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The Plot Thickens

No wonder the Gosselins moved, hired body guards and adopted two German Shepards.

Yesterday I received a comment telling me that the GWoP moderators live (or used to live) very near the Gosselins, and they've hated Katie since the arrival of her twins (long before the TV show).

In the hundreds and thousands of posts over there, I never once read anything remotely leading me to believe that all this outrage over child exploitation was actually bunch a hooey.*

But since I read this new interesting, little factoid on the Internet, it must be true. And frankly, I believe it. You never see a "real" child advocate blowing a gasket over someone's new purse.

So thanks tipster! I owe ya!

* Note to GWoPpers: This statement is an example of "sarcasm", which is a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark.

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