I a Fiona for coming here and posting comments under a few different names? I am just not stupid enough to stay with one name, nor make a facebook, twitter or myspace page sharing photos with a blog name.

How old is Fiona, in her 50's? Reason I ask, there was a fiona posting in rip off reports under complaints of the network BoMo is or was with or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Fiona is nuttier than a fruitcake. Even under the "Fiona" name, she has about 20 different personalities, and then you get to the names she's used other places. There's Suzanne and Imperfect Parent, Vomitus Boy at Peripig's site, Illinois Mom at GDNNOP (after she'd been kicked off as Fiona), and whatever multiple names she uses at the Topix boards to claim to be ski bunny sluts having affairs with Jon. The Topix board personalities are where she unleashes the full force of her weird, gross, sex-obsessed side. The "Fiona" personality is much more schoolmarmish, though way back on GWOP (before she was kicked off there) she had that post suggesting that her "Joely", who was ONLY FOUR AT THE TIME, call her in 5 or 10 years. When he was either 9 or 14. That was a little Mary Kay Letourneau of her.

In any of her personalities, she's like the kid in 3rd grade that no one liked because she ate paste and smelled bad. But your mom made you be nice to her, and at first you felt sorry for her. Until you realized that not only was she gross and crazy, she was mean, too. That is Fiona to a T.

Anonymous said...

A real life picture? Can someone find it? Please not that one standing on a rock in the ocean. I'm sick of that one.

Three Faced Fiona said...

6/18/2008 7:57 AM
FIONA said...

The mod for that blog has serious control issues IMO. I say let's all move in here. But please, no micro managing....we are without PITY correct!
6/18/2008 1:51 PM

I have nothing but PITY for your husband, Fiona

Anonymous said...

How old is Fiona, in her 50's? Reason I ask, there was a fiona posting in rip off reports under complaints of the network BoMo is or was with or whatever.

July 3, 2009 11:44 AM
Yeah, me too. Her hair is a big, round bowl of bleach.

I want to see her ugly face.

Anonymous said...

No fan of Fiona, but the whole Penn Mommy saga would not have been what it was without her. She asked some good questions of dear 'ol Penn Mommy. Questions that the great BoMo who sees all couldn't come up with.

Just saying. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Anonymous said...

I don't know this Fiona either but she sounds like 95% of the hater hags over at Where's Aunt Jodi on CafeMom. WAIT...maybe she is 95% of the hater hags over there????

Damn I'm quick tonight! Someone give me a medal.

Anonymous said...

Fiona harassed Kate's sister on Kate's sister's own blog. I can not find all of the comments that went back and forth that day but this was the initial one. The blog has since been removed.

FIONA said...

I just don't understand why you and your family don't step in on behalf of your nieces and nephews. I am not trying to be know there is a problem. Shouldn't the kids be of everyone's utmost concern.


June 24, 2008 5:51 PM
rubyslippers said...

Hi Fiona,

While I appreciate your concern, there are two things I know to be true. One, you do not know all the facts and can't possibly make educated assumptions on partial truth.

Secondly I'm sure you'll agree that this isn't the best place to discuss any of this, especially concerning the welfare of children involved, as what is said on the internet, is permanent and does not go away. Even those who may mean well and have their heart in the right place are leaving a permanent mark on the internet for the children to read someday. Very sad! :(

In my humble opinion, what is being said on the internet is just as detrimental to those involved (especially the children) as the perceived detriment of television, neither of which necessarily have my stamp of approval, but which is not my place to judge or speak out about.

Truly, as I've stated before, I do not wish to discuss things of this nature here. I'd really appreciate it if you'd recognize that I've conducted myself honorably throughout this entire thing and in turn respect me by not bringing it up when commenting.

I've chosen to use this blog as a way to minister to people in a greater way than all this. By all means, if you'd like to discuss spiritual matters, I'm ALLLLL ears! :)

Thanks for understanding and God bless!


June 24, 2008 6:27 PM

I post at Musings but I can't stand Fiona said...

Here is an email Fiona sent to Moon. She is now claiming that she always knew that Penn Mommy was a hoax. However in this email she is asking Moon to let Penn Mommy's son William know she is threatening legal action.


My IP address has been stolen and I have tracked down where this has come form.
I also believe there is another blog owner involved in this smear campaign against me.

I am asking for you to stop immediately per the cyberstalking laws, discussing me or allowing anymore postings that I have falsified myself. I have talked with my local police and will pursue this if any other claims are brought against me on your blog. I also want any postings of these allegations removed.

I also am requesting an apology/retraction on GDNNP, GWOP or your blog.

This has become slander and I will turn over PM’s blog to the state authorities in which I live as well as Pennsylvania.

I have had enough.

If I don’t see an apology/retraction I will pursue this fully, and I don’t think anyone wants PM to be put through anymore than she has.

You also need to let William know.

I will wait 24 hours before taking any action.

Please know I am dead serious on this.



Anonymous said...

Visit this topix board:

Anything that shows up from Denver, CO is Fiona.

She is out of control here.

Anonymous said...

Here she is again on a different topix board and notice she is from Denver CO.

She is attacking Moon here because Moon had just outed her on her own blog.

Someone outs her on this blog.

Veronica said...

Great response from Clarissa. Clarissa's absolutely right on all accounts.

Fiona and the other haters are the reason sad and evil things on the internet will exist for the Gosselin children to see. Cruel, stupid, jealous people, who in the end, will meet their Maker.

Anonymous said...

Just a question.

Is Fiona also 10 doll? 10 doll is out of control and posts multiple posts and people just ignore her on blogs and forums, just like the ones being shared on Fiona.

Maybe it's just two people, very unstable.

It's hard to keep track of people on all of these blogs, I imagine some have a different name on each of them.

They both just act crazy when confronted though, why I asked.

Anonymous said...

yes, what Veronica said! Right on! I too agree with how eloquent Clarissa was in her response.

The GWOP and other haters, created a mess, one that cannot sadly be erased.

Perfect example of, "think before you speak", or rather THINK before you type!

Don't drink and drive, umm don't drink and type.

Don't engage in any harmful activity without a helmet, umm, don't engage in blog wars without the appropriate arsenal.

Or, just watch! Then your words are never permanently archived for the world to see, or for children to learn hate from those who claim they have a child's best interest in mind to rationalize their ir-rationalize chatter.

Anonymous said...

Musings Poster -

Interesting email. If it is truthful, it puts a different light on things to be sure. I believe Fiona was still actively posting at GDNNOP at that time - ?

From what I have heard, Clairissa's a little wacko with the religious stuff, but she came across very genuine and compassionate in that exchange.

Anonymous said...

Fiona was posting on Gwop when the whole Penn Mommy thing was going on. They kicked her off when she started harassing Penn Mommy and Moon. She did not post at GDNNOP until Penn Mommy was revealed for the scam artist that she was. Then she couldn't wait to say "I told you so."

Fiona has never had an affiliation with any blog. She just posts where people will let her. Now it seems to be Peri and the Pigs. Peri will have enough of her soon.

Anonymous said...

Because of Fiona on Peri's blog I find it a bore to even go lurk and read. If she stalked Musings as was copied (who knows, Moon only posts one side, not what she may have said or done back or even allows Fiona to let her posts go through to share her side.) That's why I hate Musings and Moon, she acts like a teeny bopper with the way she interacts.

Anyhoosie, Fiona, I'd put away that name and try one of your others awhile, sort of liked how Moon outed her on the Vomitus Boy (sp?) at Peri's. She is transparent.

iwhy, does she post here or try?

A pot stirrer who will go with the grain, then against it with another name. Hmm. Is that a desire to just fit in or be a part of a group, to conform, until your IP is outed?

Dr Phil said...

Fiona, how's that working for ya? I didn't just fall off a wagon of turnips yesterday ya know! Ya gotta get REAL with your life, come join the show!

iwhyawli said...

ha ha ha Those old topix threads are most excellent. lol

iwhyawli said...

anon at 9:19am:

I'm not yet very good at distinguishing between posters. The Comments feature here (which I love so much) only shows me the blogger name, the comment and the time. I can't tell until after I publish the post whether the blogger name is "real" or fake.

That said, I do believe everyone in the old GWOP/Penn Mommy gang has checked in here. There clearly have been posts and commens here which strike a nerve and cause someone to fire-off a comment that betrays their identity. Queen Sharla likes to comment here anonymously. She likes to point out all my spelling flubs and she was especially pissed after the "I'll never be able to keep this child advocacy stuff" thread, telling me to "keep it classy."

Cause yeah, Sharla knows all about classy. Protecting the identity of someone who fakes the death of their son is textbook "classy".

Jordyn said...

Interesting email. If it is truthful, it puts a different light on things to be sure. I believe Fiona was still actively posting at GDNNOP at that time - ?
Fiona posts EVERYWHERE! Doesn't matter what time. :)

Don't Miss you at IP said...

This is from Fiona's blog. She just makes up lies. People, please believe what you read about Fiona. She is all that and then some.

I appreciate the comments you anons have sent, and your support is nice. Glad to know not everyone believes what they read. Most of what we see is exaggerated to make someone else look better. Rolls off my back now.

I am enjoying my blog and Peri's blog.

Glad you are enjoying.


Anonymous said...

is she that over weight she has to "roll" off her back? I picture one of those hugely obese bedriddens when she says that, as they have to kaplunk over, (seeing the big ole leg coming at the sheet in it's mightiness), and squirm to even turn on their bed.

Fiona, contact TLC, maybe they will be interested in doing a documentary on your weight issues and your disability and laziness, maybe they can help you lose the weight and you can get a job!

19doll and Fiona are such bitter people who live their life on these sites, you can find 10doll trolling every Jon and Kate site, to use many names, and even her 10doll name, posting just vile, mean, bitter stuff, and she is saying her grandmother is ill, then get off your computer and go be with her before you lose her! I don't believe her grandmother is ill, or else 10doll is home bound herself to not go see her ill gram while she wastes day and night on her computer spewing mean spirited things.

Don't they have some medications for that? If lisak and the gals over there really cared about her, they'd speak out to her and tell her to get some counseling for that rage issue she has, so hope she is not teaching her kids, if she has any, doubt it, she is neglecting them if so. But a friend would pull her aside and tell her life could be happier, it does not need to be spent so wastefully with the online behavior she displays. It truly is an anger management issue she has, she attacks anyone who won't think as her or hate like her. Some people just have loving and kind hearts, she jumps them for being such.

Please lisak and friends, do an intervention on 10doll! Seriously, she's robbing her own life of some happiness through the horrible character display of netbullying and seeking pleasure in paining others. An obsession that she is letting take over her life.

Go zen out 10doll! Go O'D on valium, you're like a helium balloon ready to explode with your ranting.

Anonymous said...

10doll has posted that she has a 17 yr. old and a 9 yr. old. I feel sorry for her husband and children.

Anonymous said...

me too Anon, they have to watch their mother's psycho behavior online. She probably yells at them if they interrupt her. Neglectful and hateful, great role modeling 10doll!

Anonymous said...

Fiona is 10doll, interesting.

Fiona is Vomitus Boy.
Fiona is Illinois Mom.
Fiona is Anoymous many times over.
Fiona is Colorado Girl
Fiona is Ski Girl
Fiona is Susan or Sussan or Suzanne

and when she wants to play somewhat fair she might be Fiona.

Can anyone add any other aliases?

Anonymous said...

not saying Fiona is 10doll, but 10doll reminds me a lot like Fiona, in what she says and how she interacts and all the sock puppetry on articles and gossip sites, she's just immature and of all the girls over there, an attention seeking whore and a whiner.

Anonymous said...

you'll see 10doll when she is made aware she is mentioned, poor iwhy, 10doll is tightly wound!

Becky said...

Add Harriet to the list of aliases that moron Fiona uses.

Stacey said...

From the pig blog...even the pigs are questioning Fiona now:

Anonymous said...
Really? Look again.

Right hand side. "Andy Warhol Art of the Day" which has a clear link at the bottom of the picture of the day to ever changing businesses. Yesterday it was Vistaprint. Today it is T1 Service Provider. Right under that obvious link in plain site are the words in bold "Ads by Google"

The same is true for the "Children's Classic Book Art of the Day".

If their were no links that took someone to sites that are obviously using Ad Sense as a form of advertising, there would be no issue. However there is. Clear as day. Having used Google Ads on a previous site of my own, and those such as she is, I got paid. No doubt she is too.

It is quite hypocritical, but then again I have seen a lot of that from Fiona over the months, so it doesn't surprise me.

July 9, 2009 8:01 PM


Don't you just love it when everyone knows that Fiona is one of the worst things on the blogosphere?

I am not done with Fiona said...

This is what Fiona has in her profile but in reality she was booted off of GDNNOP

Very disgruntled person:

Age: 49
Gender: Female
Occupation: MOM/Medical Field
Location: United States
About Me
I am a poster who speaks her mind, honestly. I posted at GDNNP for a long time, and have become increasingly frustrated at their bias towards the Gosselins. Both sides are not welcomed.

Laurie said...

She's in the medical field? For the love of all things living, someobody watch over the people she takes care of!