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Serena Leigh Bell is Really Dumb

A tireless media whore in her own right, it's becoming clear that 'Serena Leigh Bell' likes to hit all the 'Jon & Kate" sites (and always in a thinly veiled attempt to plug her own GWoP blog).

At some place called TVSnark, I stumbled upon some comments made by Bell expressing total confusion as to why her critics just aren't able to refute her "views".

1 Serena Leigh Bell March 21, 2009 at 12:04 am

I hear you!
As a moderator of Gosselins Without Pity, I read all the comments submitted to our comment queue for publication. On average, about 1,000 comments are submitted every week.

It is extremely rare that a criticism of the views we publish actually refutes those views — most of the criticism is along the lines of “Don’t you have anything better to do?”, “You’re just jealous.”, “Who are you to judge?”, “You don’t have eight children.”, “You’re not perfect either.”, etc.

It absolutely drives some people insane that we believe the exploitation perpetrated by Jon and Kate Gosselin is deeply disturbing and damaging, yet they are unable to articulate exactly why it bothers them so much that we object to it.

Why is it so important to them that their adulation of Jon and Kate remain unchallenged?

Gee, Serena, I bet if you sobered up long enough, you might be able to logically think everything through and de-confuse yourself.

But because I'm a very nice person, I will give you a hint: google "argumentum ad ignorantiam."

You're welcome.

And for the record, I couldn't care less that if you think Jon & Kate exploit their kids. For all I know, you're a $2 hooker. Get over yourself.

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