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Families that like entrusion

Yeah, entrusion. : rolls eyes: Like that's a word.

No Worry, Beef Curry said...
Agree, for the most part. Still, the cameras make me so ill. My sis' and I can't stand cameras, and she's a major extrovert. Our other sis' can't get enough of the spotlight. There is no way 8 kids collectively love that kind of entrusion.
5/01/2010 1:20 AM

Far be it from me to discount that normalcy that surely abounds in the "No Worry, Beef Curry" household, but in a matter of seconds, I was able to compile a list of collective families that seemingly can't (or couldn't) get enough entrusion (cough).

VonTropp family
Lennon Sisters
Jackson Five
Jonas Brothers
Smother Brothers
King Sisters
Pointer Sisters
Phoenix Family
Mary Kate and Ashley


txchic25 said...

I love how her sister is a major extrovert but can't stand cameras. I would call that an oxymoron but Beef Curry would think I was making fun of her.

Anonymous said...

Hey, everyone. Make sure to watch Wife Swap this week cause Sharla and her family like entrusion too.

mkb77 said...

Seriously? So Beef Curry and her sister, Chicken Cacciatore hate the entrusion, but the other sister, Pork Rind, is ok with it.

Who the fluck cares? Seriously? Are we gonna give a rendition of every family holiday where Uncle Pervy gets out the fam cam and starts rolling and everyone either runs and hides or performs?

Oh who cares?

Wait..the people of Gwoptard Land do...

Some more said...


iwhyawli said...

Right on! I knew I was forgetting some.... oh and let's not forget these guys ...

The Wilson Phillips
The Beach Boys
The Chipmunks

Dr. Shawn said...

How about the Adams Family and The Munsters.

Anonymous said...

Addams Family
Partridge Family
Brady Bunch
Three Stooges
Mansion Family

momsby said...

Don't forget..
The Cyrus Family,
The Duff Sister's
The Cameron Family & (although maybe I should not mention them the Spear's sister's. Gee, can you tell I have a kid who likes Disney Family Chanel? Oh, and Selena Gomez & her little sis who is on Desperate Housewives.
That's not even mentioning all the REALITY family's & there are LOTS. So, is their goal to shut down any t.v. show that features kid's? No wonder they got so pissy about DisneyGate...Disney is exploiting families;)With all the Disney themed stuff I've bought over the year's. I wish I had stock in the company. I'd love to see GWOP try & take on the Mouse, it can't be done. Better stick with little old TLC Sharla.

How could we forget? said...



Doh! said...

The Simpson's

iwhyawli said...


Minka's Tail said...

Let's see: The Von Trapps were not happy, at least according to their biography. Michael Jackson spent most of his short life trying to recapture his lost childhood. One of the Quaids is in trouble for fraud, Mary Kate is or was an anorexic, River Phoenix is dead, Drew Barrymore went to rehab at 13 (seemed to work well, though), and the Lohans? Seriously?

The rest of your list, with a few exceptions, are of people who became famous as adults. The Hansens were only famous for about a year, and are serious musicians. The jury's still out on the Jonases. In many of your examples, there were only two siblings. There are only two Gabors and Smothers, as far as I know.

The only people on your list whose situation is in anyway similar to the Gosselins are the other TLC families, and supposedly, the camera helped break up the Roloffs marriage.

Basically, the only example here that work is that of the Duggars.

iwhyawli said...

Dear Minka,

Thank you for entirely missing the point. It's funny when you GWOPPERS do that time after time after time! It just never gets old.

Anon@whatevertimethatwas asserts that there's no way 8 children like entrusion.

Yeah, maybe I wouldn't like entrusion either, if entrusion were a real word and I knew what the heck it was, but I digress.

In rebuttal to anon's very scientific analysis of her own three-person family of camera-shy extraverts, I was immediately able to conjure up hundred of zillions of celebrity families who like/liked entrusion so much that they've allowed the entrusion to continue well into their adult lives AND some of them even don't mind inflicting the dreaded entrusion upon their own kids for GENERATIONS. Surely you're not trying to tell me that childhood entrusion is to blame for any of these people's dysfunctional adulthoods. If that's the case, who do we blame for all the dysfunctional adults who have never stepped foot in front of a TV camera?

I know you GWOPPERS are from a different planet, but I don't know a single kid who doesn't wish they could be famous/on TV. Kids LOVE attention and the spotlight and all the things that come with have money.

If any child star evolves into messed up adults, they evolve into messed up adults for the very same reasons you evolved into a such messed up adult.

Here's another clue to this puzzle called life. We're all messed up, babe. The sooner you realize that about yourself, they sooner you'll find the road to recovery.

No Worry, Beef Curry said...

Wow. I had made a very minor spelling error on another blog, and it made your thread here? Seems sort of petty.

I have been learning to speak a new language, as it was my dead Grandmother's desire for her five grandchildren. My spelling has suffered a bit, as a result, in my quest to conquer French.

What an insult, to the most unreal relationship I had with her. Pathetic and saddening.

entrusion - intrusion

BTW- Please correct your spelling of "The Sound of Music" family... Please see same thread @ top listings.

Pot... Kettle... You know the drill...

No Worry, Beef Curry (original flavor) said...

Yeah, those Von Tropps sure can carry a chord.

von Trapp

On a side note- if you need someone to edit and spell check your BLOG... I am not available. Look it over, as it is quite comical.

Keep on keepin' on!

iwhyawli said...

Dear Beefie (or person pretending to be Beefie),

Yes, yes, yes we are all about pettiness here. Thats because WE ARE A PARODY BLOG, SILLY! We imitate GWOP.

GWOP is petty and so too are we. We wouldn't be doing our jobs as GWOP Mockers if we weren't giving you a taste of your own medicine. I see you don't like it.

So um, "Dead Grandmother" tributes are big over there in GWOPville, aren't they? You're not the first GWOPPER to swing her dead grandmother (or other dead family member) around in here like a cat. Do you happen know Laura Linger? She's the one who wears her deceased father's over-sized, hook nose on her face. She's also a stickler for spelling. Say, maybe you should date her.

Or how about 10doll? Something bad happened to her grandmother too and I was supposed to be all sorry about it. It didn't work. In fact, I think I wished that whatever happened to 10doll's grandmother would also
happened to 10doll.

And then there was the poster (the name now escapes me) who got all mad at me because her husband/boyfriend/lesbian lover (I can't remember which) died in 911/Iraq/an unfortunate BBQ explosion (I can't remember which).

Don't you GWOPPERS know that I'm not the reason why your family members are dead? Sheesh, you'd think you'd know this. It's all Kate Gosselin's fault.

In any case, I hope your dead grandmother rises from the dead so that you can resume your unreal relationship with her. Actually, I sorta hope she stays dead because no woman should rise from the dead only to learn that her granddaughter a) wastes time on a GWOP blog and b)is so stupid that she can't learn French without sacrificing her English language skills.

Good luck with your studies. And Laura Linger and Sharla help me with my spelling, so you're off the hook.

Beefy... still Rob Dyrdek's Dog said...

You have not corrected the spelling on your blog...

And tell Kate we want our f-ing pine cones back... PRONTO.