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It seems a great number of the GWoPpers either personally know a lot of celebrities and/or they know a lot about the celebrity lifestyle, including whether big celebrities take their bodyguard to the store and how the big celebrities feel about kids in the media. It's hard to debate the GWoPpers when I'm facing that level of expertise and life experience, but I'm not yet ready to throw in the towel.

I figure this next GWoP commenter must be nine-years-old.
I LOL'd at the part about not having spoken to her celebrity connection for several years.


Jen K said...
I would love it if celebrities who disagree with this (many of them are VERY sensitive to kids in the media) would film a viral YouTube video asking people to boycott the season premiere. Unfortunately, it usually takes some sort of celebrity speak up for people to take notice of things and do the right thing. Think of the green movement and how Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz talked that up for the MTV crowd.Wish there was some sort of celebrity or group of celebrities who would band together and speak out on behalf of these non-actor, non-union, kids who are having every kid's worst nightmare (the threat of their family being torn apart) used for entertainment on national television.I have access to one person in a very random "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" sort of way (actually about two degrees) but haven't spoken to him in years. Does anyone know anyone or have a friend of a friend they could hit up for their input?
5/16/2009 6:04 PM

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