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And Yet

In the "Whatever" thread, a poster named Anonymous at 12:54 really pwns us. For brevity, I've substituted GWOP's six perpetual talking points with the words "blah, blah, blah". If you're not yet a expert in GWOP's sacred creed, the original comment still sits in the Whatever thread, unless of course my scathing rebuttal herein compels Anonymous to delete it out of total embarrassment.

Here's the redacted post followed by my scathing rebuttal:

Anonymous said...
The truth is a bitter pill to swallow. You guys hate the messengers, and yet you support the fact that Kate:

1) blah, blah blah, blah
2) blah, blah blah, blah
3) blah, blah blah, blah
4) blah, blah blah, blah
5) blah, blah blah, blah
6) blah, blah blah, blah

Please leave GWOP alone, they see Kate as she TRULY is, and there is millions of documented evidence to show who Kate truly is. And it's not pretty.

May 6, 2010 12:54 AM

Dear Anon at 12:54AM

I really hate to pick your comment apart, but if not me, who?
To be honest I don't really hate to pick your post apart -- I live for it.

Let's start with the first paragraph. You said " You guys hate the messengers, and yet you support the fact that Kate: blah blah blah."

Here's my beef. For normal people with an IQ, using the phrase "and yet" usually serves to describe a contradiction of some sort: a puzzle, if you will, that causes the reader to wonder what the real story might be. Your sentence, however, does nothing of the kind. YOU'VE USED THE PHRASE "AND YET" INCORRECTLY, YOU DILLWAD.

Here. Let me give you some examples where the phrase "and yet" is used properly.

1. The GWOPPERS claim to be a child advocates AND YET the overwhelming majority of posts at GWOP pertain to Kate's appearance.

2. The GWOPPERS all fancy themselves to be perfect moms and are very quick to judge Kate's every parenting move AND YET only one GWOPPER has submitted their application to gwopwop's parenting study, despite repeated invitations.

3. Julie Kamauf Daugherty Brown is a self-professed truthseeker AND YET she deleted all the posts on her blog that describe the real motivations for her and Jodi's on-going dispute with Jon & Kate. BTW, some nice person found those deleted posts and sent them to me. I've re-posted them here for your viewing pleasure.

4. Jodi and Kevin Kreider are sickened by Jon and Kate's alledge exploitation of their children AND YET they themselves continue to profit financially as a result of their own affiliation with the TV show and family. BTW, one day some nice person sent me a link to the Recorder of Deeds Office in Elizabethtown PA where there is evidence of at least two rather large lump sum mortgae payments (90,000+ if I'm remembering it correctly) which were made shortly after Jodi took it upon herself to inform the Internets that Kate is a [whisper] cheater [whisper]. We gots a picture of those documents posted here too somewhere. Search for the phrase "More proof that screwing your sister really pays."

5. Sharla told everyone that didn't have anything to do with the infamous "pig blog" AND YET we eventually come to find out that she's was the an administrator and creator of the blog. You see, one day some nice person sent me a picture of an Main Page post that Sharla\Peri accidentally made on the blog. I actually forget the specific details but they're posted here somewhere. Suffice it to say that outing Sharla as Peri and owner of the Pig Blog was one of the most exciting days in gwopwop history.

Okay, I hope these great examples help you, but you're really dumb so probably not. I will try best to think of some more infamous GWOP contradictions but I gots to go outside right now and move the sprinkler.

Your pal,


Ha! said...

GWOPPERS are delusional at best if not completely bonkers insane.

The Anonymous that wrote that diatribe is an utter fool.

GWOPPERS are sad little women with too much time on their hands. It is my firm belief that the children and/or family and/or friends can't stand their stupidity and are thankful that the Internet keeps them out of their business.

GWOPPERS if your life sucks you only have yourself to blame. Deal with it!

Anonymous said...

I was getting antsy waiting for you to snark on Anonymous's post.


Mrs. X said...

Sharla Smith and her minions of messed up mommies are a hopeless bunch. Their only pleasure in life is to trash talk people, gossip, and focus on the negative. Those types of people have created a little hell on earth for themselves and anyone that is close to them. Misery loves company.

Sharla, G.W.O.P. is a piece of shit and you are the queen on the throne of shit. All your admirers and friends are jaded and crazy bitches. You are the ringleader of the retarded. You have basically created a cult and you are the shepherd of the shit stirrers.

I really hope that you reap what you sow.

Sherri said...

Jibber Jabbers is even worse. GWOP is shit and Sharla is the head fly.

Memories... said...

I really enjoyed the day that you proved Peri was Sharla. Ha! Good times, good times. What a stupid bitch she is.
And just to prove you were right, she closed the pig blog just like she shut down Gwop to try to purge it of Pennmommy.

Iwhy, you're #1.

gwop = garbage dump said...

To Anonymouse @ May 6, 2010 12:54 AM

In response to your comment and your 6 points, I have to say...

Who the -expletive- cares? Get a life already. Anyone that is that concerned (obsessed) with Kate's life is a dumbass. Anyone that believes that they know what is really going on in Kate's life and the children's lives from reading a blog or watching tv is... you guessed it… a DUMBASS!

Not a Fan of Jodi and Kevin Turd-Kreider said...

GWOP and anybody that gets to post on that bullshit blog are probably bullies, gossipers, and folks with a passive aggresive personality disorder.
I have bookmarked this blog and read it 5-6 times a week. I am SO glad somebody tells the truth about those bitches! Keep up the good work.

Good times... said...

And here are the links to a really great time at Iwhy's, when Peri with the Fragile Nerves was shown to be the big Bitch Sharla herself. How funny it was to think of those frauds Maggie Moo and Crazy Joy Renee and Poor Little Foster's Mom covering for her and getting scorched by her BIG mistake. Nasty liars!

Good Times Had at Sharla's expense

Screenshots Baby!

iwhyawli said...

oh man, good times, thanks for those links. I was grinning ear to ear as I re-read those threads. Too funny. What a horse's ass Sharla is, eh? Hard to believe she is a grown woman let alone a "highly paid professional".

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Gwop bitches, Jupiter aka jen d the former GWOP chat room moderator, Sharla Smith's former right hand woman, has made a monumental promise to forever leave the Sageway Express blog. I remember when Iwhyawli spanked her a few times over here on Gwopwop. That really made my day. Good times! Infact whenever Iwhyawli slaps some blogging bitch silly the world seems like a lot better place.

Well, the following could very well be Jupiter Jen’s final farewell to the blogging community. I felt a need to post it over here because Jen is busy deleting all of her other posts and I was afraid that she might delete the ones promising that she won’t return. I think that this is her third promise. I hope she keeps her word this time!

Farewell Jupiter Jen it was nice knowing you…NOT!

For blogging posterity…


Jupiter said...
I wanted to express my thoughts to Sage. It was meant for her and I should have just sent her an email.

You could have ignored my comment. What makes you think you should chastise me all the time time? Ima- you determine what tone you read my posts in. EVERY post here can be read several different ways.

When I realized that my post came out wrong I immediately posted (to Mojito) and tried to clear it up.

You are not refusing to accept that my intentions were honorable. YOU are making this into something it never was. It's crap like this that makes posting on this board so unbelievable at times. You extend no mercy. You keep referring to a post I made on another board (ABOUT BM's BOARD!!) and you don't let any of it go.

And now I am sitting here fighting tears because I am upset for Sage and her baby and I am frustrated with the way you attack me every chance you get. I don't attack ANY of you.

VICTIM? No. But I am going to stay the hell away from here.

And this will be deleted along with my other posts...

May 7, 2010 1:33 PM
The Sage Way Express
"To Be Read By All"

Anonymous said...

It's you guys who are sad people who lots of time on your hands. Haters make fun of Kate's appearance because of all the salon/spa trips, etc she takes instead of being with her KIDS. I'm amazed you guys haven't figured that out yet, it's not exactly rocket science.

Get off the computer, guys. Find something else to do. A Gosselin kid will write a tell-all book that will validate many of the Gwoppers statements, and you'll be shitting bricks for not believing it.

It's obvious that this blog has only made you guys dumber and more foolish. :D

iwhyawli said...

Well, I, for one, would look forward to shitting a brick. I will write a tell-all book about it and make millions, with only one of the Gosselin kids to thank.

Gosh, I'd be so rich that I wouldn't even care if their book were true or if they merely elected to follow in the footsteps of their beloved but estranged Aunt Jodi.

See, I think perhaps the nicest part about not judging people is that you never have to worry if you've misjudged them. Something I realize you anonymous GWOPPERS never worry about.

Those Were The Days said...

Yes the mods at GWOP and all of their mini-onions always said that they never discussed Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity. That they were so much above everyone else. So much better than the people that posted at GDNNOP because that site discussed GWOP.

Sharla was so angry when GDNNOP exposed Possum Momma aka Penn Mommy because Possum was a good friend of Sharla's from TWoP and from the "Secret Message Board."

I am wondering if Maggie knew that was Sharla's blog when she was posting on it.

F.Y.I. said...

wellspring7 over at the sagewayexpress is a jen d sockpuppet.

Don't be fooled gwopwoppers and sagettes...the haters have tons of sockpuppets. Haters will say they are leaving but a few minutes later lo and behold another nickname appears!

Jen D is combative. She just likes to argue for the sake of arguing. Jen is also wordy and can’t express a coherent thought intelligibly. Jen also can’t seem to comprehend what people say to her. . So if you see someone like that posting, chances are, it’s her. Jen is basically the retarded Robin to Sharla Smith’s Batman.

And don't feel sorry for her...ever. She is what they call an evil manipulative bitch.
Also Jen and people at RWA often post defamatory comments about themselves just so they can have something to respond to, or have something that makes them look like a victim or whatever fits into their idiotic agenda.

(this has been a blog service announcement)

Meeeeeeeee said...

A common tactic that the kate hating trolls use, aside from creating sockpuppets, is to create suckpuppets of THEMSELVES so they can claim that they are being CLONED and therefore victimized. Then the "real" blogger comes on and swears that they didn't say "THAT" and that they must have been "cloned".

Fellow gwopwoppers and sagettes don't fall for these games!

momsby said...

Good Times..Thanks for the history lesson! RMAO!!!

ZiggyFlo said...

Here's my view about the BN and her 'righteous' intentions.

Troll Hunter said...


Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you and yours have a great time doing whatever awesome people do!!!

Much love!