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Click here for iwhyawli's tongue-in-check version of GWOP's 954,012 posting rules. If you're wondering why GWOP has so many posting rules, you're not alone.

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GWoP's Facebook

So the GWoPpers now have a Facebook community. Excellent! I've long wondered what the "Perfect Mom" would look like and um.... hmmm ... I'm finding that they're somewhat ugly. More later on this (with examples).

With all the rage about Kate's hairdo, you'd think you might find nothing but cute hairdos over there. Not so much.

I've also noticed that the great 'Serena Leigh Bell' is not a member of her own Facebook community.... I can't find her picture to save my life. What's the matter, Serena? Chicken? The community's administrators Sharla Smith and Maggie Shatzie also have not posted their pictures.

I could be mistaken but quite a few of the dumbasses have posted avatars that include pictures of their kids. Posting your full name and city with pics of your kids on a public Internet forum. Now if that's not good parenting, I don't know what is. By all means, please do continue to lecture Jon and Kate (and the rest of us) ad nauseum.

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