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Pamela Anderson is one of the world's most iconic women?

Give me a break.

Maybe an iconic bimbo.

After considerable thought, I firmly believe that if Bruno had only mentioned Pam's great acting talent only 5 times every 10 minutes instead of 8 times every 3 minutes, it wouldn't have been quite so obvious that blathering on about her great acting talent was a negotiated condition of getting her to come on the show. Great acting talent? C'MON! Am I stupid? She played a lifeguard on the only show in US television history who actors never once uttered any word longer than two syllables.

Tom Bergeron says Pamela Anderson is such an icon that they've been begging her to be on the show since Season 1? Whatever, Tom. If she hedged about joining the show, it's because she thinks she's too cool for something as cornball as Dancing with the Stars. Cause Pam's a hard core rocker, don't you know. Married twice to the male version of Kat von D, who she dumped in favor of another adult male who insists on being called Kid Rock. She is the proud "victim" of not one, but two of those accidental sex tapes (wink, wink). And of all the things in the world to write about, she writes to Barack Obama urging the legalization of cannibas.

Don't get me wrong. I don't really care how Pamela Anderson chooses to live her life or make her money, but she's no great actor and she's not an icon.

However, I do not speak for the GWOPPERS. They love her.


Anonymous said...

The gwopterds are continously commenting about Kate's wonky eye. I have looked and haven't seen one wonky from Kate but I'm certain I saw a Pam Anderson wonky eye several times last night. Are they confusing Kate with Pam or Pam with Kate or the wonky eye with Willie Wonka? What is a wonky eye anyway? Do I have one? I sincerely hope not or I just might wonk someone.

let's play troll trivia said...

speaking of "iconic bimbos" there is a "moronic bimbo" over at Sage's stinking up the blog again.

Can anyone guess who?

Anonymous said...

DWTS for gwop girls is like amateur wet tshirt nite at a strip club for gwop sons.

Other than ICON being in the title of her smut ( . )( . ) book not sure if she has any peer acting awards.

I have never seen or heard of Bruno, so let me guess....

he paints his nails and toe nails

he looks tough and thinks every woman wants him emotionally

he is gods gift to men

he drools over elton john

He has a permanent botox shit eating grin on his face

another european dude telling american wannabe's they ain't got no talent

Anonymous said...

yep she is top shelf in the last chance bargain bin at used books.

Anonymous said...

The gwoppers are the real bimbos. On second thought aren’t bimbo’s suppose to be pretty? I digress…

I found a comment made by a woman named Jupiter on the Sageway Express blog. I wish I could post it over at the princess blog but I'm not a member. The comment is classic gwop mentality. I love how some gwoppers make a statement then they conveniently write out a story where other people agree with their point of view. Gwoppers so desperately want to consider their insane contempt for Kate to be normal that they have to invent these scenarios.

Well, Jupiter must be a special education teacher because I have read some of her comments and she isn’t very bright herself. Oh and Jupiter there is already a name for people like you… it’s "GWOPPER" which can be translated as “jealous dumb bitch”.

Jupiter said...
PattyPie....I honestly agree with what you wrote. I am not trying to kiss up to here...I mean it.

I am starting to think there needs to be a new name for people like me. I don't like Kate as a person, I pity her really. Many of her mannerisms and attitudes stike a nerve with me for personal reasons. I think she just rubs people the wrong way.

Last night I was teaching a class and someone brought up Kate. My class proceeded to talk about how much they disliked her. This was during our break- not during instruction. (I never shared an opinion. That would not be professional) When I asked the class WHY they did not like her I heard a variety of reasons but the most common thing was "I had never heard of her before DWTS. After seeing her on that show I can't stand her."

She doesn't realize how she comes off and either no one is helping her or she refuses to be taught.

April 29, 2010 9:12 AM

Anonymous said...

OT but please comment on Polly's Small Town Gosselin's blog. She is being such a hypocrite, she is just like GWOP. She lets some comments go through and not others. She is also making a name off the Gosselins, posting creepy vids she took of the G kids and claims it's okay because the parents signed up for a TV show.

Can't stand hypocrites.

Lysol said...

Yep Jupiter/Jen D is at it again posting over at Sage's blog. I was just over there and I saw a whole slew of poorly disguised gwopper like comments. I thought someone put that kate hating troll on a permanant diet.

Jupiter said she would no longer be posting at Sage's..wonder what happened.

I guess she couldn't kick her habit.

The GWOPPERS are just plain stupid people and Sharla Smith is their Jim Jones. Gwoppers when are you ever going to realize that the person you really hate is yourself?

momsby said...

Comparing Kate to Pam is like comparing tangerines to watermelon's. Seriously, she's not exactly the Stepford Mom they expect Kate to be, now is she? Not, that there is anything wrong with that...I will not judge PA as a mom, unless of course her breast's explode & harm one of her kid's. Then I might but only for a minute.

Anonymous said...

The truth is a bitter pill to swallow. You guys hate the messengers, and yet you support the fact that Kate:

1) Constantly lies to the public and tries to present herself as a supermom when we all know she hates her kids and doesn't want to be with them.

2) Has abused Jon countless times.

3) Cuts everyone out of her life who "Doesn't know how to help." And is very ungrateful to people to volunteer. This is documented, by the way.

4) Did I mention lies to the public? She and Jon asked for "love offerings" and yet they were making a lot of money from TLC! They are a scam!

5) Wants the children to work so she doesn't have to work herself. The kids do not WANT TO FILM!

6)Is a very toxic person who the kids are VERY unhappy with, have you all noticed they are usually smiling around Jon? It's because they LIKE being with Jon, not Kate!

Please leave GWOP alone, they see Kate as she TRULY is, and there is millions of documented evidence to show who Kate truly is. And it's not pretty.

bumblebee said...

Jupiter, aka Jen D, is so dumb it takes her 2 hours to watch the show 60 Minutes.

Anonymous said...

She who has the most silicone and picture wins!

ZiggyFlo said...

Although I liked Pam, I take her for what she is. I don't understand how is is held up as a wonderulf mother. She may be there for her kids, but where's the blasts when she's seen rolling out of a bar clearly drunk? And pics of her nearly nude all over the place all the time? Her boys are of an age surely that bothers them? Maybe someone should call the CA child protective services on Pam?
I thought her actions on DWTS was very bitchy if you watched her in the background.
Haven't watched since Kate was deleted and haven't felt I've missed anything.
momsby - I laughed out loud!
she's not exactly the Stepford Mom they expect Kate to be, now is she?